Wedding Hairpiece 101

Wedding Hairpiece 101

  IMG_5709-2Planning your wedding look can be an extremely exciting, yet difficult, part of preparing for your wedding. One very important aspect is selecting the perfect wedding hairpiece. A well selected bridal accessory can have the ability to pull your entire wedding look together. With all the weddings we have attended, we have really gotten to see just how many different styles are out there. Here, we would like to share some tips for selecting the best wedding hairpiece to fit your look and complete your wedding day style.

Decide your hairstyle in advance.

When selecting a wedding hairpiece, it helps to have an idea of what type of hairstyle you may want to go with. Perhaps you prefer to wear your locks down? Or maybe a ballerina bun is more your style? Whether you have long hair, thick hair or short hair, consider choosing a wedding hairpiece that not only stands out, but also can support the weight or length of your hair. Knowing the style you plan to have will be useful in selecting your bridal hairpiece when the time comes.

Test out your wedding hairpiece.IMG_9427-Edit

Remember when you were selecting your wedding dress? You made sure that you viewed it from all angles right? Front, back, both sides? You should do the same with your chosen wedding hairpiece. Make sure it looks good from every angle and that it fits with the style you are trying to achieve. If you have someone with you, ask them to take a photo from each side, or a short video clip showing all angles. If you are shopping by yourself, as a salesperson to help you out. Even if you feel silly taking pictures at first, it won’t feel silly when you realize that you selected a wedding hairpiece that looks great all around. Also, don’t be afraid to test out a few different ones. Again, this accessory is just as important as the shoes or the jewelry. So take your time!

Consider the color.

It is important to make sure that the color and hue of your chosen wedding hairpiece compliments the color and style of your gown. Take note of your dress color- is it a bright white? Maybe is off-white with bead work? If your wedding hairpiece isn’t close to the same color, it may appear too bright or too dull next to your dress. Consider bringing a picture of your dress that really accents the colors when you are selecting your bridal headpiece. That way you can guarantee you are choosing a piece that matches well.

Wedding hairpieceDecide how you want to wear it.

An advantage to a beautiful wedding hairpiece is the ability to change up the style and the look with how you decide to position it. It can look completely different depending on where you place it in your hair. If you choose to place it higher, it gives a more dramatic look. Maybe subtle is more your style? Place it lower on your head. Same goes for hair clips and pins. Drawing them closer to your face will make them stand out more. Recognize your desired look and determine the position of your wedding hairpiece according to what will appeal to your selected style.

In the end, all of your accessories should go together in perfect harmony. One piece shouldn’t necessarily stand out above the others, as you don’t want anything to be too distracting. Choose your pieces based on the idea that they should enhance your style, not distract it. Need some more ideas for some beautiful wedding hairpieces? Feel free to browse through our gallery to check out some of the beautiful brides and their hairstyles that we have had the privilege of photographing.