A Photographer’s Guide: Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

Are you a beginner who is about to photograph your first wedding ever? If so, here are some quick and practical tips from our pros here at Saiaf Films. Being an Armenian Washington Wedding Photographer for almost a decade has helped us develop and streamline techniques and processes with regards to our wedding photography. While the style depends on the photographer’s taste and preferences, knowing the basic tremendously helps in creating a solid foundation for your photography.

1. Scout the venue

One of the most echoed and consistent advice we hear from the pros in the industry—and the number one we also give to aspiring photographers is scouting the location. Nearly every Armenian Washington Wedding Videographer we speak to always stress the importance of this preparation aspect in their imagery. So take it from all of us: Scout it out. Know the venue, the light and the cool spots for photos.

2. Be mindful of the lighting

The key to all photography—perfect lighting. Without it, there would be no images or life, for that matter. All photographers have different approaches to lighting, and there are infinite possibilities and options on how to control and manipulate the lighting in a scene—some provided by nature. Learn off-camera flash like the back of your hand.

3. Master your gear

Another commonly held view by every Armenian Wedding Photography Vancouver we spoke to was that shooters need to know their gear inside and out. The wedding day is NOT the time to experiment with new equipment, try out different settings, or figure out a wireless trigger.

4. Frame it right

Composition and framing come naturally to some. To others, it is a skill that must be learned and refined. There are some things to think about every time you depress the shutter release on the topic of framing. Take a moment to scan the frame before you press the shutter and look for any distractions that could potentially ruin the photo. Nothing is worse than having everything perfect, only to later find out that there are tree branches or horizon lines cutting through your subject’s heads.

5. Let your style exude

It is often said that every Seattle Armenian Wedding Videography and photography you take, even non-selfies, is a self-portrait. Your photographic and videographic style defines your brand image. Versatility as a photographer is never a bad thing, but it might have negative effects on your wedding business. Keep your editing consistent. Find what you like and keep it that way. Showing different editing styles in your website is confusing to couples.