Best Photography Timeline for Breathtaking Wedding Photos

Best Photography Timeline for Breathtaking Wedding Photos


At Saiaf Films, we have years of experience capturing breathtaking wedding photos across the nation. After attending an enormous variety of wedding styles, one thing we have learned is that there are certain ideal time frames that work best with a wedding photography timeline. It’s our passion to ensure all of our beautiful couples have the greatest opportunity to enjoy the important and unforgettable moments of their event. To help make that happen, we would like to share our idea of what a wedding photography timeline might look like. That way, if you are planning a wedding- you can get an idea of what goes into creating breathtaking wedding photos!

Special Details: In our previous post, Creative Indian Wedding Photography, we discussed some of the important little details that we like to capture on film. It’s these special details that the bride and groom will enjoy getting to look back on. These include: the dress, the rings, the shoes, bouquets, reception decor, wedding invitations, guestbook, tables centerpieces, etc.

Once the wedding begins, certain areas will become crowded and can be distracting to the photography effect of these special details. Therefore, our wedding photographers prefer to capture these details before everything begins. Morning or afternoon works best for these photo opportunities. Quiet and non-distracting locations are ideal such as serene outdoor locations or inside the bridal suite. It is best to have at least 30-45 minutes with these shots.

Getting Ready: Here, our team has the opportunity to capture all the special moments that are leading up to the wedding. We usually prefer to have at least 45 minutes to an hour for these shots. These are some of the most emotional and exciting moments of the entire day- so, you want to make sure you have enough time for it! The location for these pictures are in the Bridal and Groom Suites or areas. It’s best to have a decent amount of time to take these shots before the ceremony begins.

Individual Photos: By this we mean- photos of the bride and groom apart. It’s best to get these right after the prep process. That way, the hair, makeup and outfits are fresh and photo ready! These shots should take 20-30 minutes at the most. We prefer to take these shots during the day, because the natural lighting will create a unique effect for these photos!

When it comes to securing your memories with breathtaking wedding photos, it is important to take every step to allow enough time for that to happen. Don’t forget to check back next week for the next part of our Wedding Photography Timeline tips!