5 Wedding Trends in 2020

As hard as it is to believe, 2019 is about to end. We will all say hello to 2020 very very soon and start a new chapter of fun and unique trends in the wedding industry. And do you know what that means? A whole new crop of incredible wedding themes and photo opportunities that many sacramento sikh wedding photographers would love, of course!

Couples continue to get more and more creative each year, putting unique twists on old favorites and elevating current themes to fit a more modern look. From desert chic to tropical opulence, these five wedding themes will be everywhere in 2020.


Desert chic is a perfect theme for boho brides who want to add elegance to a desert landscape. This theme is all about enhancing the natural surroundings with colors that either complement or make a bold statement to stand out. It’s a little less Southwest-inspired and more city-inspired but with a totally organic feel. Your wedding photos will effortlessly look stunning even with just a little effort from your most affordable california sikh wedding photographer.


When we say a “wanderlust” themed wedding, we don’t just mean adding travel-inspired decor. (That is, of course, a beautiful option that we here at Saiaf Films still love!) The wanderlust theme for 2020 will be less about the decor and more about embracing an epic locale. Think weddings on cliffs, overlooking mountains, or in the heart of downtown city streets. These are the weddings that, when you see in photos, instantly make you want to jump on a plane to anywhere—a great opportunity for your california sikh wedding photography. It speaks to the experiences-over-materials trend that’s growing in every aspect of life, and it’s definitely producing some seriously swoon-worthy weddings!


Don’t worry, retro weddings are still very much a thing! But couples are adding a rock and roll edge to their ’70s-inspired weddings, and we are here for it! In addition to retro palettes, they are combining vintage and country decor, nudie and leather details, and classic elements to evoke this golden era of time and music.


California cool can mean so many different things to different people. So, for 2020 weddings, we’re seeing California cool as fresh and elegant. Elegant winery settings, all-white weddings attire and decor, and luxurious floral designs are all part of creating this look. So, it’s elegant without all the fuss.


Yes, you heard that right! Tropical opulence is going to be such a huge trend for weddings in 2020 that it needed its own word! So, what is ‘tropulence’ exactly? It’s luxurious and lavish with a tropical twist. So, while the organic and natural feel of boho tropical weddings will never go out of style, tropical opulence takes it one step further with gold accents, lush florals, and luxurious textures, offering majestic photography chances for your most affordable california sikh wedding photographer.