5 Money-Saving Tips for a Wedding on a Budget

Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful even if you have unlimited funds. Now can you imagine trying to do it on a budget?

It’s true that there are people who just happen to be able to host the most outrageous parties on almost no money. But these don’t come easy, you need to be crafty and creative. How? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Buy an Off-the-Rack Wedding Dress

Although it might be almost every bride’s dream to don a designer wedding gown in their Glendale Wedding Photography, sometimes, the cost of getting one could cost an arm and a leg. It’s okay to compromise on the designer, but not the style and class of dress. Nobody will know the brand or the designer of the dress when it’s already on photos anyway.

One of the best ways to do this is to visit sample sales. Once a season comes to an end, trendy bridal designers and salons usually sell their gowns at a deeply discounted price off the rack.

2. Consider E-Invites

Almost everyone has a smartphone and/or computer nowadays. Instead of sending out hundreds of handcrafted invitations that will end up in the trash anyway, why not send out a virtual one? If you have the contact information for everyone you intend to invite, simply have someone design a gorgeous wedding e-invite and send it out to them.

You can have a few hard copies printed out for special guests, but everyone else won’t mind e-invites. They serve the purpose and they are convenient for both parties. Additionally, sending a WhatsApp message is much cheaper and faster than sending out wedding invitations through the post.

3. Book Your Guests in the Nearby Hotel

To significantly reduce transportation costs, you need to take care of this from the start. When choosing a venue for the celebration, consider its vicinity and check if there are hotels nearby. Booking accommodations for your guests in the walking distance from the event eliminates the need for hiring transportation service.

4. Let Family and Friends Pitch In

This doesn’t mean having a friend with DSLR camera be your official Phoenix Wedding Photographer (more of this on the next item). We mean instead of asking for wedding gifts you can use after the wedding, why not fill your registry and let your guests know that you’d appreciate more if they can get you gifts that you can use DURING the wedding, like flowers, bridesmaid dresses, food, or just monetary assistance? Just make sure to confirm with everyone who will be bringing something before the wedding date.

5. Have Your Wedding Photos and Video Shot by the Same Vendor

Scrunching on your Phoenix Arizona Best Wedding Videography does not mean having your friend shot your photos and video—unless, of course, if your friend is a professional wedding photographer. Wedding photographers like us, offer wedding packages that include both photography and videography services. These packages often come in different prices, so couples can choose one that will suit their budget. But no matter what, never let an inexperienced shot your most special day if you do not want the only remembrance you will have on your wedding be ruined forever.