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What to Expect at an Indian Wedding

Did someone invite you to an Indian wedding, perhaps, an officemate, a friend or someone from your boyfriend’s side? If you’ve been invited to such traditional occasion for the first time, you may be curious about what’s going to happen. We’ve asked our trusted Indian Wedding Planner and our best Indian Wedding Photographer New Orleans Saiaf Films for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Indian weddings.

Question 1: What should I wear to an Indian wedding ceremony?

A: Brighter is better. Don’t be afraid to wear bold colors. In fact, loud and bright colors will help you fit in with the Indian guests, who are also expected to be dressed in vibrant colors and flamboyant jewellery. If you don’t have lengha or sari in your wardrobe, don’t worry—a jewel-toned dress layered with shawl is appropriate, too.

Question 2: What will an Indian wedding reception be like?

A: According to Saiaf Films, who have photographed hundreds of Indian weddings across the many cities of US, Indian wedding receptions are always a BLAST! Guests come together to dance and celebrate. If you are among those who don’t know how to do the bhangra, a Punjab folk dance, you’ll pick up the steps fairly easily. But if you’re not confident to learn the traditional dance, you’ll still enjoy the celebration with contemporary Western music.

Question 3: What food should I expect at an Indian wedding reception?

A: Two of the most common misconceptions about Indian food are: it’s all spicy and it’s all vegetarian. In reality, it just depends on where the couple’s families are from. In the US, though, the food leans towards North Indian style, meaning you’ll likely see a spread of naan (a flatbread) with different choices of curries, pakoras (fritters), samosas (savory pastries with spiced veggies and meats), and a buffet of desserts—which typically includes kulfi (Indian ice cream), cakes and pastries, and decorated sweets made of nuts. There’ll often be up to four stations of chefs preparing food for guests.

Question 4: Should I bring a gift?

A: It’s not uncommon for Indian couples to request that if possible no boxed gifts during the wedding, so guests usually have their gifts shipped to the couple’s home or bring an envelope with money in it.

5 Most Popular Wedding Photo Poses

Need some inspiration on your upcoming wedding photo shoot? Choosing great poses can easily take a good picture into an amazing image. In this article, we will share with you five of the most popular and essential wedding photography poses from the well-known Pakistani Wedding Photographer Arizona Saiaf Films.

1. The Basic Pose – This pose is always a must-have in any wedding photography. When executing the pose, make sure that you and your soon-to-be-spouse stand close to each other—no gaps between the bodies. Hands should be positioned somewhere other than just hanging by the sides. You can either hold hands or have the groom place his hands inside his pocket, while you the bride place your hand on your hip.

2. Hug One Arm – Hug your groom onto his biceps and place your other hand on his shoulder while casually leaning your face onto his shoulder. This portrays a much more relaxed pose than the first one mentioned above.

3. Forehead to Forehead – This is an intimate pose without the kiss. Touch your forehead with your groom’s forehead and keep your eyes closed. If your groom is a lot taller than you, use a chair or something to step on for added height to ask your groom to lean down until you’re similar in height. This is more likely a portrait shot, so what’s happening down won’t register in the photo anyway.

4. Meet Halfway – This photography pose is perfect for asymmetrical background. Stand face to face with your groom keeping distance of one to two feet. Then, lean forward with back straight and meet halfway in the middle for a sweet kiss. you can hold hands, so it won’t dangle at the sides awkwardly.

5. The Dip – This pose is one of Saiaf Films favourite romantic poses as it adds action and interest to a still image. To execute this, make sure that the groom uses his legs to give a sturdy base for the dip, and gently hold onto your groom’s neck as you do the action. As you bend backwards, hold one foot up suspending it just above the ground and provide assistance for balance.

There are a whole lot more of wedding poses popular among bridal couples. Take advices from your Desi Wedding Photographer to know the best poses for your wedding photos.

How to Spot a Fake Wedding Photographer

With today’s technological advancements—internet and social media, booking a Muslim Wedding Photographer has never been easier. However, similarly, it has been much easier as well for fake “professionals” and opportunists to execute their fraudulent acts—creating impressive websites with stolen portfolios and fake details.

So, as soon-to-be-wed couple looking for professional photography services, how can you make sure that a prospect photographer is a real professional? Here are some tips from Saiaf Films, one of the most renowned Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer.

1. Consistency is Key

Take the time to browse through every album and scrutinize every picture in it. Do most of the photos possess a common style? Is the editing applied in every photo looks consistent, or you’re seeing too many different post-production styles? If the styles greatly differ from image to image, that’s a red flag. Though professional Fremont Wedding Photographer can be versatile, there’s always a certain element common in all of their works. This consistency is your key to the photographer’s credibility.

2. They Should Have More Photos of the Bridal Party

Many aspiring photographers build their portfolios by participating photography workshops. While there’s nothing wrong with featuring these works, the experience of coping up with the crazy pressure and hectic pace of a real wedding is totally different. If all you see in the portfolio are flawlessly-styled portraits of the bride and groom (or oftentimes just the bride), no groomsmen and bridesmaids in the picture, try to request an album of the recent wedding they’ve covered. If it looks like the guests, including the bridal couple, seem to always look away in every shot, funny as it may sound, it could be that the photographer you’re dealing with is just among the guests at the wedding.

3. Meet Your Photographer Face-to-Face

A photographer’s website is just a glimpse into his photography style and even into his personality. You’ll get to know them better when you meet them in person. Meet them, talk to them, feel their confidence with their craft and try to relate yourself with their sample photos. And most importantly, make sure to meet the person who will be assigned to be your official photographer and look through their personal portfolio. You wouldn’t want to waste your time discussing and planning with someone who has nothing to do with your wedding, don’t you?

However, if you want to save your time looking through the vast options of Chicago Muslim Wedding Photographer, look no further than Saiaf Films.


3 Helpful Tips for Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Now that you have said ‘Yes,’ and have probably chosen your Indian Wedding Photographer, your next mission is to relive and document your love story. The best way to achieve this? Through engagement photos. Where would you have it? What would you wear? How should you prepare for it? To help answer these mind boggling questions, here are a few of the basics to keep in mind.

1. Engagement Photos are Different From Wedding Photos

Just from the name itself, engagement photos are different from wedding photos. Engagement photo shoot are done far before the wedding and are meant to portray your story as a couple. Wedding photography, on the other hand, consists of photos on the wedding day and focuses on narrating the story of the event. While you can still do a quick photo shoot before or after the ceremony, keep in mind that this day can be hectic, and having an engagement shoot beforehand reduces the pressure to take dramatic posed photos on the wedding day.

2. Invest on a Good Hair and Make-Up

Don’t even think twice on hiring a pro hair and makeup artist for your engagement photo shoot. Although it is another costly expense, the results are surely worth every penny. Pro photographers like Saiaf Films have contacts of some of the great makeup artists in Chicago. Also, when you get your hair and makeup done by the same professional, you’ll know how you’ll look like on your wedding day. Remember that any portrait will look good with enough makeup on, and flawless makeup is always better than computer touchups.

3. Engagement Photo Shoot Can Serve as Wedding Rehearsal

Most likely, your Chicago Muslim Wedding Photographer for your engagement session will be the same person to document your wedding, so take advantage of this time to get to your your photographer and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Take this opportunity to experiment with the poses. Find out what which angles looks good, how each pose feels, and simply make friends with your South Asian Wedding Photographer. If there’s anything you wish to attain with your photos, don’t hesitate to speak up and discuss it with your professional.

How to choose a Photographer & Videographer

Looking for experience and quality in a photographer and videographer is essential to preserving the memories of your wedding. We recommend looking at the body of work when it comes to the artist that covers your wedding and speaking to them about their experience. We recently got hired to cover a wedding in Long Island for a client that was looking for a Pakistani Wedding Photographer and when they came across our work and experience they felt very compelled to reach out and have a discussion about our services. What ended up happening? They fell in love with our approach, our involvement and our dedication to be involved in their entire wedding process. It is essential that you attach yourself to artists who care as much about your wedding as you do. We had a client back in 2016 looking for an Atlanta Iraqi Wedding Photographer and the same thing happened when they came across our work. They saw our dedication to the craft and our experience in multi-cultural weddings and felt very comfortable with us being part of their big day. We want you to have the best possible memories of your day and our photography and videography will lend a hand in helping you relive every minute of that day.

World-Class Wedding Photography

2017 has been an amazing year so far for our team here at Saiaf Films. We’ve had the great pleasure of covering some spectacular weddings. If you live in Arizona and are looking for a Phoenix Wedding Photographer or Phoenix Wedding Videographer then look to Saiaf Films to take care of your needs. We announced new lower pricing for Arizona clients and feel it will add great value to your memories. We offer drone photography, drone videography, premium wedding albums and full length films as well as highlights to our packages. When it comes to capturing your memories in a memorable way, we have you covered. Here at Saiaf Films, we specialize in world-class wedding photography and videography.


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