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Elegant Wedding Hijab Styles

Beautiful Wedding Hijab Looks

  As a wedding photography and videography team that specializes in multicultural weddings, Saiaf Films has had the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful brides! Our experience has provided us with a deep understanding of the beauty and elegance behind the wedding hijab and the brides who wear them. The hijab is a type of veil worn by a bride to symbolize spiritual aspiration. Over the years, it has been adapted for brides to express their own style by adorning the hijab with different drapings or accessories. Here, our team shares the beauty and elegance in a variety of wedding hijab styles and the beautiful brides who wore them.

Elegant Turban Style Hijab

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_6654-Edit1.jpg      https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_96661.jpg

Words can’t even describe the beauty and elegance of this particular hijab style. It provides the perfect combination of lace, pearl and tulle all in a gorgeous bright white. The bride is wearing a white under-scarf beneath an elegant lace accented fabric. Placed into a turban style hijab, the bride is complimented perfectly by the vibrancy of the white material. We love this chic elegant style which gave this bride a classic and timeless appeal!

Jeweled Hijab

wedding hijab

This bride selected an elegant, simple white hijab that is accented with a eye-catching jeweled headband. The hijab itself is topped with single tier, tulle veil  that drapes behind her perfectly. The soft cream colored wedding hijab frames her face in a subtle, yet beautiful way. Her jeweled headband pairs with the elegant jeweled belt of her wedding dress adding a unique combination of accents.

The Lifted Hijab

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_1634-Edit1.jpgwedding hijab

This stunning bride is adorned with a hijab that is lifted towards the back to provide a heightened effect. The hijab itself is draped in multiple folds towards the front in order to create a subtle cascading look. Her face is framed beautifully by this particular hijab style.

The Regal Hijab


This hijabi bride looks majestic with her heavily embroidered dupatta. This particular hijab is exquisitely accented with an abundance of jewels, which complement her wedding style perfectly. She looks stunningly regal as the wedding hijab lays loosely over her shoulders. Elegance and beauty are obvious with this gorgeous style.

Wedding Spotlight: Ali and Rowan’s Multicultural Wedding

Multicultural WeddingIMG_7927

When we first met Ali and Rowan, we truly realized the meaning of good character and genuine kindness. Within our very first meeting with the beautiful couple, they showered us with compliments and described how they truly loved the quality of our work. They explained how they wanted to have the same excellence within their own wedding photography. Their passion was evident and made the planning of their multicultural wedding that much more exciting. Of course, they asked- we delivered.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Ali and Rowan’s multicultural wedding was held at the luxurious Hilton Phoenix-Mesa. It was the perfect culmination of three very distinct cultures- Pakistani, Afghan and Palestinian- that were joined together to witness multicultural weddingthe beautiful union of love. At the start of the evening, our female wedding photographer and videographer accompanied Rowan as she was getting ready for her special night. Simultaneously, our male photographer and videographer were with Ali as he prepared for the evening. Some of our favorite photos were of the intricate and detailed wedding shoes that the bride and groom wore. Meanwhile, the rest of our team was in the wedding hall, capturing memorable photos and videos of Ali and Rowan’s family and friends as they arrived to the even. The wedding venue was one of the nicest in the area and maintains a classy and elegant image on the exterior and interior- which makes for amazing wedding photos!

The couple chose a spectacular silver and white classy color palette that illuminated the wedding hall perfectly. Ali and Rowan’s faces were also enhanced by the elegant brightness that the color selection created. Rowan wore gorgeous wedding accessories that complimented her embroidered wedding gown. Her hijab sparkled along with it. Ali was adorned in an exquisite embroidered suit that had a silver and gray hue. The details of their wedding were multicultural weddingbreathtaking and unforgettable. From the smallest details of their attire to their elegant and theme worthy wedding cake, Ali and Rowan truly looked like royalty on their wedding night. Trust us, we have the photos to prove it!

To this day, our clients are impressed by the vibrancy and all around glamour of Ali and Rowan’s wedding. It remains as a Saiaf Films favorite because of the vivaciousness and thought put into the beauty of this multicultural wedding. Their love was infectious and truly showed in the passion they put into planning such a glorious event. Thank you Ali and Rowan for being such a captivating and inspiring couple! We will forever be inspired by your welcoming spirits and the beautiful unity we witness at your unforgettable multicultural wedding.

Wedding Spotlight: Anum and Asim’s Wedding Videography

Wedding Spotlight: Anum and Asim’s Wedding Videography

When we first met with Anum and her mother,  they were in the midst of planning Anum and Asim’s extravagant three day Muslim-Indian wedding. We were pleased with their humility and loved their personalities right away. They expressed their desire to have an extremely elegant wedding video captured by our company. Anum was very specific in describing the things that would make her and Asim’s wedding videography re-watchable time and time again. Knowing how important this was to her, our team took special care in guiding her to choosing a wedding video package that would make her vision a reality.

Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Anum and Asim had a lavishly elegant wedding in luxurious Scottsdale, Arizona. When we first arrived to their venue, we were amazed as we entered the wedding hall. The breathtaking wedding hall was decorated beautifully. Mesmerizing glass centerpieces and floral arrangements were perfectly placed throughout, creating a gorgeous and surreal ambiance. While at the wedding, the Saiaf Films team focused on special details in the wedding decor, wedding favors and the dress design. Additionally, we paid special attention to the traditional Indian wedding dances that took place at the mehndi. With such wonderful friends and family, our team had the opportunity to capture key memorable moments that Anum and Asim will cherish forever.

Wedding Videography

The wedding videography from this night was magical! We could not be more pleased with Anum and Asim for being such lovely people. Their wedding designer was second to none and made our job look easy compared to what she was capable of! With all the beautiful and dynamic footage that we captured, the rest of the magic happened in our editing room.

For Anum and Asim’s special wedding story, we wanted the combination of Indian wedding traditions with Muslim wedding traditions to be as beautiful as the day we filmed it. To do so, our wedding video editor began by creating a wedding montage for the newlyweds. Then, the montage is synced to perfectly selected music and takes the viewer through the wedding as if they were reliving these special moments all over again. A wedding montage is ideal for sharing on social media sites providing relatives and friends the opportunity to enjoy the wedding if they were unable to attend.

Once complete, Anum and Asim were presented with a custom made wedding DVD case with their one of a kind wedding videography showcasing the true essence of their wedding night. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of working with this beautiful couple and creating wedding videography to last them a lifetime. Congratulations Anum and Asim. We hope you cherish your wedding memories for years to come!

Wedding Spotlight: Ahmed and Sara’s Muslim Wedding

Muslim Wedding at the Cedars in Phoenix, AZ

  Ahmed and Sara are some of the most tender and compassionate Muslim Weddinghuman beings our team has encountered. As a Muslim couple from Iraq, it was their goal to have a very family oriented wedding. After seeing our website, they called us from out of state and recruited our team of wedding photographers to capture their special day on film. With friends and family flying in from all over the world, the beautiful couple expressed how important it was to have their guests included in the wedding portraits. Per their request, we tailored the photos to fit their wishes and captured an amazing amount of moments with their family and friends.

Pre-Ceremony Photo Shoot
Before their wedding at The Cedars in Phoenix, AZ, our team of wedding photographers took photos of Ahmed and Sara at a local industrial park. With tall glass buildings Muslim Weddingand luscious green grass at the forefront, this park created the perfect backdrop for breathtaking wedding portraits. With such a photogenic couple surrounded by beautiful scenery, we shot over 200 photos in the hour that we were at the park! When Sara looked through some of the pictures, she was in awe of our creative composition. One of our favorite photos from the pre- Muslim wedding shoot was captured right as the sun was setting behind Ahmed and Sara. This silhouetted image has become an iconic photo at the Saiaf Films studio- and is a favorite among all who see it.

Ceremony & Reception
When we arrived at The Cedars, the decor was breathtaking! With gorgeous candlelights radiating from the wedding hall, the room was adorned with wedding bouquets of white and purple flowers. There were tall crystal vases as centerpieces and an elegant ivory cake with delicate purple designs. Ahmed and Sara’s 120 person Iraqi Muslim wedding was an intimate gathering of loved ones. As promised, our focus for this night was to get an ample amount of photos with the Muslim wedding couple and their visitors who traveled from around the world.

Muslim Wedding

The night was full of dancing and excitement as the couple and their family and friends had the time of their life. At dinner time, we were so humbled when Ahmed and his sister served us food before they sat down to eat. This was one of the kindest and most memorable gestures that we’ve ever received at a wedding. It truly demonstrated how thoughtful and kind hearted Ahmed, Sara and their family are. After a delicious dinner, the reception commenced with more energetic dancing to traditional Muslim wedding music and fun as the families enjoyed each other’s company.

Our Favorite Moment
At Saiaf Films, we cherish memorable moments. One of our favorite moments from this event happened later in the evening. On the dance floor, a song played that held a lot of meaning to Sara and her mother. They looked at each other, with tears in their eyes and gave one another the warmest and most sincerest of hugs. In our hearts we knew that this was symbolic of an old life ending, while a new one begins. At weddings, our team puts an enormous amount of focus on getting the best footage and always being one step ahead to get the best shot. Yet, it is moments like these that stop us in our tracks. They remind us that family is everything and that we should hold them close no matter how far away they are! Thank you Ahmed and Sara for sharing your special day with us.


Wedding Spotlight: Tarick & Stella’s Muslim Wedding

Tarick & Stella’s Muslim Wedding: The Hilton in Anaheim, California

Inspired by the work on our website, Tarick and Stella contacted us to photograph their Muslim wedding. After communicating with the couple via phone and email, we finally had the pleasure of meeting them on the day of their wedding. We were impressed by their infectious personalities and immediately knew that this was going to be an amazing event to be a part of. Prior to the wedding, our team started the day off by the beach taking some breathtaking wedding portraits of the lovely couple. They were naturals in front of the camera and their love was easy to capture on film.

Muslim Wedding

Wedding Decorations/Attire:

The wedding flowers were a varied palette of oranges and yellows and were an elegant touch to the wedding decor at this traditional Muslim Wedding.

Stella wore a gorgeous Muslim wedding gown along with sparkling ivory wedding shoes and was accessorized with beautiful shiny earrings that glistened as she danced the night away with her new husband.

 The Ceremony & Reception:IMG_9221

It began with a grand entrance of all family members followed by the bride and groom. After the arrival of the bride and groom, speeches were given by close friends and family. Their accounts were humorous and meaningful and made the couple laugh adding to the already fun and surreal atmosphere in the room.

Being that Tarick is a huge fan of Star Wars, one of his friends brought props from the movie creating a fun and memorable occasion. There was never a dull moment on the dance floor and the wedding DJ never missed a beat! This Arab wedding was a blast for our team to capture and we enjoyed the every moment and person we had the pleasure of meeting.

 Our Favorite Moment:

At Saiaf Films, we cherish inspirational moments. Tarick and Stella’s wedding was full of them! Our particular favorite took place towards the  end of the wedding when all the guests had left. We witnessed a special moment between Tarick IMG_9375and Stella that left a lasting impression on us. The newlyweds were dancing on the dance floor- just the two of them. They looked hopelessly in love and were comfortable  in each others gaze. As wedding photographers, these moments stay with us and remind us that love truly is the driving force of existence. Thank you Tarick and Stella for sharing your amazing and wonderful wedding day with Saiaf Films.

IMG_9550 (2)-2

Lina and Khalil’s Wedding Videography

Lina and Khalil’s Muslim wedding in Arizona was an intimate event with family and friends. Saiaf Films covered their wedding photography and wedding videography for their wedding. Our team consisted of two female photographers and videographers and two male wedding photographers and videographers to cover the female side of the event and the males to cover the other side of the event. The wedding started with a welcoming of the groom into the brides family. We knew that this was a very intimate and special moment for the bride and grooms family so our team made sure to capture this special time with wedding photography and wedding videography. With their videography package, Lina and Khalil received a wedding montage. Their wedding montage was edited by our experienced editors, to music, to capture the elegance and intimacy of their wedding.


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