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Wedding Accessory Photos You Don’t Want to Miss

You’ve already hired the Best Wedding Photographer in Chandler and have decided on the photographs you want them to take. Your pros will be arriving in time to capture all those precious getting ready moments—but will they be able to capture all those carefully chosen details in photos, too?

While every bride hopes to keep these precious heirlooms forever, you never know what might happen, so make sure all your wedding accessories are on your photography list. You’ll love looking back at all your glittering accessory choices, and we haven’t even mentioned those gorgeous rings…

The Shoes

Whether you’ll be strutting your stuff down the aisle in Cinderella shoes or going for a fun pair of flats, make sure they are photographed. Your feet will probably never feel so fabulous again (especially if you’ve treated yourself to a magnificent pair of Louis Vuitton!).

On or off, staged or candidly taken shots—the artistic options for your San Francisco Afghan Wedding Photographer are endless. Your wedding shoes will be tucked beneath your dress most of the day, so let them take centre stage in your accessories photos. It’s the perfect way to capture all the little details.

The Rings

It can also be all too easy to forget the important ring photographs. On the day, you officially put a ring on it and celebrate exactly that! While it’s lovely to snap them on your fingers once you’ve officially become husband and wife, you can also get really pretty ones using different props. Hang them on a slender branch, balance them on old books, place them on top of conkers, and have your Palestinian Wedding Photographer Flagstaff snap photos of your gorgeous rings.

Groom’s Accessories

Don’t forget your man’s accessories, too! If you’ll have a photographer joining him while getting ready, make sure they are briefed to capture the groom’s wear. Think pocket watches, cuff links, tie pins, buttonholes and watches.

Other Details

The little details will have a lot of memories and importance to you. You spent a long time choosing the perfect jewelry, hair accessories and perfume, so of course you’ll want to remember them. Combine your smaller pieces in one photograph for pretty results.

Why Engagement Shoots are More Than Just a Trend?

If you’ve been following wedding trends in Western countries or just been attending weddings, you would have noticed the rise in engagement photo shoots. These days, an engagement or pre-wedding shoot comes as part of the final package from your Punjabi wedding photographer Colorado. But a lot of couples still don’t opt for an engagement photography session because they feel like it’s only an additional to the wedding’s ultimate cost.

Although an engagement photo shoot can be pricey, it doesn’t mean you should forego getting one. Even though your Saiaf Films package already covers the entire wedding function, there are a few reasons why pre-wedding shoots are a good idea for all couples who are about to get married.

Your photos can serve as displays and decors during your wedding

Instead of sticking to traditional wedding décor, you can add a personal touch to your affair by making a backdrop of the pre-wed photos taken by your Sedona Muslim wedding photographer. They can play as a slideshow during the reception or they can be used as part of the décor of the wedding—table centrepieces, wedding favors, table numbers, etc. Not only does this make your wedding décor unique, it makes the whole wedding memorable for all your guests, too.

You get to know your photographer ahead of time

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to have a comfortable relationship with your Palestinian wedding photographer Oregon. When you’re comfortable with their presence, it will make for great and natural-looking wedding pictures. And a pre-wedding photo shoot is a good way to form that connection with your pro. You can decide what you like and don’t like, and what your photographer would like to explore while shooting your wedding. Doing a pre-wedding shoot a couple of months before the wedding gives you enough time to create the perfect balance that works for you.

You’ll have a collection of professionally shot photos other than from your wedding

No matter how many pictures you have of you and your fiancé over the years, professionally shot pictures will always look better. You can be yourself during a pre-wedding shoot and have your Tempe Indian wedding photographer click away more photos of you. Apart from the wedding pictures, your engagement pictures can also make for wonderful frames to decorate the walls of your new home.

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Day

Emotional exhaustion, family pressures and the stress of wedding planning, even if you have a Muslim Wedding Planner, can get the better of some brides on their wedding day, leading to post-wedding blues and feelings of regret. Take a look at these five top tips that Saiaf Films recommend to every bride to ensure you have an amazing experience on your most special day.

Eat throughout the day

Make sure to start your day with a big nutritious breakfast that will keep you going. Depending on the time of your ceremony, you might not have another chance to eat, so take the opportunity to fill yourself with food that’ll keep your energy levels high. With the ceremony, post-ceremony photographs, socializing and some more reception photos with Saiaf Films, your body will need refuelling to keep you going the entire day. Don’t skimp on the wedding breakfast; you need to eat enough to keep yourself going for the rest of the day (and night). Plus, your extravagant buffet cost you an arm and a leg, so might as well enjoy it.

Get an on-the-day coordinator/planner

As much as you can convince yourself that you can handle everything on the day, it’s inevitable that things will get on top of you. By hiring an Arab Wedding Planner to take charge of your wedding day, you’re taking the pressure off yourself and handing the reins to someone far more experienced. On-the-day coordinators and planners literally organise weddings as a living, so you can feel safe knowing that they are confident with timings, suppliers and managing guests. Furthermore, hiring a Sikh Wedding Planner will allow you to relax and actually enjoy your day, instead of panicking about the little details. Many venues include on-the-day coordinators as part of their wedding package, but independent planners are relatively inexpensive.

Don’t drink too much

Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than awful feeling when you wake up the morning after a drunk night with a hangover. Even when you’re 90% sure you did nothing wrong, you’ll still be left with that ‘did I make a fool of myself?’ sense of remorse, and there is nothing worse than feeling that way the morning after your wedding. Furthermore, getting black-out drunk can cause you to forget what even happened, and who would want to forget the precious memories of their big day? Try not to drink too much during your celebration, or you may regret it afterwards and be left with the post-wedding blues.

Take a time out for yourself

Weddings can be overwhelming. There will be relatives and friends you haven’t seen for a while, everyone will be emotional, and you’ll no doubt be bombarded with hugs and kisses throughout the day. It’s enough to exhaust even the strongest of brides, so make sure to take some time away from the main party to relax and rejuvenate. Take a walk with your new spouse, spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom than you need to, or simply sit in a quiet space outside and breathe in the fresh air, and entrust everything to your Indian Wedding Planner.

How to Achieve Natural Wedding Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, especially when the image captured is true, genuine and honest. Make natural wedding photography the focus of your special day, with these words of wisdom from Saiaf Films.

Keep posed and formal photos to a minimum

Concentration should center on natural photos that capture the emotions and moments, which make a wedding day so special. Photos should tell a story; there’s no creativity or uniqueness in just standing everyone in a line. And while an element of that will be apparent in most weddings, your Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer should still work hard to put people at ease in front of the camera in order to add a little character to the shots.

Get to know one another

Your relationship between you and your Phoenix Vietnamese Wedding Photographer is of great importance. If you don’t feel comfortable around one another, you will not feel relaxed and your photographer won’t be able to get the best out shots out of you. Spend time with each other in the months leading to your wedding day. Discuss their wants and needs while allowing your photographer’s insights in to your character and personalities.

Find the best spot

Sometimes the setting can play a huge part in affecting the mood of the photographer’s subjects. You may relax more when your Chandler Vietnamese Wedding Photographer takes you away from the throngs of people to a secluded area inside or outside the venue, where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. Similarly, guests may appear more natural during the cocktail hour following the ceremony. It takes an observant eye to monitor the wedding party’s behaviour in order to find the perfect setting for the best shot.

Be discreet

In order to capture those raw moments of emotion, Saiaf Films always emphasize that a good Bengal Wedding Photographer should be as unobtrusive as possible. Melting into the background and armed with a long lens, the couple shouldn’t even realise the photographer is there unless they need to be. By dressing in smart dress like the wedding guests, the photographer will blend into the crowd, snapping people when they are least expecting it.

How to Make Your Wedding Digital Free

In any wedding, or any special event perhaps, it’s inevitable for guests to take pictures. While there’s nothing wrong with it, random camera flashes and mobile devices blocking the view of your photographer spells disaster in every snapshot. Or maybe, you just want a more private affair and don’t want any of your wedding photos to be posted online until you get a hold of your official photographer’s shots.

Whatever reason you might have, make it easy for you and your Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer to take quality photographs by going digital-free on your wedding. Know how you can make this possible by taking these professional tips from one of the most trusted South Asian Wedding Photographer in Arizona, Saiaf Films.

Ask Someone to Take Charge

Ask someone, perhaps your maid of honor or your best man, to take charge on this. Let them be the one responsible to request the guests to keep their digitals until the end of the wedding. When appointing someone, be sure that he or she is willing and comfortable with the role and won’t feel intimated to remind those who attempt to overrule your request.

Take Advantage of It

When you choose to go digital-free, your hired Chicago Hindu Wedding Photographer will surely be more than happy to work for you. Discuss thoroughly with your photographer about your photography plans. For instance, you can provide him a list of shots you want them to capture. During the solemnization, these moments usually include the walk down the aisle, exchange of vows and first kiss as husband and wife. At the reception, these includes the arrival of bride and groom, speeches and toast and first dance.

Encourage Guests’ Participation

In your wedding website or reception program, make your guests excited by giving them a peek of the activities and entertainment you’ll be having, such as the live band, games and photo booth. Featuring a selection of entertainment will keep them busy the entire night, keeping their attention off their phones. Encourage them to join the activities and reassure them that you will be sharing the fun and beautiful images during the party. Just be sure, though, to confirm with your wedding photographer that you’ll be needing some photos for live streaming as the party is ongoing.

Provide Disposable Cameras

If you think it’s too much to ask your guests to steer clear from taking pictures after the ceremony, but you just don’t want to take the risk of having any photos be uploaded online as the celebration is still going on, why not provide a few disposable cameras during the banquet? Place one or two cameras on every table so your guests can snap away their own photos without you having to worry about your wedding getting online. Don’t forget to leave a friendly note to encourage everyone to use the cameras, and don’t forget to label them to avoid guests from bringing them home.

Going digital-free on weddings is a common trend nowadays, so don’t hesitate to do it on your own. And above all, to ensure breathtaking remembrance, let Saiaf Films do their wonders on your wedding day photography.

The Beauty of ‘First Look’ Wedding Photography

Beautiful, romantic, classic, exciting, fun, emotional, memorable—these are just a few of the many words to describe weddings. However, there are also some who attach other words, like stressful, busy, pressure and nerve-wracking.

Perhaps, one of the stressful parts of a happy couple’s day centers around not seeing each other before the ceremony. According to tradition, the groom should wait to see his bride until the moment when the beautiful bride in all her glory walks down the aisle. This is an incredible moment full of emotion. This is the reason why Saiaf Films find this moment very exciting to capture.

However, the modern times have changed, and bridal couples slowly adapts to the new era of weddingtraditions and wedding photography. The “First Look” photography is a trend in today’s weddings that we are seeing more and more.

What is “First Look” Wedding Photography?

This is a special moment when the groom is able to see his bride for the first time before the ceremony. A South Asian Wedding Photographer will likely position the groom looking away over a field, at the end of a pier, beneath a tree or somewhere away from the direction where the bride will appear. Here at Saiaf Films, we aim to tell the story by capturing photos of the bride approaching the groom and then seeing both of their expressions as they see each other for the first time simultaneously. It is a romantic, magical, and a moment full of emotions.

This isn’t a replacement to the walking-down-the-aisle experience, but an addition to that moment. So, in essence, you are adding more photos of the day by getting a second special look instead of replacing it.

Benefits of “First Look” Photography

Here are some reasons why you should let your Indian Wedding Photographer Scottsdale snap a few “first look” photos of you:

• Adds more beautiful photos of your day
• Takes a bit of pressure off a hectic day
• Enjoy a few minutes to yourselves in a day where everyone is vying for your attention
• Spend more time with your family and guests for not having to rush for more photos after the ceremony (first-look photos often double as after-ceremony photos)
• Your Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago will have more time to capture more wonderful photos of guests with the extra time available
• Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your lives as a couple. It makes sense to spend more time with your significant other, doesn’t it?

So, to make sure that your first-look photos (as well as all your wedding photos) will catch all the genuine emotions, work with an experienced and reliable Sikh Wedding Photographer Arizona such as Saiaf Films.

Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic Wedding Videography

Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic Wedding Videography

  When Jennifer and Marwan first contacted us, they were in search of a Catholic wedding videographer to capture their Catholic-Arab wedding. Jennifer was ecstatic about our previous work she had seen and was enthusiastic about the skills our Catholic wedding videographers could provide. From our very first meeting, we enjoyed Jennifer and Catholic Wedding VideographerMarwan’s passion and enthusiasm for their upcoming wedding. We knew it was going to be an awesome event and we couldn’t wait to capture their special memories on film.

On the day of their Catholic-Arab wedding, our Catholic wedding videographers were there from the start! It was a beautiful sunny day that began in Fountain Hills, AZ. Our team captured unforgettable footage as Jennifer and Marwan prepared for their big day. Jennifer looked stunning and our Catholic wedding videographers were able to capture the look of excitement as she got ready. We always focus on these key moments, because we know- these are the memories the bride and groom will cherish to look back on.

Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic-Arab wedding ceremony took place in Phoenix at the gorgeous St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church. While there, our Catholic wedding videographers were sure to capture the absolute beauty of the church’s architecture. Wedding photos are amazing of course, but the effect of the wedding videography and the appeal it has on these details is second to none! Our skilled wedding videographers have an eye for epic footage and they are always on the lookout for unforgettable shots. The details and the design of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church are gorgeous and their ceremony was stunning on film.

The reception was even more exciting! The energy of the couple and their guests was infectious! The bride and groom were showered with love from all their friends and family. The crowd was energetic and fun as they danced the night away. We cherished the moment where Jennifer danced with her father. They had such an amazing relationship and their bond was so obvious on film. Our Catholic wedding videographers enjoyed every moment of Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic-Arab wedding. Thank you Jennifer and Marwan for choosing Saiaf Films as your Catholic wedding videography team.

Wedding Spotlight: Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic-Arab Wedding

Catholic-Arab Wedding in Phoenix, AZ

  While planning her Catholic-Arab wedding, Jennifer first called the office after looking at our website. She couldn’t stop raving about what she saw. She scheduled an appointment to meet with us and brought along her brother and IMG_9163sister. She was so enthusiastic and loved everything so much that she selected both Gold Packages for her wedding photography and videography. We loved her personality and appreciated her enthusiasm for the wedding she had been planning. We couldn’t wait to capture her and Marwan’s special memories.

The beautiful and elegant Catholic-Arab wedding began with a photo shoot in the park. Jennifer stood beautifully with her bridesmaids while Marwan posed with his groomsmen. In just an hour, our team of Catholic wedding photographers snapped over 200 photos of the wedding party. While there, our Catholic wedding photographer took the time to get special photos of Jennifer’s gorgeous wedding dress and the wedding IMG_2468-Editbouquet. We knew that these were the details that brides cherish for years to come.

The couple’s Catholic-Arab wedding was held at the glorious St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Phoenix, AZ. It houses a beautifully designed chapel with a charming spectacle for the packed wedding ceremony. This Catholic-Arab wedding began with an impressive and grand entrance of the bridesmaids that were accompanied by the groomsmen who were dancing and singing to the drums. During the ceremony, the pastor presented wonderful advice to the couple tailored around love and patience for their next chapter of Ghent. The pastor’s charismatic personality made for a very enjoyable and entertaining experience for all.

One of our favorite moments of the night was when Jennifer danced with her father. As they danced, we witnessed a Catholic-Arab Weddingbeautiful and powerful father-daughter connection. Throughout the night, the bride was showered with love and hugs from all her friends and family. Jennifer and Marwan were exciting, fun, and energetic as they danced to the live music. While the dancing and Dabka were taking place, our photography crane captured memorable aerial shots of everyone on the dance floor. Jennifer and Marwan’s Catholic-Arab wedding at St. George was truly a night to remember. We wish these two the best in their beautiful marriage.

Roxanne and Gustavo’s Arizona Wedding

Roxanne and Gustavo’s Arizona Wedding was beautiful and breathtaking experience for all of us. This wedding was truly fit for a prince and princess. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Roxanne and Gustavo’s friends and family who were already having a great time. The bridal party had a blast with us as we were able to explore fun bridal party shots as the sun was setting. Roxanne and Gustavo were such an easy couple to photograph because their love came easy to them. The photos from this couple captured the true beauty that illuminated them. Roxanne and Gustavo’s wedding could not have been at a better time. With a light breeze in the Arizona air and as the sun was going down, they said their vows to one another. Roxanne and Gustavo’s wedding was a night to remember and our team loved being a part of this day with them.