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Wedding Spotlight: Clarissa and Anthony’s Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement Photo Shoot in Queen Creek

  IMG_1370-EditWhen Clarissa and Anthony contacted us, they were looking for a team of wedding photographers to cover their engagement photo shoot in Queen Creek with a second shoot in San Tan. We discussed their options and selected the perfect engagement photo package to fit their needs. They were excited and enthusiastic which made planning their engagement photo shoot so much fun. To our team at Saiaf Films, we genuinely enjoy capturing the excitement of a newly engaged couple. It adds a unique reality to their photos and makes the process so much more fun!

When it came time for their engagement photo shoot, we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! It was cloudy and surreal. Our team loves cloudy days for engagement photo photography. Clouds can help create a gorgeous backdrop. They allow just the right amount of light and create an amazing contrast on the couple as we photograph. The photos are team captured that day were vibrant and colorful. This particular location was very ideal as it offered a large variety backdrops to work with. There was green grass, beautiful water, and even a photo-worthy brick wall that enhanced to couple perfectly.engagement photo shoot

During engagement photo shoots, our photographers really like to showcase the love that the couple has for each other. Clarissa and Anthony had no trouble with that! They were amazingly photogenic and exhibited their connection perfectly. We always try to make these moments as comfortable and as easy as possible, especially for those who are slightly camera-shy. Yet these two, didn’t need much help! To make it even more special, their two beautiful children joined in on the photo shoot. They were such a pleasure to be around and did an amazing job when it came time to pose and smile. Especially when children are involved, we prefer to make these moments memorable ones.

As the sun began setting, we captured IMG_1558-Edit-1amazing and unforgettable photos of the beautiful couple silhouetted in front of the sunset. One of our favorites was when they made a heart out their hands. It was a perfect symbol of their love! Clarissa was excited to have her engagement photos used in their Save the Date invitations. She was so excited when she saw the quality of the photographs. Clarissa and Anthony were such an amazingly beautiful couple! We enjoyed their engagement photo shoot so much. Thank you Clarissa and Anthony for the wonderful experience of capturing your love on film!





Wedding Spotlight: Sunthar and Preeth’s South Asian Engagement Photo Shoot

  South Asian Engagement Photo ShootSunthar and Preeth first contacted Saiaf Films when they were in search of a South Asian wedding videographer and photographer for their beautiful and elegant Hindu Wedding in San Tan Valley, Arizona. At first, we talked to the couple by phone for their pre-wedding consultation in order to understand exactly what type of style they wanted for their wedding photos and videography. indexThey were impressed and enthusiastic about our work and were excited to schedule their engagement photo shoot.

We didn’t meet Sunthar and Preeth in person until the day of their engagement photo shoot. The second we saw them, we knew they were all about style and class! They were a gorgeous couple that radiated elegance. They selected a vibrant and green scenery in Scottsdale that created the perfect backdrop to their engagement photos. The fashionable couple was adorned with classy outfits that enhanced their impressive appearance. Their clothing choices were an excellent selection as it created a great contrast against the rustic backdrop.

2During the second portion of their engagement photo shoot, Preeth wore a traditional Hindu wedding outfit that inspired our team to focus on the vibrant colors that highlighted the gorgeous couple. With the beautiful green setting and the rustic elegance of the surrounding architecture, this particular spot has become a favorite for the Saiaf Films team. The exposed brick background created a picturesque modern flare. The second location was lush and green which enhanced the couple’s selected colors.

Vibrant colors were the theme for this South Asian couple- as it usually is for most traditional weddings. On the day of their elegant wedding, Sunthar and Preeth carried on with their colors and dynamic elegance. Our team was able to capture the beauty of their memorable day. The couple was exciting and there was never a dull moment. Thank you Sunthar and Preeth for allowing our team to capture your incredible flare and class on film!

Engagement Photos: Why You Should Have Them

engagement photos


Why Are Engagement Photos Important?


Engagement photos are a frequently overlooked aspect of planning your wedding. Many couples may feel that they unnecessary or not that important. However, they can be an exceptionally important tool in ensuring a better wedding experience. At Saiaf Films, our engagement photographers have had the pleasure of capturing countless couples before their wedding. Therefore, we know just how important and memorable these photo shoots can be!

Get comfortable!
During all of our engagement photo shoots, we have the opportunity to really get to know the couples we are photographing. It provides our wedding photographers time to observe how the two interact and how beautifully their love can be expressed through photos and film. While we have the pleasure of getting to know them, the couple also has the opportunity to get comfortable with the camera. A lot of times, it can be a couple’s first time taking pictures together. Instead of waiting to see how they fare on the day of the wedding, engagement photo shoots allow the couple to get familiar with the cameras that surround them. We notice that it adds a sense of confidence in front of the camera when it comes time for the wedding photographs.

engagement photosGreat photos!
It seems as if most people capture their photos via cell phone these days. Although these are ideal for adding a raw and personal touch, engagement photos are an opportunity to acquire real, professional and impressive photos of you and your beloved. Engagement photos give you the option to see yourself in different outfits in more comfortable or surreal settings. These types of photos are great to use on your wedding website, your Save-the-Dates or even your wedding invitations. Or perhaps you are super crafty and decide to use your engagement photos as part of your wedding favors?

And…It’s fun!
All of the engagement photo sessions we have photographed have been a blast! The couples are excited and constantly laughing, smiling or showing their love for each other. It builds a more intense bond. It is a great opportunity to spend a few hours dressing how you choose, in a beautiful setting with the one you love the most. Engagement photos are also a great opportunity to show another side of your relationship that many people don’t ever get to see. Whether you choose a theme or want to include some exciting props, an engagement photo shoot is a moment where you can have fun and enjoy being together- while being yourself.

engagement photos

If you and your fiance are debating on having engagement photos taken, take our advice- do it! After years of experience in the wedding photography scene, our team at Saiaf Films appreciates the advantages that come with an engagement photo shoot. Not sure where to begin? Contact our professional engagement photographers today! We are happy to guide you in your options for creating the best engagement photos possible!


5 Remarkable Arizona Locations for an Engagement Photo Shoot

IMG_1495-EditAnd so it begins! You are engaged and ready to plan the wedding of your dreams. A major step in the wedding planning process is the wedding announcement and the engagement shoot that goes with it. Picking a great spot is detrimental to creating impressive and eye catching photos for your engagement announcements- and everlasting memories for the special couple. Here at Saiaf Films, we love nothing more than capturing the love of two people excited for their future life together. We have had the pleasure to work as the engagement wedding photographers for countless couples. Now, we are excited to share our ideas for five remarkable locations in Arizona for an engagement photo shoot.

Local Parks: Kiwanis Park in Tempe- Red Mountain Park in Mesa – Freestone Park in Gilbert – Tempe Beach Park in Tempe
Arizona is full of beautiful park locations that create a beautiful backdrop for an engagement photo shoot. These four parks in particular have a lake with plenty of vibrant green grass and trees. Timing your photo shoot to take place at dusk can give an even more surreal backdrop with a gorgeous setting sun.IMG_0595

Downtown Phoenix:
Perhaps you are seeking an urban downtown city feel for your engagement photos? If so, Downtown Phoenix is an ideal spot to capture a variety of backgrounds. From the unique old fashioned architecture of the older buildings to the modern and sleek feel of the newer designs, Downtown Phoenix is home to a variety of building backdrops. Combine those with the lights and fast-life vibe that Downtown Phoenix provides for the perfect wedding engagement photos.

IMG_6092-EditNorthern Arizona
Care to take a small field trip to capture your engagement photos? Northern Arizona is the way to go! Whether you choose to go all the way up to Flagstaff for the perfect forest backdrop, or you prefer to utilize the beautiful red and orange hues of Sedona, Northern Arizona is home to countless settings for an engagement photo session.

Old Town Gilbert
We are huge believers of getting the most out of your engagement photos. It is ideal to have a variety of backgrounds to help enhance each couple’s particular taste. Old Town Gilbert provides various options ranging from green spots with cute benches, urban styled alley ways and unique architecture.

Like Old Town Gilbert, Scottsdale has an array of fantastic photo backdrops. It has an abundant amount of beautiful green areas with bridges over water highlighted with an ideal amount of lighting. The art district in Old Town Scottsdale is a hip and vintage location for those seeking that particular vibe. Or you could visit one of the many gorgeous Scottsdale resorts or mountainside villas for a more nature inspired background.

Your engagement photo session will be one of the most memorable and important experiences of planning your wedding. It is important to choose the location that best suits you and your fiance. Engagement photos are a pivotal point for setting the tone and theme for the wedding to come. Not quite sure which location will fit your needs the most? Feel free to contact our team at Saiaf Films. We are happy to guide you in the right direction for having the best wedding engagement photo shoot you deserve!

Enhance Your Wedding Photography Experience

IMG_1358After months and months of planning your perfect wedding day, when it finally arrives, it may feel like a whirlwind of details and events zipping by. The ceremony, the cake, the flowers, the music- but the photos and wedding videography are the sole reminder of what happened on your special day. You owe it to yourself (and your family!) to do whatever it takes to make those reminders fabulous. Here at Saiaf Films, we have the honor to capture those moments for our special newlyweds and we would love to share our best wedding photography tips to ensure your big day is captured flawlessly.

Set a wedding day schedule and follow it the best you can!

Having a set wedding day schedule can be a huge advantage in capturing the perfect wedding photography scenes. Time of day can play a major factor in natural lighting, so planning your timing in advance can help guide your wedding photographer to capture ideal photos at specific times.

Share your vision and don’t forget the details.

Everyone has an idea of how they would like to look in photos. If you have a certain angle or a moment you don’t want photographed, let your wedding photographer know in advance. If you have a particular detail (an important heirloom, special wedding favor, etc) or event you would like special focus on, let us know. We want to make sure we capture all the angles you love most.

Have fun and don’t try to hard to make it “perfect!”

As seasoned wedding photographers, we have an enormous amount of experience capturing those perfect moments. Don’t stress yourself out trying to pose certain ways or act in a particular manner because you are being videotaped or photographed. The best thing to do is act naturally, relax and don’t look at the camera the entire time! Savor some of the most important moments of your life and enjoy being hopelessly in love with each other. Instead of stressing about posing correctly or looking perfect, let your wedding photographer capture the story of your day while you live it.

Consider having a “First Look.”

A First Look is when the bride and groom have the opportunity to see each other before the ceremony. This is an ideal way for them to spend a few moments alone and have their wedding portraits done ahead of time. The private moment alone can really calm the nerves and set the tone for the rest of the day. It can also free up time after the ceremony to enjoy friends and family instead of rushing off immediately to take pictures.

Let your friends and relatives relax and don’t let them get in the way!

Occasionally, there may be a friend or relative that wants to show up with their own photo equipment and help out by taking ‘unofficial wedding photos.’ Of course, they may be thinking that they are doing you a favor by capturing more wedding photos. Yet sometimes- they can get in the way and cause your wedding photographers to miss their shots. Unless you prefer to have the additional help, tell them to just relax and enjoy the wedding.Wedding Photographer

It’s not just our job to capture the best wedding portraits; it is our passion! Every little detail counts and our team at Saiaf Films is exceptional at securing those memories. Following our wedding photography tips will ensure you enjoy your special day to its fullest. Remember to relax, and just keep smiling!

Mrwah and Issa’s Engagement Photo shoot

Mrwah and Issa are a Palestinian couple from Michigan, their wedding is on May 24th. Mrwah and Issa’s engagement photoshoot in Phoenix, Arizona gave us the chance to capture some absolutely stunning engagement photos. Mrwah and Issa determindely looked for a skilled Phoenix Wedding Videographer and Phoenix Wedding photographer and came upon our team here at Saiaf Films. Not only do Issa and Mrwah love the quality of our photos but they loved that they that they had the option to be involved with the editing process. Mrwah and Issa’s Phoenix wedding engagement photoshoot was an adventure as we explored local river banks to get the perfect shot, and that we did, and then some. We were really honored to have spent such valuable time with Mrwah and Issa and the team captured some truly breathtaking photos.



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