5 Ways to Arrive at Your Asian Wedding in Style

Asian weddings are notorious for being grand, flamboyant, colourful and incredibly festive—they are a feast for the senses. With all the excitement that goes on, it can be all too easy to lose the bride and groom in the commotion. That’s why, we here at Saiaf Films, recommend to include a well-planned and highly anticipated arrival of the bride and groom.

Here are just a few of the impressive and photogenic ways that you and your future spouse can arrive at your wedding in head-turning style:

On Non-Traditional Wheels

While arriving on a car is customary, why not switch things up a bit and arrange to be brought to your venue on a quadbike, motorcycle or a vintage or even luxury car? Keeping things unique and a little more quirky is perfect for your wedding day—and an excellent photo opportunity with your Multicultural Mesa Wedding Photographer.

On a Horse

There has been a trend growing in people choosing to make their grand entrance on animals (or carriages carried by animals), and while an elephant would be extravagant (to say the least), a horse dressed in beautiful shawls and colours is a great alternative for any Asian wedding. Just be sure to check with your chosen venue beforehand, if they allow any large animal in their vicinity.

From the Sky

If you have bigger budget and a venue that has little extra room to accommodate it, hiring a helicopter could be the ultimate treat to delight and excite your expectant guests—not to mention how dramatic it would be for your Scottsdale Best Wedding Videographer to capture this grand entrance. A helicopter will also allow you to get a bird’s eye view of your venue and your entire party, which will get you excited for the day ahead.

With a Dance

What better way to surprise and thrill your guests than with a flash mob leading your way into your own wedding party? A flash mob allows your guests to see dance on a huge scale and if you become a part of the event, you are sure to be the talk of the night for a long while to come. A dance mob entrance also makes a fun and festive part for your Mesa Best Wedding Videography.

In Confetti

But of course, a grand entrance doesn’t have to be costly and this couldn’t be proven to be more with our final idea of incorporating your entrance with confetti of flower petals, leaves or even lavender for sweet aromatic entrance. If you can imagine making a grand entrance in rose petals droppings as you approach your ceremony venue? It will really make your guests take notice and a grand moment for your Scottsdale Affordable Wedding Photography to capture.