Why is Wedding Videography Trending?

Why has wedding videography been trending with modern weddings recently? The days of cheesy wedding ceremony video shot on a VHS camcorder or Uncle Joe’s iPhone are finally behind us.
First of all, the fact that camera equipment has gotten a lot better and a lot more affordable has made high quality wedding films possible. Modern hybrid camera costing around $4,000 can do what a $100,000 camera can do, and has brought super high quality footage to normal, non-Hollywood people. So now, we at Saiaf Films can make a Hollywood like cinematic film of your wedding day, where YOU are the star of the movie, for a very affordable package price.

Story-Telling Video

Story telling is what photo and video are all about. Your Most Affordable Glendale Wedding Photography can only tell a short, simple story. But your Surprise Best Wedding Videography can really get the emotions of the day, the butterflies, the laughter, the joy, and revelry of it all. The story will take you through the day starting with your best ladies getting ready with hair and make up and of course mom helping pin up that beautiful wedding dress.
Over in the guys’ room, they are laughing and joking around as they button their cufflinks and tight up the ties, which will surely be swung around wildly on the dance floor six hours from now.

The Most Important Events Can Always Be Relived

Capturing the ceremony is probably the most important job of your Best Surprise Cultural Wedding Videographer. The words that are spoken are sacred and recording clean audio and steady video matters here the most. You and your new spouse will exchange promises that are meant to last forever and so should the record of these vows. Your Best Asian Wedding Photographer in Glendale can show you that you were there but not what was said, not what was promised, not the light sound of sniffles while your groom pours his heart out to you in front all of the most important people in your lives. Only a video can save every small laugh and cry from an hour-long ceremony. It goes so fast that before you know it, you will be on the sunset photos on the lawn.

The Important of Your Photographer and Videographer

Your first moments as husband and wife will be with your photographer and videographer walking slowly and giggling about what just happened. YOU GOT MARRIED! It’s all so much to process. At this point, just relax and have fun, this will be some of the absolute best parts of your wedding day. Buttery-smooth, romantic slow motion in the warmth of the sunset lighting. Smile because it finally happened, after all of the planning, all of the calls and emails, you did it! Smile and just love. Your wedding video is going to save all of the best moments of your day. It will be a personal keepsake from your most special day that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

How to Have Unplugged Weddings?

In a world where sharing our daily life in social media has become the norm, it is unsurprising that cellphones and mobile gadgets are a big part of everyday life for many people. Here at Saiaf Films, we have many brides asking about making their special day an unplugged wedding, because they are worried that (1) guests won’t be 100% present during the celebration and (2) it may ruin some otherwise great shots that your Chandler Multicultural Wedding Photographer has captured.

How to Inform Your Guests

There are many ways to do the announcement that you have decided to make your wedding unplugged.

Save the Dates and Invitations

You may want to mention this right at the beginning stages and add the message onto your save the dates and/or wedding invitations. One fun and playful way to do this would be to add a funny cartoon sketch or some funky font text with the announcement.

Welcome Gifts

You may also want to wait until closer to the day and include a little note in everybody’s welcome bags explaining your reason for this and what benefits it is going to have for everyone to be completely present on your day. Just be sure to make it clear that they will get beautiful photos to remember your day and that these will be provided by your trustee South Asian Arizona Wedding Photography team.

Wooden Signs

If you are having a beach wedding (or maybe an outdoor rustic one), a very sweet way and usually very fitting with the décor of the ceremony would be to add a wooden sign reminding your wedding guests that you would like no phones/iPads present during the ceremony. This does not only look great, but gives them that gentle nudge to put their phones away.

If all else fails, relax…

How do you react if you do see somebody using their phones? Our answer would be, relax! Remember, they are probably having such a great day and feel/look fabulous, it’s completely normal for them to want to capture and post about this! Rather than feeling bothered or angry with them not following your request, just ignore and have fun with them instead. Or just remind your guests to not get in the way of your Most Affordable Wedding Videographer Gilbert and that your hired professionals will share photos of the day after the wedding. They should understand your wishes and can post any photos they do have on their phones at a later date.

Questions Your Videographer May Ask About Your Wedding Videography

Your meeting with your Affordable Multicultural Wedding Videographer Scottsdale will allow them to make a plan to ensure your video will have the tone and feel to match beautifully with the style and theme of your wedding.

So, what goes in this meeting and what questions your Most Affordable South Asian Wedding Photographer would like to get answers from you? Here are the most important ones:

Have You Set a Budget?

Your wedding videographer will need to create a quote for you so it’s worth thinking about if – and what your budget is. Most videographers will offer packages, each with their own starting costs. He’ll also ask you about your preferred method of payment. It’s worth asking him if he offers any kind of payment plan, to allow you to spread the cost.

What Type of Coverage Are You Looking For?

Are you looking at having the entire day videoed or are you looking at a combination of shoots, for example:

• Morning prep of bride and her party, such as bridesmaids
• Morning prep of groom and his party such as best man
• The ceremony
• The reception

This will allow your videographer to work out costs as it may require two videographers to capture your bride and groom’s morning prep, for example.

What Type of Edit Do You Want?

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the videography style(s) your chosen videographer specializes on. He may ask you if you prefer a more traditional video, which captures the events in chronological order or if you prefer a more modern, cinematic, storytelling type of edit to your video. Should it include a montage, or do you want to capture a cinematic feel to the process?

What Kind of Music Do You Like?

Make sure you note down a few ideas of the type of music you prefer. Simply saying ‘anything’ won’t result in the most bespoke wedding video. He’ll likely base this on the kind of music at the reception if you really struggle to arrive at a particular music genre. So, think of any special song(s) you would like to include or a song that means something to you both as a couple.

And remember, your Best Sedona Wedding Videography has probably attended far more weddings than you have, so consider their experience regarding this, they may know the timeless songs or the most stylish accompanying music. It also largely depends on the style of your desired final video as to what music suits it.

Is There a Special Gateway or Wedding Exit Planned?

After the reception, do you have a special grand exit taking place? Are you carrying sparklers or tossing anything into the crowd of guests? This will assist your Best Glendale Arizona Wedding Photography with any lighting requirements needed especially if you are carrying anything that has its own light, such as sparklers. The same applied regarding any special entrances you or other important guests are likely to be making.

Be sure to let your videographer know if you have a special vehicle planned, such as a horse and carriage, car or any other method of making your grand exit! This will help him in making sure he looks out for this at the reception, at the right time, and captures this very romantic and grand moment.

Why You Need a Pre-Wedding Video?

With all your wedding preparations in full swing, it can often be an overwhelming time. With so much planning and preparation to attend to, many couples wonder whether it’s worth taking the time to have a planned photo shoot with the Best Mesa Arizona Wedding Photographer before their wedding day.

Are you wondering too? If so, take a look below at why having a pre-wedding video is a perfect way to capture the essence of your engagement and bring an extra dimension to your wedding memories.

What Makes a Great Pre-Wedding Video?

When you decide to have a pre-wedding video, the final result can depend on a number of factors:

• Does the video capture the couple’s unique story? For example, has your videographer really taken the time to get to know you as a couple? Does he understand how you react with each other?

• How your emotions are captured in the film? Does the film fit with how you see yourselves as a couple? Has your Affordable Multicultural Wedding Photographer Arizona made sure he’s captured your important emotions and the essence of your romance?

• Do you have the Best Wedding Videographer in Phoenix? Making sure you hire the right professional who has excellent reviews and feedback can really ensure you’re getting a quality pre-wedding video.

How a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Differs from a Pre-Wedding Video?

Obviously, a photo shoot will be different as its only able to capture a single dimensional memory, as opposed to a video, which includes the sounds, living textures, ambience, movements and allows you both more freedom to demonstrate your feelings, thoughts and expressions of the love you have for each other during the day.
But how does a pre-wedding video differ to your wedding day video? Your celebration day wedding video will capture all of the important moments, from getting ready in the morning to those first few looks when you finally set eyes on each other at the ceremony, through to your vows, reception speeches and your guests enjoying your special day with you.

In contrast, your pre-wedding video will be a little more focused on the two of you in comfortable and meaningful surroundings, maybe doing something you love, such as hiking through a favorite mountain trail, or chillin’ in your favorite coffee shop or the restaurant where you had your very first date!

How Does Your Videographer Prepare for Your Pre-Wedding Video?

As part of the preparations for your wedding video, your Most Affordable Tucson Wedding Videography team will make sure you have all the help and guidance you need. Your team and you—you and your fiancé—will have to meet beforehand to conduct a casual discussion on how you want your pre-wedding video would be—style, theme and tone—and get a grasp of each other’s personality.

Your videographer will set the scene for you and create a natural shoot where your personalities and stories combine to create your own bespoke story.

Parts of a Wedding Videography

Why has wedding videography become so popular with modern people recently? The days of cheesy wedding ceremony video shot from a tripod on a VHS camcorder or Uncle Joe’s vertical iPhone video are finally behind us.

First of all, the fact that camera equipment has gotten a lot better and a lot more affordable has made high quality movies possible for more young couples. So now, we can make a Hollywood-like cinematic film of your wedding day, where YOU are the star of the movie. For a very affordable price, with the help of the Best Cultural Mesa Wedding Videographer, you can see yourself on the big screen with rich vibrant colors and movie like slow motion scenes.

Here are the most common videography parts that every Best Mesa South Asian Wedding Photographer includes in their packages:

1. Same Day Edit (SDE)

Same Day Edit is a popular trend in wedding videography today; and from the name itself, it means shooting, screening, and editing on the wedding day.

Many newlyweds want to see the finished movie on their wedding day. So, the videographer’s task is to edit raw video material as quickly as possible and create a finished video in just a couple of hours. When the clip is finished, just married couple and their guests can see it at the banquet. Even the most Affordable Chandler Cultural Wedding Videography offers this as part of their packages.

2. Reportage wedding videography

There is such a popular trend in wedding videography as reportage video, without staged shots. The emphasis is on the natural live emotions of the newlyweds and their friends. This requires that the wedding film looked as realistic as possible and was similar to a documentary or television report from the event.

This style of shooting is the most advantageous for the newlyweds and their friends, since your Chandler Arizona Affordable South Asian Photography won’t have to direct you and just allow events to unfold naturally. After all, you want to able to re-experience all the fun, touching and warm feelings, sincere emotions and priceless moments of the celebration just how they happened.

3. Wedding video trailers and teasers

Another trend is the creation of a wedding video trailer and teaser. It’s a clip that looks like a movie trailer—complete with epic music, mesmerizing panoramic shots and fantastic sound effects.

The teaser can be mounted in epic style as well. But this is a shorter video on timing. Its goal is to draw the viewer’s attention to the full-length wedding film and show the most vivid significant fragments and wow-frames. The teaser needs to intrigue – this is its main feature.

What Makes for a Good Wedding Photographer?

Just because you found out that you have a good eye for capturing beautiful and inspiring moments does not mean you can already become the Best Tucson Wedding Photographer. And just because your DSLR camera is super expensive does not mean your photos will come out naturally breath-taking.

It takes a lot to become the Best Arizona Wedding Videographer and it all starts with the qualities one possesses and aims to acquire.

1. A good photographer is also about being passionate.

Being a passionate wedding photographer means loving what you do despite the difficulties it presents. It also means you are dedicated to it and are willing to grow (and keep growing) by learning something new every time an assignment or project comes your way. A good photographer does not look at photography as something he likes to do sometimes, but something that he enthusiastically does all the time.

2. Flexibility is as important as anything else in photography.

A flexible Multicultural Wedding Videography Phoenix can work his/her way through even the most impossible tasks – there is always a way out of every challenge. Challenges are a test of a photographer’s skills and dedication. A flexible wedding photographer is always open to the possibility of doing something new or unusual, as long as it is good for his/her project.

3. A good photographer values good gear.

Good photographers know the importance of quality – in the gear they use and the photos they take. While there are some who regularly add new gear to what they already have, there are others who prefer to use their equipment as much as they can. Keeping your equipment in good condition is essential because how you take care of it will show in the photos that you produce. So, a good photographer values quality and does not abuse his/her gear.

4. Career longevity and experience are also important.

This may be difficult to achieve if you’re just starting out in the industry of Scottsdale Most Affordable South Asian Photographer, but experience doesn’t necessarily equate to a lot of years. It is more than that. For example, a photographer who has done wedding photography for two years clearly has more experience with all of those types of shoots than say a street photographer or a studio photographer who has been at it for the same length of time – and vice-versa. It’s a matter of figuring out whether you prefer to specialize or diversify.

A Photographer’s Guide: 5 Tips for Wedding Second Shooters

Want to begin a career as a photography assistant? Are you an accomplished amateur photographer, and you want to venture into the world of Best Wedding Photography in Glendale Arizona as a second photographer? Consider these photography tips.

Introduce Yourself to the Other Vendors

The wedding planner, caterer, DJ and venue staff all have their jobs to do. Introducing yourself as the second shooter of the wedding’s Most Affordable South Asian Photographer Scottsdale and establishing a first name relationship right up front will go a long way to creating a harmonious working relationship for the whole day. It’s very important to keep firmly in mind they’re working for the bride, groom and guests, not you.

Stick to Your Assignments

If the main photographer tells you to cover the long angles and guest candids, stick to it. You should never be shooting side-by-side with the primary photographer unless specifically asked to do so. When there are lulls in the action, let your main photographer see your shots to check if that’s what they had in mind.

The more you work together, the less you’ll need to worry about mid-gig checks. It usually is a load off for the primary when they know you have some decent shots in the can.

Keep Calm

Weddings can be really stressful. People get tired, their blood sugar tanks, they’re drinking on top of all that. As a Multicultural Wedding Videography Tucson who has covered hundreds of wedding, we’ve seen people been run into by people pushing and shoving one another and more than once had people tell me how we should be doing our job.

If you respond rudely, it’ll blow back on the primary photographer regardless of the provocation. You don’t ever want to be in a position of explaining yourself.

Secure a Stack of the Main Photographer’s Business Cards

During the shoot there may be people who ask about securing the Best Chandler Wedding Videographer and photographer for a future gig. The business card you hand out should be the primary’s, not yours. If you’re there working for someone else, the referrals rightly belong to them.

The DJ Is Your Best Friend

Introduce yourself to the DJ and ask before stuffing anything under their table. The DJ can cue you when shots are coming up and play a longer song if you need to hop out for a quick restroom break. Be nice to the DJ and you’ll have a great reception.

Videographer’s Guide: How to Capture the Ultimate Wedding Video

The difference between a good wedding filmmaker and the Best Multicultural Wedding Videographer Phoenix doesn’t come down to having the best camera or gear. The difference is you. Are you the type of person that a couple wants having in their wedding? These are a few ways you can make yourself the Best Affordable Wedding Videography in Arizona.


To capture a memorable video, our videographer here at Saiaf Films recommend taking short clips of around three to five seconds in length. The camera operator should consider the composition and meaning of each shot, and shouldn’t keep shooting when there isn’t much going on.


The videographer should also consider the audio when taking a shot. What is being said at the time of rolling during a wedding is sometimes more important than what is being visually presented. So, with this in mind, steer clear of the crying baby at the back of the church if possible.

Be Patient

The Best South Asian Videographer Tucson is very patient and calm when recording a wedding. If you are always in the go to search for the perfect shot, you may be in danger of missing it out. Remember that sometimes the most interesting things are waiting to happen and merely require you to just be patient.

Leave the Photographer Do His Job

As keen as you may be, provide the Most Affordable South Asian Wedding Photographer Chandler with some air to breathe. This way, they can go about shooting the all-important portraits that will no doubt hang in the couple’s home for years to come. If you stand by and record the motionless poses you are in danger of making family members feel awkward and annoying the photographer.

Split the Video in Two

And finally, we suggest splitting the video acquisition into two categories – roll A and roll B. Make roll B everything that happens during the day—the speeches and drunk dancing; and record the important bits on roll A, like the vows and the ceremony. This way you give yourself the opportunity to be visually creative while also remembering to capture the serious, necessary bits.

Best Engagement Shoot Locations in Arizona

We love engagement photo shoots! Our photographers here at Saiaf Films love them for a number of reasons, but probably top on the list is that it gives you the chance to have beautiful, professionally taken photos that aren’t on your wedding day.

Often times, when we meet with engaged couples, we spend a good chunk of time talking about location options for their engagement session. And probably the biggest question is, “where can we go for our photo shoot?”

To answer that question, we’ve got five of our favourite outdoor locations for engagement sessions in Arizona. Some are desert, some are a little greener.

1. The Superstition Mountains

The real, raw, open desert is quickly becoming one of our absolute favourite backdrops! It is hard to beat those creamy greens and that warm evening light that brings everything to life. Drive about 30 minutes east of Mesa, and stop at any trailhead for incredible views and amazing sunsets. Just beware of the cactus spines everywhere! Best time of year to go is spring, when the desert is green and the cacti and wildflowers are in full bloom. So beautiful!

2. The Salt River

If you want to incorporate the idea of water along with desert landscapes, your Best Cultural Gilbert Wedding Videographer will likely suggest The Salt River. During the summer, we can shoot around the waters, then take a dip into the river to cool off for some different and unique photos. The Salt River is a beautiful area, and if you’re willing to put up with a little heat, it’s totally worth it!

3. Queen Creek Olive Mill

We love the romantic feel of the grassy area with the afternoon sun soaking through the olive trees. Your Best Wedding Photographer in Gilbert may set up lovely café lights strung overhead and atop the picnic tables. We particularly love the olive groves and the open fields with views of the mountains. Best time of year to go? Winter, when the sunset is earlier.

4. Sedona

Of course, Sedona is on the list of every Best Wedding Photography Arizona. Just a short drive north out of the Valley, and you have a backdrop that speaks for itself. There is nowhere else like it on earth, and it is in our own backyard. Sedona boasts so many options, so whatever your style, there is a location to match. We could not love it more. Best time of year to make the trip? Anytime. Seriously, it is perfect year-round. Summer is hot, but so worth it.

5. The Mogollon Rim

The Mogollon Rim is just past Payson, so a couple of hours drive east of the Valley, but definitely worth it. It is hard to believe this is even Arizona, right?! Blue mountain lakes, towering pine trees, and expansive views. One of our absolute favourite places to shoot and to just be. If you are tired of the 200 degree heat in the summer, that’s the best time to head up to this place.

Photography for Guests: When, Where and How

We, here at Saiaf Films (or probably everyone who has been to a wedding) have witnessed this common wedding scenario: everyone is in the ceremony, in their respective places, quietly waiting for the bride and then the music starts. The doors slowly open and there’s a rustle as everyone turns to face the back of the room to see the bride’s entrance…and another rustle as everyone delves into their bag to fish out their camera phones.

It’s pretty much an accepted fact now – unless the couple have laid out their wishes for an “unplugged wedding,” you will have 100 photographers at your wedding instead of just one. But if you’re conscious of making sure your guests don’t overstep the mark and you want your Best Glendale Wedding Photographer capture great photos of your wedding, let this article help you out by sharing this to your beloved friends and guests, who surely want nothing but the best for your most special day.

When Should Guests Avoid Getting Snap Happy?

Guests taking photos isn’t often an issue. It becomes an issue when they get in the way of the Chandler Cultural Wedding Photographer or are distracting the couple from looking at the photographer’s camera.

Having covered hundreds of weddings, we would say that the key moments of the day when this could be a problem is when the bridal party walks down and guests lean into the aisle to take their own photos, obstructing the photographer’s view. Also, during group photos when your Best Chandler Arizona Wedding Photography wants everyone looking at their camera and not someone else’s!

When and Where is a Good Time for Guests to Take Pictures?

Probably the best time is once the newlyweds have returned from their couple photos taken by their Best Sedona Wedding Videography team, and before or after group photos have taken place – this is when we would usually be in the background, capturing laughter, smiles, hugs and the general celebratory mood of the day. This is when guests can have their own photos with the couple whilst everyone is happily chatting away and not needing to ‘do’ anything.

Things like cake cutting, speeches and the first dance are also perfect opportunities for guests to be snap happy and the get some great smiles and laughs from a mix of angles.

How to Take Good Photographs on a Smartphone

Instead of zooming in on your screen, move closer to the object or person you are photographing. Zooming in makes the image blurry (as it pixelates it) and reduces the quality. Tap the part of the screen that you want in focus before taking the photo and try and keep your hands steady. If you’re outside during daylight hours, turn the flash off.

There are also a whole host of photography tips on how you can make fun and great wedding photos using your smartphone here.