What Can Affect the Price of a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography is one aspect of your big day that is worth investing in. You’ll want to look back on these photos for years to come so it’s important that you set aside enough money in your budget for good professional Armenian Chicago Wedding Photography.

Picking the right Chicago Jewish Wedding Photographer is such an important decision – but with so many different options, it can be difficult to be sure that a wedding photographer is a smart choice out of the many out there.


Basically, you will pay more in central US than the outskirts of America. Arizona-based Saiaf Films start their packages at $4000 for their Bronze Package, for example, and go up to $5,500 for their Gold Package. Lots of photographers will cover weddings nationally and you’ll be expected to cover their travel costs. However, we here at Saiaf Films do not charge for travel anywhere your wedding maybe in the US. But of course, keep in mind that many photographers will charge you and it won’t hurt to ask to make sure. Tip: It might help you save to look for a local photographer if your budget is tight.

Your Wedding Date

If you marry in the off-season (i.e. the winter months), your Armenian Rockford Wedding Videographer may be willing to do a special deal. In addition, the day of the week you marry on can also have an effect on the pricing. Fridays and weekends are the most popular days to get wed, so your photographer may have some wiggle room if you marry mid-week. Many couples book their photographer at least a year in advance and some photographers offer a discount if you pay in full up-front, so there’s no harm in asking.


If you don’t have a huge budget for Jewish Wedding Photography Illinois, you can often hire a photographer to cover part of your day and dramatically reduce the cost. Perhaps, you’re happy with bridesmaids and groomsmen taking candid shots of the preparations and you just want professional photos of the ceremony, speeches and cutting of the cake. If so, ask photographers if they offer a half-day package.

Going Digital Only

You could go the whole shebang with bespoke printed albums that tell the story of your wedding day or you can buy the digital rights to your photos and print them off yourself. As a minimum, we say you should expect to receive a digital copy of your images in high resolution, which is usually handed over on a USB or in a password-protected online gallery.

4 Tips for a Truly Stand-Out Wedding Album

You’ve taken care to plan every single detail of your wedding day, and you have a gorgeous set of photos to show it. How do you create a keepsake that holds all the big moments and little details? How do you sort through hundreds (or even more than a thousand) of photos of your Phoenix Jewish Wedding Photography to curate a collection you’ll want to go through page per page again and again? Putting together a wedding album can feel daunting, but we’ve got a few places for you to start.

1. Pick Your Shots Wisely

When you make your selections, your very favorites are the priority. Start with 20-30 photos taken by your Jewish Arizona Wedding Photographer that are your absolute favorites. Go with your instincts. For this set, it doesn’t matter when in the day they happened, or who’s in them. Next, select you’re the best detail and atmosphere shots. You’re looking for the ones that capture mood, décor, and dress-up subtleties that get lost in the photos of people. Then, find the best photo from each major event of the day: getting ready, signing the license, key ceremony, and reception moments. To do this, it helps to revisit your timeline for the day so that you have a good representation of it.

Finally, go through the formal portrait shots of family and wedding party. As you cull through these, be sure to check everyone’s faces for strange expressions or closed eyes. Check around each person’s head, and their clothes, etc. You’re looking for the photo with the best expressions and least number of distractions. Group shots are rarely perfect, but with a good eye, you can get close.

2. Aim to Tell a Story

We, here at Saiaf Films , would always suggest that your wedding book should help you remember not only who was there, but how it all happened. This helps relate one page to the next as you go through the album. Each spread should have two to six photos that cover the same subject and relate to each other. Arrange them so that as your eye moves from right to left, top to bottom, you also get a feel for action and reaction. If your Jewish Scottsdale Wedding Videographer captured a lovely image of mom crying, be sure you show what moment made her cry. Create relationships between your photos.

3. Go for Clean Layout

The fewer photos you have, the more they speak for themselves. Take photos all the way to the edge of the page for high-drama and impact, and put white space around more intimate photos to draw the viewer in. Minimize text, and never overlap photos. It can look cluttered or busy. Adding things like text, shadows, and ornaments detract from your photos. It’s the cleanest, simplest layouts with plenty of white space that look most timeless.

4. Make a Strong Cover

You’re looking for a cover that makes you want to pick up your album again and again. Whether it’s a cloth color you love or an image, you want something you love the most. If you choose a cloth cover, your first photo should be your absolute favorite one of the bunch. If you’re choosing an image for the cover, pick one that not only features you as a couple in a gorgeous way, but also has some open space in the photo composition where your Jewish Tucson Wedding Videography can display the title of the album.

A Photographer’s Guide: Tips for Better-Looking Back-Lit Portraits

We, here at Saiaf Films, take photography very seriously. And one of the most important (if not the most) elements of Gilbert Wedding Photography is light. We chase after good light and learn to work with harsh light. But we especially love the challenge of working with natural light, as it changes every day and every season, so there’s always something new to create.

One of our favourite techniques in creating Gilbert Best Wedding Videography and photography in natural lighting with our couples is back-lit photography. It creates a romantic and dreamy effect with beautiful warm tones in the image. Here are a few tips that we want to share with you that will help you master those perfect back-lit portraits in natural lighting condition.

Spot Meter for the Face

When shooting in matrix or evaluative metering mode, the camera takes into account the light of the entire image. In that case, because of the light streaming from the back, your subject will naturally be darker than the background. Using spot metering will get you the right exposure of the subject’s face. Now when you spot meter the face, the background will be blown out. But if the subject gets dark while you’re trying to correctly expose the background, our next tip can remedy that.

Reflector or Fill Flash

This is how a Gilbert Wedding Photographer compensate for the brighter background, and light up your subject. You can use fill flash to light up part of the subject’s face that is dark or getting less light. The flash will give you the option of lighting up the subject’s face with the angle, acting as a supplement to the natural light. You can also use a reflector to add light to the subject’s face. Hold it and adjust until the right amount and intensity of light are reflected on your subject’s face.

Diffused Effect of the Sun

When shooting against the light, the sun can cause flares or haze in your images. Unless including the flare is part of your artistic vision as a Gilbert Wedding Videographer, you need to place your subject or angle your shot in such a way that you are able to control it. Try the “open shade” method, which is trying to position your subject in places where the sunlight naturally filters through objects like tall buildings, large bushes, trees or any other element in your surroundings.

Another thing to remember is not to shoot from only one place or angle. Keep moving around to find a spot where your subject and light are both balanced in the frame. Back-lit photos don’t mean that the sun has to be directly behind the subject, it can also be angled to get the most dramatic lighting effect in the image.

Do I Need My Photos’ RAW Files?

When it comes to Scottsdale Armenian Wedding Photography, we here at Saiaf Films encounter a few common questions from couples, such as “Can I have the unedited photos?” or “can I have the RAW files?” Both of these questions have similar answers, in terms of firstly why would you want them, and secondly understanding the reasons why you are not given unedited photos—or the RAW files.

What is RAW Files?

RAW refers to a file format which can secure all the image data taken by a camera sensor, image scanner, or motion picture scanner. It is referred to as ‘RAW’ because of its unprocessed nature, hence not ready for printing. To produce high-resolution images, it is of utmost importance to understand RAW files functionality.

What are the benefits to your photographer shooting in RAW?

High-quality resolution images –guarantees high-quality pictures, as well as better chances of correcting problematic images before processing. This means that you can have maximum control of vital elements such as color space and proper color balance.

Efficient workflow – it combines very well with professional photography programs such as Aperture and Lightroom, thereby processing large batches of picture images very fast.

Non-destructive edit mode – making adjustments on RAW files is possible without interfering or altering anything to the original file. This means that your Scottsdale Wedding Photographer can always reset the changes and save again, without the fear of ruining the image.

Details – Shooting in RAW facilitates access to noise and sharpening algorithms contained in such programs like Lightroom, which are way stronger than those inbuilt in your camera. This means that one can always take advantage of upcoming technology to make improvements on RAW files saved.

Flexible White Balance – With the RAW file format capacity to accommodate more data, adjustment of the White Balance is easily attained. Perfect coloring and great balance are essential ingredients for a splendid image.

Best exposure – Sometimes images can get out underexposed, or overly done, something that needs correction before final print is handed to the consumer. RAW file format makes the requisite correction and editing, without interfering with the quality.

Excellent levels of brightness – The higher the level of light, the better the outcome of the images captured.

Why Photographers May Not Give Away Raw Files To Clients

Your Scottsdale Armenian Wedding Videographer may not want to give you the raw files because they are not the final images, they may not look great, they weren’t yet edited to match the photographer’s style, which is the primary reason you have picked them in the first place.

You are paying a Scottsdale Best Wedding Videography and photography team to capture the story of your wedding day through photos. Each photo will be part of that story, so why would you not want each photo and moment to be the best photo it can be? You are paying for a finished product, a finished story—your story. The raw files are not important. What is important is that you get the best wedding photos you can have of your special day.

What to Expect at a Lebanese Wedding

Lebanese do not shy away from celebrations, especially with weddings. Minimalists they’re not, rather Lebanese weddings are spectacular extravaganza—large, wild and lavish! There’s no such thing as less is more—the bigger the bolder, the grander the better—that they get the reputation for making other events seem like casual house parties. As you see in most photos and videos from Lebanese Wedding Photographer, these weddings feature great food, a stunning location, plenty of partying, and a few other things that make this event truly Lebanese.

Pre-wedding party

A certain degree of stamina is required for a Lebanese wedding as they can go on for days. In fact, the festivities begin long before the actual wedding! Both bride and groom will have separate pre-wedding celebrations at their homes as they get ready for the big day, each hosted by their families.

Typically, only those who are very close to the families come to these celebrations, but don’t assume that means that the number will be small! One can expect to see flowers galore, plenty of food, loud music and dancing. Just before it is time to leave for the church the grooms parents come and present a gift to the bride. Usually it is a gold necklace or diamonds for her to wear on the wedding day.


The Lebanese love fireworks and it is very common in Los Angeles Yemeni Wedding Photography to see fantastic fireworks at their wedding portfolios. After all, nothing says extravaganza quite like some good old fireworks.

Zalaouta (Ululation)

Something that you are bound to encounter at a Lebanese wedding—and you commonly see in San Francisco Lebanese Wedding Videography—that may be something of a surprise if you have never heard it before, is something called the ‘Zalaouta’ or Ululation. This is a loud high-pitched cry done by Arabic and African women as a way of expressing happiness and traditionally performed at weddings.


Middle Eastern culture places great emphasis on the importance of food, and this comes through at their weddings. Whether it’s Mezza style, with multiple platters of plentiful delicious food or a formal, sit down, 3-course meal, you can guarantee that all Lebanese weddings will have a scrumptious feast that will give you all the energy you need to party and dance the entire night!

Now that’s a cake knife!

Another Lebanese tradition that is common in Middle Eastern cultures—and probably the most remarkable part that an Iraqi California Wedding Videographer will capture—is to cut the wedding cake with a sword. Yes, a sword! What’s more extravagant than that?


It’s not a Lebanese wedding if there’s no dancing. In fact there’s so much dancing at a Lebanese wedding that you may want to prepare yourself with a long nap, so you’ll be energized and will look great for the couple’s Lebanese California Wedding Photographer.

In addition to the traditional Zaffe dancers, you may also find belly dancers at a Lebanese wedding. But they are all just added extras for the entire wedding party and guests who are already out on the floor!

Dos and Don’ts for Great Wedding Photos

When it comes to wedding photography, we at Saiaf Films are completely aware that every bride and groom wants to look their best in photographs. However, unless you are a model, you may be feeling a little nervous and camera shy. Fear not, with these list of dos and don’ts, you can feel more relaxed about your wedding photos and lose the camera nerves.

Do get inspired

Once you’re engaged and the wedding planning begins, so does hours of pinning on Pinterest, reading wedding magazines and blogs, and checking out tons of real weddings. When it comes to wedding photography, all of these are great sources of inspiration where you can find different styles and ideas for your wedding photos. This is great for getting a feel for the photography style you want when researching for a photographer, and also great for getting an idea for natural looking wedding photos.

Do hire a professional

That’s right! If you want beautiful wedding photos, you need to hire a decent Mexican Wedding Photographer. If you haven’t budgeted this much, then we certainly advise looking at making savings in other areas of your wedding to prioritize this. Anyone can pick up a camera, press the button and take a photo. However, if you want beautiful wedding photos that will last a lifetime, then you want someone with years of experience on Houston Armenian Wedding Photography who knows exactly how to compose, capture and take a stunning photo of a moment that will only happen once.

Do trust your pro

You hire a professional Jewish Dallas Wedding Videographer and photographer with years of experience to capture your wedding day, so trust them, let them do their job and do what they do best. Photography is a creative art and your photographer may have some fun ideas to try, different places to go that are off the beaten track to a perfect backdrop or sunset.
Let their creativity flow and go with it. Not only will you end up with some stunning photos, they may well be the ones that make you go wow, or go ‘I forgot about that!’.

Don’t be a director

You have hired a professional for your Austin Jewish Wedding Videography and photography, so let them do what you’ve paid them for. Don’t give your photography a long list of photos you want, be it you with family members, your mom and dad, then with your sisters, etc. Don’t tell your photographer you want photos down on the little bridge in the grounds, and then on the steps in front of the venue. Let your photographer find the best spots, let them direct and just relax and go with the flow.

Don’t work on your tans yet

Unless you’re completely naked, then that’s fine. But, say, you and your bridesmaids may have recently been away on holiday and went frolicking at the beach in your cute bikinis, tan lines are so visible in photos. You don’t want your photos ruined by strap lines and tan lines on group and portrait shots. You want yourself and your bridesmaids all looking beautiful, not like a lobster with extreme lines.

Don’t put anything bulgy in your pocket

Tan lines maybe more for the girls, but when it comes to the guys they seem to like to carry everything around with them in their pockets. Keys, wallets and phones! Are they really needed on your wedding day? Do not let wedding photos get ruined by the pocket bulge. Ensure all guys have empty pockets—leave keys and wallets in a safe or to someone you trust with a purse.

Proposal Day: How to Capture Beautiful Photos

Now that you’re all ready to take your relationship to the next level (and you finally got her that stunning engagement ring!), it’s time to plan how to pop “the question.” Make it as romantic and memorable as possible by making sure someone is there to capture that beautiful moment.

Before proposing you will think about where you are going to do it, what you are going to say and ensuring you have everything ready. If you want to photograph these moments then you need an Armenian Illinois Wedding Photographer as your partner in crime who can capture it discreetly, so your sweetheart doesn’t think you are being watched or spied on!

Find a great photographer

Firstly, find an Armenian Wedding Photography Chicago near you who can spend a couple of hours blending into the background ready to capture the moment. Finding someone who is familiar of the location means they already know by heart the place where you plan to propose. Of course, once you have proposed you can then let your partner know you had someone photographing it, and you can then get some great engagement photos too, perfect for social media!

Decide where to propose

The location where you will propose will greatly impact how easy it is for your Springfield Armenian Wedding Videography to shot great photos and even videos of you. If you plan to do it somewhere very exclusive where there are very few people, it might be difficult for your Armenian Illinois Wedding Videographer to follow you discreetly and take those photos without arousing suspicion. If privacy is what you’re aiming for but not sure how to do it, one way to get around with it is to pretend you want to do a couple shoot, perhaps for your anniversary celebration (if you’re proposing on your anniversary or any special occasion).

If you haven’t decided yet where to propose, here a few ideas:

• A memorable place for you both
• A nice walk in the countryside
• At the zoo
• On the beach
• Picturesque streets of a local city

Where ever you decide, plan it out, think about where you would like to do it, do you want to propose with people around or in a quiet moment, think where would make the best photos in that area and do it!

Key points for successful photos

• Let your photographer know the rough plan
• Think of a signal you can give so they know you are about to do it, something you may say that they could over hear, or what you could do
• Take your time, when on one knee hold it for a moment giving more time for some great photos of you and her reaction
• Remember where the camera is and enjoy the moment
• Finally, ensure you have enough time to get some great engagement photos after

Whatever you do, relax and just enjoy it, forget about the camera and go with the moment.

A Photographer’s Guide: Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

Are you a beginner who is about to photograph your first wedding ever? If so, here are some quick and practical tips from our pros here at Saiaf Films. Being an Armenian Washington Wedding Photographer for almost a decade has helped us develop and streamline techniques and processes with regards to our wedding photography. While the style depends on the photographer’s taste and preferences, knowing the basic tremendously helps in creating a solid foundation for your photography.

1. Scout the venue

One of the most echoed and consistent advice we hear from the pros in the industry—and the number one we also give to aspiring photographers is scouting the location. Nearly every Armenian Washington Wedding Videographer we speak to always stress the importance of this preparation aspect in their imagery. So take it from all of us: Scout it out. Know the venue, the light and the cool spots for photos.

2. Be mindful of the lighting

The key to all photography—perfect lighting. Without it, there would be no images or life, for that matter. All photographers have different approaches to lighting, and there are infinite possibilities and options on how to control and manipulate the lighting in a scene—some provided by nature. Learn off-camera flash like the back of your hand.

3. Master your gear

Another commonly held view by every Armenian Wedding Photography Vancouver we spoke to was that shooters need to know their gear inside and out. The wedding day is NOT the time to experiment with new equipment, try out different settings, or figure out a wireless trigger.

4. Frame it right

Composition and framing come naturally to some. To others, it is a skill that must be learned and refined. There are some things to think about every time you depress the shutter release on the topic of framing. Take a moment to scan the frame before you press the shutter and look for any distractions that could potentially ruin the photo. Nothing is worse than having everything perfect, only to later find out that there are tree branches or horizon lines cutting through your subject’s heads.

5. Let your style exude

It is often said that every Seattle Armenian Wedding Videography and photography you take, even non-selfies, is a self-portrait. Your photographic and videographic style defines your brand image. Versatility as a photographer is never a bad thing, but it might have negative effects on your wedding business. Keep your editing consistent. Find what you like and keep it that way. Showing different editing styles in your website is confusing to couples.

3 Important Points to Consider When Choosing Your Engagement Photo Shoot Venue

Engagement photos are a great way to connect with your photographer and also with each other in front of a camera. Engagement photos are usually a 2-3 hour photo shoot with you and your partner. Between you and your photographer you will need to decide on what location you wish to have your photos taken.

To help you find the perfect location, here are some points to remember from the award-winning Armenian Texas Wedding Photographer, Saiaf Films.

Think About Your Hobbies

Take a second to think about you and your partner’s hobbies. Do you enjoy pottery, golf, hiking, sailing or watching movies? No matter your hobby, it can inspire the perfect location for your engagement photoshoot. If you both love exploring and hiking, you can choose a location that showcases a woodsy appeal, such as among a forest or trails. If you would rather be sculpting works of art out of clay, you can book your photoshoot to take place at your favorite pottery studio. Share your hobbies with your Houston Armenian Wedding Photography to inspire suggestions for great photoshoot location.

A Meaningful Location

For your entire relationship, which locations hold the most meaning for you both? If you are having trouble thinking of locations, it may help to recollect on vital moments within your relationship, such as where you met, where you proposed, or even where you were the moment you knew you were in love. For example, if you are high school sweethearts, have your Armenian Texas Wedding Videographer shot your engagement photos at your high school. Your location has the potential to add personalization to your images.

The Right Timing

Regardless where your location is, your Dallas Armenian Wedding Videography team cannot get beautiful photos without the right timing. If it’s an outdoor location, consider the time of day that will present the best light, and when there will be the least amount of foot traffic from people visiting the spot. If it’s an indoor location, be sure to check business hours or times when there will be a large amount of people present for an event.

Your engagement photos will truly be beautiful if they are captured in a stunning and meaningful location. These are just a few tips to assist you in choosing the perfect setting for yours.

The Pros and Cons of ‘First Look’ Photography

Pondering on the idea of throwing tradition out of the window and having a ‘first look’ for your Armenian Wedding Photography California? Many of our modern couples here at Saiaf Films are more inclined to see each other before their wedding ceremony—but whether it’s for you is just a matter of personal preference. However, to help you decide, here are the pros and cons of having a first look photo shoot.

Pro: You’ll get your portraits out of the way

While sunset wedding ceremonies are popular among marrying couples, the timing of the ceremony may leave your bridal party in the dark with no time and no light for photos. In this case, having a ‘first look’ photography session with your Armenian San Jose Wedding Photographer may be necessary as otherwise, you may miss out on crucial wedding photography time. Basically, with a first look and the wedding photo shoot out of the way, the newlyweds can jump straight into celebrating right after the ceremony.

Pro: The romantic photos it creates

First look photos can create candid shots that display your genuine emotions and reactions for having a glimpse of your beloved other in its glorious wedding look for the first time. As an Armenian San Diego Wedding Videographer, there’s something special about capturing that moment you first see one another on your wedding day. And since it involves only the two of you, the moment is not overshadowed or crowded by wedding guests or a rogue celebrant in the background.

Con: It can be awkward

Unfortunately, not every couple is suited to the drama and surprise of a ‘first look.’ While we’ve all seen the beautiful first look photos of the groom crying when he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress, not every couple is as emotional or lovey-dovey. This means the first look may be a little awkward, and almost feel forced.

Pro: You’ll calm any pre-wedding jitters

While exciting, weddings are generally very stressful for the marrying couple. For some, seeing one another before the ceremony begins is enough to calm all pre-wedding jitters and relax for the celebration ahead.

Con: Ruins the surprise

Having a ‘first look’ comes with the thought that it perhaps ‘ruins the surprise’ of when the bride first walks down the altar. After a ‘first look’, the groom will have already seen his bride, and therefore the moment she walks down the aisle might not be as emotional as expected. Plus – it may take away many guests’ favourite part of any wedding: seeing the groom’s face when his future wife walks in!

Pro & Con: It’s not traditional

This is 2017 and marrying couples of today are straying more and more from out-dated wedding traditions. For some, seeing each other before the wedding ceremony just ‘goes’ with the tone of their non-traditional wedding. On the flipside, some couples would see this as a con. Traditional wedding practices is still very much seen on many Los Angeles Armenian Wedding Videography and photography, and the idea of the groom seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle is here to stay.