4 Tips for a Truly Stand-Out Wedding Album

You’ve taken care to plan every single detail of your wedding day, and you have a gorgeous set of photos to show it. How do you create a keepsake that holds all the big moments and little details? How do you sort through hundreds (or even more than a thousand) of photos of your Phoenix Jewish Wedding Photography to curate a collection you’ll want to go through page per page again and again? Putting together a wedding album can feel daunting, but we’ve got a few places for you to start.

1. Pick Your Shots Wisely

When you make your selections, your very favorites are the priority. Start with 20-30 photos taken by your Jewish Arizona Wedding Photographer that are your absolute favorites. Go with your instincts. For this set, it doesn’t matter when in the day they happened, or who’s in them. Next, select you’re the best detail and atmosphere shots. You’re looking for the ones that capture mood, décor, and dress-up subtleties that get lost in the photos of people. Then, find the best photo from each major event of the day: getting ready, signing the license, key ceremony, and reception moments. To do this, it helps to revisit your timeline for the day so that you have a good representation of it.

Finally, go through the formal portrait shots of family and wedding party. As you cull through these, be sure to check everyone’s faces for strange expressions or closed eyes. Check around each person’s head, and their clothes, etc. You’re looking for the photo with the best expressions and least number of distractions. Group shots are rarely perfect, but with a good eye, you can get close.

2. Aim to Tell a Story

We, here at Saiaf Films , would always suggest that your wedding book should help you remember not only who was there, but how it all happened. This helps relate one page to the next as you go through the album. Each spread should have two to six photos that cover the same subject and relate to each other. Arrange them so that as your eye moves from right to left, top to bottom, you also get a feel for action and reaction. If your Jewish Scottsdale Wedding Videographer captured a lovely image of mom crying, be sure you show what moment made her cry. Create relationships between your photos.

3. Go for Clean Layout

The fewer photos you have, the more they speak for themselves. Take photos all the way to the edge of the page for high-drama and impact, and put white space around more intimate photos to draw the viewer in. Minimize text, and never overlap photos. It can look cluttered or busy. Adding things like text, shadows, and ornaments detract from your photos. It’s the cleanest, simplest layouts with plenty of white space that look most timeless.

4. Make a Strong Cover

You’re looking for a cover that makes you want to pick up your album again and again. Whether it’s a cloth color you love or an image, you want something you love the most. If you choose a cloth cover, your first photo should be your absolute favorite one of the bunch. If you’re choosing an image for the cover, pick one that not only features you as a couple in a gorgeous way, but also has some open space in the photo composition where your Jewish Tucson Wedding Videography can display the title of the album.