A Videographer’s Guide: Recording the Best Audio Possible Every Wedding!

In the world of New York Best Sikh Wedding Videography, audio can make or break the film. Crisp, high-quality audio gives you the opportunity to share your couple’s story in a compelling way, but if captured incorrectly or not used at all? The overall quality of your video will inevitably decrease.

Audio is one of, if not the, most important components of wedding filmmaking. And, thankfully, it’s not as scary as it seems. Here at Saiaf Films, we share to you some tips to ensure we capture the best audio possible throughout the day.

1. Buy an on-camera microphone

This is the simplest and most fool-proof way to capture quality audio throughout the day. We use an on-camera microphone for all our cameras. It helps us capture ambient sound during prep, like laughter or the “oohs” and “ahhs” during bridesmaid first looks. It’s also essential for syncing audio in post, because the built-in camera microphones struggle to capture recognizable audio if there’s even the slightest bit of wind or loud music.

2. Use a zoom microphone for speeches

Across the board, speeches are the number one source of audio used by New York Most Affordable Sikh Wedding Videographer in the wedding videos they make, so it’s essential you don’t just capture audio for audio’s sake. You need to capture high-quality, clear audio of all the speeches so you can share your couple’s story in an easily understandable and professional way.

To be extra cautious, reach out to the DJ or band ahead of time to ensure you’re bringing the right cables, because some DJs have specifics on what you can or can’t use to plug into their soundboard.

3. Do a sound check (with professional headphones)

Speaking of sound checks, this is essential! Forgetting to do this can cause muffled audio because, say, levels are too high. However, as long as you secure number 1, it will greatly help to remedy the situation. Use professional headphones with to listen in and guarantee the audio is crisp and understandable. Adjust and listen until you get the right levels and mix.

4. Mic up the groom with a wireless lavalier

Nothing beats the audio of the groom’s first-look reaction or the exchange of vows, so you have to make sure you’re ready and armed to capture this important content. That’s where the lavalier microphone comes into play.

We place a wireless microphone on our grooms before the first look and during the ceremony — it’s small, reliable and fits right into the groom’s inside jacket pocket (and clips easily onto the jacket). Again, it’s best to do a sound check before the big moments to make sure the audio levels are just right.

While audio can seem daunting to a beginning New York Sikh Wedding Photographer and videographer, it’s better to try and fail (and learn from your mistakes!) than to avoid audio all together. Including professional-quality audio has helped us satisfy our brides and grooms, and at the end of the day, that’s what this industry is all about.