5 Best Drone Photography Tips for Weddings

Drone photography

Drones are all the rage right now and their inclusion for wedding ceremonies is becoming more popular. They can capture an entire venue and all of your guests from breath-taking overhead angles. However, drone wedding photography can be tricky, so follow these steps to use one successfully with your Palestinian Wedding Photographer New York without interfering with your special day.

Check with Your Wedding Venue

Drones can be disruptive and some Oklahoma venues do not allow them to be used during the ceremony. Check with your wedding venue to see if they are allowed to be used before you hire a Palestinian Buffalo Wedding Videography to take pictures and footages from a drone. Drones are used primarily for outdoor wedding venues and will not be able to take pictures near tents, wires and telephone poles.

Limit the Use During the Ceremony

Drones are not quiet machines. Their propellers and engines whine and make a lot of noise. You do not want a drone humming overhead while you are about to exchange vows. Make sure you talk to your drone pilot ahead of time to make sure the drone can snap a few pictures at the beginning of the ceremony before landing them so the attention is on you at the altar and not the drone.

Take Note That It Can be Expensive

Drone wedding photography is often an extra add-on to a Palestinian New York Wedding Photography cost. Couples on a strict budget should note that drone wedding photography can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000 on top of your regular wedding photography cost.

Use Experienced Operators Only

This is not the time to hire your brother’s friend who just got a drone and is willing to take photographs for free. Drones are difficult to maneuver and only experienced drone pilots, like who we have here at Saiaf Films and can provide examples of drone wedding photography, should be considered for the job. The last thing you need is a drone crashing into your bridal tent or slicing your beautiful wedding cake in half.

Ditch the Drone on a Bad Weather Day

No matter how experienced your Palestinian Buffalo Wedding Videographer, drones can’t fly in bad weather. Make sure your contract allows for cancellation on the wedding day if the wedding weather forecast calls for snow, rain, high winds or a combination of these.