How To Do Your Makeup For Engagement Photos

How To Do Your Makeup For Engagement Photos


Despite popular belief, looking great on camera doesn’t always require a makeup artist. In fact, most brides could probably handle the task themselves just by implementing a few professional tips. As engagement photographers, we have captured so many beautiful and intriguing engagement photo looks. We know what it takes to make engagement photos look amazing. Because images are two-dimensional, it is important to be aware of which areas should be highlighted, and which ones shouldn’t.

Here, we would like to share our professional tips for how to do your makeup for engagement photos. These photo-friendly tips will help guide you on makeup application that will enhance your looks rather than pull away from your natural beauty.

The Canvas Just like a painter sitting down to a blank canvas, it is important to begin with smooth, clean, toned and moisturized skin. It’s difficult to have clean makeup for engagement photos if you are beginning with leftover residue from a previous application.If necessary, consider giving your skin a facial or a gentle scrub treatment prior to your makeup application. Just don’t scrub too hard! You don’t want to irritate your skin. Having a fresh and clean base will minimize uneven makeup application.

Shadows  Here, we don’t mean the pretty eye shadows that go on your eyelid! We are talking about the shadows that can appear on your photos. Cameras have the tendency to enhance wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. To ensure this doesn’t happen, select a lighter shade of foundation or concealer. Focus on the darker areas such as expression lines and around the eyes. Make sure you always blend your edges (into your hairline, under your chin, near your ears and around your brows.)

Blush or Bronze? Depending on how you apply it, blush and bronze can create amazing results when it comes to shading and contouring. When done correctly, they can produce a sculpted and appealing look. Bronzer can be applied lightly to the sides of the nose to minimize width. If you want more definition, use a darker shade of blush on the underside of the cheekbones.

Eyes When it comes to makeup for your engagement photos, you should try and avoid any harsh lines or dark eyeshadows that surround the entire eye. Dark eye shadows and liners will cause your eyes to appear deeper set and smaller. But, that doesn’t mean you have to go sans shadow! Try to makeup for engagement photosselect a smokier style that you can blend into lighter shades. Smoky shadows can be blended on the outer corners of the eyes, creating a more desirable effect.

Lips This is one area that can make- or break- your desired makeup for engagement photos. When it comes to your lips, you want to go for a natural yet polished effect. Consider using a shade that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. Start by outlining your lips with a lip pencil that matches your selected lipstick color. Fill in with the selected color, then top off with a light gloss towards the center of the lips.

Powder If you want to avoid the shiny effect, lightly dust a translucent powder over the entirety of your face. This will keep those glossy areas toned down a bit!

Need some inspiration for great makeup for engagement photos? Check out our gallery for some ideas!

Creative Indian Wedding Photography

Creative Indian Wedding Photography


When it comes to Indian wedding photography, our team at Saiaf Films strives to not only capture the most important wedding moments- but to also capture them with our own sense of creativity. We are also on the lookout https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_59961.jpgfor eye-catching angles, dynamic reflection shots, unique backgrounds and different variations of lighting or color hues. We take pride in our passion for catching unforgettable and epic Indian wedding photography.

Our team has an impressive knack with photography techniques that are the perfect combination with our post-production talent. Our creativity carries all the way through to our professional photo editors who create stunning and unforgettable imagery of your Indian wedding. Here, our team shares our outlook on all the beautiful aspects of creative Indian wedding photography and what it takes to capture it!

The Detail Shots

We consider detail shots to be a very important aspect to Indian wedding photography. This category includes all the fine little details ranging from the jewelry and accessories, to the bouquet, all the way to the decor of your reception. From our experience, we prefer to capture the detail shots prior to the wedding ceremony and reception. During the day provides the best natural lighting and can create a gorgeous dynamic for detail shots. Ceremony and reception decor are best shot without the guests being present. We like to capture these details in a serene and unaltered state guaranteeing the bride and groom the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful detail of their wedding site.

Vibrant Colors

One of our favorite aspects of Indian wedding photography is the ability to capture the striking effect of the vibrant colors that are a part of Indian and multicultural weddings. Traditional Indian color palettes include eye catching reds, yellows, blues, greens, etc. It’s our goal to capture these hues in all their splendor. To do so, our team implements the use of state-of-the-art equipment along with HDR photography techniques that really draw out the color effect.


Indian Bride and Groom Photos
Our passion for this particular area goes without saying! We LIVE to capture epic Indian bride and groom shots and we get butterflies when we see them. From self portrait shots of the bride and groom themselves, to the totally amazing and loving photos of them together- we cherish creative Indian bride and groom shots. Of course, we love the traditional shots, but we really strive for the ones that take your breath away. We like the ones that show the raw passion or love for each other, or the shots that combine a stunning backdrop with an epic pose. Whether it’s day or night, our team has the ability to capture the romantic mood and ambiance that tie into beautiful bride and groom Indian wedding photography.


Want to check out some more examples of our favorite creative Indian wedding photography? Check out our photo gallery for some the spectacular shots our team has captured!

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Bridesmaid Gift IdeasBridesmaid Gift Ideas

  Your bridesmaids are selected, their dresses are picked out and each of them is aware of their role in your wedding. But don’t forget- there’s still one thing left to do! Your beautiful bridesmaids need a token of your appreciation! With all the hard work that goes into being a bridesmaid, it is important to show your ladies how much they mean to you and how much you cherish having each of them by your side.

Of course, it is a huge honor to be selected in the first place, but everyone appreciates a little extra recognition- and it doesn’t always have to be a material item! Here, our team at Saiaf Films would like to share our top bridesmaid gift ideas to help narrow down your options.

Small Gifts: Presenting each of your ladies with a small gift is always an option. There are an array of totally thoughtful and creative places to look for memorable and meaningful mementos. Check out sites like Etsy for great bridesmaid gift ideas. They have nearly everything you can think of from adorable jewelry to totally cute personalized items. If you are more of the DIY type, Pinterest is also chock full of great bridesmaid gift ideas. Traditional items range anywhere from scented candles, picture frames, makeup kits, etc.

Write/Make A Card: Nothing shows your love and appreciation more than words you have written yourself. Writing individual notes for each beautiful bridesmaid is a wonderful way to personalize your thoughts for each one. Be sure to express your gratitude for them joining your bridal party. You can include special memories or thoughts that show how much they mean to you.

Hair & Makeup: Being a bridesmaid always comes with its own cost. You may consider providing complimentary hair and makeup on the day of your wedding. This could certainly count as a gift- especially if you pair it with a personalized card.https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/RAW_2_SD218-111-.jpg

Bridesmaid Meal: Perhaps hosting a meal with your ladies is more your style? If you aren’t quite sure about an item, consider inviting all of your bridesmaids to a special dinner at a restaurant or at your home. Maybe have everyone dress in a cute theme and enjoy an awesome meal, followed by a movie or a night of bowling.

Pre-Wedding Spa Day: What’s one thing the bride and her bridesmaids could totally use before the big day? A spa visit, of course! Perhaps you could treat your girls to a day of pampering: nails, toes, waxing, massages- whatever you choose. You may consider providing snacks, drinks and even personalized robes or shirts!

So how about it? Ready to show your ladies your appreciation? If you need another great wedding planning tips and ideas, be sure to check out more on our blog!

Gorgeous Ideas For Your Muslim Wedding Dress

Gorgeous Ideas For Your Muslim Wedding Dress

  When it comes to picking the perfect Muslim wedding dress, it can be difficult to decide which style will be the best! There are so many choices when it comes to color and style. As Muslim wedding photographers, we have seen our share of stunning Muslim wedding dresses. With such a unique culture, there are a number of amazing variations to choose from. Here, our team at Saiaf Films would like to share our ideas for Muslim wedding dresses to help you narrow down your options! For an easy reference, we have narrowed it down to the top three most popular Muslim wedding dress styles.

Western White This particular style is among one of the most highly sought after Muslim wedding dress styles. Normally, most white Muslim wedding dresses are modest and elegant with long sleeves and hijab. This style is popular in North America, Europe, Iran, Turkey and the Middle-East. Depending on whether or not your wedding reception will be gender-separate, you may consider different variations of a Western White Muslim wedding dress. Perhaps one with sleeves or sleeveless?


South Asian Looking to go more vibrant and colorful? If so, you may want to consider a South Asian styled Muslim wedding dress. South Asian influenced styles usually consist of a red or green base with a combination of other vibrant colors as accents. Depending on your preference, you can change up your accent colors to fit your wedding theme accordingly. If you are planning on going with the South Asian effect, be sure to enhance with eye catching gold jewelry or accessories. (Check out some beautiful South Asian bride styles in our gallery for more inspiration.)

Muslim wedding dress

African African themed Muslim wedding dresses are easily adaptable as well! There are a number of variations ranging in colors and patterns. Vibrant yellows, reds and blues are common and are frequently accented with a variety of jewelry and accessory styles. Depending on preference, different styles of headwear can be selected.

Cultural fashion-fusion is becoming a growing trend in multicultural weddings. Many brides are opting to combine traditional cultural elements with variations of Western fashion. You can do the same! Be sure to consider the weather and time of year- that way you won’t regret adding extra layers or not having enough! Need some more Muslim wedding dress inspiration? Browse through our gallery of beautiful Muslim weddings to get great fashion inspiration!

Mays and Ali’s Iraq-Arab Muslim Wedding

Mays and Ali’s Iraq-Arab Wedding

  When we first met Mays and Ali, we were truly impressed by their happy demeanor. They were very kind and had a https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_4134-Edit.jpgnoticeable and passionate bond. When they first contact us, they were in search of an Iraq-Arab Muslim wedding photographer and videographer for their Gilbert wedding. Mays and Ali wanted a team that specialized in breathtaking wedding photos and videography. With years of experience in Iraq-Arab wedding photography, we were confident that we could deliver exactly what they wanted.

Mays and Ali’s multicultural wedding was held at the elegant Ashley Castle in Chandler, AZ. It was a beautiful culmination of the Iraq-Arab and Muslim culture. At the start of the day, our team had the privilege of spending the entire day with the stunning couple. The extended amount of time allowed our Iraq-Arab wedding photographers the opportunity to capture breathtaking footage of the bride and groom as they prepared for their wedding. Our female wedding photographer accompanied Mays as she prepared for her special night while our male wedding photographer captured shots of Ali.


The Ashley Castle is a stunning and eye-catching venue. With a classy and elegant appeal, this location provided our team of Iraq-Arab wedding photographers with spectacular backdrops for amazing wedding photos. When it came time to capture photos of the couple together, the options were limitless for unforgettable shots. Some of our favorites were of Mays and Ali under an angelic gazebo. The architecture and landscape of the Ashley Castle were the perfect compliment to their charming photos. Mays and Ali had such an alluring energy about them which made their photos even more unforgettable.


Their reception was a marvelous event! The decor was elegant and fitting to the aura of their wedding. The couple had an epic and unforgettable grand entrance! Their guest had a contagious and invigorating energy about them and the excitement for Mays and Ali’s union was undeniable. The couple and their guests danced and enjoyed the evening in bliss! To this day, our team of Iraq-Arab wedding photographers are still impressed by the vibrancy and elegance of Mays and Ali’s multicultural wedding. Thank you Mays and Ali for choosing Saiaf Films!


Dressing the Indian Wedding Party

Tips For Dressing Your Indian Wedding Party

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_2703-Edit1.jpgWhen it comes to dressing your Indian wedding party, the task can be just as selecting your own wedding dress. As Indian wedding photographers, we have seen an array of beautiful and very eye catching wedding attire- and we can only imagine all the factors that go into selecting great outfits! Is there a color preference? Will it be a traditional Indian wedding or a non-traditional Indian wedding? What type of accessories should your Indian wedding party adorn? The possibilities are endless! Here, our team at Saiaf Films will share their tips and ideas for dressing your Indian wedding party and guaranteeing that everyone looks stunning and feels great in the process!https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_68611.jpg

Color Tips: Colors play a huge factor in Indian weddings. Many colors have their own symbolic meaning. It may help to plan your Indian wedding party attire in coordination. Red is a very important Indian wedding color. It symbolizes prosperity and purity. As the bride, you may be electing to adorn this color yourself. If you want to stand out, make sure you inform your Indian wedding party that you prefer to be the only one in a particular color. Consider suggesting other colors such as a vibrant blue, rani pink or a sunny yellow. If you don’t have a preference on who wears what, allow your Indian wedding party to select the color they like best. Doing so will allow them to feel comfortable with their choices and feel even better on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to set some standards if there are certain colors you really don’t like!

Hire a Saree Draper (Or delegate one!) When your wedding day arrives, it is going to be one of the busiest, most exciting days! Not everyone knows how to wear a saree properly and you may not have time to help your Indian wedding party with the task. Hiring a saree draper can alleviate the pressure for those wearing a saree for the first time. Or, perhaps you have a friend or family member that is familiar with the task and is willing to assist? With the extra help, you can guarantee your ladies will be primed and ready to go stress-free on your wedding day.

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_67632.jpgFabric Tips: Fabric type can play a huge factor on comfortability and flexibility for your Indian wedding party. Consider selecting a fabric that everyone can flaunt and feel great in. Chiffon sarees are breathable and can allow your ladies to say cooler on the day of the wedding. It may also help to allow your bridal party the option to change later in the evening. Knowing that they have a backup outfit will make those less comfortable bridal party dresses easier to sport!

Don’t be afraid to set standards! Setting guidelines for attire, hair, makeup and accessories ahead of time will make it easier when your big day arrives. It can help keep everyone on track and feeling confident. Want to check out some stunning Indian wedding party ensemble ideas? Browse our gallery of breathtaking Indian weddings for some great inspiration!

Looking for an Arab Wedding Photographer?

Looking for an Arab Wedding Photographer?

  Planning an Arab wedding? Chances are, you are going to need an Arab wedding photography and videography team that understands all the beautiful and meaningful culture that goes into an Arab Arab wedding photographerwedding. With years of experience in multicultural wedding photography and videography, our team at Saiaf Films has acquired a deep understanding of what it takes to get epic footage of all the meaningful rituals and culture that are a part of these types of weddings.

We know that Arab Muslim and Arab Christian cultures are very family oriented and there are a number of very important rituals and traditions that take place at an Arab wedding. As passionate Arab Wedding photographers, our team is adamant about capturing your special day and all its cultural beauty in an artistic and unforgettable way.

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IMG_1503-Edit.jpgMarriage is one of the most monumental steps you will take in life! Our Saiaf Films team has had the privilege to witness some epic and unforgettable Arab weddings. We know how important it is to have stunning wedding photos to remind you of how wonderful your wedding day was. We believe that you should never have to compromise between epic wedding photos and the traditions that take place at your event. Therefore, our team is skilled in the areas necessary to produce stunning footage while still maintaining a focus on the cultural traditions that take place at an Arab wedding.

We offer a team of female Arab wedding photographers and male Arab wedding photographers providing our clients with the ability to have the privacy they need. That way, they still have the privilege of an Arab wedding photographer that can be present for all the special moments. Our team understands, appreciates and respects the customs of an Arab wedding and all the customs it consists of.

Want to check out some stunning Arab wedding photography? Check out our gallery for some Arab wedding inspiration!

Pro Tips For Epic Wedding Videography

Pro Tips For Epic Wedding Videography


Spring is here and wedding season is upon us! Our team at Saiaf Films is super busy and loving it! It’s around these times that we like to share some of our tips and ideas for achieving the best wedding memories possible. As wedding videographers, we have an enormous amount of experience in pinpointing the best moments to capture on film, but there are also some great ways that you can ensure your wedding videography experience is top notch! Here, our team shares their tips and ideas for guaranteeing a seamless and epic wedding videography experience.

Bridal Robe or Outfit

Your special day is going to be one of the most epic days of your life. One of the best parts of this day will be the moments where you are getting ready for your event. Not only is it important to capture these moments on film, but it will also be one of your most favorite memories to look back on. That being the case, it is important to feel as comfortable as you can while you are getting all dolled up. Having a pre-selected outfit or bridal robe will make this aspect so much more enjoyable. Consider choosing a robe or an outfit that is suiting to your theme. (Check out how awesome Rita looked in her wedding videography!) Plus, having your bridesmaids in similar gear will make the moment even more memorable! These little details make for epic wedding videography of the grand “getting ready” moments.

Try Not To Chew Gum!

We completely understand the desire for fresh breath on your big day- but a continuously moving jaw can be somewhat of an eyesore for epic wedding videography. You may not notice you are even doing it, but the video will certainly capture it. Consider other options like mints, breath spray or breath strips- and don’t be afraid to request the same from your bridal party!

Hair and Makeup

Your wedding day will be one of the most in depth days for hair and makeup that you have ever had. When it comes to epic wedding videography, it really helps to have natural lighting in the areas where you will be having your hair and makeup done. Natural sunlight allows the face to be illuminated in a way that artificial lighting does not. When your hair and makeup artist arrives, consider requesting that the work be performed near a window or area that allows natural lighting to flow in.

Capturing epic wedding videography is what we do best! Following our tips will guarantee even more stunning results. Want to check out some more wedding videography inspiration? Check out our film gallery here!

Sandeep and Mital’s Indian Wedding Videography

Sandeep and Mital’s Indian Wedding Videography

  When Sandeep and Mital first contacted Saiaf Films, they were in search of an Indian Wedding Videographer that could capture the memories of their special event on film. After browsing our impressive gallery of Indian wedding footage, the beautiful couple knew Saiaf Films would be the perfect team of Indian wedding videographers. They were planning a traditional Indian wedding and wanted a strong focus on the feel and the aura of their large event. Sandeep and Mital expressed that they wanted wedding videography that captured the love and passion their friends and family had at their event. As skilled Indian wedding videographers, we did exactly that!

On the day of their wedding, our team paid extra attention to all the special and meaningful moments that took place at their traditional Indian wedding. Wedding videography offers a whole new perspective to the events of a wedding. Unlike photos, wedding videography provides its viewer with the ability to observe the movements, feelings and emotions. Sandeep and Mital’s Indian wedding videography did exactly that! There were moments where the gorgeous couple would smile and look at one another- their excitement and passion was so obvious. Like most traditional Indian weddings, Sandeep and Mital’s event involved a variety of rituals and dancing. Our Indian wedding videographers were sure to capture these moments on film. The excitement of the guests dancing can almost be felt from the footage. These are the moments that we live for as wedding videographers.

From the royal entrance, to the meaningful rituals and traditions, all the way to the dancing and celebrations- our team of Indian wedding videographers were there to capture all the beauty and magic of Sandeep and Mital’s epic Indian wedding. They are a beautiful and energetic couple that we enjoyed having the pleasure to work with. From their wedding photos to their unforgettable Indian wedding videography, Sandeep and Mital were an impressive pair and a delight to capture on film. Want to check out some more epic Indian wedding videography? Check out our film gallery for more inspiration!


The Paseo: A Breathtaking Mesa Wedding Venue

The Paseo: A Breathtaking Mesa Wedding Venue

  It’s the day of your wedding. You have just Rita & Hosamfinished getting ready with your closest friends and family in your own private bridal suite. The placement of your dress is perfect, your bouquet is in hand, it is nearly time to take your walk down the aisle. You are standing in front of an impressive and elegant set of doors that separate you from your guests and the beloved you are about to marry at your Mesa wedding. You hold your breath as the doors begin to open.

The Superstition Mountains create a striking backdrop on the horizon while the desert landscape creates an unforgettable ambiance. You feel the desert breeze as you begin to move forward. Your ceremony is held in a luscious and green oasis like area. Your guests admire the sweeping views of the Superstition as you pledge your love to one another. The wedding photos will be unforgettable- that’s why you chose this venue. Where are you? The Paseo, of course.

In this week’s Wedding Venue Spotlight, our team shares their account for The Paseo wedding venue in Mesa, AZ. You may have noticed, this isn’t the first time we have mentioned this breathtaking venue. Why? We LOVE it! (Check out our unbelievable wedding photos from Rita and Hosam’s Mesa wedding.) As Mesa wedding photographers, we cherish the opportunity to capture striking wedding photos. The Paseo never disappoints in this area. At the foot of the Superstition Mountains, this Mesa wedding venue offers Sonoran desert views along with the elegance of a grand scale venue.

But, it doesn’t stop there! The reception potential is just as picture perfect. You and your guests can enjoy an outdoor reception area that is ideal for dining or dancing under the desert stars. With bistro style lighting, you can achieve the perfect rustic feel. Prefer an indoor reception? The Paseo offers a striking 4000 sq ft pavilion that can be utilized Mesa Weddingas an indoor reception area. Gigantic sliding doors can be opened to allow the desert breeze to flow into your wedding celebration.

With an array of versatile wedding options, The Paseo is a perfect choice for those seeking a wedding location that is sure to leave you with awestruck guests and wedding photos that can be cherished forever. As a family owned and operated venue, they pride themselves on the beautiful wedding opportunities that they offer. With unique elegance, they have created a one of a kind location. Much like our team at Saiaf Films, their passion for unforgettable wedding memories are obvious! Want some more Paseo inspiration? Check out Rita and Hosam’s epic wedding or Suzanne and Jake’s Western Wedding!

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