Suzanne and Jake’s Western Wedding

Our Mesa Wedding Photographers Capture A Western Wedding


Suzanne and Jake contacted us when they were in search of Mesa wedding photographers to photograph their western wedding. We discovered it was being held at The Paseo, which happened to be one of our favorite spots to visit. (Check out Rita and Hosam’s beautiful and unforgettable wedding at The Paseo.) Our team was excited to capture some more stunning backdrops that The Paseo offers. From the start, we were intrigued by their delightful personalities and impressive love and passion for each other.

From the start of the event, the evening was filled with an incredible amount of love and support  from their friends and family. Everyone was very helpful and contributed in setting up and preparing for the upcoming event. The close

knit aura was infectious and really set the tone for the special night. At one moment, Suzanne mentioned that Jake had taken care of most the wedding planning! We were impressed by his enthusiasm and his knack for putting together such a beautiful event. Their vows were self-written as well, which always adds the most special effect. Jake had crafted a poem that was eloquent and beautiful.

As the Mesa wedding photographers at their event, we were really inspired by the special moments that took place. One of our favorite memories was when Jake walked down the aisle carrying their adorable daughter. She was in an a perfectly themed dress with the small cowgirl boots. The image of Jake walking with her was classic! As always, the Paseo offered a host of stunning backdrops. We captured some amazing shots of the couple with the Superstition Mountains and towering Saguaros looming in the background. The colors and the effect contributed perfectly to the western wedding.

From the cowboy boots, to the mason jar glasses and even to the full roasted pig, Suzanne and Jake’s western wedding was an exciting and beautiful event for our Mesa wedding photographers to attend. Thank you Suzanne and Jake for choosing Saiaf Films. We wish you a wonderful and exciting future together!

Hijabi Wedding Dress Styles

Hijabi Wedding Dress Styles

  Hijabi weddingAs Hijabi wedding photographers, our team at Saiaf Films has captured stunning photos for a number of Hijabi wedding events. If you are planning a Hijabi wedding, we would like to share our ideas for Hijabi wedding fashion and what it takes to look- and feel- amazing on your wedding day. Finding the perfect Hijabi wedding dress can be somewhat difficult while trying to keep the balance between modesty and fashion. In a world filled with strapless, halter top and backless wedding gowns, and may seem impossible to find the ideal wedding dress for your special day. Here, we will share some examples to help you find your dream dress without compromising on modesty or style.

Hijabi Dress With Sleeves:

Over the years, a large number of wedding dress designers have begun incorporating wedding dresses with sleeves. Instead of having to wear a strapless dress with a long sleeve shirt underneath, consider searching for one that already has the sleeves attached.https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_7927.jpg

Hijabi Dress With Lace:

Lace always been a popular and widely used material when it comes to wedding dresses. Lace adds an elegant touch while still providing modest coverage. As a Hijabi bride, you may consider a wedding gown with a detailed lace sleeve pattern, that way it won’t be too sheer.

Simple Hijab Wedding Dress Style

The main goal of a Hijabi dress is to give an elegant appearance while staying modest and simple. This can be achieved with subtle jewelry or accessories that compliment your Hijabi style rather than distract from your elegance. Consider pairing your outfit with a cascading bouquet or a complimenting Hijab headpiece.

Would you like to see some stunning photos of Hijabi brides? Feel free to browse our gallery for some Hijabi wedding inspiration!

Sikh Wedding Events

Our Team of Sikh Wedding Photographers Describe the Events of a Sikh Wedding

  Planning a Sikh wedding? You’ve come to the right spot! Our team at Saiaf Films specializes in Sikh wedding photography. Therefore, we have attended an impressive number of Sikh weddings. That also means we are no strangers to the customs, traditions and events that take place at a Sikh wedding celebration. As Sikh wedding photographers, we have the opportunity to get up close and capture all the meaningful moments that unfold in front of us at the Anand Karaj (the wedding ceremony of a Sikh couple.)

Sikh wedding photographersHere, we would like to share a quick reference for the main traditions that take place at a Sikh wedding. Whether you are planning a Sikh wedding of your own, or you plan to be a guest, this article can act as a guide to what you may see, participate in or may be planning for your future Sikh wedding experience.

Roka: The roka takes place when the family of the bride and groom agree to the couple’s alliance. This is usually a simple event where the bride’s family meets the groom’s family. It represents the beginning of a relationship between both families and symbolizes the couple’s engagement.

Sangeet: The sangeet normally takes place a couple days before the ceremony. It usually involves only the women and consists of music, dancing and celebrating!

Mehendi: This ceremony is also a ladies only event and involves the application of mehendi to the bride’s hands. Sikh wedding photographersThe bride’s family will then welcome the groom’s family once the mehendi application is complete. As Sikh wedding photographers, we have enjoyed capturing this particular event on film, as it is a very monumental moment for the bride. (Check out examples of our stunning mehendi photography here!)

Vatna: This event involves the bride and groom. It is a celebration where they have vatna (a tumeric, sandalwood powder, besan and mustard oil paste) applied to their bodies. It is said to create a “glow” to their skin in anticipation for their wedding day.

Gharoli:  This ceremony takes place on the day of the wedding and involves the groom. His relatives will carry an earthen pitcher on their heads to procure holy water that is used for the groom to bathe in on his important day.

Milni: This is another exciting and monumental moment (especially for the Sikh wedding photographers.) Here, the groom and his baraat visit the bride’s home. The moment involves great vigor and style. It symbolizes the joining of both families where they greet each other and place garland upon one another.

The Wedding: Once together, the couple and their guests join for the ceremony. The wedding involves four hymns of Laav that are performed in the four nuptial rounds of a Sikh wedding ceremony. Each phase has a special and meaningful significance that defines the marriage of the soul-bride to the divine husband.

Our experience in Sikh wedding photography has taken us all over the U.S. to capture unforgettable footage of Sikh wedding events and the beautiful tradition that goes into them. Check out some examples of our stunning Sikh wedding photos here!

Eman & Ronny’s Palestinian Wedding Event

Eman & Ronny’s Palestinian Wedding Event

  When Eman and Ronny first contacted us, they were in search of a Palestinian wedding photographer and videographer that could capture their epic three day wedding event in California. The beautiful couple were in need of California wedding photographers and videographers that would travel to Fremont, CA for their Henna and Mehendi, then to San Jose for their wedding reception. Eman and Ronny are such a passionate and intriguing couple. Our team at Saiaf Films knew that their event was going to be an unforgettable one!

On the day of their wedding, Eman looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown. She was accented with an eye-catching pearl headband that complemented her gorgeous ensemble. The piece was accompanied with a perfectly selected necklace and bracelet to match. Her bouquet housed an array of spring inspired flowers that suited their March wedding event exquisitely. One memorable moment for our Palestinian wedding photographers was when the beautiful bride was picked up from her home in the mountains nearby. The area was surrounded by trees and maintained a forest-like feel. There were friends and family dancing and enjoying this occasion. It was as if she was being given away to husband-to-be at that very moment. This created a monumental ambiance that really set the tone for the rest of the day.

When we arrived at the venue, we were immediately in awe by its appearance. With the use of our innovative drone videography, we captured unforgettable footage of their San Jose wedding venue, the Dolce Hayes Mansion. The venue itself was stunning! The bright white architecture stood out elegantly against the vibrant green grass landscape. On that particular day, clouds were rolling over the surrounding hills and created a mesmerizing backdrop for our drone to capture. The sun shone through the clouds and illuminated the venue area perfectly! At Saiaf Films, we cherish this type of footage because it creates a timeless way for the couple to reminisce not only on what it looked like, but also what those moments may have felt like as well.

Inside the Dolce Hayes, the ballroom was adorned with an array of complementing wedding decor including eye catching chandeliers and elegant white and ivory drapes. Impressive spring floral arrangements were placed perfectly throughout, while floating candles in tall standing vases accented the table centerpieces. When the couple arrived, they were greeted with a host of family and friends. Excitement was in the air as a drummer carried the beat of their event. Everyone danced and seemed to enjoy every moment. Eman’s grandfather was so energetic and had such a contagious vibe about him. There was a strong feeling of love and passion that carried on through the night.

Our team at Saiaf Films genuinely enjoyed Eman and Ronny’s three day event. As the Palestinian wedding photographers and videographers for this unforgettable wedding, we cherished every moment we had the pleasure of capturing. Thank you Eman and Ronny! We wish you a beautiful and happy future together!

Maid Of Honor Speech Tips & Ideas

Maid Of Honor Speech Tips & Ideas

  Whether you are the beautiful bride to be, or the bride’s faithful maid of honor- chances are, the highly anticipated maid of honor speech has crossed your mind at least once or twice. As traveling wedding photographers, we have had the privilege to attend an enormous amount of wedding events. Therefore, we have heard and seen it all when it maid of honor speechcomes to wedding speeches. We also know how nerve-racking it can be to come up with the best words or feelings to share. That being the case, we would like to share a few tips and ideas for the maid of honor or bridesmaid speech that you may be preparing for. If you’re the bride, you can always share this post with your bridal party- perhaps it will help as inspiration for what’s to come!

Don’t wing it!

Some things may work unplanned without any issues. However, speeches aren’t usually one those things! A well served speech is one that is developed in advance, with some serious thought put into it. Think about it, the maid of honor is one of the most important ladies in the bride’s life. The bride deserves some well thought out feelings. Even if you are great at impromptu deliveries, the MOH speech isn’t one that should be left to the last minute. Take some time before the wedding and write out your thoughts and feelings. If it helps, consider this layout for your speech:

  • Intro: Not everyone may recognize who you are to the bride. So, share your name and a quick description of who, or what you to the bride (the sister, best friend, etc.)
  • Thank you: Consider expressing how excited or thrilled you are for being at the wedding. Maybe share a thank you to the bride and groom for having you and/or inviting everyone to share their special day.
  • Something special: This is a good time to share a personal touch such as a memory, a joke or a special feeling you have about the bride and groom. Try to select something that may be inspiring and entertaining for the crowd.
  • Words of advice: Share a few words of advice for their future together. Quotes or entertaining poems are great in this area.
  • Conclusion: End it all with a meaningful thought while raising your glass to the newlyweds!

Stay calm!

We totally understand how hard this one can be, but it’s important! Practicing your speech ahead of time will help significantly with your nerves. Don’t forget to take a few https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/RAW_1_SD219-1047-.jpgdeep breaths before and during your speech. Speak slowly and enunciate your words. Again, practicing beforehand is key! If you already know your speech and the key moments throughout it, it will greatly reduce your nerves the day of.

Be creative and show your personality.

You are who you are, and that’s why you are standing next to the bride. Make sure you incorporate some of your own style and personality into the speech. It will mean a lot to the bride, and the audience. If you are witty and great with comedy, use that! Many people think that the funny stuff should be left to the best man. That’s not always the case. Don’t feel like you have to be sentimental or poetic if that’s not your style. If that is your style, then roll with that and don’t force the comedy. Whatever you do, make sure you are being you. It will make for such a better speech in the end.

Above all, have fun! This is supposed to be one of the most exciting nights for you and the bride. Be yourself, prepare and enjoy your moment.

Wedding License 101

Wedding License 101

  Along with planning your amazing and unforgettable wedding plans, there are a few details that may slip through the cracks. One of those extremely important details is your wedding license! Of course, you are having the ceremony, declaring your love in front of everyone- but you still have to get married legally- on paper. That’s where the https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_0206.jpgwedding license comes in. A wedding license is legal proof that you and your beloved are officially married to one another. At Saiaf Films, we know you have your plate full. So when it comes to all the special little details, we like to help out as much as we can. Here, we would like to share the basics of the wedding license process.

The specifics vary state to state, so it helps to start with some research.  Begin by looking up your state’s government website. Google simple phrases like “Arizona wedding license” or “California wedding requirements.” Each state should have a resource that breaks down the basics along with what materials or specific documents may be necessary to obtain your wedding website.

Make sure you pay attention to which city, district and county you plan to marry in. Laws can vary from city to city, so you may want to narrow your search if necessary. Then, you will want to track down whether the licenses are obtained from the town clerk’s office, city hall or a specific marriage license bureau. It some states, it’s as easy as wedding licensedownloading a marriage license brochure  that can be filled out and dropped off on your own time. In other states, the process may be more time consuming.

Speaking of time, it is super important to pay attention to the marriage license time requirements for your state. Some states may require a waiting period between granting the wedding license and when the ceremony takes place. Your state may be no waiting period, or it may be several days. Knowing ahead of time will save you from any time constraints that may happen.

Most states use wedding licenses for the same purpose. They are helpful in confirming that you have proper identification, that you are of legal age to wed and that you are not currently married to anyone else. Again, the requirements may vary depending on your city or state- but usually the necessities include: birth certificates, photo identification, your social security number, proof of citizenship, parental consent if you are under 18, proof of residence, divorce decree if applicable or death certificate if widowed.

As your special day draws closer, don’t forget to take care of the minor- but very important details- such as the wedding license. Especially if you are planning a destination wedding. In fact, feel free to check out our post on Top Destination Wedding Locations if you would like further information on the wedding requirements for these commonly visited locations!

Keeping It Cool At A Summer Wedding

Keeping It Cool At A Summer Wedding

  So you are planning a summer wedding. In Arizona, that’s not exactly the easiest task to take on! But, it is possible- and our team at Saiaf Films is here with some great tips for planning the perfect summer wedding! As Phoenix wedding photographers, we know what it means to have a summer wedding and there are a few factors to keep in mind. The last thing you want is unhappy, sweaty and dehydrated guests- or a sweaty bride with melting makeup! Let’s take a look at some great ways to keep your guests- and yourself- cool, excited and ready to party at your summer wedding!

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_0235.jpgVenue Choices

The most important part of a summer wedding is keeping yourself and everyone else cool. The summer heat is great if you’re sitting poolside, but nobody wants to be sitting at a wedding pouring sweat before the ceremony even kicks off. Consider booking an indoor/outdoor venue that allows your guests the opportunity to step inside and cool off if necessary. Many inside venues offer a patio or terrace areas where guests can enjoy the outdoor elements while still having the ability to keep cool.

Have Fans!

And we don’t mean the ones that are there to cheer on your union! We’re talking about those nifty little battery operated fans or the decorative paper ones. Providing guests with individual  fans will give them the opportunity to cool themselves as they enjoy your ceremony. Whether you choose theme fitting paper ones or the automatic type, your guests will appreciate the gesture!

A/C Units

A great addition to a summer wedding would be a portable A/C unit. Just make sure you test it out before you rent it! https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_2816.jpgYou don’t want to settle for an A/C unit that is loud or obnoxious for your guests. Finding the right type of party fan will guarantee cool guests that can still hear the toasts and the music. Consider placing them in key areas where your guests may migrate or mingle.

Keep Up With the Drinks!

Dehydrated guest can lead to a big problem. If the weather is hot, water should be readily and easily accessible to the guests- especially if there are pregnant or elderly ones present. Add to the effect with pretty fruit slices in each glass. Perhaps you can stock up on bottled water with custom labels that showcase the details of the wedding or a special quote or phrase for your guests to enjoy. Get creative while still keeping your guests hydrated and ready to enjoy your summer wedding.

A summer wedding can be as memorable and exciting as any other season. Especially if you take a few extra steps to guarantee your guests stay happy and cool to enjoy it all.

Engagement Photo Attire: What Should You Wear?

Engagement Photo Attire: What Should You Wear?

engagement photo attire

  What can be more exciting than taking your engagement photos? How about picking out the totally awesome engagement photo attire? If you’re like most brides to be, this can be both an exciting, but somewhat daunting task. At Saiaf Films, we know how important it is for you to feel amazing in your photos. Therefore, we are here to share our tips for picking out the best engagement photo attire to fully enhance your photography experience to the fullest!

Engagement Photo Attire Tips:

  • Consider the season! Even though you may LOVE the look of that cute dress or short sleeved blouse- you don’t want to rock the summer clothes if you happen to be taking winter engagement photos. Same goes for the summer- You don’t want to regret wearing jeans for a summer shoot. Keep the weather in mind and decide your outfits according to how you will be most climatically comfortable.
  • Plan ahead of time!
  • Showcase your style! Engagement photos are the perfect opportunity to have a little fun being yourself. The more you show your own style, the more comfortable and confident you will feel. Friends, family or your future wedding guests will enjoy getting to see a more personal side to your engagement photos. Don’t be afraid to select an outfit that is totally you.

Above all, you really want your engagement photo session to be a fun and memorable one. Engagement photos are normally less formal and are meant to showcase your style, personality and love for each other. They are perfect as a visual addition to either your invitations, save the dates or even your wedding website.

However you decide to use them, you definitely want to make sure that you like them enough to keep around. Besides recruiting the help of an amazing engagement photographer, selecting great engagement photo attire will make your experience all the better. Need some inspiration? Feel free to browse our galleries of beautiful engagement photos to get some great ideas for perfect engagement photo attire!

Wedding Albums: Why You Should Have One!

Wedding Albums: Why You Should Have One!

  After your incredibly special wedding is done, there is one thing that always remains- the memories. That being the case, it is important to ask yourself, “What are the best ways to capture the wedding albummemories, feelings and emotions of one of the most important days of my life?” Wedding photos, of course! A fantastic and incredible wedding photography team- like the one we have at Saiaf Films-definitely helps. But, once the photos are taken, what should you do with them? Want to know one of the best ways to showcase your wedding memories for years to come? A wedding album!

At Saiaf Films, we truly cherish unforgettable memories. That being the case, we are proud to offer premier wedding albums for our wonderful clients to showcase their memorable moments. Here, we would like to share our reasons for why wedding albums are super awesome and why you should consider getting one to showcase your special day!

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/IMG_1283.jpgA wedding album is something that you will look at time and time again. There’s nothing quite like pulling out the old photo albums and flipping through your memories page by page. Of course, digital copies are great- and there is so much that you can do with them- but nothing beats having a well-created wedding photo album.

A disc may not last forever! Without proper care, they can get lost, scratched or even broken! You may not want to depend on the reliability of a disc or a hard drive when it comes to protecting your memories!

Of course, you could always make your own album with the digital photos, but why not let a team of professional wedding album creators handle the design and creation for you? A professionally made wedding album- like the ones we design at Saiaf Films- are elegantly created and are beautifully presented with impressive and high quality design.

We wholeheartedly believe that photographs are meant to be experienced. Our team takes pride in the stunning and unforgettable moments that we capture on film. Which is why we are proud to offer such impressive wedding albums to our clients. Wedding albums are an experience that your friends, family, your children and even you will enjoy for years to come. Want to see some amazing examples of beautiful albums we have created? Check them out here!

Gilbert Wedding Venue: The DoubleTree Elegante

Gilbert Wedding Venue Spotlight: The DoubleTree Elegantehttps://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_1600.jpg

Looking for the perfect spot to host a Gilbert wedding? As Gilbert wedding photographers, we have visited a large number of local venues. One of our favorites, and most memorable was the DoubleTree SanTan Elegante. We had the privilege of visiting this beautiful location when we captured Sunthar and Preeth’s elegant Gilbert wedding last year. Here, we would love to share our account for the DoubleTree Elegante!


The Elegante features an impressive 10,000 sq ft ballroom with a one-of-a-kind awe-inspiring arched ceiling that towers 40 feet from the ground! The ballroom can be divided if preferred- in case you are in need of a smaller and more intimate feel. The Grand Ballroom can accommodate 50-500 guests.

The Elegante contains locally inspired architecture with a backdrop of breathtaking mountain views. There is a gorgeous outdoor setting of vibrant and luscious landscaping with dramatic fountains throughout. There is even an outdoor Veranda patio that features lattice-pattern architecture with the perfect Tuscan inspired ambiance. This particular area is perfect for the site of a ceremony.Gilbert wedding

They offer fully customizable packages and are notorious for their customer service and ability to accommodate the needs of a newly engaged couple looking to plan a Gilbert wedding. The Elegante offers impressive options for flowers, wedding cake, DJ, Rehearsal Dinners and even guestrooms for your friends and family to enjoy or a Honeymoon Suite for the newlyweds! Not to mention, they have a luxurious Salon and Spa right on site! There are also delicious and gourmet catering options that top of the perfect Gilbert wedding experience.

With an experienced Wedding Coordinator on site, you will be guided every step of the way in planning your unforgettable wedding. The Elegante is praised for their attentive and friendly staff and are sure to help turn your dream wedding into a reality. From start to finish, the DoubleTree Elegante provides an incredible experience for any Gilbert wedding. Curious to see some visual proof of how stunning this venue can be? Check out our wedding gallery for some breathtaking photos of this beautiful location!