5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Stop Doing

Your Best Multicultural Scottsdale Wedding Photographer has a big responsibility on their shoulders: to capture one of the most significant and heavily photographed occasions of your life.

But unless you’re a photographer by profession, it’s easy to forget that the person you’re trusting to capture that very important celebration is a trained professional who’s working while you party.

With that in mind, here are some tips from our wedding photographers here at Saiaf Films for getting amazing photos of your special day—mostly by not doing the following. Couples, planners, and guests, we’d love it if you’d take note. 😉

1. Problematic Color Combinations

You can’t go wrong with classic color palettes. There are no colors that look nice in real life but photograph badly. However, if both of you are wearing all white, you should make your whites look coordinated. Wearing different shades of white can make one look dingy in photos. In engagement sessions, too much print from your outfits can make the photo look chaotic and distracting.

2. We’re Not Mind Readers

Figure out what you want before you hire a Peoria Most Affordable Wedding Videographer—and be realistic about what they can (and can’t) do. Some couples want tons of candid shots; others want a series of posed family portraits. Your photographer won’t know which kinds of photos are most important to you unless you tell them.

3. Questioning Whether You Even Need a Professional

Trust us: you do! Owning an iPhoneX does not make you a photographer. Wedding photography is expensive. A lot of people, when they first shop for the Best Cultural Peoria Wedding Photography, they’re shocked at the prices. There’s a good reason we’re charging those prices. Good photography doesn’t come from good cameras—it comes from good photographers: someone who knows how to use light and has a creative eye. Nothing compares to that.

4. Insisting on Particular Poses

It’s often hard to recreate them exactly, because of different circumstances, lighting, or even a height difference between the couple that makes a certain pose not work. Every couple and their body movement have their natural beauty. Your photographer might not tell you, but he would have studied your facial features and contours. Furthermore, styled poses look amazing, breath-taking, and picture-perfect—on couples who are professional models. But with our years of experience with most couples we’ve worked with, we have realized that most prefer their shoots to look and feel natural and intimate while having fun in a casual laid back setting.

5. Asking for Very Specific Shot List

A wedding day is filled with unique, emotional, unexpected moments. The best thing a couple can do is research to find a Scottsdale Arizona Best Wedding Videography that best fits your style and establish a strong rapport with them. The more we know, the better we can create images to your liking! Aside from a list of must-have family formals, we would also encourage ‘photographer freedom’ to create images specific to that wedding. Rather than attempting to recreate something they’ve seen done before, your images can become the new trend-setting photographs.