5 Ways Wow Your Guests At Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour Tips & Ideas


cocktail hourAlthough the Cocktail Hour may not be a highlight in your wedding planning details, it can actually be one of the guest’s favorite moments of the wedding! Not only does it kick-start the wedding event, but everyone always enjoys the time sipping drinks and tasting gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Trust us when we say, we have attended countless wedding Cocktail Hours- and they are always a lively and exciting preview of how the rest of the evening will unfold. Consider the mood for your wedding and feel free to tailor these tips to best suit the ambiance you desire. Here are our tips for jazzing up your Cocktail Hour and starting the party right!

1. DIY Food & Drink Stations

It’s no secret, people like to interact at these types of events. So what’s a great way to get them involved and talking to one another? Food and drink stations! It’s a little known fact that groups of people migrate to food and drink areas. Whether you choose to have one central food and drink station, or you elect to have a few scattered throughout the area, these spots are guaranteed to draw in a crowd and enhance the mingling. Perhaps there could be an area for guests to create their own beverages with a collection of cocktail mixes or drink additions. Or add in a self serve hor d’oeuvres buffet with a collection of bite sized appetizers. These additions are great to ensure your guests are happy and satiated before the ceremony begins.

2. Music for the Mingle

Nothing quite sets the mood like a solid soundtrack during a Cocktail Hour. Choose a selection of tunes that reflect your personal style, but won’t be too obnoxious to the newly arriving guests. It’s a good idea to keep it soft, that way your guests have the opportunity to mingle without having to yell over the music. Soft, but decently upbeat music will set the tone while enhancing the ambiance.

3. Signature Drinks

Perhaps you and your beloved have a special favorite drink? Why not choose a signature drink for the night? It could be a specially designed cocktail in honor of your wedding day. Get creative and make it interesting by adding fresh fruit juices or a homemade syrup. You can even take it one step further by selecting a food coloring that matches your wedding decor. Compliment it further by having that particular drink served in a special glass that can double as a wedding keepsake for your guest.

4. Don’t forget the Cold Brews or Champagne

Old fashioned cocktails are great, but we all know a certain someone or a group of someones that prefers a cold brewski or a glass of champagne. For the brews, consider a selection of imported, lights, darks and even local microbrews- Not to mention, the bottles look great with multiple custom brands. Why not jazz up your champagne selection with a tasty addition, such as fruity puree blends, candied hibiscus, or even pop rocks! Enhance the idea even more by adding a beer or champagne “testing area” that allows your guests to try various types and flavors. Consider keeping these areas separate from the “cocktail” areas as it will decrease the chances of wait time to grab a drink.

5. Presentation

A great detail that shouldn’t be overlooked is the presentation of your Cocktail Hour. The setup and flow can really set the tone for your evening. Therefore, it is important to make it intriguing. Whether you choose to have a separate theme, or you stick with the style of your already decorated venue, consider adding a few special touches with unique decorations or hors d’oeuvres layouts. To keep your Cocktail Hour area clean and organized, it is a good idea to have your hors d’oeuvres perfectly portioned and bite size.That way, you cut down on plate and utensil usage keeping the area free of excess trash.

Here at Saiaf Films, we know how amazing each and every moment at a wedding can be. Cocktail Hour can be one of those amazing and memorable moments. By keeping it simple and adding in some flare, a perfectly executed Cocktail Hour can really set the tone for a wonderful, eventful, and memorable wedding event.

Wedding Spotlight: Anum and Asim’s Wedding Videography

Wedding Spotlight: Anum and Asim’s Wedding Videography

When we first met with Anum and her mother,  they were in the midst of planning Anum and Asim’s extravagant three day Muslim-Indian wedding. We were pleased with their humility and loved their personalities right away. They expressed their desire to have an extremely elegant wedding video captured by our company. Anum was very specific in describing the things that would make her and Asim’s wedding videography re-watchable time and time again. Knowing how important this was to her, our team took special care in guiding her to choosing a wedding video package that would make her vision a reality.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Anum and Asim had a lavishly elegant wedding in luxurious Scottsdale, Arizona. When we first arrived to their venue, we were amazed as we entered the wedding hall. The breathtaking wedding hall was decorated beautifully. Mesmerizing glass centerpieces and floral arrangements were perfectly placed throughout, creating a gorgeous and surreal ambiance. While at the wedding, the Saiaf Films team focused on special details in the wedding decor, wedding favors and the dress design. Additionally, we paid special attention to the traditional Indian wedding dances that took place at the mehndi. With such wonderful friends and family, our team had the opportunity to capture key memorable moments that Anum and Asim will cherish forever.

Wedding Videography

The wedding videography from this night was magical! We could not be more pleased with Anum and Asim for being such lovely people. Their wedding designer was second to none and made our job look easy compared to what she was capable of! With all the beautiful and dynamic footage that we captured, the rest of the magic happened in our editing room.

For Anum and Asim’s special wedding story, we wanted the combination of Indian wedding traditions with Muslim wedding traditions to be as beautiful as the day we filmed it. To do so, our wedding video editor began by creating a wedding montage for the newlyweds. Then, the montage is synced to perfectly selected music and takes the viewer through the wedding as if they were reliving these special moments all over again. A wedding montage is ideal for sharing on social media sites providing relatives and friends the opportunity to enjoy the wedding if they were unable to attend.

Once complete, Anum and Asim were presented with a custom made wedding DVD case with their one of a kind wedding videography showcasing the true essence of their wedding night. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of working with this beautiful couple and creating wedding videography to last them a lifetime. Congratulations Anum and Asim. We hope you cherish your wedding memories for years to come!

What is the Best Wedding Photography Package for You?

Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

  Planning your wedding will be one of the most exciting events you have ever planned. At Saiaf Films, we understand and have seen everything that goes into planning a wedding. In fact, we have the pleasure of being the ones who get to film it all. Therefore, we appreciate the time and effort that gets put into planning one. As professional wedding photographers and videographers, it is our goal to do what we can to make your planning process easier and more efficient in any way we can manage.IMG_0811 That is why we offer the convenience of multiple wedding photography packages, videography packages and an array of a la carte services that can be tailored to fit your specific wedding day needs. Our package pricing can be found on our pricing page, but here- we are going to break down our packages just a little bit to give you a better idea of your wedding photography options.

Photography Packages

Our wedding photography packages are flexible and offer an impressive selection of options. We offer three separate types of photo packages. Each package includes our innovative and memory enhancing Aerial Drone Photography service. Our wedding photography packages are as follows:

Bronze Photo package12072738_946681778737176_8222458104686092550_n

  • 1 photographer (up to 8 hours)
  • 1 to 2 locations
  • 500 fully edited photos on CD & DVD
  • Aerial Drone Photography
  • Premium DVD case
  • 1 premium photo album with 50 pages
  • Copyrights provided

Silver Photo Package

  • 1 photographer (8 to 10 hours)
  • 1 to 3 locations
  • 700 fully edited photos on CD & DVD
  • Aerial Drone Photography
  • Premium DVD case
  • Online photo gallery
  • 1 hour engagement photo shoot with 50 photos (optional)
  • 1 premium photo album with 65 pages
  • Copyrights provided

Gold Photo Package

  • 2 photographers (8 to 12 hours)
  • 1 to 5 locations
  • 900 fully edited photos on CD & DVD
  • Aerial Drone Photography
  • Premium DVD case
  • Online photo gallery
  • 1.5 hour engagement photo shoot with 75 photos (optional)
  • 1 premium photo album with 85 Pages
  • Copyrights provided

Videography Packages

At Saiaf Films, our team cherishes having the ability to capture your wedding day memories on film. We are proud to offer high-end and flexible wedding videography packages that create long lasting and unforgettable video footage of your special event. We offer three separate wedding videography packages that are as follows:

Bronze Video package11903872_922024734536214_1444798529996503109_n

  • 1 cinematographer (up to 8 hours)
  • 2 professional HD cameras
  • 1 to 2 locations
  • Feature film 60-90 minutes
  • Menus & chapters
  • Premium DVD case
  • 3 DVDs

Silver Video Package

  • 1 cinematographer (8 to 10 hours)
  • 2 professional HD cameras
  • Cinema-style film-making
  • 1 to 3 locations
  • Wireless mics & audio recorders
  • Feature film 60-120 minutes
  • Wedding montage 3-6 minutes
  • Premium DVD case
  • 3 DVDs/Blu-Rays

Gold Video package

  • 2 cinematographers (8 to 12 hours)
  • 3 professional HD cameras
  • Cinema-style film-making
  • 1 to 5 locations
  • 1 camera crane (available in some states)
  • Aerial drone helicopter shots
  • Wireless mics & audio recorders
  • Feature film 60-180 minutes
  • Wedding highlight film 7-12 minutes
  • Premium DVD case
  • 5 DVDs/Blu-Rays

À la carte

After years in the wedding industry, our team appreciate and understand the need for variety. We know that not every wedding event is the same, nor are the wedding photography needs. Therefore, we provide our clients with the opportunity to tailor their wedding package to fit their specific needs. Our A la carte options allow the opportunity to add additional services or options to your wedding photography and videography packages. Here’s what we have to offer:IMG_4040

  • 2 HD video cameras- Minimum of 8 hours required ($300/hr)
  • 1 HD video camera- Minimum of 8 hours required ($200/hr)
  • 1 photographer- minimum of 6 hours required ($200/hr)
  • Female Photographer/Editor Request ($350)
  • Additional locations ($150/location)
  • Additional enhanced photos ($3/photo)
  • RAW photos ($500)
  • RAW video ($400)
  • Camera crane ($450)
  • Family & friend interviews ($150)
  • Montage ($300)
  • Wedding highlights film ($450)
  • Additional 10 minutes of film footage ($150)
  • Additional 30 minutes of film footage ($300)
  • Travel 30 minutes away from Arizona Office ($550/per crew member)
  • Same-day edit
  • 3 minute montage ($380)
  • 5 minute montage ($480)IMG_0864
  • 7 to 12 minute montage ($600)
  • On-site photo printing for guests ($750)
  • Standard DVD case ($50)
  • Standard Blu-Ray case ($75)
  • Premium leather DVD case ($80)
  • Hand-made DVD case ($195)
  • USB presentation book ($230)
  • Aerial helicopter shots ($350)
  • Engagement photo shoot
    • 60 minutes with 50 enhanced photos ($250)
    • 90 minutes with 75 enhanced photos ($350)
  • On-site bride & groom montage / baby video ($350)
  • Wireless mics & audio recorders ($250)
  • Additional edits ($50/hr)
  • Standard album
    -50 pages ($280)IMG_4056
  • Premium album
    -50 pages ($480)
    -65 pages ($580)
  • The Deluxe album
    -30 pages ($580)
    -40 pages ($680)
    -50 pages ($730)
    -60 pages ($780)
  • Cosmos album
    -30 pages ($680)
    -40 pages ($780)
  • The Lustro album
    -30 pages ($780)
    -40 pages ($880)
    -50 pages ($980)
    -60 pages ($1080)

Not quite sure what will work best for you and your wedding day? No problem! We are here to guidewedding photography you in selecting the best wedding photography and videography package to fit your needs. Contact our team of professionals today and we will have you on your way to selecting your wedding photography and videography package in no time!

Aerial Drone Videography


5 Great Chicago Wedding Venues

Chicago weddingAt Saiaf Films, our team has the advantage of traveling to any state our clients contact us from. Recently, we covered a beautiful Chicago wedding. Not only did we fall in love with the gorgeous scenery that Chicago offers, we also discovered the dynamic amount of Chicago wedding venues. From fabulous parks to elegant hotels, Chicago offers an enormous amount of world-class venue options. It was nearly impossible to narrow the list down to five, but here are our top picks for the best Chicago wedding venues.

Crystal Garden: Navy Pier
As a one-acre breathtaking botanical garden, the Crystal Garden is adorned with fountains, vibrant palm trees and luscious greenery. With sparkling lights and gorgeous views of the Chicago city skyline, Dock Street and Lake Michigan- your wedding photographers will have an enormous amount of footage. It thrives beneath an arched ceiling that offers the perfect amount of sunlight during a wedding ceremony. The best part- there is no rental fee to enjoy the Crystal Garden’s unique features. Instead, it only requires a food and beverage minimum.

Millennium Park: The Loop
With five amazing venues to choose from, Millennium Park is a great option for your Chicago wedding. Whether you are having a small gathering or a grand event, Millennium Park offers drawdropping views of the Chicago cityscape creating the perfect wedding photo backdrop. With a steel and glass ceiling, the architecture alone is visually appealing. It is conveniently located near downtown Chicago making it an ideal spot for a city based Chicago wedding.12193471_953609231377764_6631357526672727275_n

The Westin Chicago: North Shore
Looking for the perfect combination of elegance and downtown style? The Westin Chicago North Shore offers that and more. With four ballrooms providing room for 50 to 1200 guests, The Westin Chicago is chock full of event space, leaving you plenty of room to plan the perfect Chicago wedding.

The Firehouse Chicago: Edgewater
Looking for a unique Chicago wedding venue location? Firehouse Chicago may just be what you are seeking. With a historic silver and tin ceiling, an original fire pole and antique lighting- the Firehouse Chicago is an intimate and wonderful option for a Chicago wedding. Even though it was built over a century ago, the Firehouse Chicago offers an array of green-minded wedding options for those who prefer a greener approach to their wedding event.

Pinstripes Northbrook: Northbrook
Perhaps you prefer your Chicago wedding venue to be incredibly fun-filled and exciting? If so, Pinstripes Northbrook may just be the best choice. Adorning a year-round patio and a delicious and high-end Italian-American bistro, Pinstripes Northbrook offers a variety of options that can be tailored to fit your needs accordingly. It also provides banquet rooms capable of housing 20-600 guests, bowling lanes and even bocce courts. For a fun, fully customizable Chicago wedding venue, Pinstripes Northbrook is a great choice!

So if a Chicago wedding is in your future, these great spots are an excellent choice for great views and breathtaking scenery for the perfect wedding day. Keep an eye out for our wonderful collection of Chicago weddings that our Saiaf Films team has had the pleasure of photographing.

Posing for Your Wedding Photos

So your big day arrives. Your makeup is perfect, and your hair is wonderfully in place. You look beautiful in your dress as you are on your way to taking your wedding portraits. But wait- you have no idea how to pose or what to do when you are finally in front of the camera. Don’t worry, our team at Saiaf Films has an extensive amount of experience as wedding photographers. Here, we share our wedding photoshoottips and ideas to help calm your nerves about camera time on your wedding day!

Your Wedding Portraits

It’s okay to be nervous!
It’s one of the most important days of your life. You are more than entitled to be a little nervous. In fact, it’s expected! Instead of forcing yourself to smile the entire time- because you think you have to in front of the camera- just be yourself. Our wedding photographers love catching those key moments when you are being real. Whether your face is anxious as you wait to marry your beloved, or your eyes well up during a conversation with a loved one- those key, real, and moving moments are the best type to capture on film. So relax, don’t stress, enjoy your day and smile when you feel the need. Otherwise, raw emotions create gorgeous photos.

Aim to Flatter
When posing for formal photos, angles are key. A great idea for posing in your wedding photos is to stand at an angle. When it comes to taking the photos, remember: Take a deep breath, exhale, and then tilt your chin downwards while turning your gaze up. This helps to accentuate the great contours of your face. If you are choosing to pose with your bouquet, clutch it IMG_0295-Editloosely with one hand, then allow the other to hand to hang naturally by your side. This gives a more relaxed and natural look.

The Bride & Groom

Get moving!
And no- we don’t mean dancing! (At least not yet.) When taking your wedding portraits together, consider taking a walk. Take one another’s hand and take a short stroll. Why? The momentum makes for amazing wedding photos! When you are walking, your dress is flowing, your hair is blowing and the movement alone creates a wonderful energy. Plus, it gives you a chance to breathe a little bit and realign your thoughts with your beloved.
Express your love.
Although it may feel awkward at first knowing you are being photographed, it is important to show your love. Kiss one another, hold each other’s hand- let your love show through. If it helps, ask your wedding photographer for a little bit of alone time beforehand. That may help to calm the nerves a bit and get in the mode of acting naturally. Keep in mind, it is your wedding day. You are about to marry the person of your dreams. Express that passion with each other as it creates dynamically wonderful wedding photos.

The Wedding PartyIMG_2398-Edit

Have fun!
This is an EXTREMELY important tip to remember. Having fun while taking your wedding party photos can create memorable and exciting photos. If you are naturally having fun, that energy will show itself in the photos your wedding photographers capture. Laugh, be quirky, and be yourselves. Of course, uniform pictures look exquisite, but fun and carefree pictures convey the energy and excitement of your special day. So relax, and tell your bridal party to do the same.

Furniture or props
Utilizing surrounding furniture or props can also create an interesting and original dynamic to your wedding photos. With the use of furniture or a seating area of some sort, you can vary the height of the group. This can look more appealing than everyone standing in a standard lineup. If there are props available, use them! Adding them in can change up the vibe of the wedding photos a bit creating memorable photos to last a lifetime!

Remember, this is one of the best days of your life! Capturing it on film in your wedding photos will help those memories last forever. Here at Saiaf Films, we want to help you create those memorable wedding photos. If you need more tips or ideas to enhance your wedding photos, contact our team today!

Wedding Spotlight: Ahmed and Sara’s Muslim Wedding

Muslim Wedding at the Cedars in Phoenix, AZ

  Ahmed and Sara are some of the most tender and compassionate Muslim Weddinghuman beings our team has encountered. As a Muslim couple from Iraq, it was their goal to have a very family oriented wedding. After seeing our website, they called us from out of state and recruited our team of wedding photographers to capture their special day on film. With friends and family flying in from all over the world, the beautiful couple expressed how important it was to have their guests included in the wedding portraits. Per their request, we tailored the photos to fit their wishes and captured an amazing amount of moments with their family and friends.

Pre-Ceremony Photo Shoot
Before their wedding at The Cedars in Phoenix, AZ, our team of wedding photographers took photos of Ahmed and Sara at a local industrial park. With tall glass buildings Muslim Weddingand luscious green grass at the forefront, this park created the perfect backdrop for breathtaking wedding portraits. With such a photogenic couple surrounded by beautiful scenery, we shot over 200 photos in the hour that we were at the park! When Sara looked through some of the pictures, she was in awe of our creative composition. One of our favorite photos from the pre- Muslim wedding shoot was captured right as the sun was setting behind Ahmed and Sara. This silhouetted image has become an iconic photo at the Saiaf Films studio- and is a favorite among all who see it.

Ceremony & Reception
When we arrived at The Cedars, the decor was breathtaking! With gorgeous candlelights radiating from the wedding hall, the room was adorned with wedding bouquets of white and purple flowers. There were tall crystal vases as centerpieces and an elegant ivory cake with delicate purple designs. Ahmed and Sara’s 120 person Iraqi Muslim wedding was an intimate gathering of loved ones. As promised, our focus for this night was to get an ample amount of photos with the Muslim wedding couple and their visitors who traveled from around the world.

Muslim Wedding

The night was full of dancing and excitement as the couple and their family and friends had the time of their life. At dinner time, we were so humbled when Ahmed and his sister served us food before they sat down to eat. This was one of the kindest and most memorable gestures that we’ve ever received at a wedding. It truly demonstrated how thoughtful and kind hearted Ahmed, Sara and their family are. After a delicious dinner, the reception commenced with more energetic dancing to traditional Muslim wedding music and fun as the families enjoyed each other’s company.

Our Favorite Moment
At Saiaf Films, we cherish memorable moments. One of our favorite moments from this event happened later in the evening. On the dance floor, a song played that held a lot of meaning to Sara and her mother. They looked at each other, with tears in their eyes and gave one another the warmest and most sincerest of hugs. In our hearts we knew that this was symbolic of an old life ending, while a new one begins. At weddings, our team puts an enormous amount of focus on getting the best footage and always being one step ahead to get the best shot. Yet, it is moments like these that stop us in our tracks. They remind us that family is everything and that we should hold them close no matter how far away they are! Thank you Ahmed and Sara for sharing your special day with us.


Engagement Photos: Why You Should Have Them

engagement photos


Why Are Engagement Photos Important?


Engagement photos are a frequently overlooked aspect of planning your wedding. Many couples may feel that they unnecessary or not that important. However, they can be an exceptionally important tool in ensuring a better wedding experience. At Saiaf Films, our engagement photographers have had the pleasure of capturing countless couples before their wedding. Therefore, we know just how important and memorable these photo shoots can be!

Get comfortable!
During all of our engagement photo shoots, we have the opportunity to really get to know the couples we are photographing. It provides our wedding photographers time to observe how the two interact and how beautifully their love can be expressed through photos and film. While we have the pleasure of getting to know them, the couple also has the opportunity to get comfortable with the camera. A lot of times, it can be a couple’s first time taking pictures together. Instead of waiting to see how they fare on the day of the wedding, engagement photo shoots allow the couple to get familiar with the cameras that surround them. We notice that it adds a sense of confidence in front of the camera when it comes time for the wedding photographs.

engagement photosGreat photos!
It seems as if most people capture their photos via cell phone these days. Although these are ideal for adding a raw and personal touch, engagement photos are an opportunity to acquire real, professional and impressive photos of you and your beloved. Engagement photos give you the option to see yourself in different outfits in more comfortable or surreal settings. These types of photos are great to use on your wedding website, your Save-the-Dates or even your wedding invitations. Or perhaps you are super crafty and decide to use your engagement photos as part of your wedding favors?

And…It’s fun!
All of the engagement photo sessions we have photographed have been a blast! The couples are excited and constantly laughing, smiling or showing their love for each other. It builds a more intense bond. It is a great opportunity to spend a few hours dressing how you choose, in a beautiful setting with the one you love the most. Engagement photos are also a great opportunity to show another side of your relationship that many people don’t ever get to see. Whether you choose a theme or want to include some exciting props, an engagement photo shoot is a moment where you can have fun and enjoy being together- while being yourself.

engagement photos

If you and your fiance are debating on having engagement photos taken, take our advice- do it! After years of experience in the wedding photography scene, our team at Saiaf Films appreciates the advantages that come with an engagement photo shoot. Not sure where to begin? Contact our professional engagement photographers today! We are happy to guide you in your options for creating the best engagement photos possible!


5 Ways to Have the Most Romantic Wedding Ever!

Frromantic weddingom your first look to your big commitment, and all the way to your last wedding dance- your wedding day is to celebrate your love for one another. Of course, everyone enjoys the big party, but we also adore the elegant touches and intimate atmosphere that a romantic wedding brings about. People enjoy the kind of wedding that exhilarates romance. Check out our tips for upping the romance factor on your wedding day creating an ambiance your guests will never forget.

1. A Wow-Worthy Venue
Whether you choose a pretty garden, an iconic old church, a medieval styled castle or a picturesque landscape; a stunning venue is ideal for a romantic setting. Add some candles and surreal lighting and you are guaranteed to elicit some “oohs and ahhs” from your guests.romantic wedding

2. All The Lights
Lighting is perhaps one of the single most important element of a romantic wedding. The perfect lighting set up can transform the feel of a wedding instantly. Look at all of your options for lighting and carefully consider how to best light your space in order to create the perfect romantic wedding ambiance.

3. Scent Up Your Wedding
Adding a romantic smell to your wedding is a powerful way to evoke an emotional response from your guests. Many people don’t pay attention to smells as it can be slightly overlooked by the food, music and decorations. Utilizing a special wedding day scent throughout your wedding venue can add a great fragrance backdrop to your event. From lavender or verbena bouquets to lavender centerpieces, a special wedding smell will enhance the romantic effect for your wedding.

4. Fireworks, Sparklers or Lanterns
Organizing a sky lantern launch or a sparkler lineup post reception can be the perfect addition to spicing up the romance feel to your wedding. It will add an everlasting sparkle to your event and ensures you finish your night on a romantic note. Plus, why not share the firework in your belly feeling you felt when you met your other half?

romantic wedding tables5. Table Set-up
Believe it or not, table placement can play a big factor on the intimate atmosphere of your wedding reception. Placing the tables in a long dining setup can help amp up the close and familiar feel for your guests. Instead of the more formal round split apart seating, your guests will be in close range to one another providing the opportunity for more conversation.

If a romantic vibe is what you are seeking for your special day, these few key ideas will enhance that feeling throughout your ceremony and reception. Not quite sure where to start? Our team at Saiaf Films has been to plenty of romantically themed weddings! We are happy to share our ideas to enhance the romance of your big day.

Wedding Spotlight: Scott and Keiya’s Intimate Wedding

Scott & Keiya’s Intimate Wedding: Boulder Resort in Carefree, Arizona

  Intimate wedding

Scott and Keiya are some of the most delightful people our team has ever met. We had the pleasure of meeting them at the Bridal Expo in Phoenix. They expressed to us how happy they were to find a team of local wedding photographers and videographers that they could trust to capture the memories of their wedding day.Intimate wedding

Pre-Ceremony Photoshoot

Before their wedding, we took photos of Scott by himself in front of the beautiful Arizona landscape. Afterwards, we took photos of Keiya in her room as she was getting ready for their event. We enjoyed getting to know each of them in their own setting before taking their wedding portraits together. Their love and intrigue for each other was so obvious when they were together.

We explored the resort with the couple and took advantage of all of the beautiful landscape that surrounded us.  We had fun playing around with the different treasures that the resort gifted us. From the unique bridges and walkways, to the tall saguaros and serene lakes, the Boulders Resort provides endless photo possibilities. The desert backdrop complimented the Arizona wedding perfectly.

The Ceremony & Reception

Their peaceful and quaint wedding was amidst the mountains that surrounded the resort. The ceremony and reception consisted of their closest family and friends and carried an intimate and romantic vibe. The beautiful couple wanted our team to capture the intimacy of their wedding. This  was easy and inspiring to do, as  this was the smallest, most intimate wedding we had ever been to!

Their reception was  decorated in a vintage wedding theme that was enhanced by the surrounding desert. The champagne accent color was complemented by the desert succulents scattered throughout the reception. Keiya wore a breathtaking and delightfully simple vintage wedding dress that flowed with the theme and vibe of their intimate wedding.

We felt so honored to be there with Scott and Keiya as  they shared their special day with us. Some our favorite photos are the candid moments where they were looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. Their love was so apparent and easy to capture on film. Our team at Saiaf Films really enjoyed this couple and we will cherish the memories of their peaceful and beautiful intimate wedding for years to come!

Intimate wedding


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