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5 Ways to Know You Found the Right Wedding Photographer

The wedding industry is a very competitive world, and the same can also be said when it comes to Chicago Muslim Wedding Photographer—there’s just a humungous choice, myriad of styles, varied prices and packages and different pros. So, once you have decided on a style and budget, you will be able to narrow down who you would shortlist to capture your wedding day.

Assuming you’ve found a Gilbert Wedding Photographer with a style and package that appeals to you, how would you know that the photographer you are dealing with is the right professional for you? Here are some words of advice from the pros in Saiaf Films.

1. You Easily Trust Them

Your photographer should answer any question you have and be able to put your mind at peace, even better they should have already answered most questions you may have during your initial meeting. When they ask if you have any questions, and you struggle to think of anything that hasn’t been covered during your chat, then that is a great sign.

2. You Feel at Ease

An often over looked part of hiring a Chandler Wedding Videographer and photographer is how you feel around them. You can love their work and they can be the best photographer in the world. However, if you just cannot feel relaxed around them, know that willl show in your photos. When meeting up and chatting with photographer, you want to feel relaxed and at ease, just like you were chatting with your best friend over coffee. If you are just not feeling it, perhaps you’re better off chatting with someone else.


3. They Have the Same Vision As Yours

You have been planning your wedding and all those little details. You are excited and can’t wait to tell your friends, family and even the lovely lady at the bus stop. If you feel the excitement, passion and love from your photographer for your wedding day, then this is a good sign.

4. You’re Looking Forward to Them Being In Your Wedding

If you come away feeling excited and looking forward to them capturing your day, then it is safe to say you have found the perfect Pakistani Wedding Photographer Arizona.

5. You Know You Will Recommend Them

That’s right. Even before they have taken a shot, you know you will want to recommend them to your other friends who are also getting married. You have come away with no doubts about their work and how good they are that you would tell your friends about them. This is a great sign of trust and a sure way to tell you are happy with them.

5 Tips for the Best Bridal Prep Photos Ever

Your wedding photos are memories that you will keep forever, so it’s really important to make sure that your Phoenix Vietnamese Wedding Photographer gets it right. While it’s easy to think about great shots at your ceremony and reception, a great wedding photography tells the story of your big day, so including your preparation is something you’d want to consider.

Saiaf Films has put together their five top tips for getting the very best preparation pictures on your big day.

Matching Dressing Gowns
This is a really lovely touch for bridal parties and one that is easily overlooked. We love getting natural photos of the bride and their bridesmaids getting ready on the big day, and matching dressing gowns are a really lovely touch.

You can also use the photographs as a keepsake for your bridesmaids to thank them afterwards. The same can also be said about gifts for your maids or groomsmen—not only can they enjoy them for years to come, but they can make great photo opportunities, too.

Hang the Wedding Dress
Your wedding dress is the most special outfit you will probably ever wear and you will want to remember every detail of it. If there’s room wherever you are getting ready, hanging up your dress makes for great photos. Your bridal preparation shots can also have your stunning gown in the background, which feels really special when you look back on them after the big day.

Put Your Dress On Earlier
There’s a lot to think about on the morning of your wedding, but your Pakistani Wedding Photographer Chicago will likely recommend getting into your dress a lot earlier. If you have half an hour before you need to leave, that gives your photographer time to take a few final shots before you make your way down the aisle. Those ‘big reveal’ shots when friends and family see the bride for the first time are among our favourites. Having a few spare minutes also gives you some time in case anything doesn’t run quite to plan.

Get Into Details
The little details can be easy to forget, but are important in telling the story of your big day. Whether it’s your shoes, hair accessory, cufflinks for the men, or your wedding rings, make sure to have them ready for your photographer. That way, you’re free to enjoy the build-up and the shots are done in plenty of time, leaving your Indian Wedding Photographer New Orleans to capture those special moments.

Don’t Forget the Boys
Here at Saiaf Films we prefer to get the guys’ preparation photos done first, giving us more time to capture those final exciting moments with the bridal party. If you are both getting ready in the same place, it makes the job much easier. If not, make sure to work with your photographer to plan the day. You can always ask your photographer to meet the boys before the ceremony.

Must-Take Wedding Photo Shot List

Wedding photography is an important element to have in your wedding, so be prepared to smile a lot on your wedding day (well, it should come easy!). Below is a comprehensive photography shot list you can suggest to your Pakistani Wedding Photographer Connecticut so that no special moment goes uncaptured.

And while you’re at it, heed these bonus words of advice: let your Chandler Wedding Videographer and photographer know who your VIPs are; better yet, appoint someone familiar with the crowd to point out who’s who so no one is missed. Lastly, and more importantly, give your pro a heads up on any strained relationships (e.g. divorced parents) who might need to be discreetly separated or photographed in separate group shots.


• The bride hanging out with her bridal party
• The bride getting her hair and makeup done
• The bride putting on her dress
• Still lifes of the bride’s dress, shoes, headpiece, jewelry, and bouquet
• The bride pinning a boutonniere on her dad
• The bride putting a corsage on her mom
• The bridal party leaving for the ceremony


• Interior and exterior shots of the venue
• The bride and her dad arriving
• The wedding party arriving
• The guests arriving
• The groom and his best man at the altar
• The altar
• The bridal party walking down the aisle
• The bride and her dad walking down the aisle
• The bride’s mom walking down the aisle
• The groom’s mom and dad walking down the aisle
• The bride’s and groom’s grandparents walking down the aisle
• The groom’s reaction to seeing the bride
• The bride’s dad giving her away
• The person doing the readings
• The bride and groom listening to the officiant
• The unity candle lighting
• The bride and groom during the vow exchange
• The bride’s and groom’s parents watching from their seats
• The officiant performing the ceremony
• The musicians playing
• The newlyweds exchanging a kiss
• The moment right after the kiss
• The bride and groom walking up the aisle as newlyweds
• The bride and groom greeting the crowd
• The crowd performing the exit toss
• The bride and groom leaving for the reception


• Interior and exterior shots of the venue
• The bride and her dad arriving
• The wedding party arriving
• The guests arriving
• The groom and his best man at the altar
• The altar
• The bridal party walking down the aisle
• The bride and her dad walking down the aisle
• The bride’s mom walking down the aisle
• The groom’s mom and dad walking down the aisle
• The bride’s and groom’s grandparents walking down the aisle
• The groom’s reaction to seeing the bride
• The bride’s dad giving her away
• The person doing the readings
• The bride and groom listening to the officiant
• The unity candle lighting
• The bride and groom during the vow exchange
• The bride’s and groom’s parents watching from their seats
• The officiant performing the ceremony
• The musicians playing
• The newlyweds exchanging a kiss
• The moment right after the kiss
• The bride and groom walking up the aisle as newlyweds
• The bride and groom greeting the crowd
• The crowd performing the exit toss
• The bride and groom leaving for the reception

Portraits and Group Shots

• The bride in her dress
• The bride with her maid of honor
• The bride with her bridesmaids and the flower girl
• The groom with the best man
• The groom with the groomsmen, ushers, and ring bearer
• The bride with her family
• The groom with his family
• The bride and groom with the wedding party
• The bride and groom with the bride’s family
• The bride and groom with the groom’s family
• The bride and groom with the bride’s grandparents
• The bride and groom with the groom’s grandparents
• The bride with the child attendants
• The bride with her high school or college friends
• The groom with his high school or college friends

More likely, your professional Gilbert Wedding Photographer already have their own list, which contains most of these shots, but it never hurts to suggest, right? If you have other shots you wished to be taken that aren’t on the list, don’t hesitate to mention it to your Chicago Muslim Wedding Photographer. Wedding vendors, like Saiaf Films, are more than happy to grant your special requests for your big day.

3 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Have you ever heard of a horror story about a bride whose wedding turned out to be a disaster simply because the photographer had an overexposed film, which ruined all the photos taken in her wedding? This was unfortunately a common scenario back then, when film was still used by professional photographers.

Fortunately, with the advent of digital photography, such mistakes can be clearly avoided. But this does not mean that you still cannot commit any mistake when hiring a Chicago Muslim Wedding Photographer.

If you have yet to choose a Chandler Wedding Videographer and photographer to cover the most precious event in your life, here is a list of the most common mistakes that Saiaf Films would wish every bridal couple knows and avoids.

1. Under-appreciating the importance of photography

You should maximize your budget and put a lot of importance on your wedding photography. Why? At the end of your special day, when the cake has been sliced, the flowers have wilted and the venue has been cleared out, all you have are memories. What better way is there to capture and hold these memories for a lifetime than through images?

Make sure you capture your day and your perfect wedding beautifully. It is the one thing you will have when your day is over that will last forever.

2. Last-minute bookings

You have set your budget for your photography, you have maximized it the best you can so you can afford the best Gilbert Wedding Photographer there is. All ticks so far. However you leave it and don’t make a decision just yet. Then, you realize last-minute that you haven’t hired your photographer, only to find out the one professional you’ve been eyeing for so long has been booked by someone else on your wedding day.

Just like your venue, as soon as the date is confirmed, book your wedding photographer right away. The best one gets fully booked a year in advance, so don’t wait until a couple of months before your big day and be surprised they are booked up.

3. Going for the cheapest photographer

Weddings are a serious expense, no matter the size of your party. However, at the end of the event, the only souvenir that you will have of the day is your pictures. If you will hire a mediocre photographer who is not able to capture the day’s events with justice, then you will not necessarily get the best value for your money. When looking for a Pakistani Wedding Photographer Connecticut, do not immediately choose the one with the lowest quoted rate.

While pricey quotes isn’t synonymous with best services nor cheap rates mean poor quality photos, do your research and find the reasonably priced ones offering the right deals, like those packages offered by Saiaf Films.

These are just a few of the many stories that we commonly hear about wedding photography regrets from couples. So, make sure you ponder on these points and ensure not to fall into the trap of these wedding photography mistakes.

6 Meaningful Engagement Photo Shoot Venues

wedding website

As a photographer, we at Saiaf Films often work with couples to decide for the best engagement shoot locations for their photos. While their first inclination is to simply choose pretty places, we find that the best photos are taken at locations that are meaningful to them—it could be related to their common interests, first meeting, first date or favorite place.

Unless couples are dead set on a location because of its beauty, we encourage them as much as possible to be open to venues that have significance to their relationship and will tell a story about who they are as a couple. How can you achieve the same thing? Here are some tips to ensure you’ll have a great list of location options to share with your Arab Wedding Photographer San Jose.

1. The Place You First Met

If you’re sentimental type of a couple, then you’ll want to have photos done in a place that means something to both of you. If you choose the location where you first met, then your engagement photos will always remind you of that sweet day when you met your better half.

2. The Place You Had Your First Date

Do not limit your session in one location. If the place where you had your first date is near other locations where you’d want to be photographed, then communicate that to your Hindu Wedding Photographer San Francisco and maybe you can make a quick stop at that special place where it all started.

3. Your Hometown

If you live in a picturesque area then your hometown might be the perfect location for your shoot!

4. A Place of Interest

Do you love the outdoors? Are you a city person? Think about how you like to spend your time together and choose a place based on that. If you love hiking, skiing or just exploring outside, then a beautiful park or somewhere into the woods can be a great location for your engagement session. We, at Saiaf Films, love taking photos with the unlimited photo ops of the great outdoors.

5. Make It Thematic

If you have a holiday, hobby, or season that’s special to the both of you, consider planning a session with your Indian Wedding Photographer Bay Area based on those details. Did he propose on a Christmas season? Perhaps, you might want to have your photos taken in a Christmas tree farm.

6. A Location That Fits Your Needs

This one is especially important if you want to feature your beloved pet on your engagement photos. You don’t want to choose a place that isn’t dog or cat friendly, so make sure to let your Sikh Wedding Photographer Bay Area about it.

Wedding Guest Guide: Tips for Photographing a Wedding as a Guest

So, you’ve been invited to attend a wedding as a guest. Surely, the couple has hired an Afghan Chandler wedding photographer to do the professional photos.

Should you bring your good camera or leave it at home entirely? What is okay and not okay when it comes to taking photos of your friend’s wedding?

We thought we’d help make the process easier for you. Here’s a wedding guest guide on how to take photos as a polite and courteous wedding guest from a trusted Sacramento Asian wedding videographer and photographer, Saiaf Films.

1. During the ceremony, stay in your seat.

Do not stand up to take a photo while everyone else is sitting down. Do not go in the aisle (even the side aisles). By all means do not go onto the altar and ask the bridesmaids to move over a bit so you can get a clear shot of the bride and groom. If you can’t get a clear shot, then simply enjoy the ceremony and buy one later from the hired Phoenix arab photographer.

2. Turn the sound off on your camera.

The clicking sound made by the camera is distracting and rude. Turn it off; most cameras and smartphones have the silent setting that turns this sound off. If it can’t, keep your camera and don’t use it during the ceremony.

3. Ask permission from the photographer.

Some photographers allow you to shoot while they are shooting as long as you are not asking people to look at you instead of looking at the paid San Jose hindu photographer. There’s nothing worse than to have a group photo of eight people, with the mother of the bride looking at a different camera. Not cool, so if they say not to take photos, just don’t.

4. Don’t hold the guests so you can take photos.

If the main photographer allows you to take photos of the groups, then do so; but do not ask the group to stay longer or suggest adding another person to the group or rearranging the group. There’s a limited amount of time to take photos, and the photographer has already worked the groups out ahead of time with the couple, so don’t make them late or annoy them by taking up this time.

5. Don’t ever forget to enjoy the wedding.

You’re there to enjoy the wedding and celebrate with the couple, not primarily to take great photos. Put the camera down, talk to the friends and family you haven’t seen in ages, and just enjoy life without a camera in front of you. Trust me, it’ll be fun!

5 Top Secrets to Amazing Outdoor Photography

When you try to imagine gorgeous wedding photos, you’d probably think of couple shots outside the church or the reception venue. But there are plenty of practicalities to bear in mind before you head outdoors. Here, Saiaf Films will share with you some insider tips to perfect your outdoor wedding photography.

Plan It Right

Never just hope for the best. Discuss exactly what you want with your Chandler wedding photographer in advance. Have a plan regarding the outside shots you want and what you’d like to achieve with them. And get your photographer to set up lighting or props before you head out. That way, if it’s freezing, you can be in and out as quickly as possible.

Be Flexible With Locations

Make the most of what your venue has to offer. If you’ve got access to gorgeous views — use them! If you’ve got quirky or rustic features, incorporate them, too. For something more formal, a fairly neutral backdrop, like bushes, is ideal. Your Scottsdale hindu wedding photographer will help you with this—the’ll walk around the venue and scout for great spots for photos. Listen to your photographer and trust their directions, even if they ask you to sit on a haystack.

Embrace the Wind

Blustery breezes can add some fun to your photos. Imagine a fun picture of you with your veil blowing over your groom’s face with both of you laughing. If you’re not keen on the windswept look, you don’t necessarily need to head indoors—use the windy weather as an excuse to snuggle with your partner for romantic shots.

Timing Is Everything

Be flexible about portraits as your Los Angeles Hindu Wedding Videographer might only have a couple of minutes’ notice when the light is looking right on a cloudy day. And consider scheduling two photo sessions—one session mid-afternoon, around the drinks reception, and another one in the hour leading up to sunset. The former provides an opportunity for beautiful shots making the most of the surroundings, while the latter offers perfect, soft lighting for romantic shots.


When it comes to photography, many little problems can be fixed easily after the wedding. Don’t worry about things like flyaway strands of hair or even your double chin. They can easily be corrected by your Pakistani photographer scottsdale during post-processing.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding—Not Your Friend!

Let’s be honest; having a friend do a professional’s job almost never works out—well, unless your friend is a professional photographer who is willing to offer their services to you for free (in which case, you’re one lucky bride!).

If otherwise, try to see these reasons for why you should hire a professional muslim wedding photographer phoenix and not your friend to be your official wedding photographer.

1. A professional is committed to you ONLY.

A professional, like Saiaf Films, will be committed to you and your wedding day only. They are guaranteed to show up on your wedding day, no questions asked. We’ve seen “friends” commit to photographing a wedding and then flake out 2 months—even a few weeks—before the wedding day. When you hire and pay a professional, they are contractually obligated to carry out the duties that you hired them for.

2. A professional has enough experience.

There’s nothing worse than having everyone standing around at your wedding not knowing what to do next. Hiring someone who has experience will most definitely help manage stress before and during the wedding. A professional arab wedding photographer Scottsdale will also have a specific way of doing things, so there won’t be too much guesswork while planning for your photography.

3. You’re guaranteed to get excellent results.

In other words, you’ll get what you pay for! Hiring a professional hindu wedding photographer Scottsdale, will ensure that you get great results. Whether it’s photos or flowers, or food or coordinating, having someone who does weddings for a living will certainly give you the best outcome. It may not always be the most ideal option to spend money on a professional, but really and truly, paying for a service makes such a huge difference! Not to mention that yes, there’s a contract involved, which means they are obligated to provide you with superior-quality results.

4. You won’t have to worry about straining your friendship.

When working with a professional, if anything, you will build a relationship with them. Almost always, when hiring a friend, the relationship gets strained in some way. Either they hold a grudge against you for making them work on a festive event, or you’re not happy with your results and you just can’t tell them. It’s just not worth ruining a relationship with one of your friends.

5. You want your friend to enjoy your wedding!

If they truly are your friend, you’d want them to enjoy and celebrate with you on this very special day of your life. And if that’s not the case, then you don’t really want to even have them at your wedding.

Leave the professional wedding photography to Saiaf Films and let everyone in your life, including your friends, enjoy your party. After all, you do want everyone special in your lives to be present in your wedding photographs, don’t you?

How to Get Wedding-Ready Skin

When planning for your wedding, even if you’re working with a professional Sikh Wedding Planner, you will be under a huge amount of stress as deadlines loom and the big day gets closer. While this can put a strain on your mood and you may notice a change in your behaviour, this pressure can also take its toll on your skin without you realizing it.

That’s why it’s imperative that you get into the habit of nourishing and caring for your skin to ensure you look picture perfect on the biggest day of your life. The earlier you start your regime the better the results, with clear and luminous skin being your ultimate goal. Here are the key steps to make you the most beautiful subject of your Hindu Wedding Photographer Phoenix.

Eat to Get Pretty

Working from the inside out, your diet is a constant reminder that what you put into your body will impact on your external look. As such, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals will keep your skin in tip top condition, giving you that flawless skin that every Hindu Wedding Photographer Scottsdale would love to photograph. Omega 3 fatty acids, such as those found in salmon, mackerel and herring, are necessary for plump and supple skin. Leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli promote your iron intake, and sweet potatoes, tomatoes and walnuts also have their essential benefits. Green tea also boasts detoxifying properties with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as being known as a metabolic booster—just what you need if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, too!

And that’s not to say you can’t have a little treat now and again; dark chocolate with a high cocoa bean content contains vital antioxidants and red wine has been proven to reduce signs of ageing—when consumed in moderation, of course.


Ensure skin retains its healthy pH balance by maintaining hydration levels throughout the wedding planning process. Saiaf Films always advises couples, during outdoor engagement shoots as well as when doing other outdoor activities like running wedding errands, to bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. And also, follow your health provider’s advice to consume around 2 litres of water a day. Get into the habit now and you should easily maintain this routine after the big day, too. You sure want that healthy, glowing and supple skin to be caught on camera by your Indian Wedding Photographer California, don’t you?

Treat Your Skin

From signature spa sessions tailored precisely to your skin-type to DIY treatments applied at home, regular facials are both a luxury and necessity in the run up to your wedding day. Feed the skin with natural ingredients that won’t trigger sensitivity or cause irritation; stick with brands and products you know and have used before. Consult with your dermatologist before choosing your facial and determine the right procedure and ingredients for you.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you would want to look as perfect as you can be. While Saiaf Films can certainly bring out the best in every snap, play your part and take care of your skin for flawless and youthful look on your wedding photographs. You will thank yourself for the many years to come!

How to Achieve Natural Wedding Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, especially when the image captured is true, genuine and honest. Make natural wedding photography the focus of your special day, with these words of wisdom from Saiaf Films.

Keep posed and formal photos to a minimum

Concentration should center on natural photos that capture the emotions and moments, which make a wedding day so special. Photos should tell a story; there’s no creativity or uniqueness in just standing everyone in a line. And while an element of that will be apparent in most weddings, your Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer should still work hard to put people at ease in front of the camera in order to add a little character to the shots.

Get to know one another

Your relationship between you and your Phoenix Vietnamese Wedding Photographer is of great importance. If you don’t feel comfortable around one another, you will not feel relaxed and your photographer won’t be able to get the best out shots out of you. Spend time with each other in the months leading to your wedding day. Discuss their wants and needs while allowing your photographer’s insights in to your character and personalities.

Find the best spot

Sometimes the setting can play a huge part in affecting the mood of the photographer’s subjects. You may relax more when your Chandler Vietnamese Wedding Photographer takes you away from the throngs of people to a secluded area inside or outside the venue, where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. Similarly, guests may appear more natural during the cocktail hour following the ceremony. It takes an observant eye to monitor the wedding party’s behaviour in order to find the perfect setting for the best shot.

Be discreet

In order to capture those raw moments of emotion, Saiaf Films always emphasize that a good Bengal Wedding Photographer should be as unobtrusive as possible. Melting into the background and armed with a long lens, the couple shouldn’t even realise the photographer is there unless they need to be. By dressing in smart dress like the wedding guests, the photographer will blend into the crowd, snapping people when they are least expecting it.

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