Getting the Most Out of Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

When wedding planning are well underway, it’s easy to forget documenting the engagement, which is also memorable. There are many benefits of pre-wedding photoshoot, ranging from trying out your wedding photographer and having a set of images to use during the wedding planning phase, to loosening up in front of the camera to ensuring a relaxed environment on your wedding day.

We spoke to the one of the most trusted Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer, Saiaf Films, for their surefire ways to a fail-proof pre-wedding photoshoot and how to ensure you’ll be getting the most out of this wonderful pre-wedding experience.

Why should you have a pre-wedding photoshoot?

There are a few reasons. Getting engaged is a pretty big moment in anyone’s life and having some great pictures together with your beau to keep and look back on is pretty cool. It’s also a great way of getting some pictures to use for your wedding. A guest book, a signing board or save the date cards could all feature images from your pre-wedding shoot. You can also practice. Your Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago will work with you in terms of posing. Most couples aren’t models and need a bit of directing to look good in pictures: how to stand, where to put your hands and feet… it’s all the photographer’s knowledge you can use for your wedding pictures.

How should you dress for the photoshoot?

Wear something you feel good in. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing that will translate to the pictures. Be daring and don’t follow the trend. If you want to go ball gown and black tie, do it. Just because everyone else wears jeans doesn’t mean you have to. Things to avoid are stripes, checkered or anything with a big logo on it. Generally, they don’t look great in pictures.

What should you keep in mind when choosing a location?

Discuss the location with your Bengali Wedding Photographer. Is the location you want even possible, since some areas require a permit to shoot. Some areas are really busy, especially in the summer months. Choose a place where you will get lots of variety in your pictures but be guided by your photographer. They know the locations that will work and those that won’t.

What should you be asking your photographer before you book them for your pre-wedding shoot? Is there any preparation you need to do?

Ask to see lots of engagement shoots they have done to get a good feel of their work. Are they consistent? Do you like what they have created for other people? Do their pictures make you feel excited about the prospect of them shooting yours? Also, Saiaf Films recommend to book a pro to do your hair and make-up. You can also ask your Indian Wedding Photographer New Orleans to recommend a good artist for the job.

When should you be thinking about having this pre-wedding shoot?

If you have already booked the photographer to shoot your wedding, then we’d say a few months before the wedding, so what worked for you is still fresh in your mind. But if you are road-testing the photographer, in the hopes that you may book them for your wedding, then as soon as you can. Good photographers get booked up very quickly.

A Photographer’s Guide: How to Manage Time on a Wedding Day

The more time you have, the better photographs you’ll get—that’s the wedding day motto of every Chicago Hindu Wedding Photographer.

If you are new to wedding photography, it might come as a surprise that many times being a wedding photographer means you’re also tasked with keeping the day moving. While you are only hired to take beautiful photographs, keeping everything on schedule is just as important to ensure that your client will get every photo they want on their wedding.

If you’re walking into your first wedding or feel like you need help to handle the day better, here are some tips from Saiaf Films for managing a wedding the best you can from a photographer’s perspective.

1. Meet your client and keep in touch with them a few weeks leading to the wedding

Bets are you will meet with your wedding clients at least twice before the wedding. These meetings will help see if you are a good match for each other, and in some cases, to talk about the engagement session. Meeting in person and following up on everything through phone calls will really help ensure everyone is on the same page and to manage client expectations.

2. Make your own timeline and bring a copy with you

In most cases, you’ll get to create realistic timelines from clients who are very detailed, but most of the time, expect to figure things out on your own. Saiaf Films suggests making a timeline and print two copies of it—for you and for your assistant. You can find good samples of these timelines online by searching it up on Google. Try looking for one and then personalize it according to the details given to you by your client.

3. Anticipate that you are not going to have enough time

Weddings are very rarely on time. A lot of time, everything is 30 minutes behind schedule. What does that mean for photographers? Well, what was an hour of time to shoot formals is now 30 minutes, or you might arrive at the ceremony at the last second and need to grab your gear fast and get ready to shoot the ceremony. Being able to accept that you will lose time and being prepared to work fast is the name of the game. However, a good rule of thumb: stay close to the bride, and you will not miss any of the important events of the day.

4. Learn to say no

While you might have nailed down the best plan possible for the wedding day, come the day itself, the couple might suggest going to another location for photos or ask you to do something else that you know will cause delay on the schedule. Don’t be afraid to say that you feel that the idea is great, but you don’t feel like it’s going to work given the timeline.

5. Go with the flow

There is a fine line between helping guide the couple along to keep things moving, and being a pain. Things will come up that you have no control over, so just roll with them the best you can. Unless the situation is completely out of hand, just let it happen. Do your best to roll with the punches with a smile on your face no matter how irritated you might be about the change of plans. Because after all, it is their day, not yours.

Being a good Pakistani Wedding Photographer Arizona is more than just capturing great images; it is also about your clients’ experience with you. How you made people feel during the day is what’s going to help with referrals. If you’re the wedding photographer that really helped out and made everyone feel comfortable, chances are that couple will refer you to all their friends in the future.

Ensuring Clarity of Agreement Between You and Your Photograph

In today’s technological and professional era, there is a very competitive professional photography market. This means a few things for you, the brides-and-grooms-to-be: the great size of choices means that you can surely find great deals, but this could also mean difficulty in selecting the right one considering the endless of options laid in front of you.

To ensure you avoid disappointments and book the right Indian Wedding Photographer California for your big event, here are a few words of caution from Saiaf Films when it comes to reading between the lines on the agreement between you and your Indian Wedding Photographer.

1. Make sure you understand what your rights are over the images

Most photographers will retain copyright of the images, but will grant you a license to publish the photos and use them for any purpose. However, be sure to clarify with your photographer: Will you receive digital images, if so will they be watermark-free? Are you allowed to share these with family and guests or do they have to purchase them separately? Will you be allowed/able to print them yourself or need to purchase from your photographer? If the latter, what is their price list?

2. Clarify your photographer’s working hours at your wedding

Be clear about the number of hours the photographer will be there on the day and whether they will include travel within the time limit. Is the number of hours sufficient for your needs? How much will you need to pay for additional hours? Be mindful that things won’t always go to plan, so you may end up paying for extra hours at higher hourly rate.

3. Even the best photographer in Arizona needs an assistant to create great results

Most likely, your Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer will bring an assistant with him—whether a second shooter or someone who will help him carry the equipment. Be sure to find out from your pro if an assistant or second photographer is already included in the price or will it be for an additional fee. If there isn’t an assistant present, how will the photographer manage more complex shots requiring additional lighting, especially in dark conditions?

4. If the offers and conditions are too good to be true, then they probably are

Make sure you review the photographer’s portfolio and ask them to put you in contact with previous clients, if you can’t get first-hand objective reviews yourself. Remember it’s not just about the end result but the experience on the day matters a lot, too.

5. Steer clear of unnecessary items included in some packages

Carved boxes, small photo albums, etc. Do you really need these extra products and will they meet your quality expectations? Or would you rather spend your money on something more tailored to your needs, for example a hand-made photo album, a large canvas print or a digital slideshow? Look for a Fremont Arab Wedding Photographer, like Saiaf Films, who are willing to adapt their offering to your exact needs.

Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

You’ve spent plenty of time, money and effort to ensure you’ve got the best San Jose Wedding Photographer, so why hide your wedding photos in the bottom drawer to gather dust?

With a little creativity, you’ll find plenty of ways to display your precious memories that are beyond the humble picture frames or photo albums. From displaying them in an elegant coffee table to creating a fun collage everyone who visits your home can enjoy, here are some more ideas from Saiaf Films on how you can exhibit your beautiful wedding photos in your new love nest.

Coffee Table Display

Create a talking piece in your living room with a photo display coffee table. You can arrange your wedding photos in glass-top table and change them at will and, of course, you can even display items other than photographs such as shells, ornaments and other cute little trinkets.

Shaped Collage

There’s no missing with this eye-catching display in your living room wall or even just in the bedroom for you and your spouse to reminisce. Create a frameless collage by putting together several images to form a heart shape. You can also try other shapes, including squares, rectangles, circles and, perhaps, even a star!

Framed Collage

Conversely, you can also frame your collage. Instead of framing every single photo taken by your Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer, which takes up so much space, gather them all side-by-side and then put them in one big frame. It’s colorful and a lovely way to group photos of single events such as weddings, birthdays, etc.


Purchase an inexpensive corkboard and some decorative pins, then start pinning your favorite wedding photos up. It is a nice, informal way of displaying your wedding photos and the board can be hung in any room in your home.

Mason Jars

If you’re a fan of vintage décor, mason jars are fabulous for displaying your wedding photos as a collection. It’s easy to change which photos appear and, of course to replace them. This works best with black and white images or sepia prints.


Pictures mounted under acrylic glass are crystal clear, elegant, and pure, offering a gallery-like quality and beauty. There are a variety of acrylic products to choose from including a direct print or photo print with different paper options, and a glossy or matte surface.

Photo Calendars

Photo calendars are perfect reminders of beautiful memories throughout the year, while also serving a purpose. Print out your professionally taken photos by Saiaf Films in various calendar formats and paper texture for a wealth of creativity that will suit your taste.

Once your wedding day is over and you’re back from your lovely honeymoon, all you have are the memories of your wedding day. Take advantage of those beautiful photos taken by your Texas Hindu Wedding Photographer and showcase them in different creative ways at home.

6 Tips Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Planning

Between the life-changing proposal and the tear-jerking vows, there’s the unique stress known as wedding planning. Even if your big day is a year or more out, many things might—or will—trip you up. As someone who have witnessed hundreds of weddings around U.S., Saiaf Films share the most realistic things every bride should be aware of when planning their wedding.

1. You are going to blow your budget—unless you strictly stick to the plan

Any South Asian Wedding Planner will tell you: budget expectations rarely match the reality. If you really want to work on a budget, do not go beyond the allotted price tag—not even a single additional cent—on any wedding element. However, also remember to set a realistic budget on important elements like the wedding venue and your Indian Wedding Photographer Scottsdale.

2. The biggest budget busters are those you least expect

The biggest unexpected costs? Bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Though it’s customary for bridesmaids to cover the cost, many brides pick up part of the bill, especially if it’s an overnight getaway. To reduce costs, stay close to home and keep it simple.

3. Don’t forget the post-party matters

One of the most common mistakes in wedding planning is forgetting about the clean-up. Unless it’s included in your venue contract, restoring the venue to its original state is part of your job. At the end of the night, when your feet hurts, your friends are all drunk and most of your guests have already left, the last thing you want is to clean all the mess up. Plan ahead, discuss this with your venue coordinator or risk being hit with a cleaning fee.

4. A wedding planner is your saving grace

They are not just for those who have ginormous wedding budget. In fact, if the pocket is tight, all the more you need to hire an Arab Wedding Planner. They’ll keep you on schedule and stay until the end of the day to make sure the party wraps up smoothly. A savvy wedding planner will also be able to save you money by suggesting less expensive options than you’d consider on your own.

5. It is a family matter

For better or for worse, family members will weigh in on your wedding planning decisions. Keep the peace with good communication. While the wedding industry sells the fallacy that it’s all about the couple, there’s always at least one family member whose point of view matters. Have an open and honest talk with your partner about who those people are.

6. The cardinal rule of budgeting: Prioritize

Pick two or three things that are most important for you. If that’s an amazing New Jersey Pakistani Wedding Photographer and a good buffet for your dinner reception, then scale back on décor and flowers.

wedding weekend

Wedding planning need not to be stressful. As long as you hire the right professionals and heed these pro advices from Saiaf Films, you’ll be in the right track.

Photography Tips for Brides

If you try to ask your fellow brides, they will tell you: The most important thing about your wedding day (besides your groom) is your wedding photo album. So we asked Saiaf Films for advice on how to snag the best photos that you’d love to keep and relive over and over and over again for the years to come.

1. Create a Mood Board

In order to convey exactly what style you want to dominate in your wedding photos, show your Phoenix Vietnamese Wedding Photographer some sample photos—through a moodboard. This moodboard is created on a website or app like Pinterest, where you can save images that you like—and even images you don’t like. This is a way for you to visually communicate the style of photos you love for your engagement and/or wedding day photos.

2. Minimize Your locations

In order to maximize photo time on your wedding day, it’s recommended to minimize the number of photo shoot locations. You don’t want to spend more time traveling from point A to point B than actually taking pictures. A great Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer should be able to make almost any location work. Even if you don’t love the background options of your venue, trust in the creative abilities of your photographer.

3. Plan Enough Time for Hair & Make-up

Delays with hair and makeup can set the whole day behind. Plan to finish the process well ahead of schedule. Your hair and makeup artists should create a schedule to follow during wedding preparations. Saiaf Films typically asks for one hour in order to document final touch-ups, detail shots, and candid moments with your closest friends and family.

4. Include Toss Items

Whether it’s in your group photos, during your first dance or your grand exit, toss items add that extra life to your photos. Flower petals, confetti, rice, paper planes, the list is endless! These pictures radiate bliss, excitement and results in genuine smiles and laughter from you and your guests.

5. Be Comfortable in Your Dress

One of the best tips when looking for a wedding dress: Sit in it before you buy it. It’s not enough to just look at yourself in the mirror. Walk around, jump, dance, squat and wiggle in it for you to get a feel—not just a look—of the dress. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, you might miss out on fun non-portrait poses.

6 Photography Tips for Camera-Shy Couples

There’s no escaping it! On your wedding day, whether you like it or not, you will be photographed more than ever before. So we’ve asked Saiaf Films to tap into their years of wedding photography experience to share some tips to camera-shy bridal couples on how to work comfortably with their New Jersey Pakistani Wedding Photographer.

1. Take your time to look for the RIGHT photographer for you

The most important part of a wedding is the occasion itself. If you want natural looking images, choose a Phoenix Hindu Wedding Photographer who specializes in documentary style photography. For most part of the day, they will document the natural flow of events without intervention, using composition, light, and emotion to capture just what it meant to be there at that moment.

2. Let your engagement photo shoot be your training ground

Think of your engagement shoot as a warm up. It’ll help you test the waters before you dive in head first on your wedding day. Sample different poses and facial expressions so that you can learn what works and what looks downright awkward. This will also give you a chance to get to know how your wedding photographer works. The more comfortable you are with the person behind the camera, the more relaxed you’ll look in the shots.

3. Keep calm and carry on

This is the main reason why Saiaf Films take the time to get to know and befriend the bride and groom—to make them feel relax and comfortable with them. If you’re comfortable with your photographer, it’s easier for you to act natural. Meet your photographer halfway: open up, let loose, chat and laugh with them. Every good wedding photographer aims to gain the friendship, comfort and trust of their client.

4. Don’t try to fake or hide emotions

Yes, your photographer would love to vividly capture emotions, but they will never ask you to fake it. Whether your nerves are racking, you feel like crying, can’t help but blurt out a loud laugh or you’re in awe of how your beloved looks, let all emotions flow out from you naturally. Real emotions need not be faked or exaggerated to show up in photos.

5. Take direction from your photographer

When it comes to portraits, even just a tiny bit of direction and guiding can help create the most beautiful images – and yes, they can still capture mood and natural emotion. So don’t resist even if you want documentary style or candid images; trust your pro and let your South Asian Wedding Photographer take the lead.

6. Focus on your S.O.

The lovely guy or gal you just tied the knot with should be your focus for the entire shoot. But don’t just stand there staring into your beloved’s eyes – discuss your crazy families, crack some inside jokes or chat about your ceremony’s precious moments. Your authentic reactions could very well translate into your photos.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Having your wedding recorded onto a DVD to re-watch over and over again is a great investment and means that you’ll be able to see parts of your wedding day that you may haven’t been able to witness or remember. An Indian Wedding Videographer New York will be able to discuss how they can film your big day and what packages are available, based around your preferences and personal wedding budget.

However, if you’re unsure of what to ask your wedding videographer during your initial meeting, take advice from Saiaf Films, an Indian Wedding Videographer and photographer with passion for capturing wedding moments and turning them into beautiful wedding mementos.

Request to view a full length video of someone else’s wedding

This one is more like a request than a question—ask to see a full-length video of one of their recent weddings. All videographers show multiple short sample videos on their websites. They use them as little trailers to promote their film-making services. But, just like any film trailer, only the very best bits of the entire video are used. What you need to make sure, if you book this person to film your wedding, is whether the rest of your video will be the same quality as the stuff you see in their sample video.

How do you operate in a wedding?

You’ve seen a video you like on someone’s site. All the shots look perfect and you wonder how they got that unbelievable footage of the couple kissing, silhouetted against the setting sun. And so, you decided to book. Then, your wedding day came; you’re stuck for an hour with a videographer who keeps ordering you how and where to pose while they hover around you in various settings. When choosing a Bengali Wedding Videographer Scottsdale, ponder this: When I watch my wedding video, do I want to remember my wedding day? … Or remember posing for the video? Most likely, you’ll prefer the former.

Can I have a few contacts of your most recent clients?

Ask for references and read reviews and testimonials. In modern society where everything seems conveniently accessible online, customer reviews are the best way of gauging the reputation of a business. Read reviews about your Indian Wedding Videographer Phoenix in sites like weddingwire.com to gather helpful reviews from vendors’ clients.

If you’re thinking of hiring a Sikh Wedding Videographer Phoenix for your special day, make sure to keep these tips in mind when scouring the market for the most exceptional pro.

Photography Tips for Grooms

On the wedding day, people tend to focus so much on the beautiful bride. But just like the bride, the groom spends plenty of time in front of the camera, too.

Here, we’ve compiled essential tips to wedding photography for grooms. This should help soon-to-be grooms to shine in the spotlight and enjoy every moment. Say cheese!

Prepare by Hiring the Right Photographer

Finding and choosing a great Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer is crucial for making amazing photographs — and it’s also important to pick someone you feel at ease with. They will be with you throughout your wedding and the more relaxed you feel in their company, the more relaxed you’ll be when they’re photographing you.

Don’t be shy about asking questions when you meet — if you’re camera shy, be honest about it. That way, your photographer can work around your concerns and take the photos in such a way that makes you feel more comfortable.

Mesa wedding

Groom Photography on the Wedding Day

You may feel all sorts of emotions—nervous, excited, anxious, happy—and with lots on your mind for the day ahead, but on the morning of the wedding there will be many moments that the bride will never be able to see—unless they are captured on camera.

Find a Fremont Arab Wedding Photographer like Saiaf Films and ask about shooting reportage-style photographs of you and your grooms men and best man before the ceremony. Moments not to miss include getting ready, travelling to the church and waiting for your bride. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so make sure not to miss every part of it. If you’re getting ready in separate venues, and the photographer is busy with the bride, ask a trusted friend who is good with camera to take lots of snaps, or speak to your photographer to see if he/she can send an assistant to take shots of you.

Why Reportage Photographs

“Act natural”—really, it’s easier said than done; when posing in front of the lens, it can feel anything but comfortable. Saiaf Films suggests choosing a Bengal Wedding Photographer who specialises in natural, candid photography. They will be able to capture you at your most relaxed in a way that your family and friends will recognize. The best pictures will always come out natural. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to recreate a natural smile or laugh, so surround yourself with your mates and just let the pictures happen.

Build a comfortable, friendly relationship with your photographer and get close with your guys. Being comfortable to everyone around you is the key to looking great and natural in your wedding photos.

Perfect Your Engagement Photos With These Tips

An engagement photo shoot is a great idea to consider before your wedding. Whether you want to re-create the romantic proposal, capture a few beautiful photos in a meaningful spot for the both of you or just simply want to get to know your Hindu Wedding Photographer better, having an engagement shoot is a fantastic way to capture that elated glow you get in the days leading to your most special day.

To get you feeling inspired to do an engagement photography session, check out these top tips from Saiaf Films who have captured countless of stunning engagement shoots across the many cities of U.S.

Pick the Perfect Setting

Setting the right scene for your engagement shoot is crucial for stunning photos, so plan carefully the location as it will influence the whole outcome of your shoot.

Most likely, your Phoenix Hindu Wedding Photographer would suggest choosing a location that’s different from your wedding venue. This is to add variety to your wedding album. The setting could be the place where you got engaged, a spot where you first met or perhaps your favourite park.

Choose the Right Time of the Day

Once you have a location in mind, think about the best time of day to do the shoot and whether your surroundings will be busy. The point is to capture photos of you looking as comfortable as possible—not stressed that there are hundreds of people looking at you who will probably end up getting in the way.

But you don’t necessarily have to do the shoot in the middle of the day either. Shooting early in the day when the sun is rising can make for some stunning photos. Likewise, if you’re shooting in the afternoon, you could wait for the sun to set so that your photographer can snap some seriously romantic photos of your silhouettes against the setting sun.

Consider Travelling

We’re not saying fly halfway across the world for a sun-soaked engagement shoot (although that would be nice!), but it may be worth putting the miles in if there’s a particular city or place that you want to shoot your engagement shoot in. If you’ve got a holiday planned before the big day or are planning to have a destination wedding, then you could even consider taking advantage of the new location for your engagement shoot.

Include Props (or Even Your Pets)

An engagement shoot is the perfect time for you and your partner to take center stage, but if you’re a little bit camera shy then you could add props or another element to your photos to take away the intensity. Do you or your partner share any hobbies or passions that could be included in the shoot? Having something else to focus on can help couples who feel conscious posing in front of the camera to relax and have fun. Including pets is always a fantastic way help settle any nerves, too.

Overall, it’s important to just let go and enjoy yourself as much as possible. After all, how often do you get your photos professionally taken by a Fremont Arab Wedding Photographer for an engagement shoot?

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