Summer Wedding Hair Tips

Summer Wedding Hair TipsSummer wedding hair

  Summer is here and we are LOVING all the amazing summer weddings! Summer weddings are full of sunshine, warm breezes and perfect photo opportunities! As traveling wedding photographers and videographers, we sure enjoy getting to check out all the different summer weddings across the nation. One detail we have noticed: some places are hot- much hotter than others. Sometimes, that beautiful summer warmth can wreak havoc on gorgeous wedding hairstyles. As a seasoned Arizona Wedding Photographer and videographer, our team at Saiaf Films knows what it takes to stay cool- even in the hottest times. Here, we would like to share our tips for keeping your hair gorgeous and perfect for your unforgettable summer wedding!
Putting Your Hair Up?
Your first instinct may be to have an updo for your summer wedding. Updos are ideal for keeping your face and neck cooler throughout the evening. There are a variety of options for great summer wedding updos that can range in style. Perhaps you are looking for a sleek and elegant style? Or perhaps a more rustic and disheveled look is more your style? With updos, you can choose from a braid, knot, bun or twist. Consider collecting some great photo inspiration for summer wedding updos to pick the perfect style. Keep your favorites handy when  you do your trial with your hair stylist.
Keeping It Down?
Perhaps you would rather leave your locks down? If so, try selecting a style that will allow your hair to flow freely. Soft curls will allow sweat induced frizzies to remain less noticeable. Consider using a soft pomade or a diffuser to reduce frizz as well. If you want a more glamorous look, tie in some braids or twists for extra depth. Be sure to test out a few styles before your big day. That way, you can be completely certain that you chose a perfect one!
Frizzies and Flyaways
If your summer wedding is taking place in a more humid climate- you will want to find a way to keep frizz under control. Drier weather can cause split ends or dry-looking hair. If you keep your hair loose around the hairline and around your neck, it will be easier to control an unappealing appearance. Consider having a finishing spray or hairspray handy throughout the night to help tame the flyaways.
Need some more great photo inspiration for stunning summer wedding hair? Check out some of the beautiful brides we have photographed in our gallery!

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