3 Important Points to Consider When Choosing Your Engagement Photo Shoot Venue

Engagement photos are a great way to connect with your photographer and also with each other in front of a camera. Engagement photos are usually a 2-3 hour photo shoot with you and your partner. Between you and your photographer you will need to decide on what location you wish to have your photos taken.

To help you find the perfect location, here are some points to remember from the award-winning Armenian Texas Wedding Photographer, Saiaf Films.

Think About Your Hobbies

Take a second to think about you and your partner’s hobbies. Do you enjoy pottery, golf, hiking, sailing or watching movies? No matter your hobby, it can inspire the perfect location for your engagement photoshoot. If you both love exploring and hiking, you can choose a location that showcases a woodsy appeal, such as among a forest or trails. If you would rather be sculpting works of art out of clay, you can book your photoshoot to take place at your favorite pottery studio. Share your hobbies with your Houston Armenian Wedding Photography to inspire suggestions for great photoshoot location.

A Meaningful Location

For your entire relationship, which locations hold the most meaning for you both? If you are having trouble thinking of locations, it may help to recollect on vital moments within your relationship, such as where you met, where you proposed, or even where you were the moment you knew you were in love. For example, if you are high school sweethearts, have your Armenian Texas Wedding Videographer shot your engagement photos at your high school. Your location has the potential to add personalization to your images.

The Right Timing

Regardless where your location is, your Dallas Armenian Wedding Videography team cannot get beautiful photos without the right timing. If it’s an outdoor location, consider the time of day that will present the best light, and when there will be the least amount of foot traffic from people visiting the spot. If it’s an indoor location, be sure to check business hours or times when there will be a large amount of people present for an event.

Your engagement photos will truly be beautiful if they are captured in a stunning and meaningful location. These are just a few tips to assist you in choosing the perfect setting for yours.