A Photographer’s Guide: 5 Tips for Wedding Second Shooters

Want to begin a career as a photography assistant? Are you an accomplished amateur photographer, and you want to venture into the world of Best Wedding Photography in Glendale Arizona as a second photographer? Consider these photography tips.

Introduce Yourself to the Other Vendors

The wedding planner, caterer, DJ and venue staff all have their jobs to do. Introducing yourself as the second shooter of the wedding’s Most Affordable South Asian Photographer Scottsdale and establishing a first name relationship right up front will go a long way to creating a harmonious working relationship for the whole day. It’s very important to keep firmly in mind they’re working for the bride, groom and guests, not you.

Stick to Your Assignments

If the main photographer tells you to cover the long angles and guest candids, stick to it. You should never be shooting side-by-side with the primary photographer unless specifically asked to do so. When there are lulls in the action, let your main photographer see your shots to check if that’s what they had in mind.

The more you work together, the less you’ll need to worry about mid-gig checks. It usually is a load off for the primary when they know you have some decent shots in the can.

Keep Calm

Weddings can be really stressful. People get tired, their blood sugar tanks, they’re drinking on top of all that. As a Multicultural Wedding Videography Tucson who has covered hundreds of wedding, we’ve seen people been run into by people pushing and shoving one another and more than once had people tell me how we should be doing our job.

If you respond rudely, it’ll blow back on the primary photographer regardless of the provocation. You don’t ever want to be in a position of explaining yourself.

Secure a Stack of the Main Photographer’s Business Cards

During the shoot there may be people who ask about securing the Best Chandler Wedding Videographer and photographer for a future gig. The business card you hand out should be the primary’s, not yours. If you’re there working for someone else, the referrals rightly belong to them.

The DJ Is Your Best Friend

Introduce yourself to the DJ and ask before stuffing anything under their table. The DJ can cue you when shots are coming up and play a longer song if you need to hop out for a quick restroom break. Be nice to the DJ and you’ll have a great reception.