The 3 Important Things to Know Before Booking Your Wedding Videographer

Photos only capture so much of your wedding day, and hiring a wedding videographer will help ensure you don’t miss a thing. However, we understand that figuring out how to narrow down the selection can be overwhelming. Here are some tips from Saiaf Films on what to think about before selecting your official wedding videographer.

The Vibe of the Video

The first question to ask yourself is how do you want your wedding video to look and feel? Do you want your wedding video to be more cinematic—a movie that tells the story of your wedding day—or more like documentary style? This choice between cinematic and documentary will serve as a major filter in narrowing down your list. But don’t feel like you have to commit to one or the other. In fact, you’ll be surprised how many videographers today use a combination of both styles in their finished products.

Camera Cues

Two types of cameras can be used when shooting a video: DV (digital video) and analog (non-digital). Analog was the standard until DV technology became more affordable. Digital produces crisp images where the color and skin tone rendition is flawless. Also, these cameras are significantly smaller than analog, can be handheld and are twice as sensitive to light as analog.

Next decision: How many cameras do you want to have at your wedding? Two or more may seem obtrusive, but one cameraman can’t be everywhere at once. And remember, with two cameras, you’ll get choices of perspectives—you can shoot the father/daughter dance and the expression on your mom’s face, or you can have one camera covering the girls’ getting ready and the other one covering the men’s. The cost of additional cameramen is either a flat fee or prorated, depending on how long the extra coverage is needed.

Tag Team

Wedding videographers like Saiaf Films offer both photography and videography services. Besides a cohesive look to the final products, there are other advantages to getting your photography and videography services from a single company. For example, two people with different agendas may jockey for position or get in each other’s way, whereas two people who work as a team can look out for each other and keep in touch about what’s happening. And with one less vendor to worry about, it’s also easier on you.

Just be sure both products meet your standards—don’t be blinded by ease alone. Moreover, if you want your photos to have a formal feel and your video to be flashy and fast-paced, be sure that the two professionals from the same company can nail both of the styles.

Your wedding video are just as important (if not more important) than your wedding photos. Finding the right wedding videographer is critical in the creation of an action-packed, tear-jerking wedding video.