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Looking for Indian Wedding Videography?

Looking for Indian Wedding Videography?

  If you are planning an epic Indian wedding, you are going to want to have those memories on film forever. Wedding photos are remarkable, but there’s nothing quite like Indian wedding videography. Indian wedding videography allows its viewers to experience the memories of their wedding in a unique and captivating way. Unlike wedding photos, you can see and feel the emotion in motion. Here at Saiaf Films, we specialize in Indian wedding videography. We know that it takes a videographer with experience and knowledge to capture all the stunning rituals and events of an Indian wedding.

There are particular moments that are deeply spiritual and visually enticing at Indian weddings. It requires a well-trained Indian wedding videographer to know what to capture and when. Between the vibrant and eye-catching color schemes to the excitement of the singing and dancing, a skilled Indian wedding videographer will know exactly what to capture and how to capture it. After attending an impressive amount of Indian weddings, our team at Saiaf Films has gained a thorough and impressive ability to document the most important moments.

Many Indian weddings require multiple days of events. Saiaf Films can handle that as well! We have experience with multi-day wedding events for many of our clients. For example, you may want videography of your mehndi celebration that will take place a day or two before your wedding ceremony. Saiaf Films can capture both events and guarantee you will enjoy the memories of your celebrations for years to come. We pride ourselves in our ability to remain unobtrusive to your wedding celebration, while still having the ability to capture the important moments on film.

Our team at Saiaf Films also has an impressive and unique sense of style when it comes to capturing Indian wedding videography. After many years of Indian wedding videography, we have an eye for the unique aspects that make each wedding memorable. We take the time to meet with each of our clients in order to gain a deeper understanding of their wants and needs for their wedding. That way, when the time comes- we will know exactly what you want.

Want to check out some more of our stunning Indian wedding videography? Check out our gallery here for so great Indian wedding inspiration!

Summer Wedding Hair Tips

Summer Wedding Hair TipsSummer wedding hair

  Summer is here and we are LOVING all the amazing summer weddings! Summer weddings are full of sunshine, warm breezes and perfect photo opportunities! As traveling wedding photographers and videographers, we sure enjoy getting to check out all the different summer weddings across the nation. One detail we have noticed: some places are hot- much hotter than others. Sometimes, that beautiful summer warmth can wreak havoc on gorgeous wedding hairstyles. As seasoned Arizona wedding photographers and videographers, our team at Saiaf Films knows what it takes to stay cool- even in the hottest times. Here, we would like to share our tips for keeping your hair gorgeous and perfect for your unforgettable summer wedding!

Putting Your Hair Up?

Your first instinct may be to have an updo for your summer wedding. Updos are ideal for keeping your face and neck cooler throughout the evening. There are a variety of options for great summer wedding updos that can range in style. Perhaps you are looking for a sleek and elegant style? Or perhaps a more rustic and disheveled look is more your style? With updos, you can choose from a braid, knot, bun or twist. Consider collecting some great photo inspiration for summer wedding updos to pick the perfect style. Keep your favorites handy when  you do your trial with your hair stylist.


Keeping It Down?

Perhaps you would rather leave your locks down? If so, try selecting a style that will allow your hair to flow freely. Soft curls will allow sweat induced frizzies to remain less noticeable. Consider using a soft pomade or a diffuser to reduce frizz as well. If you want a more glamorous look, tie in some braids or twists for extra depth. Be sure to test out a few styles before your big day. That way, you can be completely certain that you chose a perfect one!


Frizzies and Flyaways

If your summer wedding is taking place in a more humid climate- you will want to find a way to keep frizz under control. Drier weather can cause split ends or dry-looking hair. If you keep your hair loose around the hairline and around your neck, it will be easier to control an unappealing appearance. Consider having a finishing spray or hairspray handy throughout the night to help tame the flyaways.

Need some more great photo inspiration for stunning summer wedding hair? Check out some of the beautiful brides we have photographed in our gallery!

Tips For Making A Wedding Guest List

Tips For Making A Wedding Guest List

  Creating your wedding guest list can be one of the most daunting tasks of planning a wedding. Of course, it can be super exciting thinking of all the wonderful people that will be attending- but it can get somewhat overwhelming (and sometimes messy!) Over the years, our team at Saiaf Films has attended countless weddings. Therefore, we have a pretty thorough understanding of what it takes to plan a wedding. Here, we would like to share our tips and ideas for making your wedding guest list as easy and stress free as possible!

Begin With A “Dream List”

The easiest way to begin is to design a list that includes the names of everyone and anyone you could ever want to attend your wedding. Think of all the people from old friends to new coworkers, etc. If they pop into your head- write them down. This Dream List will act as an easy reference guide as you design your “real” wedding guest list. Don’t let budget or venue size sway you. For now, just focus on all the people that pop into your head.

Reality Check

Now that you have everyone listed on your Dream List, it is time to do a reality check. Here, you will need to reflect on your feasible guest list number. How many people can you really have? Factor in your venue size and budget. Remember that each guest will add to the catering cost, chair rentals, wedding favors and size of the wedding cake. Make sure you decide on a number that is within all of your standards. If you end up having room later on,  refer back to your dream list and add a few more guests.

Make the Cut

Once you have your wedding guest list number in mind, it is time to start trimming the list. The easiest way to do this is to have a set of “guidelines” that you will follow. These can include:

  • Have you spoken to them? Have you met them before? Or is it a friend of a friend that you’ve never heard of till now? If you don’t already know them- you may not need to invite them.
  • If you know them, but you haven’t spoke to them in over three years and they are not related to you- you may not need to invite them.
  • Consider whether or not you really want children there. If you do- make them a part of the list. Otherwise, don’t feel bad about making it an “adults-only” wedding.
  • If you really don’t like them or care for them personally- don’t invite them! Try not to let guilt play a factor. Remember- you are paying for each person. If you don’t like them, they shouldn’t be there.

This part will be difficult, of course. But you really have to be realistic and honest! You don’t want to regret your decision later on, so make sure you take the time to think it through.

Make Two Lists

Having two separate lists will make it easier to invite the most people without going over your budget or venue size. Your first list should be your Must-Haves. The Must-Haves will include the guests that you couldn’t imagine not having there (your family and closest friends.) Your next list will be the guests you really want there (additional close friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.) Send your invites out to your first list initially. As the RSVPs come back, you will get a better gauge on how many more people you can invite. That’s when you can start sending invites to people on your second list.

It’s no secret, your wedding guest list will be one of the most thought provoking tasks of your whole wedding planning experience. These aren’t all the tips we have! Be sure to check back next week for the second part of our Wedding Guest List Tips! Need some more wedding planning ideas? Browse our blog for some great tips for planning your dream wedding!

Looking For A New Jersey Wedding Photographer?

Looking For A New Jersey Wedding Photographer?

  Here at Saiaf Films, we are super excited about our new office in New Jersey. As traveling wedding photographers and videographers, our team captures weddings all across the nation (And- we don’t charge for travel!) New Jersey is one of our favorite spots. We have had the privilege of photographing wedding events there for years! With such diverse and stunning wedding potential, we are so proud of our expansion to New Jersey and cannot wait for all the unforgettable memories we will share there.

Over the years, our team has grown into an impressive group of talented and extremely skilled individuals. As New Jersey wedding photographers and videographers, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and ability to capture awe-inspiring footage across New Jersey. We remain unobtrusive to our client’s big day- while still capturing the most memorable moments of their event. Our team members have an artistic and talented eye for timeless images. Each team member has an impressive level of professionalism and they never seem to fail with their ability to please our clients.

Whether you are saying your “I do’s” in front of your nearest and dearest, or you are standing in front of 200 or more people at your New Jersey wedding, Saiaf Films is equipped and skilled to handle it all! Our talented team can capture every moment in the most stunning and amazing way possible. Our New Jersey wedding photographers and videographers use state of the art equipment with some of the most impressive technology in the market- guaranteeing your memories are instilled in the highest quality images or film. With distinct style and grace, Saiaf Films will secure the memories of your wedding with finesse and skill. From your anxious and exciting moments of getting ready, all the way till the last smile or kiss of the night, Saiaf Films will be there for every little detail.

Ready to team up with an epic photography team to capture your New Jersey wedding? Contact Saiaf Films today and be ready for a unique and impressive experience. Also, check out our stunning gallery for some gorgeous photo and film inspiration!

Planning A Big Wedding?

Planning A Big Wedding?


As traveling wedding photographers and videographers, our team at Saiaf Films has attended a an impressive variety of wedding events throughout the nation. Some have been small, quaint and totally intimate. Others have been extravagant and included an impressive multitude of guests. Over the years, we have gathered a thorough understanding of what it takes to accommodate a smaller wedding- and those on the larger scale. If you and your beloved both have a large group of friends or have a large family, you are probably going to have a fairly large guest list. Here, our team would like to share our tips and ideas for hosting a big wedding and what it takes to make it awesome!

The Venue: The size of your venue is a super important detail if you are planning a big wedding. Be sure to visit your venue- in person- before you settle. You will want to scope out the space and do some planning on what will go where and whether or not there will be enough room to accommodate all of your guests. You don’t want your guests to feel crowded or clustered in a small area. When you visit the venue, envision where the tables will go and if there will be space in between them for your guests to move around and mingle if necessary. Also, check out the dance floor area! Is there enough room for a large amount of guests to boogie? If not, you may consider relocating or designating additional dance floor space.

Give Guests Something To Do: When you are having a big wedding with a large amount of guests, certain moments will take up more time than others. Dinner time will be one of those moments. It will take some time for people to get their food, so why not give them something to do in between? Consider having a photo booth where your guests can take some memorable photos? Another growing trend is a snack or a treat buffet where your guests can design snack bags.

big weddingSee Everyone: With a big wedding, this can be easier said than done! But, if possible, the bride and/or groom should try and see and visit with all of their guests. With a four to five hour reception, you should be able to make it around to see everyone. If it doesn’t seem possible, perhaps planning a rehearsal dinner or a welcome party for your out of town guests might be a good idea. Just remember, your wedding guests are coming to see and celebrate your union- try not to leave anyone out.

So how about it? Ready to plan your big wedding? If you need some stunning wedding inspiration, stop by our photo gallery to check out some of the gorgeous weddings we have had the privilege to attend!

Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic Wedding Videography

Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic Wedding Videography

  When Jennifer and Marwan first contacted us, they were in search of a Catholic wedding videographer to capture their Catholic-Arab wedding. Jennifer was ecstatic about our previous work she had seen and was enthusiastic about the skills our Catholic wedding videographers could provide. From our very first meeting, we enjoyed Jennifer and Catholic Wedding VideographerMarwan’s passion and enthusiasm for their upcoming wedding. We knew it was going to be an awesome event and we couldn’t wait to capture their special memories on film.

On the day of their Catholic-Arab wedding, our Catholic wedding videographers were there from the start! It was a beautiful sunny day that began in Fountain Hills, AZ. Our team captured unforgettable footage as Jennifer and Marwan prepared for their big day. Jennifer looked stunning and our Catholic wedding videographers were able to capture the look of excitement as she got ready. We always focus on these key moments, because we know- these are the memories the bride and groom will cherish to look back on.

Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic-Arab wedding ceremony took place in Phoenix at the gorgeous St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church. While there, our Catholic wedding videographers were sure to capture the absolute beauty of the church’s architecture. Wedding photos are amazing of course, but the effect of the wedding videography and the appeal it has on these details is second to none! Our skilled wedding videographers have an eye for epic footage and they are always on the lookout for unforgettable shots. The details and the design of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church are gorgeous and their ceremony was stunning on film.

The reception was even more exciting! The energy of the couple and their guests was infectious! The bride and groom were showered with love from all their friends and family. The crowd was energetic and fun as they danced the night away. We cherished the moment where Jennifer danced with her father. They had such an amazing relationship and their bond was so obvious on film. Our Catholic wedding videographers enjoyed every moment of Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic-Arab wedding. Thank you Jennifer and Marwan for choosing Saiaf Films as your Catholic wedding videography team.

Wedding Photos An Indian Bride Must Have

Wedding Photos An Indian Bride Must Have

  If you are an Indian Bride to be, you probably have your hands full with wedding plans and all the wedding details! There are so many beautiful and meaningful customs and rituals that go into an Indian wedding- sometimes, it can be easy to forget about one of the most important details: YOU! As a team of Indian wedding photographers, it is our goal to capture all the epic memories that you are sure to cherish for years to come. Of course, all the classic shots are important, but here- we would like to share the top photos that every Indian bride should have!

Wedding Outfit

You may have spent weeks or even months deciding on your wedding outfit- so why not have an exclusive picture of it? As an Indian bride, you may have one outfit, or you may have multiple. Either way, your special outfits deserve a solo shot in your wedding album. You will cherish the opportunity to look back on it before it was worn for your big day!

Wedding Accessories

Of course your wedding accessories will look amazing on you, but why not get a special photo of them by themselves? From the jewelry to the hair accessories and even to the shoes, you will enjoy a classic shot of them laid out and ready to be adorned for your wedding event.


Getting Ready

The moments of wedding preparation can be such an exciting time for an Indian bride. You definitely want to make sure you capture all the meaningful moments while you are getting ready. That includes the makeup application, putting on the dress, accessories, etc.


Hands & Feet

Make sure you don’t forget your stunning mehendi application! You sat for hours to have it applied, why not get some epic mehendi photos to last a lifetime?


Don’t forget to smile and enjoy these moments! They will be some of the most meaningful memories that you look back on. Want to check out some more Indian bride inspiration? Check out our Saiaf Films Gallery to see some gorgeous Indian wedding footage!

How To Have Happy Wedding Guests

How To Have Happy Wedding Guests

  Of course, the wedding is about the bride and groom and their beautiful union, but if you are planning a wedding- the following thought has probably crossed your mind, “Will my guests enjoy themselves at our wedding?” Our team at Saiaf Films has seen all types of different weddings. After years of observing these epic events, we have gathered a pretty decent knowledge of what it takes to have happy wedding guests. You can’t always please everyone, but these ideas can give you an idea of what makes guests happy or what can drive them crazy!

Appetizers & Drinks

It’s no secret that people enjoy good food when they attend a wedding. But sometimes, not everyone can hold off through the ceremony and formalities before dinner is served. If you want to have happy wedding guests, consider serving drinks and appetizers before the ceremony begins (aka: Cocktail Hour.) Who knows how many of them were in a rush to get ready or were too busy with excitement to eat beforehand. You don’t want your guests sitting around trying to enjoy the ceremony while they are getting lightheaded or frustrated from their hunger pains! Same goes for the drinkage. Keep your guests hydrated throughout the event- especially if you are having an outdoor wedding in the warmer months.

Time Limits

This can be difficult to follow sometimes, especially if you are caught up in the moment. But when things start to drag on past a certain time, you may start to lose the attention of your guests. This goes for ceremony time, speech time, etc. It helps to have a time limit anticipated ahead of time. Obviously, you don’t always know how long someone is planning their speech to be, but perhaps you can mention it ahead of time to everyone who plans to speak. Or designate someone to spread the word. It is also important to stay somewhat on schedule. There may be minor delays, but keeping on schedule will keep your guests entertained and knowing what to expect next.

Extra Details

  • Friendly Staff: This goes for your servers, bartender, DJ, etc. There is nothing more awkward than a rude staff member at a wedding- and it can quickly take the excitement from a happy wedding guest. Consider designating someone who can keep an eye or an ear out for unhappy wedding staff.
  • Space: It always helps to anticipate ample space for your event. If you are having a large wedding, be sure that your venue allows for room and comfort. Some people like their space and may get frustrated if they are crammed into a small area.
  • Music: Always double check your wedding playlist or discuss the details with your DJ. You want to ensure that there will be music when needed and that it will keep the vibe of the wedding going throughout the night.
  • Special Details: Guests love special details! Whether it is a firework send off, or an extra special performance or dance. Try to incorporate a few special details that will always stand out for your guests.

Having happy wedding guests will ensure that your wedding is a hit! Again, you may not be able to please everyone- but taking care of the few little things will guarantee that the majority enjoys your event. That means a more exciting and enjoyable wedding to remember for years to come!

Planning A Beautiful Multicultural Wedding

Planning A Beautiful Multicultural Wedding

  At Saiaf Films, our passion for beautiful multicultural wedding photography is pretty evident. After attending so many different types and styles, we know that it takes A LOT of work and a ton of planning to put together a gorgeous multicultural wedding. We understand how overwhelming it can be. Therefore, we would like to share a few tips for planning an especially beautiful multicultural wedding!

Incorporate Multicultural Wedding Decor: What can be more intriguing than a multicultural wedding that actually incorporates multicultural decor? Utilizing cultural elements in your wedding decor can help to set the tone and ambiance for your event. Take both cultures into consideration, then find a way to fuse them beautifully together. Perhaps your cultural partakes to a particular type of flower or bloom? Why not inject that culture into the floral arrangements? Or, consider what colors are popular in both cultures and tailor your accent colors to suit them. Vibrant and eye catching colors can be used throughout as well. Pillows or rugs are commonly traditional for multicultural weddings and they can create the perfect areas for your guests to sit and socialize during cocktail hour.

Reception & Entertainment: One of our team’s favorite parts about beautiful multicultural weddings are the https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_3898.jpgentertainment! Performances and dancing are always common at these events. Consider including elements from both cultures. Mix it up with both styles of music and dance- that way both parties can enjoy the celebration. Plus, it will give both sides a chance to bond and try something new. Check out our film gallery from some beautiful multicultural wedding footage! We have captured so many stunning performances and the energy is unforgettable. It is a great way to get the crowd going and captivated while still showcasing and paying respect to your heritage.

Traditional Treats & Feasts: What better of a way to bring two cultures together? Treats and food! Why not treat your guests to an array of dishes from both cultures? It allows everyone to experience something that they wouldn’t normally get to, while still having the opportunity to enjoy your heritage. Whether it’s in the form of an appetizer or a dessert, your guests will be intrigued to see or try something new.

Want to check out some great visual inspiration for your beautiful multicultural wedding? Check out our galleries for some stunning examples of weddings we have captured!

An Ideal Photography Timeline for Beautiful Wedding Photos

An Ideal Photography Timeline for Beautiful Wedding Photos


As a passionate team of wedding photographers and videographers, Saiaf Films specializes in capturing beautiful wedding photos. Last week, we shared the first part of what an ideal wedding photography timeline looks like. Here, we will conclude the best timeline to follow to guarantee beautiful wedding photos and the most enjoyable wedding photography experience. (If you missed the first portion of our wedding photography timeline, you can check it out here!)

First Look or Daytime Couple’s Session: This particular photo moment may vary depending on whether or not you are planning a First Look. If you are, this is a great opportunity to capture some daytime couple photos. An ideal location could be in a venue garden, an alluring hallway or any location that can provide an appealing backdrop. For these beautiful wedding photos, try to have at least 30-45 minutes set

Wedding Party: Not only are these some of the most exciting wedding photos, they can also be the most memorable! The wedding party photos should include all the classic photos (Bride and groomsmen, groom and bridesmaids, bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, funky poses, etc.) This area is great for creativity! An ideal location would be an open and appealing area with an eye catching background or landscaping. Allow at least 35-45 minutes for these beautiful wedding photos!

Close Family & Formals: Weddings are not only super exciting for the bride and groom, they are also very important to the family. It is important to capture memorable shots with the immediate family members early in the event- that way everyone is still around or close by. These can take place in the same area as the wedding party photos and you should allow at least 3-5 minutes per group. Allow for at least an hour for these photos. It helps to have a list of who will be involved and to have a designated individual that helps direct everyone on where to go.


Evening Couple’s Session: These beautiful wedding photos should normally take place around sunset or later in the night post ceremony. Try to select an area that provides a gorgeous backdrop or an appealing area to get creative with. If they are done at sunset, our wedding photographers will be able to capture the stunning skies and the epic effect of dusk wedding photos. Allow for at least 45 minutes to an hour for this photo session.


Don’t be afraid to set aside any extra time or ideas you may have for particular beautiful wedding photos you may want. Keep in mind, this is one of the most exciting and memorable days of your life!