5 Best Drone Photography Tips for Weddings

Drone photography

Drones are all the rage right now and their inclusion for wedding ceremonies is becoming more popular. They can capture an entire venue and all of your guests from breath-taking overhead angles. However, drone wedding photography can be tricky, so follow these steps to use one successfully with your Palestinian Wedding Photographer New York without interfering with your special day.

Check with Your Wedding Venue

Drones can be disruptive and some Oklahoma venues do not allow them to be used during the ceremony. Check with your wedding venue to see if they are allowed to be used before you hire a Palestinian Buffalo Wedding Videography to take pictures and footages from a drone. Drones are used primarily for outdoor wedding venues and will not be able to take pictures near tents, wires and telephone poles.

Limit the Use During the Ceremony

Drones are not quiet machines. Their propellers and engines whine and make a lot of noise. You do not want a drone humming overhead while you are about to exchange vows. Make sure you talk to your drone pilot ahead of time to make sure the drone can snap a few pictures at the beginning of the ceremony before landing them so the attention is on you at the altar and not the drone.

Take Note That It Can be Expensive

Drone wedding photography is often an extra add-on to a Palestinian New York Wedding Photography cost. Couples on a strict budget should note that drone wedding photography can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000 on top of your regular wedding photography cost.

Use Experienced Operators Only

This is not the time to hire your brother’s friend who just got a drone and is willing to take photographs for free. Drones are difficult to maneuver and only experienced drone pilots, like who we have here at Saiaf Films and can provide examples of drone wedding photography, should be considered for the job. The last thing you need is a drone crashing into your bridal tent or slicing your beautiful wedding cake in half.

Ditch the Drone on a Bad Weather Day

No matter how experienced your Palestinian Buffalo Wedding Videographer, drones can’t fly in bad weather. Make sure your contract allows for cancellation on the wedding day if the wedding weather forecast calls for snow, rain, high winds or a combination of these.

Tips and Ideas for Cozy and Casual Engagement Shoot—On a Budget!

Being an Arab Wedding Photographer New York, our job is to shoot weddings and engagement sessions and plan everything that goes along with it. And most couples we’ve worked with always have a budget in mind when it comes to preparing for their wedding. So, one of our goals is to help couples not to spend so much, but still have a very tasteful and memorable engagement shoot experience. A shoot that makes you happy looking back at your photos to remind you who you are as a couple, which really should be the purpose of an engagement shoot more than just the aesthetic, right?

Here are some tips on how you can do it while keeping our wedding budget intact.

Wear everyday outfits

While there’s nothing wrong with hiring a wardrobe stylist to be part of your Arab Wedding Videography Buffalo engagement team, we feel like it would be more personal and practical if you use your everyday clothes, instead. This way, you can be sure that the clothes perfectly fit your personalities, your casual theme, and your bodies!

Borrow items to complete your look

You can also apply the “something borrowed” tradition to your engagement shoot! In order to save on costs, try not to buy items that you think you won’t be using after your shoot. Instead, borrow from people who have what you’re looking for. Asking for help is also a nice gesture to keep family and friends involved in your wedding planning. We’re sure your loved ones are more than willing to contribute to your journey.

Ask help

One of the challenges in planning an engagement shoot is looking for the right location. Check out themed studios, coffee shops, and cozy restaurants to name a few. It’s not necessary to book or exclusively rent a place for a hefty price just to shoot. Ask around for recommendations, or you can ask your Arab Buffalo Wedding Videographer for suggestions. They surely know where the best places are for engagement sessions without you breaking the bank. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you might just receive more than what you expect.

Choose a team you’re comfortable with

Explore bridal fairs or search for the best photographers online, and really take the time to meet several of them to get their vibe and personality. Of course, check their portfolios too, but let it not be the only thing to consider. Hire an Arab Wedding Photography New York team you knew you’d be comfortable with. Smiling and posing will be such a task if you don’t get along with the people behind the lenses, so make the effort to get to know their ethics and style before finally booking them.

The Secret to Good-Looking Engagement Photos

It’s easy to feel the pressure with how your Hindu Paterson Wedding Photography shoot is going to look like. There’s so much inspiration online, and it can get confusing to incorporate the best styles. Plus, not all couples are the same either. So today, we have just the thing to make it easier for you.

Tip #1: Find your own version of natural
Recognize that what’s natural for you may not be natural for others, as this can be very subjective for every couple. There’s no need to mimic a style you saw online! But of course, they’re still pretty helpful as inspirations. You may use them to think about what will make you and your partner the most comfortable–creativity permitted! Again, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding what is natural looking. Sometimes the simplest ideas can show the most authenticity in emotions and gestures.

Tip #2: Do something you like
It doesn’t have to be a pictorial where you directly pose in front of the camera. It could be you guys surfing, hiking, or going camping. Activities that allow you to move a lot will give your Hindu Paterson Wedding Videographer a chance to capture candid moments that will look amazing on videos and photos.

Tip #3: Focus on your partner and don’t even think about posing
By the way, laughing during your engagement session and conversing with your partner is really the way to break the ice. Think of it as a fun experience where you and your husband-to-be can practice in front of the camera before the big day! Plus, the magic truly happens the moment you start to open up–the rare glimpses, the sweet exchange of looks, and the subtle display of affection. It’s photos like those that perfectly capture the romance! And when you get your engagement photos, we guarantee that most of your favorites will be the candid ones wherein you let your guard down.

Tip #4: Collaborating with your photographer
Having a more spontaneous day opens up your prenup to a lot of possibilities for suggestions from your Hindu Jersey City Wedding Photographer, or cool last-minute ideas from you and your partner. The key to effortlessly romantic photos is trusting your photographer! Your photographer has been doing shoots like these for a long time, so they know what looks good. Admittedly, you might find following directions a bit awkward at first, but it’s important to trust the process and have fun. Keep an open eye and ear as the best things truly come from the unexpected!

At the end of the day, you would want an engagement session to feel less like a “photo shoot” and more like a new experience between you and your partner. You’ll want it to be an experience that displays your love and affection, and one that you can cherish forever. Having a natural engagement session with your Hindu Jersey City Wedding Videography and photography team gives you a chance at making sweet new memories with your significant other and catching it on camera.

4 Important Tips When Hiring an Arab Wedding Photographer

Photography for American weddings can be generally characterized in categories of preparations, ceremony, and reception. With most weddings fitting this order, the more weddings you shoot, the easier it is to anticipate the shots and mentally visualize how you want them to look like.

However, there’s another market for wedding photography that requires more expertise and experience to shoot successfully: Traditional cultural weddings, and one of the most popular for this category are Arab weddings.
Shooting Arab weddings require additional time and research by the photographer to make the most of the wedding day and not miss any important details. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best Arab Wedding Photographer New York for your wedding.

1. Make sure they are familiar with the ceremony

Arabic weddings are exciting events. Traditional or urban, an Arabic wedding celebration begins with an enthralling procession called the zaffa. This takes place after the marriage ceremony is completed, which is dependent upon the couple’s religion. With an Arab Wedding Photographer New Jersey who is familiar with how an Arab wedding ceremony takes place, you can be confident that the most important part of your wedding will be captured in photos (and videos).

2. Look for sample photos of Arab wedding reception

As the couple processions to the reception, they make their way to the kosha, which are throne-like seats placed in front of the guests. Once seated, sharbat is served to the guests, who then symbolically drink to the bride and groom’s health.

Arabic weddings follow the typically Christian tradition of exchanging rings. Taking turns, the groom and bride each removes their wedding band from the partner’s right hand and places it on their left hand. Make sure to look for these photos in the portfolio of your Arab Wedding Photographer Cincinnati and see first-hand how they capture these very important moments.

3. Find out how they capture the party

In Arabic weddings, dabke is a popular form of entertainment. It is a joyous folk dance that is performed in a circle by the couple and their guests. How does the photographer take this festive moment is a critical part in ensuring that this celebratory moment is recorded as merrily on cam. Here at Saiaf Films, we ensure to get the best angles and capture the festivity by placing the camera inside the crowd to capture all the action.

4. Listen to the clarity of the audio

If you are hiring the same vendor as your wedding videographer, never forget to check the power of their audio recording. Throughout the night, the wedding couple will dance with each other and with their wedding guests to Arabic music. Entertainment will be thoroughly provided to the party through Arab wedding songs, where people and entertainers dance to it. Thereafter, urban Arabic wedding entertainment is usually left to a DJ, who will be in charge of keeping the guests up and moving until very late. To guarantee that all the fun and the dancing are captured beautifully, ask for your videographer’s audio setup and recording equipment.

5 Tips and Ideas for Choosing the Best Wedding Dress

For the record, we believe that you can wear any wedding dress you feel your absolute best in. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the ocean of options out there, our Arab San Francisco Wedding Photographer at Saiaf Films are here to give you some ideas on the different wedding gown styles that will flatter your body type and guarantee you a picture-perfect look on your wedding day.

1. Wide Neck, A-Line Gown for the Pear Shape

Women with pear-shaped body have smaller chest and shoulders and wider hips and thighs. To balance out this type of figure in the photos taken by your Muslim Wedding Photographer Scottsdale, wear a cut that draws attention to your shoulders. One easy way to pull eyes upward is with a high neckline. An illusion neckline with a sheer fabric overlay extending from the bust to the collar looks elegant, while a halter top can be trendy. For a romantic and classic look, you can’t go wrong with an off-the-shoulder dress.

2. Sheath Dress for the Athletic Figure

Sometimes described as a column style dress, a sheath wedding dress is an elegant choice. Due to the unforgiving nature of this style, it is those brides with an athletic figure who can rock this look. A sheath wedding dress is usually characterized by figure hugging material that doesn’t flare out at the waist, hips or calves. Accentuate your natural figure with a sparkly belt to cinch in your waist and create that perfect silhouette.

3. Mermaid Gown for the Hourglass Figure

Choosing a mermaid gown is a perfect way to celebrate your curves. If you have an hourglass figure, this type of dress follows the natural and feminine contour of your chest, waist, hips, and thighs before flaring out below your knees. Some brides feel like they should hide their curves with a less form-fitting dress, but the extra volume may hide their beautiful figures.

4. V-Neck, A-Line Gown for Petite Brides

If you’re no more than 5’4 and you don’t want to look drowned out by your dress in your Arab Wedding Photography, keep in mind the letters V and A when shopping for your wedding dress. A-line dresses cinch at the waist and flare out, but not quite as much as a ball gown. While A-line dresses are flattering on nearly every body type, they especially compliment smaller frames by giving definition to your waist and bust. If you’re on the shorter side (curvy or not), a V-neck can add height to your figure by creating the illusion of a longer torso. Don’t worry if you have a smaller bust. Silicone cups, which are stitched into many dresses, will help your chest look full and natural.

5. Ballgown for the Tall Brides

If you want your Middle Eastern Texas Wedding Videographer capture your Cinderella-like entrance, a ballgown is the perfect wedding dress for you. If you’re a tall bride, why not embrace your height and bring your fairytale-like dream wedding to life with this dramatic style of wedding dress? A ballgown may overwhelm shorter frames, but taller women can wear ballgowns with confidence. Throw a pair of heels on or go with flats—nobody will know anyway what you’re wearing beneath that voluminous floor-length skirt!

Photographer’s Guide: How to Shoot Cultural Weddings

Cultural weddings require additional time and research by the Middle Eastern Wedding Photographer Scottsdale to make the most of the wedding day and not miss any important details. Here at Saiaf Films, we share to you some suggestions for preparing and shooting a cultural wedding.

1. Plan out your photography. Sit down with the bride and walk through every detail of the wedding day – particularly the ceremony. Take detailed notes and ask as many questions as possible. How long does the ceremony last? What is the role of each family member? What is the significance of the ceremony traditions? The purpose of this timeline is not necessarily to be a memorized and rigid game-plan, but it will be helpful when capturing those moments that you would have otherwise ignorantly overlooked.

2. Pay attention to details. Cultural weddings are often spread out over several days. The families spend a great deal of time, money, and energy to make the wedding memorable for everyone involved. Be pro-active to watch for important little details that characterize the culture and cause the ceremony to stand out.

3. Research middle-eastern photographers. If you have never shot a cultural wedding before, search for Middle Eastern Wedding Photography to give you an idea of what to expect and what images to take. This is not to give you permission to “copy” their work. Rather, these visuals will help solidify what the cultural experience may be.

4. Work with others. Perhaps, the couple has hired a Middle Eastern Houston Wedding Videographer. Ask for his help and work closely with him, so you can capture the key moment of the event, too. A little humility may go a long way in a successful capture.

5. Focus. Be prepared for anything that may come your way. Watch and observe. Do not let your guard down. Creating a beautiful photographic experience as a Middle Eastern San Francisco Wedding Photographer will assist you in breaking into this new market.

Must-Have Images That Your Sikh Wedding Photographer Should Capture

Sikh weddings are colorful, extravagant and boisterous, not to mention, lengthy affairs that may last for days. Over the years, we here at Saiaf Films, have come to recognize and appreciate how important it is to understand the traditions comprising Sikh weddings, as such awareness profoundly influences your ability as a Sikh Wedding Photographer Missouri to capture impactful images.

Below, we’ve highlighted five photographs that a Sikh Dallas Wedding Photography should have.

1. The Bride’s Traditional Wedding Dress

Bridal prep is obviously not unique to Sikh weddings. However, the bride having her chunni placed on her head is a critical moment. The chunni is a traditional head covering for the bride. The chunni itself often has a sentimental meaning for the bride and her family. The person placing the chunni on the bride is usually a person of significance in the bride’s family.

2. The Tying Of The Turban

Just like the bride, the groom also wears a traditional headdress: the turban. The person tying the turban on the groom is often a person of significance in the groom’s family. Feel free to pose the groom as you need to obtain the best possible shot.

3. The Family Greetings

After arriving at the temple, the milni ceremony will take place. The word milni translates to “greeting” in Punjabi. This ceremony occurs before the families enter the temple. It is important to be ready to capture this ceremony as it takes place quite quickly. The two families formally greet each other. This moment can become quite playful, so this makes an excellent opportunity for capturing fun and candid images.

4. The Vows

The Sikh wedding ceremony must take place with the holy book’s—the Guru Granth Sahib—presence. The lavan are the core of the Sikh wedding ceremony. Each lavan is a verse recited by the priest from the holy book. There are four lavan and during each lavan, the bride and groom will walk clockwise around the Guru Granth Sahib. It is important not to intrude on the couple’s space as they are walking. You will also have to maneuver around your Sikh Houston Wedding Videographer and the guests, so make sure to plan your shots accordingly.

5. The Bride and Groom Shot

As with every wedding, the Sikh San Francisco Wedding Photographer must capture memorable and unique photos of the newly wedded couple. Sikh weddings are beautiful and majestic events. The couple’s attire is also intricate and colorful. This allows for breathtaking images of the couple.

Why Photography Should be a Priority

The most important part of a wedding is the couple, and that is what it is all about. However, when it comes to planning the big day, you shall speak to a lot of suppliers—from florists to bridal boutiques to caterers, the list goes on. All these people will tell you how important it is to get every detail right.

Getting the right flowers, having the best food, donning the most beautiful dress, those are all good—you want the best of the bests for this day. But are these really a priority when planning your wedding? Of course, they should be included and we’re not saying you should leave out any of these. But is there more important than the ones that will capture everything to become a lasting memory—the wedding photography?

Why is wedding photography so important?

Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, and it will tell a story—but not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your most special day. A story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will have and can treasure forever.

You see your flowers will wilt, your cake will be cut and quickly be eaten, your invites will be binned after the day, your dress shall be worn once, and those shoes shall go back into their box. This isn’t us trying to be glum—this is about perspective, about helping you focus your budget on things that you may not put importance on, such as your Alaska Pakistani Wedding Photography.

Things You Should Consider

Maximise your budget

Will the guests notice if you saved a little money on your flowers, will your guests really notice if you saved a little on the food, will they notice if the cake isn’t five-tier high? Save a little where you can and maximise your budget for the Alaska Pakistani Wedding Photographer. It is the only thing you will have left at the end of this fleeting day.

Find your style

There are hundreds of wedding photographers to choose from, and most will travel all over the country and even abroad. Take time to decide on a style you like and find an Anchorage Pakistani Wedding Videographer that reflects this. Make sure you view more of their works and completed albums. You don’t want to see just one or two beautiful photos. You’d want to see a beautiful story that is of high quality throughout, from beginning to end.

Book quickly

The best wedding photographers get hired and booked up to a year in advance. Once you know the date, find your perfect Juneau Desi Wedding Photographer and get them booked.

Indian-Muslim Wedding 101

Being a Miami Indian Wedding Photographer for years, we know very well that Indian weddings are among the most joyous, colorful and meaningful celebrations—full of rich traditions passed down over centuries. While most Indian-American couples have Hindu roots, Islam is also a popular religion for couples having a traditional Indian wedding. The Nikah ceremony is named after the Arabic word for marriage and is the heart of an Indian Muslim wedding ceremony.

Here’s a quick rundown of Nikah ceremony traditions and what to expect at an Indian Muslim wedding:

Manjha and Mehndi celebrations take place before the Nikah ceremony

Both the manjha and the mehndi, or henna, are rooted in ancient Indian marriage rituals and are unique to Muslims from South Asia. The manjha is equivalent to the Hindu haldi tradition where the bride-to-be is painted in a turmeric paste given to her by the groom’s family elders. This Indian Muslim wedding tradition is enjoyed with the bride’s closest female relatives and friends, and is one of the best opportunities for fun Miami Indian Wedding Photography.

Mehndi is another word for henna, a dark, plant-based dye that’s used to decorate the bride’s hands and feet in preparation for the Nikah ceremony. The night before the wedding, the bride, her bridal party and female relatives celebrate this ritual together with gorgeous, detailed patterns.

The Nikah ceremony is three important step

Muslim wedding ceremonies are nearly identical, no matter the culture of the couple, thanks to time-honored religious traditions. However, Indian Muslim weddings feature a special addition. The baraat is a South Asian tradition practiced by Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs alike. The groom and his family members arrive into the wedding often on a horse, which is another great image to capture by your Miami Muslim Wedding Videographer. The family is given sweets and the groom shares a sherbet with the bride’s brother.

Before the couple is even allowed to see each other, a mehr, or symbolic presentation of gifts or money, is given to the bride by the groom. Some modern couples see the bride’s engagement ring as the mehr and any additional gifts offered at this time to be more ornamental, rather than substantive.

Islam religious leaders, called Imams, must serve as officiants for Indian Muslim weddings. After the mehr, the couple agrees to be married by saying qubool hai three times each when asked by the Imam.

Next, the Nikah-Nama, which is a binding social contract between the couple and their Muslim faith, is read aloud at this time by the Imam. The couple agrees to the terms of the contract and signs it during their ceremony as their guests look on. The Imam gives a short sermon, reads from the Koran, and the couple is now officially married.

Arsi Mushaf is the first time the couple looks at each other as husband and wife during their Indian Muslim wedding. They are separated by a mirror and a Holy Koran is held. Keeping with Indian traditions, the couple may also exchange garlands at this time—another must-catch moment by your Miami Muslim Wedding Photographer.

Savaqah is the final part of the Nikah ceremony. As the couple leaves the mosque, guests shower the bride with coins to wish her luck.

Pakistani Weddings: What to Expect

A wedding is the happiest occasion in any culture, filled with joy and celebrations of a wonderful union.

As a New York Pakistani Wedding Photographer, we know that these weddings are a vibrant, colourful and extravagant occasion, typically made up of a vast number of events occurring over a few days. The wedding celebrations can last on average 3-7 days and consist of many customs and traditions. So, here’s a guide to your first Pakistani wedding (if you’ve never attended one ?).

The Dholki (Pre-celebrations)

Pakistani weddings usually begin with a Dholki. This is a pre-celebration which usually takes place one or two weeks before the main celebrations. The bridal party, close friends and relatives of the bride and groom are in attendance. During this event guests sing and dance traditionally while beating on a dholak drum.

The Mehndi (Henna Night)

This is a fun New York Pakistani Wedding Photography opportunity. Before the main ceremony occurs, one of the most important events for the bride is the Mehndi (henna party), where the bride will be tattooed with intricate henna patterns onto her hands and feet. The designs symbolize luck, joy and love – with the groom’s name usually hidden within the intricate detail. Female friends and family members will also have henna patterns applied with less elaborate designs than the bride.

The Nikah (Ceremony)

This is the most important part of the wedding (and the most important part of the wedding that we cover, too, as a New York Pakistani Wedding Videographer). Nikah is the formal ritual where the bride and groom exchange vows and make promises to one another. Before the couple are even allowed to see each other, a mehr, or symbolic presentation of gifts or money, is given to the bride by the groom.

The Walima (Reception)

After the Nikah ceremony there is a wedding celebration called the Walima. It is the final dinner organized by the groom’s side once their marriage is official; it is a celebration of the two individuals coming together. This is also the best time for your New York Desi Wedding Photographer to take fun, candid photos of the couple’s families and friends. The reception is a huge celebration with many relatives and guests of both families in attendance.

The Venue

The venue is an integral part of the wedding events, from the mehndi to walima. Wedding décor can be as extravagant or as simple as the bride and groom wishes, often including stunning stage decoration, elegant backdrops, floral decoration and lighting.

Pakistani weddings are an enjoyable occasion, bringing two families together, filled with fantastic culture, great food, and music.