Wedding Registry 101

Tips for Setting Up Your Wedding Registry

  Come on, you can admit it- setting up your registry can be super exciting. And don’t worry, there’s nothing selfish about telling your wedding guests about some things that you really want! Many brides-to-be get nervous about the registry process and sometimes don’t even register at all because there are iffy about designating what people should get them. Have no fear! Our team has attended an enormous amount of weddings and we have seen it all when it comes to the wedding gifts- some that are great, and some that are unnecessary. Here, we share our tips and ideas for your wedding registry.

wedding registry
Make sure you register. And don’t wait too long!
Believe us when we say, your wedding guests want to buy gifts. There is nothing selfish or tacky about setting up a registry. In fact, it not only saves your guest’s time, it also saves you time in the long run. Instead of trying to find what you need after the wedding, some of your guests can take care of it ahead of time for you by getting something you really wanted. Try to get it finished up at least 2-4 months ahead of your wedding date. That way you can guarantee your friends and family have adequate amount of time to pick up their gifts before you say, “I do!”

Check the return and exchange policies ahead of time!
You really want to make sure your registry is user friendly for both yourself and your guests! Take the time to navigate around the registry you select to ensure it is easy to find the items you select. Also, be sure to double check their return and exchange policy in case you get duplicate items at your wedding. Plus, some stores have great incentive programs. Read the fine print and do your research to find the best places to suit your needs!

Consider a wide price range and be creative.
Of course, you can always choose a few pieces that are on the higher end. But it is really convenient for guests to have a variety of price ranges to choose from. Not everyone has deep pockets, but there are some who may want to spend a little extra for your special occasion. Also, don’t feel like you have to follow the cliche norm of only registering fine china or home appliances. These days, many engaged couples choose creative registry options like travel gear, sporting goods, or even gift certificates to their favorite stores or restaurants.

Finally, be sure to have fun and get excited! This is a great opportunity to look forward to your future with your loved one. Don’t forget to share the details of your wedding registry either on your wedding website or even on your invitations. Looking for more tips and ideas for planning your wedding? Be sure to check our blog for many other great ways to plan your wedding!