Engagement Photos: Why You Should Have Them

engagement photos


Why Are Engagement Photos Important?


Engagement photos are a frequently overlooked aspect of planning your wedding. Many couples may feel that they unnecessary or not that important. However, they can be an exceptionally important tool in ensuring a better wedding experience. At Saiaf Films, our engagement photographers have had the pleasure of capturing countless couples before their wedding. Therefore, we know just how important and memorable these photo shoots can be!

Get comfortable!
During all of our engagement photo shoots, we have the opportunity to really get to know the couples we are photographing. It provides our wedding photographers time to observe how the two interact and how beautifully their love can be expressed through photos and film. While we have the pleasure of getting to know them, the couple also has the opportunity to get comfortable with the camera. A lot of times, it can be a couple’s first time taking pictures together. Instead of waiting to see how they fare on the day of the wedding, engagement photo shoots allow the couple to get familiar with the cameras that surround them. We notice that it adds a sense of confidence in front of the camera when it comes time for the wedding photographs.

engagement photosGreat photos!
It seems as if most people capture their photos via cell phone these days. Although these are ideal for adding a raw and personal touch, engagement photos are an opportunity to acquire real, professional and impressive photos of you and your beloved. Engagement photos give you the option to see yourself in different outfits in more comfortable or surreal settings. These types of photos are great to use on your wedding website, your Save-the-Dates or even your wedding invitations. Or perhaps you are super crafty and decide to use your engagement photos as part of your wedding favors?

And…It’s fun!
All of the engagement photo sessions we have photographed have been a blast! The couples are excited and constantly laughing, smiling or showing their love for each other. It builds a more intense bond. It is a great opportunity to spend a few hours dressing how you choose, in a beautiful setting with the one you love the most. Engagement photos are also a great opportunity to show another side of your relationship that many people don’t ever get to see. Whether you choose a theme or want to include some exciting props, an engagement photo shoot is a moment where you can have fun and enjoy being together- while being yourself.

engagement photos

If you and your fiance are debating on having engagement photos taken, take our advice- do it! After years of experience in the wedding photography scene, our team at Saiaf Films appreciates the advantages that come with an engagement photo shoot. Not sure where to begin? Contact our professional engagement photographers today! We are happy to guide you in your options for creating the best engagement photos possible!


5 Ways to Have the Most Romantic Wedding Ever!

Frromantic weddingom your first look to your big commitment, and all the way to your last wedding dance- your wedding day is to celebrate your love for one another. Of course, everyone enjoys the big party, but we also adore the elegant touches and intimate atmosphere that a romantic wedding brings about. People enjoy the kind of wedding that exhilarates romance. Check out our tips for upping the romance factor on your wedding day creating an ambiance your guests will never forget.

1. A Wow-Worthy Venue
Whether you choose a pretty garden, an iconic old church, a medieval styled castle or a picturesque landscape; a stunning venue is ideal for a romantic setting. Add some candles and surreal lighting and you are guaranteed to elicit some “oohs and ahhs” from your guests.romantic wedding

2. All The Lights
Lighting is perhaps one of the single most important element of a romantic wedding. The perfect lighting set up can transform the feel of a wedding instantly. Look at all of your options for lighting and carefully consider how to best light your space in order to create the perfect romantic wedding ambiance.

3. Scent Up Your Wedding
Adding a romantic smell to your wedding is a powerful way to evoke an emotional response from your guests. Many people don’t pay attention to smells as it can be slightly overlooked by the food, music and decorations. Utilizing a special wedding day scent throughout your wedding venue can add a great fragrance backdrop to your event. From lavender or verbena bouquets to lavender centerpieces, a special wedding smell will enhance the romantic effect for your wedding.

4. Fireworks, Sparklers or Lanterns
Organizing a sky lantern launch or a sparkler lineup post reception can be the perfect addition to spicing up the romance feel to your wedding. It will add an everlasting sparkle to your event and ensures you finish your night on a romantic note. Plus, why not share the firework in your belly feeling you felt when you met your other half?

romantic wedding tables5. Table Set-up
Believe it or not, table placement can play a big factor on the intimate atmosphere of your wedding reception. Placing the tables in a long dining setup can help amp up the close and familiar feel for your guests. Instead of the more formal round split apart seating, your guests will be in close range to one another providing the opportunity for more conversation.

If a romantic vibe is what you are seeking for your special day, these few key ideas will enhance that feeling throughout your ceremony and reception. Not quite sure where to start? Our team at Saiaf Films has been to plenty of romantically themed weddings! We are happy to share our ideas to enhance the romance of your big day.

Wedding Spotlight: Scott and Keiya’s Intimate Wedding

Scott & Keiya’s Intimate Wedding: Boulder Resort in Carefree, Arizona

  Intimate wedding

Scott and Keiya are some of the most delightful people our team has ever met. We had the pleasure of meeting them at the Bridal Expo in Phoenix. They expressed to us how happy they were to find a team of local wedding photographers and videographers that they could trust to capture the memories of their wedding day.Intimate wedding

Pre-Ceremony Photoshoot

Before their wedding, we took photos of Scott by himself in front of the beautiful Arizona landscape. Afterwards, we took photos of Keiya in her room as she was getting ready for their event. We enjoyed getting to know each of them in their own setting before taking their wedding portraits together. Their love and intrigue for each other was so obvious when they were together.

We explored the resort with the couple and took advantage of all of the beautiful landscape that surrounded us.  We had fun playing around with the different treasures that the resort gifted us. From the unique bridges and walkways, to the tall saguaros and serene lakes, the Boulders Resort provides endless photo possibilities. The desert backdrop complimented the Arizona wedding perfectly.

The Ceremony & Reception

Their peaceful and quaint wedding was amidst the mountains that surrounded the resort. The ceremony and reception consisted of their closest family and friends and carried an intimate and romantic vibe. The beautiful couple wanted our team to capture the intimacy of their wedding. This  was easy and inspiring to do, as  this was the smallest, most intimate wedding we had ever been to!

Their reception was  decorated in a vintage wedding theme that was enhanced by the surrounding desert. The champagne accent color was complemented by the desert succulents scattered throughout the reception. Keiya wore a breathtaking and delightfully simple vintage wedding dress that flowed with the theme and vibe of their intimate wedding.

We felt so honored to be there with Scott and Keiya as  they shared their special day with us. Some our favorite photos are the candid moments where they were looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. Their love was so apparent and easy to capture on film. Our team at Saiaf Films really enjoyed this couple and we will cherish the memories of their peaceful and beautiful intimate wedding for years to come!

Intimate wedding


Aerial Drone Photography: Available For All Our Wedding Packages

Drone photography

Drone Photography Offers An Innovative Perspective to Your Wedding Photos!

Drone photographyLove is soaring to new heights this wedding season! Saiaf Films is proud to welcome the Inspire 1 to our team- and no, that’s not a code name for a new photographer! The Inspire 1 is a state of the art aerial drone that has the ability to capture innovative and unique shots of your wedding ceremony or reception. When it comes to drone photography and wedding photo potential, the sky is literally the limit!

Drones are becoming a new trend in wedding photography- at Saiaf Films, we have three! Drones are convenient and versatile for unique, bird’s eye view images. Perhaps you want an aerial shot of the ceremony layout? Maybe you want photos from above of your entire bridal party? Or how about an aerial view of the bride walking down the aisle? The Inspire 1 drone offers the capability of exactly that. The possibilities for amazing wedding photos are endless with drone photography!

With a variety of camera angles and a sleek aerodynamic design, the Inspire 1 drone even allows two of our wedding photographers to simultaneously operate its

Drone photography

functionality. While one team member is maneuvering the drone, another is able to control the integrated camera to capture 12-megapixel still photos. Is it possible for a moving aircraft to take still photos? Absolutely! The Inspire 1 has a 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera steady, even as the drone makes a turn. The result- dynamic and unquestionably unique wedding photos.

Whether you choose to have an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, drone photography can be the extra touch to top off your already perfect wedding. Because of its unique nature and ability to capture one of a kind photos, we now offer aerial drone photography to all of our wedding packages. At Saiaf Films, we want all of the special newlyweds to have the opportunity to relive their memorable day from a different perspective- from above.Drone photography

Interested in adding a special dynamic to your wedding photos? Feel free to contact our team at Saiaf Films for more information on just how spectacular drone photography can be. We are happy to guide you on your wedding photography options.

Wedding Venue Spotlight: Superstition Manor

Wedding venue

wedding venue

Wedding Venue: Superstition Manor in Mesa, Arizona

Picture this: it’s sunset on your wedding day. The Superstition Mountains and the Arizona desert create a peaceful and serene backdrop to your ceremony. Nearby, a tranquil and green oasis surrounds a waterfall creating a breathtaking a memorable spot for your wedding photographers to capture beautiful wedding portraits. The venue itself is accented with native stone, and the exterior and interior colors used throughout blend perfectly with the natural surroundings. The effect is a canvas of stone and perfectly decorated elegance. Where are you? The Superstition Manor, of course.

Venue Pricing

The Superstition Manor is a reasonably priced option for an extravagant and convenient wedding venue. They offer a variety of packages that can be tailored to fit your specific wedding day needs. From ceremony only packages to VIP all Inclusive options, the Superstition Manor offers budget adjustable choices that are viewable on their website.


Amenities: Depending on which wedding package is decided upon, Superstition Manor offers an impressive list of amenities that can be utilized on your big day.

Wedding venue

  • Bride’s Room and a Groom’s Room
  • Ceremony Yard
  • Patio Bar
  • Bristol Tables & Chairs
  • White folding chairs
  • Yard decorations
  • Ceremony Sound System
  • Cordless Microphones
  • Aisle Runners available in Black or Red
  • Banquet Tables & Chairs
  • Upgraded Table Linen including: Table Cloth, Overlay or Runner, Napkin, Napkin ring, & Chair Sash
  • House Centerpieces
  • China set at tables
  • Water, Lemonade & Soft Drinks
  • Photo Booth
  • Video Projection System
  • 4 Bussers
  • Security & Insurance
  • DJ for up to $500/4 hours
  • Onsite Wedding Coordinator
  • Superstition Manor will impress you and your guests with its fine, mouth watering menu of exquisite cuisine that is elegantly presented.

Wedding venue

What makes it special?

Superstition Manor is a highly sought after wedding venue location. It’s beauty is obvious of course, but what makes it really stand apart from other venues? The abundant and impressively positive reviews all seem to migrate around the hospitality and above-and-beyond attitude that the owners and staff provide to their guests. Countless couples rave about the extra measures and special details that the staff at Superstition Manor take in order to make each wedding perfect.
Both grandiose and intimate, the Superstition Manor is a beautiful wedding venue location in the East Valley. Our team at Saiaf Films has had the pleasure of capturing breathtaking wedding photos at this location and enjoyed the beauty that it offers.

Wedding Spotlight: Houssein and Halima’s Palestinian Wedding

Houssein and Halima’s Palestinian Wedding: Phoenix Airport Marriott

  Palestinian weddingWe have nothing but great things to say about Houssein and Halima! These two were an absolute joy to be around. No matter where they were, they would bring joy and humor into the room. Their lighthearted and entertaining nature was infectious and made the day a blast! Houssein collects bobble heads and Halima speaks three languages. So of course, they were an exciting pair. In fact, the even had two bobble heads made of themselves to use as a wedding cake topper! Their Palestinian-Arab wedding was a beautiful and exciting event to capture.

The Ceremony & Reception

Their ceremony and reception were both held at the gorgeous picturesque Phoenix Airport Marriott. It was a gigantic 600 person extravaganza! On this epic night, both our male photographer and female photographer captured the eventful evening. Before their Palestinian wedding commenced, they got into their Rolls-Royce and drove to a gorgeous nearby park. There, we captured a palestinian weddingpre-wedding photo shoot. Their wedding attire was perfect and fit the theme of their day. One of our favorite moments was seeing how much Houssein made Halima laugh as they were spending quality time together by the lake at the park. Of course, one of our talented photographers captured these special and candid moments

When we arrived at the wedding hall, the bride and groom were greeted by family and friends. It was an amazing scene as everyone was clapping and welcoming the beautiful couple with song and dance during the Dabkeh. Of course, the dancing didn’t end there. In fact, it lasted all night long! The newlyweds and their friends and family really know how to have fun. It was a breathtaking scene at this Palestinian wedding when every person was on the dance floor at one time dancing to the enchanting traditional Arabic wedding music. It was a huge reunion of families coming together for a couple that brings life and excitement wherever they go.

Palestinian weddingIt was captivating to capture the memorable moments of this beautiful couple’s big day. We had an amazing time taking their family photos and attending their Palestinian wedding extravaganza! We’d like to congratulate Houssein and Halima on the birth of their daughter and we wish them a wonderful future together.


Wedding Invitations: 5 Great Etiquette Tips

Wedding Invitations: 5 Etiquette Tips Planning your wedding will be one of the most exciting, yet overwhelming tasks you have ever accomplished! From colors, to flowers, to food, to music- details are key to planning a perfect wedding day. One important element- that may require a little bit more attention- are the invites. Wedding invitations are crucial for providing detailed information to your wedding guests along with setting the tone or theme for your big day. Here, we share our tips for creating efficient and etiquette friendly wedding invitations.

When should you send your wedding invitations?

Normally, invitations should be sent out about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. That provides guests with enough time to clear their schedules or make travel arrangements if necessary. If you are planning a destination wedding, three months in advance may be a better option. There is also the option to send save the date cards. The average timeline to send those would be about 6-8 months ahead of time. Extra notice is better than a short notice!

How long should you give your guests to RSVP?

About 2-3 weeks before your wedding date. This allows a decent amount of time for you to get the final headcount to the caterer and to finalize your seating chart. Some guests may need the extra little push to RSVP, so don’t be afraid to make a quick phone call to follow up. Even just a few uncounted guests can make a big difference on catering costs or seating arrangements!

Where should you include registry information?

This particular bit of information can be difficult to place. Whereas, you don’t want to come across as impolite asking for particular gifts, it is still nice to inform your guests where to shop- and, it cuts down the stress and confusion of gift ideas as well! Your wedding website is an ideal location for registry information. It is a subtle but efficient place to include the details along with a link to any particular places you may have registered at. Word of mouth is another alternative. Inform your bridal party and/or close relatives and allow them to spread the news of registry information.

How can you make it clear that it is “adults only?”

A great way to express that your big day is sans children is to address your wedding invitations correctly. Meaning, address each guest by name and do not include “and guests.” Your invitees should understand that the invite is meant for only those who are mentioned. If they RSVP with their children’s names added, don’t hesitate to give them a friendly call and explain that is an adults only wedding. If your family has a large amount of children, it may be a nice gesture to locate a babysitter. You can also mention this detail on your wedding website or spread the word through your close friends and family.

How do you inform your guests of the dress code?

An easy way to express your wedding day dress code is to include it in the lower right corner of the invite or on the reception card. You simply state whether it is “cocktail attire”, “black-tie,” or even “casual attire.” Wedding invitations are useful in the sense that you can clue your guests in on the style you choose. A formal and traditional invite with specialized calligraphy gives the air of the formal nature taking place at your wedding. A unique, brightly colored invitation with a playful look will let your guests know that it is a more casual event. Or, direct your guests to your wedding website where you can add some more details about the events and the dress code that suits it.

Whichever style you decide, wedding invitations are an important element to planning your wedding. It is an important tool to disperse the information and details of your big day, so be sure to take your time and do them right!

5 Remarkable Arizona Locations for an Engagement Photo Shoot

IMG_1495-EditAnd so it begins! You are engaged and ready to plan the wedding of your dreams. A major step in the wedding planning process is the wedding announcement and the engagement shoot that goes with it. Picking a great spot is detrimental to creating impressive and eye catching photos for your engagement announcements- and everlasting memories for the special couple. Here at Saiaf Films, we love nothing more than capturing the love of two people excited for their future life together. We have had the pleasure to work as the engagement wedding photographers for countless couples. Now, we are excited to share our ideas for five remarkable locations in Arizona for an engagement photo shoot.

Local Parks: Kiwanis Park in Tempe- Red Mountain Park in Mesa – Freestone Park in Gilbert – Tempe Beach Park in Tempe
Arizona is full of beautiful park locations that create a beautiful backdrop for an engagement photo shoot. These four parks in particular have a lake with plenty of vibrant green grass and trees. Timing your photo shoot to take place at dusk can give an even more surreal backdrop with a gorgeous setting sun.IMG_0595

Downtown Phoenix:
Perhaps you are seeking an urban downtown city feel for your engagement photos? If so, Downtown Phoenix is an ideal spot to capture a variety of backgrounds. From the unique old fashioned architecture of the older buildings to the modern and sleek feel of the newer designs, Downtown Phoenix is home to a variety of building backdrops. Combine those with the lights and fast-life vibe that Downtown Phoenix provides for the perfect wedding engagement photos.

IMG_6092-EditNorthern Arizona
Care to take a small field trip to capture your engagement photos? Northern Arizona is the way to go! Whether you choose to go all the way up to Flagstaff for the perfect forest backdrop, or you prefer to utilize the beautiful red and orange hues of Sedona, Northern Arizona is home to countless settings for an engagement photo session.

Old Town Gilbert
We are huge believers of getting the most out of your engagement photos. It is ideal to have a variety of backgrounds to help enhance each couple’s particular taste. Old Town Gilbert provides various options ranging from green spots with cute benches, urban styled alley ways and unique architecture.

Like Old Town Gilbert, Scottsdale has an array of fantastic photo backdrops. It has an abundant amount of beautiful green areas with bridges over water highlighted with an ideal amount of lighting. The art district in Old Town Scottsdale is a hip and vintage location for those seeking that particular vibe. Or you could visit one of the many gorgeous Scottsdale resorts or mountainside villas for a more nature inspired background.

Your engagement photo session will be one of the most memorable and important experiences of planning your wedding. It is important to choose the location that best suits you and your fiance. Engagement photos are a pivotal point for setting the tone and theme for the wedding to come. Not quite sure which location will fit your needs the most? Feel free to contact our team at Saiaf Films. We are happy to guide you in the right direction for having the best wedding engagement photo shoot you deserve!

Wedding Spotlight: Sandeep & Mital’s Indian Wedding


Sandeep & Mital: Crowne Plaza in Peoria, AZ


When Sandeep and Mital came into our office for the first time, we were captivated by their presence. Together, they were full of energy and love. There wasn’t a moment where they stopped smiling at each other. During our first consultation with Sandeep and Mital, we asked them to describe what they envisioned for their wedding photography and video. Their response came easy to them. They were planning a traditional Indian Wedding and wanted a special focus on theIMG_2856ir family. Eager to capture their request, our team paid extra attention to special candid moments with family on day of the wedding.

Wedding Decorations/Attire:

Sandeep and Mital followed the traditional Indian wedding theme and made use of bright and vibrant colors throughout their decor. Their main color was a dynamic red accented with gold. They chose a matching palette of flowers that were perfectly placed throughout the wedding venue.

Mital was beautifully dressed in a designer saree from India that was complemented with vibrant red fabrics. She was perfectly accessorized in glowing-gold Indian jewelry complete with gorgeous bangle bracelets and artistically applied henna. Her wedding shoes were complimenting silver stilettos that completed her wedding attire perfectly. Sandeep accompanied his beautiful wife to be with a stunning traditional sherwani complete with a gorgeously jeweled turban. He was also accessorized with a variety of impressive Indian jewelry. Both wore traditional Indian flower garlands to complete their eye catching attire.

The Ceremony & Reception:

Taking place at the Crowne Plaza in Peoria, the 200 person wedding commenced with Sandeep’s procession, known as a baraat. His  family danced and sang as he made a grand entrance on a beautiful white stallion. During the milni, Mital’s family met Sandeep and his family at the entrance of the vibrantly green outdoor venue. There, they entered in union as part of the traditional Indian welcoming ceremony. The glowing Mital made a royal entrance as she was carried in on a doli. The night continued beautifully. It was full of traditions and rituals as the families came together as IMG_3566one and blessed Sandeep and Mital’s Hindu matrimony.

The wedding photos and video that our team captured on this magical night is breathtaking!  Sandeep and Mital’s wedding was vibrant and full of life. Sandeep and Mitals traditional Hindu wedding ceremony exemplified the true union between two families and a wonderful couple.

The night ended with Sandeep, Mital and their family dancing the night away. We wish them the best in their lives and thank them for their hospitality and warmness.

Top Destination Wedding Ideas in the U.S.

IMG_1567-EditAt Saiaf Films, our wedding photographers are no strangers to diversity in wedding locations. With a team that travels nationwide to provide wedding photography and videography to our clients, we have enjoyed a range of destination weddings. Here, we share our top destination wedding ideas in the U.S.


This beautiful desert state is at the top of our list of ideal destination wedding locations- and that’s not because our home office is located in Arizona. (Okay, maybe it has a little something to do with it.) From the breathtaking desert landscapes in spiritual Sedona to the forested ski slopes of Flagstaff, Arizona offers a variety of wedding venue locations.
What you will need:

  • Both IDs
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates if you are under 30
  • $76 fee that can be paid with cash or a money order.
    There is no waiting period and no health requirements.

FloridaHome to 825 miles of pristine beaches, Florida is a prime destination wedding location for coastal celebrations. Whether you choose to have your wedding ceremony on the sea, an island, or an a pastel-hued bungalow, Florida is an ideal location for the perfect beach wedding.
What you will need:

  • Both IDs
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates if you are under 30
    Arrive within three days of your ceremony. If you choose to take the four hour Florida premarital course (available online), the fee of $93.50 is reduced by a third. There is no waiting period and no health requirements.

IMG_0137California is a great spot for a variety of wedding venues. You have the option to visit the Lake Tahoe ski lifts, Napa Valley vineyards or even one of the many beautiful beaches that line the coast.
What you will need:

  • Both IDs
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates
    In the state of California, same sex marriage is legal and there are no health requirements.

Only a five-hour flight from Los Angeles, Hawaii is a breathtaking wedding venue location for the perfect beach destination wedding. If you choose to wed in late December through early May, you can enjoy watching the whales from many of the stunning beaches.
What you will need:

  • Apply for your wedding license online, but do not sign it until you meet with a wedding agent.
  • Both IDs
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates
    There are no waiting periods and you will get your temporary certificate online. The certified copy will be mailed a few weeks later.

Las Vegas
Whether you choose to wed on the Las Vegas Boulevard or out at one of the canyons near Lake Mead or Hoover Dam, Vegas is a great spot for a showstopping memorable destination wedding.
What you will need:

  • Both IDs
    Visit the county clerk’s office to get your marriage license. You can tie the knot the same day and the license is good for up to a year.

New Orleans
With a contagious celebratory energy and culture, the Big Easy is an indulgent and glamorous destination wedding location. From its colorful architecture and vibrant second line, nothing brings on the wedding party vibe like New Orleans.
What you will need:

  • Both IDs
  • Certified copies of your birth certificatesIMG_6687-Edit
    There is a 72 hour waiting period between acquiring the wedding license and having the ceremony. But, the waiting period can be waived if a registered New Orleans officiant performs the wedding service.

The Northeast
Perhaps you are seeking a wedding venue surrounded by rural charm or the countryside? The Northeast consists of nine states along the northeast region of the U.S. and they all share a variety of historic significance with beautiful seasonal backdrops.
What you will need:

  • Both IDs
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates
    Marriage laws vary by state, so be sure to check the specific state laws for whichever Northeast state you choose to marry in.

Puerto Rico
Looking for an intimate and memorable wedding destination location? Puerto Rico offers stunning island backdrops for the perfect beach wedding. The historic feel of Old San Juan with the salsa infused beats create the perfect vibe for an unforgettable destination wedding.
What you will need:

  • Both IDs
  • Certified copies of your birth certificates
    You must obtain a marriage license through the Demographic Registry office in Old San Juan. There is no waiting period. The currency is the U.S. dollar and English is widely spoken.
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