Makeup Tips from the Pros to Look Flawless on Your Wedding Day

Weddings may be all about unifying the love and commitment of two persons — but of course, let’s also not forget that it is about looking beautiful and glorious in photos! Make sure you look stunning in every snap by using makeup the right way—by highlighting your most beautiful features. Here are some tips recommended by some of our makeup artists and Arab Wedding Videographer Phoenix here at Saiaf Films on how to look perfectly flawless on your wedding day.

1. Use a pore-filling or blurring face primer

Aren’t you wondering how brides look flawless and picture-perfect ready for our Arizona Muslim Wedding Photographer? They prep the skin to perfection with the use of makeup primer. The ones that has silica or silicone in ingredients helps soften the look of pores, so skin looks smoother and more even — with less makeup. If you’re making foundation do all the work, it can look thick and heavy in photos. Use your fingers to apply the primer, targeting places plagued by large pores.

2. Bring life to your look with bright blush

Not just light blush, but bright blushes. You can even go triple with your application to ensure you don’t look washed out in photos. For all skin types, your Phoenix Arab Wedding Photographer will likely ask to go overboard with blushing the apples of your cheeks. The flash of the camera tends to wash out a bit of color, so you never have to worry looking like a clown.

3. Highlight for a more youthful look

This is a favorite among photographers because it gives the flash something to bounce off, which makes the skin look glowy. Dot some highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, on the cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow of the upper lip and on the chin.

4. Use white-eyeliner for a more awake look

For your eyes to look awake in photos, trace the bottom rims of your eyes with white (or peach) eyeliner. This trick can instantly make your eyes look bigger and more awake, so your Phoenix Muslim Wedding Photographer can snap livelier and more energetic photos of you. No one can notice the liner in person, let alone in photos.

5. Finish off with fake lashes

Curl your lashes first, and then place a few individual clusters (they look more subtle and natural than an entire strip) along the lashline. This creates definition and makes the eyes pop in photos.

These are some of the well-loved makeup styles by makeup artists and the Scottsdale Muslim Wedding Photographer Saiaf Films, because they do not only make every bride look beautiful in person, they also make them look ethereal in photos.

5 Myths Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Stop Believing

Congratulations! You’re finally getting married! You are probably contemplating now whether or not to hire a professional Los Angeles Arab Wedding Photographer or just ask a photography enthusiast friend to cover your wedding. Before you even decide to pick the latter, know first the many different myths that most brides and grooms believe when it comes to their wedding photography.

1. “Provide disposable cameras which guests can use, rather than hiring a professional”

This is a popular option for unplugged weddings. However, remember that disposable cameras cannot provide the same superior quality photos that high-end cameras can offer. Better yet, if disposable cameras are not really needed, save the money and spend it on a professional wedding photographer. Never assume that these toy cameras can replace the high-quality photos of a professional photographer, or else you run the risk of never having to relive your wedding in the years to come.

2. “Anyone in the family can be my official photographer”

This is likely the most common misbelief that bridal couples swear by. Many couples make the mistake of appointing a family member or a friend to be their official Los Angeles Palestinian Wedding Videographer. Bear in mind that the skills and professional experience of a seasoned photographer is unparalleled. Professional photographers, like Saiaf Films, can anticipate what’s going to happen next and are already in position to capture the moment before it even starts to unfold, while your friend, on the other hand, may get carried away by the event and forgets his duty as your appointed wedding photographer.

3. “An elaborate and lavish venue will make my photos look stunning”

Yes, they will, for sure. However, although a sexy venue makes great photo and video opportunity, it doesn’t pose that much significance to experienced photographers. A skilled Los Angeles Muslim Wedding Videographer can make your wedding footages and pictures look just as stunning even in a very simple venue. But if you choose to go for inexperienced shooter, it is a challenge to make photos look breathtaking even in the most magnificent location. When hiring a professional, always consider the lifetime value of their products.

4. “The more expensive the photographer, the better photos I’ll get”

Generally speaking, with a professional Los Angeles Muslim Wedding Photographer, you’re guaranteed to get what you pay for. However, there are also some out there who price their services expensively to create an impression of superior quality. Although it’s reasonable to spend around $3,000 on your wedding photography, if a wedding photographer’s price starts at around $5,000 with very minimal sample photos, you’re better off finding someone else.

5. “Table shots are always necessary”

Table shots are a great way to ensure that you have photos of everyone present in your wedding, but this can be challenging since the only time when everyone is at their tables is during dinner. Also, according to professionals at Saiaf Films, most brides rarely pick table shots as part of the wedding album. If you these photos are really a must, know that this can take an hour or more to complete a route through an average crowd of 100-150 guests. Perhaps, this is your best excuse to provide disposable cameras on every table.

Your wedding photos can last a lifetime; that is why they are expensive. While $3,000 may sound a little too much for a professional Los Angeles Palestinian Wedding Photographer, also remember that these professionals spend weeks up to a month to perfect your every photo and compile your wedding album. If you’re willing to spend thousands for your wedding dress, and venue which you’re only be having for a day, photographs are the only mementos you’ll have to reminisce that very special day for the rest of your marital lives.

10 Must-Have Photos on Your Wedding

Your wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye but your gorgeous wedding photos will be cherished forever! A talented Houston Arab Wedding Photographer can combine art and science to capture your day perfectly. However, beyond the typical wedding party photos, we’ve rounded up 10 photos you should ask your Missouri Muslim Wedding Photographer to take on your big day and we’re not talking about bridal party, first looks, or cake cutting!

1. Getting Ready
These photos are among our favourites here at Saiaf Films. Before all the glitz and glamour of the dresses and jewellery, get some fun snapshots of the day in cute matching pajamas or bridesmaid robes!


2. Shoes
This isn’t a must-have for everyone, but if your shoes are this pretty, you may want your Baytown Muslim Wedding Photographer to take snaps of it!


3. Bouquet
We love florals! Make sure your beautiful bouquet is captured in all its glory! It is also a great piece to use in detail, dress, and ring shots!


4. Rings
Ring detail shots are also included in our favorites! This is another image that will look amazing in your wedding album.


5. Centerpieces
You spent so much time picking out all the small details, make sure your photographer snaps a photo so you can remember every last minute that went into planning the best day ever!


6. Groom Portrait
The ladies seem to get most of the attention on the big day but the groom just as important. Don’t forget to get your groom photographed by your Conroe Arab Wedding Photographer, so you can remember how ravishing he looked on your most special day!


7. The Reception Venue
While of course, you are excited to have your reception space filled with your favorite people, make sure you have some shots of it empty so you can truly appreciate and remember the details!


8. The Kids
Portraits with the flower girl and ring bearers are timeless. They are also the best photos to look back on when that little one is grown up and planning a wedding of their own!


9. Décor and Signs
As personalizing the wedding day has become more and more important, these details certainly are a big part of what makes your wedding so uniquely yours and its fun to see what you had adorned the room as styles change year to year.


10. Individual Party Pics
Don’t forget to take individual shots with the members of your bridal party! These images will be so meaningful since often times bridesmaids and groomsman don’t know each other. They love you so much and will definitely cherish a solo picture to remember your special day! We love the idea of printing these out and including them in thank you notes!

Should You Get a Wedding Videographer?

Opting to have a Michigan Hindu Wedding Videographer film your wedding is a decision that is not for every couple, but for some, it could be the best decision you’ll ever make for your most special day.

Choosing a wedding videographer is one thing, but deciding whether to part with your money and book one can be a hard call to make. Read on for some helpful tips from our professional Michigan Hindu Wedding Photographer and videographer here at Saiaf Films as we aim to answer your question – should I have a wedding videographer?

What a videographer can bring to the table?

There are some things that you may miss on the big day such as the arrival of the groom or the bridesmaids, or perhaps you may even be wondering what your own entrance was like from everyone else’s perspective.

A wedding videographer will capture all of the amazing highlights from your wedding day and record them onto a DVD or upload onto a file for you to treasure forever more.

Although it is not a necessity, a professionally produced wedding film is the ultimate way of encapsulating the very essence of your very special day –a kaleidoscope of memories and sounds that you can share with family and friends, children and grandchildren for years to come.

Aren’t photos enough?

Photographs are an incredibly important aspect of the wedding as those priceless pictures will be admired and hung in frames or albums that you’ll want to look at again and again.

There is also something incredibly special about a picture that captures spontaneous moments, such as a first look wedding photo where no one knows what the reaction of the bride or the groom will be until they actually see each other at the ceremony (or before if you opt for a first look photo shoot).

The first look the couple have on their wedding day is an utterly magical moment but imagine if it was captured on film as well – who wouldn’t want to watch it back in all its glory and relive that special moment?

If photographs are enough for you to be able to remember the wedding, by then that’s absolutely fine. However, if you want every moment captured in detail and you want to remember the kind words that were spoken, then hiring a Michigan Hindu Wedding Videography would be the right decision for you.

What if I can’t afford both photographer and videographer?

Fitting everything around your wedding budget is the tricky part, as you may have already decided whether you want a wedding videographer or not, but the problem is whether your budget will allow this.

The best we can advise is to get a Michigan Hindu Wedding Photography team who can also do videography. Like our photographers here at Saiaf Films, we can both photograph and record your wedding in film, so you can have both services in the price of one. What could be better than that? 😉

Why You Can’t Expect Your Photographer to Give You Raw Photos

When you hire a Philadelphia Pakistani Wedding Photographer, you are not just hiring them to provide a service. Yes, they will be there all day taking photos. However, for a wedding photographer, that is just a small part of the job you are paying for. Once the day is over, your photographer will pack up, go back to their office and edit a day’s worth of photos, which is probably hundreds or even over a thousand of them.

Do you really want your Philadelphia Pakistani Wedding Photography to just go and give them all to you? You simply cannot expect that from the pros. They are picking the best ones from the bunch to be able to put together a beautiful story.

1. You may not be able to open it

The first reason why your Philadelphia Pakistani Wedding Videographer may not give you raw files is because you may not be able to view them. They may be in some other type of file that you may not be able to access from your computer.

2. Raw files are huge

As you know, RAW files take up a lot of space. Your Philadelphia Pakistani Wedding Videography doesn’t want to burden you with gigabytes of unedited photos. And frankly, we here at Saiaf Films wouldn’t burden ourselves with uploading/copying them either.

3. Raw files don’t look right.

Raw, straight-out-of-camera photos look unfinished. While editing, your photographer can retrieve the details, crop the photos, edit something out, emphasize something else… etc. The end result looks natural, yet with appropriate lighting and filtering. Unfortunately, to non-photographers, raw photo simply looks like a bad photo, and it makes us look like a bad photographer.

4. It can damage their reputation

Our photography is our brand, and it includes everything we put into making our final images. The editing process is a big part of creating the final product. It adds to our personal style. This is why we don’t want someone else to edit our raw file badly, publish it online and credit us. It’s not something we’d put our name on.

The Dos and Don’ts to Ask Questions When Hiring a Wedding Videographer

The number one tip we would give when booking a Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Videographer for your wedding, is to watch as many films as you can. The absolute best way to get a feel of what a videographer has to offer is to watch the final product. After you find a videographer with films that give you all the feels, here’s a list of dos and don’ts to ask to a prospect videographer and photographer before you book them:

DO ask: What makes you passionate about filming weddings?

DON’T ask: Did you go to school for this?

It’s always important to know where someone’s motivation comes from. If they are doing the work they love, it always shines through. It not only affects how deeply the film connects to a couple emotionally, but it also affects how they work with you and with your other vendors, particularly with your Arizona Hindu Wedding Photographer. Passion comes from a place in your heart, not where or how long you were educated for. When it comes to a creative trade, you could learn about it for years, but without a deep love for what you’re creating…none of that matter.

DO ask: How do you go about capturing the day?

DON’T ask: What type of camera do you use?

Everyone’s filming process is different, but it’s important to know if their process works for you. If you are someone who likes a more candid feel, you are probably looking for a Phoenix Hindu Wedding Photography that is quietly working behind the scene. If you are someone that loves to be directed with a more styled approach, you probably want someone who gives direction side-by-side with the photographer. Again, the best way to know the quality of a videographer’s footage is to watch it! It doesn’t matter the brand or model of the camera. If the final outcome is beautiful, that’s what counts.

DO ask: What is your editing process?

DON’T ask: How many weddings have you shot?

The editing process after your wedding can be even more important than the actual wedding day itself. The post-production process of Hindu Wedding Videographers is where all the magic happens! It’s important to know things like: do they edit with the flow of the music, do they follow the same editing structure for every wedding, what happens if you want to make a change after the film is edited, etc. Experience is important, but the best way to judge is based on their portfolio of work, and how well they communicate with you. Just because someone’s filmed over 100 weddings doesn’t mean the outcome will be better than someone who’s only filmed 20.

The 5 Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Wish You Knew

Wedding photographers are by your side nearly every moment of your wedding day. They’re snapping away at your most intimate moments: your first glance at the person you plan to be with forever, your smile as you’re finally wed, and your initial step onto that dance floor. But how much do you really know about how they work—and how do they really get close and intimate with you?

Here are the five secrets of wedding photographers they wish you knew ahead.

1. They are watching your chemistry.

When the couple first sees each other at their wedding and they relax instantly, it’s a sign that they’re going to last. That’s how we know it here at Saiaf Films.

As a Minnesota Arab Wedding Photographer, we shoot an average of 20 to 30 wedding a year, and we can tell when a couple has really great chemistry. It’s when they’re in sync with each other and when they’re fun-loving with each other. Once in a while, though, there’s the bride and groom who aren’t really into each other, and don’t really hang out at the wedding. That’s a red flag—as is the couple who are worrying incessantly about everything being perfect during their wedding instead of simply relaxing and enjoying their big day.

2. They love photo booths, too.

Sure, the quality of the pictures in there may not be totally amazing, but those photo booths are so much fun. And they even help your wedding photographer in Minnesota do their job.

During the reception, we go around and take candid shots, but it’s hard for us to get a group shot because people are dancing. But with a photo booth, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

3. Table shots are the least favourite among photographers.

Going from table to table to interrupt your dinner and make you pose for a photo is the worst part of shooting a wedding. But you know, it should be done.

4. The wedding may be over, but they’re not done yet.

Being a Minneapolis Arab Wedding Photographer is a full-time job, and we work nearly every day of the week. When not actually shooting weddings, we’re editing photos, meeting with clients, creating photos, sending invoices, and marketing our business. And because it is a business, after all, we’re also dealing with the accounting end of things.

5. Pinterest is actually annoying for them.

Spoiler alert: It never looks like the perfect shot you saw on Pinterest! Pinterest is getting really annoying to wedding photographers, and they’re sick of trying to re-create what you saw there. Chances are, that was a once-in-a-lifetime shot or a freak of nature. That photographer got lucky because their groomsman happened to be an Olympic gymnast and could be flipped upside down, or something. Not going to happen at every wedding.

5 Important Things in an Arab Wedding

Arab weddings are really in a league of their own when it comes to the list of dos and don’ts. And being a New York Arab Wedding Photographer for years, we’ve witnessed a huge number of Arab weddings here in New York and have covered quite plenty of them.

Just like, any other wedding, it’s never really possible to please everyone. However, if you just keep these important things in mind, you can guarantee to make your Arab wedding a memorable one—for all the good reasons!


The “tulba” is essentially a formal asking of the hand. This event is more private, limited to the close relatives of the bride and groom. It occurs after both families have approved the couple’s decision to wed. At the tulba, the groom, alongside with his family members, ask the bride, with her family by her side, for her hand in marriage. The families then officially acknowledge that the two shall marry.


Soon after the tulba, the couple becomes engaged. They become officially engaged once they have a small ceremony conducted by a priest. Following this, they have a reception type party with food, music, and dancing accompanied by all of their family, relatives, and friends!


This event occurs usually a day or two before the wedding day. It is a small gathering between the close male relatives on both the groom and bride’s sides and it usually takes place at the bride’s family’s house. At this exchange, the men on the groom’s side make sure that the family of the bride are satisfied with the party. The male family members on the groom’s side also make sure to resolve any last minute issues before the wedding. After all of this, the eldest male on the groom’s side congratulates all of the male relatives on both sides.


This is a gathering between women on both sides of the family and it is held at the same time as the radwa. The party is traditionally put on by women on the groom’s side and takes place at the bride’s family’s house. First, the women on the groom’s side gather at the groom’s family’s house to set everything up. They knead dough in bowls to create henna. These bowls are decorated with flowers that adorn the henna which adds some color to the thick green substance. After this, the women fill small bags with candy, and then place the bags on trays, like party favors. Coin skirts and/or fans are also possible items that are passed out at the henna party.


The final celebration is the “ferdah.” This party is exclusive to only the closest family members/relatives on both the bride and groom’s side. It usually takes place at the bride’s family’s house. The bride’s family hosts the party and the groom’s side of the family traditionally brings fruits and nuts as a gift. It’s a smaller gathering, but still just as lively as the other parties during the engagement/wedding process.

All these traditions make for a meaningful Arab Wedding. And if you want to make this event all the more special and be able to relive it for the years to come, let our Arab Wedding photographers here at Saiaf Films cover you New York Arab wedding.

3 Ways for Fun and Quirky Wedding Photos

Arab weddings are colourful, unique and simply remarkable. They vary from state to state and sometimes even from city to city. Rituals, dresses, ceremonies and time of the affair are different all across the world. However, one thing is for sure, weddings are enormously fun and leave everlasting memories. And the best way to treasure these memories for a lifetime is through photos.

1. Get a Fun Photographer

A Nevada Arab Wedding Videographer and photographer often gives an impression of strictness, but really it’s up to finding the friendliest one in the pack. When looking for an Arab wedding photographer and videographer, notice their personality. A fun and quirky Arab Wedding Photographer, like Saiaf Films, will make the experience light and pleasurable for you. Instead of having to endure hours of awkward posing, a playful photographer will let you enjoy the moment with your soon-to-be-spouse and simply work discreetly in the background, clicking all the sweet moments away.

2. Go for Outdoor Shoots

Outdoor shoots, whether for your pre-wedding photo shoot or for on-the-day shoot, can make wedding photo sessions fun and exciting. The colorful backdrops provided by gardens, beaches and other outdoor venues lend an instant exquisiteness to every wedding photo. Exploit the cities around Nevada or go for destination photo shoots in the neighbouring states of Utah or California. And don’t forget to sport several Hollywood and Bollywood poses to bring a filmy touch to your wedding photographs.

3. Involve Your Wedding Party

Involving your wedding groomsmen and bridesmaids in your pre-wedding shoot gives your Nevada South Asian Wedding Photographer more variations of fun shots. With more people involved, it’s easy to create candid and funny images. For example, for a group of six people, you can dress up to look like characters of the popular TV series Friends, where the couple can dress up as Monica and Chandler. With these photography style, you can also freely chit chat with your friends, since the focus of this photography style is to capture candid moments. No need for your full attention, like how formal portraits require you to keep steady.

So, if you are looking for a fun Indian Wedding Photographer Phoenix, Saiaf Films is the perfect team for you.

Wedding Videography 101

When thinking about capturing your wedding on film, you might instantly think of wedding photography. But don’t forget about the other beloved documentation tactic—the wedding videography. Hiring a Los Angeles Muslim Wedding Videographer is essential if you want some moving memories of your big day. these professional videographers, like us here at Saiaf Films, can capture the whole thing beautifully from start to finish—from your waltz down the aisle to your guests boogieing down at your reception. If you don’t know a thing about videography, here are a few tips to help you out.

Where do I look for a videographer?

To land the best Los Angeles videographer, you’ll need to do a bit of research. But don’t stress! There are plenty of resources at your disposal. The first step we recommend is asking your recently married friends and family if they can recommend a few videographers in your area. If that doesn’t work out, turn to your ever reliable friend—the internet. WeddingWire has a vendor guide filled with info on videographers from coast to coast. You can easily view their portfolios, fees and other info with a few clicks of a button.

Do I need more than one?

Having multiple videographers in your Los Angeles wedding definitely isn’t necessary, but if you can fit it into your budget, it could make your Muslim wedding video all the more magical. Double the videographer means double the shots. They’ll be able to capture your wedding from different angles and perspective, resulting in a truly comprehensive video of your big day. But if you haven’t got it in your budget, fear not. One videographer will do just fine! They’re used to working jobs solo and will normally bring along an assistant to help get the job done right.

When should I hire my videographer?

Get the process underway as soon as possible – especially if you’re looking to book someone during the peak season (such as summer season). Okay, maybe not immediately after you get a ring on your finger, but pretty soon after. Once you’ve locked down your venue and wedding date, it’s time to start hunting for a Beverly Hills Muslim Wedding Videographer. You don’t want to find yourself videographer-less a few weeks before your big day!

How do I choose a videographer?

Choosing a videographer is a bit more than just viewing their works via YouTube or Vimeo and shooting them an email. You’ll want to spend significant amount of time researching, reading reviews and doing some meet and greets. Remember to find someone with stellar camera talents as well as a personality that fits well with your own.

When should I expect to receive my wedding video?

This all depends on your Malibu wedding videographer’s editing speed and schedule. If your wedding is during the peak season and you’ve hired a particularly busy videographer in Los Angeles, it may take some time (anywhere from a month to 6 months in average). You may want to ask them this when hashing out your contract details.

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