4 Important Things You Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer

On your wedding day, your Punjabi San Jose Wedding Photographer will be following you around, they will be there for every important moment, they will see you getting ready, walk down the aisle, be emotional—ugly cry and laugh out loud—and witness every emotion of everyone in your wedding. Even before the ceremony begins down to the post-production, your photographer will be there, so here are some important and useful tips to help them while letting you relax and enjoy your day.

1. The order of the day

What time will you be getting ready and where? What about your groom and groomsmen? Do you need a second photographer to take photos of them, too? A schedule of the day and location allows your Punjabi Wedding Photography California to plan their day, ensuring they are at the right location at the right time.

2. About the Family shots

If you want some family photos or group photos then let your photographer know. Decide on the important group photos you want to have and ensure there is enough time to have these taken. The more people and the more photos you want, the longer it takes, so ensure there is plenty of time. Informing your photographer about family shots allow them to find a good location and backdrop for these pictures beforehand, saving time and making it easier on the day.

3. Family Details

Face sheets can be helpful for your Punjabi San Diego Wedding Videographer for them to know who the key people are, especially if there are a lot of guests in attendance. It makes it easier for your photographer to recognise the important persons and makes it easier when it comes to organising the pictures post-production. If you have guests or family members that have strong aversion to flash lighting, then let your photographer know as well. If there are any awkward family circumstances, then ensure your photographer is aware, too, so they know how to facilitate them during photo shoots.

4. Surprises

Surprises are great for guests and your other half. However, it is also better to let your photographer in on the secret, too. Whatever it is—be it fireworks at the end of the night or a special dance—let your Los Angeles Punjabi Wedding Videography know, so they can be ready to capture it from the best angle. If they know what is coming, they can plan for it accordingly.