Tarick & Stella’s Muslim Wedding: The Hilton in Anaheim, California

Inspired by the work on our website, Tarick and Stella contacted us to photograph their Muslim wedding. After communicating with the couple via phone and email, we finally had the pleasure of meeting them on the day of their wedding. We were impressed by their infectious personalities and immediately knew that this was going to be an amazing event to be a part of. Prior to the wedding, our team started the day off by the beach taking some breathtaking wedding portraits of the lovely couple. They were naturals in front of the camera and their love was easy to capture on film.

Muslim Wedding

Wedding Decorations/Attire:

The wedding flowers were a varied palette of oranges and yellows and were an elegant touch to the wedding decor at this traditional Muslim Wedding.

Stella wore a gorgeous Muslim wedding gown along with sparkling ivory wedding shoes and was accessorized with beautiful shiny earrings that glistened as she danced the night away with her new husband.

 The Ceremony & Reception:IMG_9221

It began with a grand entrance of all family members followed by the bride and groom. After the arrival of the bride and groom, speeches were given by close friends and family. Their accounts were humorous and meaningful and made the couple laugh adding to the already fun and surreal atmosphere in the room.

Being that Tarick is a huge fan of Star Wars, one of his friends brought props from the movie creating a fun and memorable occasion. There was never a dull moment on the dance floor and the wedding DJ never missed a beat! This Arab wedding was a blast for our team to capture and we enjoyed the every moment and person we had the pleasure of meeting.

 Our Favorite Moment:

At Saiaf Films, we cherish inspirational moments. Tarick and Stella’s wedding was full of them! Our particular favorite took place towards the  end of the wedding when all the guests had left. We witnessed a special moment between Tarick IMG_9375and Stella that left a lasting impression on us. The newlyweds were dancing on the dance floor- just the two of them. They looked hopelessly in love and were comfortable  in each others gaze. As wedding photographers, these moments stay with us and remind us that love truly is the driving force of existence. Thank you Tarick and Stella for sharing your amazing and wonderful wedding day with Saiaf Films.

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