5 Surprising Mistakes of Couples in Their Wedding Photography

When it comes to your wedding day, there’s only one thing you won’t see until after your wedding—your wedding photos. Everything else you already have seen, planned and booked, such as your wedding venue, flowers, dress, band, seating, decorations, the list goes on.

Your Texas Sikh Wedding Photographer will capture the day for you, but you won’t see the output of their work until a few weeks after. This is why planning for your photos with your Texas Most Affordable Sikh Wedding Photography are very critical. Once the day is over, your wedding photos are the only thing that can hold onto those moments, memories and feelings.

However, there are still some mistakes couples make when it comes to their wedding photography. Here are the most common ones we encounter here at Saiaf Films.

1. Not capturing the entire day

You may have hired a photographer, but only hiring them at the ceremony or for a few hours. Getting ready photos can be so much fun. You and your bridesmaids getting ready together, having a glass of wine with a whole range of emotions and feelings—from excitement, nervousness, to relaxed and fun in the room—look great in photos, and definitely something you want to capture and remember long after the wedding.

Photos of all your close family and friends together in the celebration, having fun at the reception, are also something you want to get a hold of forever.

2. Skipping the engagement shoot

Couples who decide to skip engagement shoot often regrets this decision afterwards. Of course, you can always have something like this with your Texas Most Affordable Sikh Wedding Videographer after the wedding. However, the other benefit of this type of shoot is that it helps you feel more relaxed in front of the camera, so you get used to it on the day of the wedding. Plus, the stunning engagement photos you can showcase on the day of your wedding, leaving all your guests in awe.

3. Pockets… emptying your pockets

We are talking about grooms, groomsmen, the best men. In fact, anyone that has pockets. Do you want your wedding photos of your groom or guests with bulging pockets, shots of them with their wallet, keys and phone imprinted on the side of their trousers? We thought not.

If you are the groom, do you really need your wallet? Do you need your keys? Empty your pockets and enjoy the day. Store them somewhere safe and forget about them.

4. Not meeting the photographer before booking them

When hiring a Texas Best Sikh Wedding Videography and photography team, it is important to meet them before finally booking them. If not, you may regret it when it comes to your photos. Their work maybe amazing, but may not suit your photography style and preferences. Or you may not feel natural and relaxed around them, and it will show in the photos.

The point of the initial meeting is to make yourself comfortable, at ease and relaxed around them, so you’d look more natural on photographs.