Photographer’s Guide: How to Shoot Cultural Weddings

Cultural weddings require additional time and research by the Middle Eastern Wedding Photographer Scottsdale to make the most of the wedding day and not miss any important details. Here at Saiaf Films, we share to you some suggestions for preparing and shooting a cultural wedding.

1. Plan out your photography. Sit down with the bride and walk through every detail of the wedding day – particularly the ceremony. Take detailed notes and ask as many questions as possible. How long does the ceremony last? What is the role of each family member? What is the significance of the ceremony traditions? The purpose of this timeline is not necessarily to be a memorized and rigid game-plan, but it will be helpful when capturing those moments that you would have otherwise ignorantly overlooked.

2. Pay attention to details. Cultural weddings are often spread out over several days. The families spend a great deal of time, money, and energy to make the wedding memorable for everyone involved. Be pro-active to watch for important little details that characterize the culture and cause the ceremony to stand out.

3. Research middle-eastern photographers. If you have never shot a cultural wedding before, search for Middle Eastern Wedding Photography to give you an idea of what to expect and what images to take. This is not to give you permission to “copy” their work. Rather, these visuals will help solidify what the cultural experience may be.

4. Work with others. Perhaps, the couple has hired a Middle Eastern Houston Wedding Videographer. Ask for his help and work closely with him, so you can capture the key moment of the event, too. A little humility may go a long way in a successful capture.

5. Focus. Be prepared for anything that may come your way. Watch and observe. Do not let your guard down. Creating a beautiful photographic experience as a Middle Eastern San Francisco Wedding Photographer will assist you in breaking into this new market.

Must-Have Images That Your Sikh Wedding Photographer Should Capture

Sikh weddings are colorful, extravagant and boisterous, not to mention, lengthy affairs that may last for days. Over the years, we here at Saiaf Films, have come to recognize and appreciate how important it is to understand the traditions comprising Sikh weddings, as such awareness profoundly influences your ability as a Sikh Wedding Photographer Missouri to capture impactful images.

Below, we’ve highlighted five photographs that a Sikh Dallas Wedding Photography should have.

1. The Bride’s Traditional Wedding Dress

Bridal prep is obviously not unique to Sikh weddings. However, the bride having her chunni placed on her head is a critical moment. The chunni is a traditional head covering for the bride. The chunni itself often has a sentimental meaning for the bride and her family. The person placing the chunni on the bride is usually a person of significance in the bride’s family.

2. The Tying Of The Turban

Just like the bride, the groom also wears a traditional headdress: the turban. The person tying the turban on the groom is often a person of significance in the groom’s family. Feel free to pose the groom as you need to obtain the best possible shot.

3. The Family Greetings

After arriving at the temple, the milni ceremony will take place. The word milni translates to “greeting” in Punjabi. This ceremony occurs before the families enter the temple. It is important to be ready to capture this ceremony as it takes place quite quickly. The two families formally greet each other. This moment can become quite playful, so this makes an excellent opportunity for capturing fun and candid images.

4. The Vows

The Sikh wedding ceremony must take place with the holy book’s—the Guru Granth Sahib—presence. The lavan are the core of the Sikh wedding ceremony. Each lavan is a verse recited by the priest from the holy book. There are four lavan and during each lavan, the bride and groom will walk clockwise around the Guru Granth Sahib. It is important not to intrude on the couple’s space as they are walking. You will also have to maneuver around your Sikh Houston Wedding Videographer and the guests, so make sure to plan your shots accordingly.

5. The Bride and Groom Shot

As with every wedding, the Sikh San Francisco Wedding Photographer must capture memorable and unique photos of the newly wedded couple. Sikh weddings are beautiful and majestic events. The couple’s attire is also intricate and colorful. This allows for breathtaking images of the couple.

Why Photography Should be a Priority

The most important part of a wedding is the couple, and that is what it is all about. However, when it comes to planning the big day, you shall speak to a lot of suppliers—from florists to bridal boutiques to caterers, the list goes on. All these people will tell you how important it is to get every detail right.

Getting the right flowers, having the best food, donning the most beautiful dress, those are all good—you want the best of the bests for this day. But are these really a priority when planning your wedding? Of course, they should be included and we’re not saying you should leave out any of these. But is there more important than the ones that will capture everything to become a lasting memory—the wedding photography?

Why is wedding photography so important?

Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, and it will tell a story—but not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your most special day. A story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will have and can treasure forever.

You see your flowers will wilt, your cake will be cut and quickly be eaten, your invites will be binned after the day, your dress shall be worn once, and those shoes shall go back into their box. This isn’t us trying to be glum—this is about perspective, about helping you focus your budget on things that you may not put importance on, such as your Alaska Pakistani Wedding Photography.

Things You Should Consider

Maximise your budget

Will the guests notice if you saved a little money on your flowers, will your guests really notice if you saved a little on the food, will they notice if the cake isn’t five-tier high? Save a little where you can and maximise your budget for the Alaska Pakistani Wedding Photographer. It is the only thing you will have left at the end of this fleeting day.

Find your style

There are hundreds of wedding photographers to choose from, and most will travel all over the country and even abroad. Take time to decide on a style you like and find an Anchorage Pakistani Wedding Videographer that reflects this. Make sure you view more of their works and completed albums. You don’t want to see just one or two beautiful photos. You’d want to see a beautiful story that is of high quality throughout, from beginning to end.

Book quickly

The best wedding photographers get hired and booked up to a year in advance. Once you know the date, find your perfect Juneau Desi Wedding Photographer and get them booked.

Indian-Muslim Wedding 101

Being a Miami Indian Wedding Photographer for years, we know very well that Indian weddings are among the most joyous, colorful and meaningful celebrations—full of rich traditions passed down over centuries. While most Indian-American couples have Hindu roots, Islam is also a popular religion for couples having a traditional Indian wedding. The Nikah ceremony is named after the Arabic word for marriage and is the heart of an Indian Muslim wedding ceremony.

Here’s a quick rundown of Nikah ceremony traditions and what to expect at an Indian Muslim wedding:

Manjha and Mehndi celebrations take place before the Nikah ceremony

Both the manjha and the mehndi, or henna, are rooted in ancient Indian marriage rituals and are unique to Muslims from South Asia. The manjha is equivalent to the Hindu haldi tradition where the bride-to-be is painted in a turmeric paste given to her by the groom’s family elders. This Indian Muslim wedding tradition is enjoyed with the bride’s closest female relatives and friends, and is one of the best opportunities for fun Miami Indian Wedding Photography.

Mehndi is another word for henna, a dark, plant-based dye that’s used to decorate the bride’s hands and feet in preparation for the Nikah ceremony. The night before the wedding, the bride, her bridal party and female relatives celebrate this ritual together with gorgeous, detailed patterns.

The Nikah ceremony is three important step

Muslim wedding ceremonies are nearly identical, no matter the culture of the couple, thanks to time-honored religious traditions. However, Indian Muslim weddings feature a special addition. The baraat is a South Asian tradition practiced by Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs alike. The groom and his family members arrive into the wedding often on a horse, which is another great image to capture by your Miami Muslim Wedding Videographer. The family is given sweets and the groom shares a sherbet with the bride’s brother.

Before the couple is even allowed to see each other, a mehr, or symbolic presentation of gifts or money, is given to the bride by the groom. Some modern couples see the bride’s engagement ring as the mehr and any additional gifts offered at this time to be more ornamental, rather than substantive.

Islam religious leaders, called Imams, must serve as officiants for Indian Muslim weddings. After the mehr, the couple agrees to be married by saying qubool hai three times each when asked by the Imam.

Next, the Nikah-Nama, which is a binding social contract between the couple and their Muslim faith, is read aloud at this time by the Imam. The couple agrees to the terms of the contract and signs it during their ceremony as their guests look on. The Imam gives a short sermon, reads from the Koran, and the couple is now officially married.

Arsi Mushaf is the first time the couple looks at each other as husband and wife during their Indian Muslim wedding. They are separated by a mirror and a Holy Koran is held. Keeping with Indian traditions, the couple may also exchange garlands at this time—another must-catch moment by your Miami Muslim Wedding Photographer.

Savaqah is the final part of the Nikah ceremony. As the couple leaves the mosque, guests shower the bride with coins to wish her luck.

Pakistani Weddings: What to Expect

A wedding is the happiest occasion in any culture, filled with joy and celebrations of a wonderful union.

As a New York Pakistani Wedding Photographer, we know that these weddings are a vibrant, colourful and extravagant occasion, typically made up of a vast number of events occurring over a few days. The wedding celebrations can last on average 3-7 days and consist of many customs and traditions. So, here’s a guide to your first Pakistani wedding (if you’ve never attended one 😉).

The Dholki (Pre-celebrations)

Pakistani weddings usually begin with a Dholki. This is a pre-celebration which usually takes place one or two weeks before the main celebrations. The bridal party, close friends and relatives of the bride and groom are in attendance. During this event guests sing and dance traditionally while beating on a dholak drum.

The Mehndi (Henna Night)

This is a fun New York Pakistani Wedding Photography opportunity. Before the main ceremony occurs, one of the most important events for the bride is the Mehndi (henna party), where the bride will be tattooed with intricate henna patterns onto her hands and feet. The designs symbolize luck, joy and love – with the groom’s name usually hidden within the intricate detail. Female friends and family members will also have henna patterns applied with less elaborate designs than the bride.

The Nikah (Ceremony)

This is the most important part of the wedding (and the most important part of the wedding that we cover, too, as a New York Pakistani Wedding Videographer). Nikah is the formal ritual where the bride and groom exchange vows and make promises to one another. Before the couple are even allowed to see each other, a mehr, or symbolic presentation of gifts or money, is given to the bride by the groom.

The Walima (Reception)

After the Nikah ceremony there is a wedding celebration called the Walima. It is the final dinner organized by the groom’s side once their marriage is official; it is a celebration of the two individuals coming together. This is also the best time for your New York Desi Wedding Photographer to take fun, candid photos of the couple’s families and friends. The reception is a huge celebration with many relatives and guests of both families in attendance.

The Venue

The venue is an integral part of the wedding events, from the mehndi to walima. Wedding décor can be as extravagant or as simple as the bride and groom wishes, often including stunning stage decoration, elegant backdrops, floral decoration and lighting.

Pakistani weddings are an enjoyable occasion, bringing two families together, filled with fantastic culture, great food, and music.

4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Punjabi Wedding Photographer

Finding the perfect Punjabi Wedding Photographer California doesn’t have to be a monumental challenge. All it takes is an understanding of what separates a true professional in the realm of South Asian wedding photography apart from those who dabble in it as a hobby.

Here are four tips to help you find the ideal wedding photographer, regardless if you’re using the advice given by your wedding planners or assistance from your chosen wedding venue location.

Ask for Sample

“The proof is in the pudding,” as the old adage goes. Ask to see samples of prior work to determine how skilful the prospect Punjabi Wedding Videographer New York truly is. This will help you determine whether or not working with this professional is in the best interest of your wedding.

Ask to see similar photographs from a variety of different photographers. Seeing how each style will capture every single moment and help you figure out which one will capture your wedding from your desired perspective.

Read Reviews

If there is one constant in human civilization, it is the need to gossip. Especially when it is about artists and the services they provide. Use this to your advantage by visiting many review sites of Punjabi Wedding Photographer Houston to see what others have to say.

Just remember that people like to gripe more than praise. Seek out clients that leave comments and try to figure out why they left those comments. The answer to that question can help you figure out who you should seriously consider.

Ask Your Wedding Planner

Who has the time to carefully investigate every wedding vendor there is? The wedding planner! Make certain that you get the most out of your planner by asking for assistance with finding the perfect wedding photographer.

Attend a Few of Their Events

It is important to understand how well your Punjabi Wedding Videographer Dallas will interact with your guests during the wedding and reception. The best way to find out is to drop by and observe them while they work. Speak with a prospective photographer and/or videographer about attending one of their events to see how well they interact with the attendees.

You can also utilize your own experience with photographers from weddings and social events you have attended in the past. It is very well possible that you have already discovered the perfect wedding photographer – all you need to do is ask your loved ones for a reference!

Wedding Photography FAQs

Choosing an Arabian Wedding Photographer California involves lots of careful negotiation and tricky decisions — and once you’ve found the ideal pro for the day, there are more calls to make—will they expect a meal in the reception? Should you ask them to adhere to your dress code? The etiquette questions goes on and on.

To help you navigate through the field of wedding photography, we’ve asked the pros at Saiaf Films to answer these commonly asked questions:

Q: How far in advance should I book my photographer?

Most people book a venue first and then other suppliers. At most, book as far as a year or two in advance. At the very least, do so in five weeks’ notice. It is also common among couples to arrange their wedding date around the availability of their photographer. However, keep in mind that most photographers will not hold a date without a deposit and signed contract.

Q. When should I open up about the money talks?

It’s best to be totally transparent from the outset. And if possible, look for a photographer with all their prices posted on their website. This lets you budget effectively. It also avoids surprises when the price is finally discussed. Your Arab Wedding Videographer New York is a business, so don’t feel embarrassed to discuss costs and exactly what is included. As the customer, you need to be happy with the package you are paying for.

Q. Should I tell my photographer(s) what to wear on my wedding day?

Some couples do, some don’t. But a good wedding photographer who has quite a lot of experience, already knows pretty well how to carry themselves in such occasions. If you must, you can ask your photographers what they usually wear in weddings. At the very least, they wear uniform shirts with company name printed on them.

Q. Do photographers expect to eat with the wedding guests?

Certainly, not. Look over the package you purchased from Arab Wedding Videographer Dallas. If meal allowance is already included, you may not provide them food in the reception. But if doesn’t, be courteous enough to provide them with one. If your photographer does require a meal on the day, ensure that your venue is aware of this in advance—you may need to pay an additional fee on your catering bill for the extra plate.

Q: Can we ask to see the photographer’s digital shots on the day?

Every shot on the camera is not eventually delivered—some will be deleted and some may need digital enhancing. Remember that what’s on the back of the camera is not the final product. Trust your Arab Wedding Photographer Houston and you’ll get a nice surprise when the final photos arrive. If you’re super nervous about how you will look, do a pre-wedding or engagement shoot with Saiaf Films.

7 Signs You Found the Right Wedding Photographer

All that remains after your Cincinnati wedding are the captured lovely memories. Thus, an Arab Wedding Photographer is a vendor you have to pick very carefully. There is no room for a careless decision here – you have to research thoroughly. Browsing through the depths of the internet is good, but you need somebody who is highly recommended by couples in Chicago. Someone you can trust and can rely on.

1. His/her style is exactly what you’re looking for

After checking out photographers’ websites and blogs and deciding on a style, you focused on photographers who shoot in a particular style and came up with a winner! The photographer’s photos are clear, concise and capture the mood of the moment. And in each and every photo, the bride looked beautiful!

2. The photographer gave you a clear idea of how your own photos will look

Rather than solely relying on a highlight gallery—the best photos from dozens of New York weddings—the photographer gladly showed you several complete weddings in a similar setting to yours—from getting ready to the last dance—which is much more helpful.

3. You can afford them

He/she didn’t flinch when you revealed your budget and even suggested several money-saving options you hadn’t thought of!

4. The photographer is a good listener

Your prospect New Jersey wedding photographer let you do all the talking at first about what you’re looking for then asked a bunch of smart questions. He/she understood your vision and made awesome suggestions on how to make it happen.

5. His/her personality doesn’t annoy you

Besides your new hubby, the person you’ll be spending the most time with on your wedding day is your Manhattan wedding photographer, so you better like him/her! If you’re relaxed and comfortable with your photographer, it’ll show in the photos. Whether he/she is quiet and calm or warm and chatty, you want to hire someone who can get all the important shots in a professional way without being off-putting or intrusive to you or your guests.

6. Excellent communication skills and work ethics

You’re looking for a professional that will cover your Colorado wedding and collaborate with you closely. Therefore, responsiveness is a must. When the photographer doesn’t answer promptly or doesn’t call back after a missed call or inquiry, that’s a sign that the service isn’t reliable. You’re putting the trust in the person to cover your most important day so there should be no miscommunication.

7. You’ve checked references

You asked for references of recent brides that the photographer has worked with, whether in Phoenix, Oregon, New Orleans, Atlanta, or wherever it may be in US. The company’s Facebook and Twitter also had lots of positive comments.

How to Find the Best Italian Wedding Photographer

Selecting an Italian Wedding Photographer New York is an essential part of the wedding planning process, as integral as choosing a venue or finding the perfect dress. But unlike your flowers or catering, the photographs from your wedding live on long after the day. It can be difficult to find a photographer and videographer who match your aesthetic and taste—not to mention someone you trust to really capture the most important moments. Will they take the right shots? Will we work well together? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our pros here at Saiaf Films have some tips for making sense of it all:

1. Ask around
Word of mouth is one of the most tried-and-true methods of finding a great Italian Wedding Videographer New York. Going by the old theory, “birds of the same feather flock together,” friends often share a common style and similar budget. If you loved a friend’s wedding, don’t be shy to ask about their wedding vendor.

2. Determine Your Style
Try and form a clear idea of whether you are more drawn to the organic aesthetic achieved with film or the crisp, classic style that digital photography offers. Taking the time to browse a photographer’s portfolio can be invaluable to finding the right fit. Are you looking for candid, documentary style or more posed and traditional portraits? If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, focus on a photographer who specializes in it.

3. Do It One Vendor at a Time
Have you found the florist of your dreams? Ask them who their favourite photographers are. The wedding industry is a close-knit community–don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from industry vendors. Another option is to look at their website to see who shot weddings they were a part of. This will not only give you an idea if their styles would match yours, but also if they’re going to fit your budget.

4. Review Their Work
Be sure to ask for three to four full galleries from past weddings. It’s so important to see how a photographer is going to cover a wedding from start to finish. Don’t just look at the highlights in their portfolio (anyone can compile 30-40 great images for their online portfolio). In addition, ask for references. Talk to other couples about their favourite moments with the Italian Wedding Photographer New Jersey as well as any aspects to learn from.

5. Agree on Every Detail
There are a few critical things to keep in mind before you sign a contract. Most importantly, when will the photographer provide the final images? Be clear about the timeline so you know what to expect. If you’re getting married in the fall, do you want your photographs by the holidays? Do you envision making large-format prints to frame, or creating a wedding album? All these elements should be discussed and agreed upon in advance so you know what to expect post-wedding.

Photography Tips to be Gracious Wedding Guests

How can you let your guests get great pictures at your wedding while helping your Italian Wedding Photographer New York get beautiful photos as well? Fortunately, the two goals are not mutually exclusive. Here are a few professional tips and techniques from the pros of Saiaf Films on how wedding guests can kick their personal photos up a notch, while ensuring that their efforts will not detract from the “official” photos produced by your hired photographer.

Always Flash Off

Do you know how to turn off the flash on your personal camera or change its settings to best suit the lighting at a given moment? What about your guests? Encourage them to get to know their cameras if you know they’ll want to play shutterbug at your wedding. Unless your wedding is outdoors, kill the flash—or it will ruin every photograph of any photographer.

Don’t Compete With the Official Photographer

There are some moments at a wedding that everyone wants to remember, but even as an amateur photographer, you don’t want to jostle the official Italian wedding photographer Manhattan and ruin their shot for the sake of your own. While you may want to capture those picture-perfect moments as badly as the professional photographer, he’s the one the couple have hired and expensively paid for. Try to be conscientious of him. Know where he is standing and how your flash may affect his work.

Respect the Formal Photos

Although photojournalistic style of shots is the way to go for many wedding photographers in documenting weddings, the posed family photos are still an important part of the day for some. So as a guest, this is the time to step back and allow your hired Italian Wedding Videographer New Jersey to have enough room he or she needs to snap these photos.

To put it in a nutshell, give way to your professional Italian Wedding Videographer Manhattan. Wedding photographers like Saiaf Films are hired for a reason. Let them do what they do best, and the bride and groom will thank you for being the most gracious wedding guest in the party.

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