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5 Myths Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Stop Believing

Congratulations! You’re finally getting married! You are probably contemplating now whether or not to hire a professional Los Angeles Arab Wedding Photographer or just ask a photography enthusiast friend to cover your wedding. Before you even decide to pick the latter, know first the many different myths that most brides and grooms believe when it comes to their wedding photography.

1. “Provide disposable cameras which guests can use, rather than hiring a professional”

This is a popular option for unplugged weddings. However, remember that disposable cameras cannot provide the same superior quality photos that high-end cameras can offer. Better yet, if disposable cameras are not really needed, save the money and spend it on a professional wedding photographer. Never assume that these toy cameras can replace the high-quality photos of a professional photographer, or else you run the risk of never having to relive your wedding in the years to come.

2. “Anyone in the family can be my official photographer”

This is likely the most common misbelief that bridal couples swear by. Many couples make the mistake of appointing a family member or a friend to be their official Los Angeles Palestinian Wedding Videographer. Bear in mind that the skills and professional experience of a seasoned photographer is unparalleled. Professional photographers, like Saiaf Films, can anticipate what’s going to happen next and are already in position to capture the moment before it even starts to unfold, while your friend, on the other hand, may get carried away by the event and forgets his duty as your appointed wedding photographer.

3. “An elaborate and lavish venue will make my photos look stunning”

Yes, they will, for sure. However, although a sexy venue makes great photo and video opportunity, it doesn’t pose that much significance to experienced photographers. A skilled Los Angeles Muslim Wedding Videographer can make your wedding footages and pictures look just as stunning even in a very simple venue. But if you choose to go for inexperienced shooter, it is a challenge to make photos look breathtaking even in the most magnificent location. When hiring a professional, always consider the lifetime value of their products.

4. “The more expensive the photographer, the better photos I’ll get”

Generally speaking, with a professional Los Angeles Muslim Wedding Photographer, you’re guaranteed to get what you pay for. However, there are also some out there who price their services expensively to create an impression of superior quality. Although it’s reasonable to spend around $3,000 on your wedding photography, if a wedding photographer’s price starts at around $5,000 with very minimal sample photos, you’re better off finding someone else.

5. “Table shots are always necessary”

Table shots are a great way to ensure that you have photos of everyone present in your wedding, but this can be challenging since the only time when everyone is at their tables is during dinner. Also, according to professionals at Saiaf Films, most brides rarely pick table shots as part of the wedding album. If you these photos are really a must, know that this can take an hour or more to complete a route through an average crowd of 100-150 guests. Perhaps, this is your best excuse to provide disposable cameras on every table.

Your wedding photos can last a lifetime; that is why they are expensive. While $3,000 may sound a little too much for a professional Los Angeles Palestinian Wedding Photographer, also remember that these professionals spend weeks up to a month to perfect your every photo and compile your wedding album. If you’re willing to spend thousands for your wedding dress, and venue which you’re only be having for a day, photographs are the only mementos you’ll have to reminisce that very special day for the rest of your marital lives.

How to Perfect the Natural-Look Photos

Perhaps, you’re thinking: “Perfecting the natural? That’s two different things.” But yes, natural-looking photos can be scripted subtly. How will you and your Goodyear Sikh Wedding Photographer make it look natural despite the posing directions? Here are some tips to pull it off.

1. Natural Light

Nothing is more natural looking than taking images in natural light. There’s always something very romantic about natural settings, and couples that pose together in any way outdoors are always going to create some lovely images.

2. Pictures in Motion

Some people don’t like to stand perfectly still and pose in front of the camera. Fortunately, you don’t have to as long as your Maricopa Indian Wedding Photographer is talented enough. You and your fiancé can get together and try to act like you’re just enjoying a romantic moment in motion, and your photographer can take the snapshot at the very exact moment.

3. Look anywhere but the camera

Pictures where everyone looks at the camera are always very unnatural. Sometimes, it’s reasonable to try to get shots like that. However, in many cases, people are going to want to take pictures that are far more casual and real. Pictures look significantly less ‘posed’ when you are not looking directly at the camera.

4. Try to laugh as naturally as possible

People often smile in picture. But if the goal is to look natural, then try a soft laugh. There’s always something natural when you laugh. And when your Hindu Wedding Photographer Jerome is able to capture the perfect moment, it will look evocative and genuine in photo.

5. Shot from all angles

This one is on your photographer. Photographing people only from the frontal view isn’t always a good idea, since it creates more of a posed impression. When the couple is photographed from lots of different angles, people can also appreciate the wholeness of the image.

6. Physical contact

Weddings are all about love and romance, and wedding portraits need to really capture that love and romance. That is why our photographers here at Saiaf Films always encourage the couples we handle to be physically affectionate. Physical contact creates a warm vibe between the couple that makes them relax and feel a bit more comfortable in any given situation.

The Most Common Wedding Photography Misconceptions

If not all, most couples see their wedding as the most important event in their lives. Obviously, you want to be able to cherish every bit of it and record everything that happened on that day. After all, it isn’t every day that you get married and you also want to be able to show off your wedding to family members both now and in the future.

However, you need an excellent South Asian Wedding Photographer Arizona in order to do that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about wedding photography that made couples less-prioritize this supposedly very important element in a wedding.

1. All wedding photographers do is to take photos

Granted that the main job of a Fremont Palestinian Wedding Photographer is to take photographs, but that is far from the truth that it is the only thing they do in this job. Wedding photographers need to possess all of the technical knowledge that comes with being able to photograph people beautifully and remarkably, and they have to be skilled enough to be able to do it in all different kinds of settings—not just in a studio where the environment can be controlled.

2. It’s extremely expensive to hire a professional

If you really want to hire someone who is good enough to produce the best results, it is not going to be free of charge. However, it also doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. If budget is a main concern, there are so many professional photographers offering different styles and varying service fees. There is no doubt you will find one that will suit your budget, needs and preferences.

3. Any professional photographer can take wedding photos

False! A lot of people think that those who take professional photos of landscapes, or even those who take photos in a studio, will be able to take high-quality wedding photos. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most photographers. A wedding is a unique event. In a fashion shoot, the model will strike poses for the photographer. In landscape photography, the photographer can take the time to look for the perfect angle with the best lighting. But with a wedding, you can’t ask the bride and groom to walk down the aisle again or kiss each other again. If you miss to capture the moment, you miss it forever. Wedding photographers have one chance, one shot; they have to be in the right place at the right time. And that, my friend, is the edge of a professional New Orleans Sikh Wedding Photographer—they know when and where to anticipate the moment.

4. You can just Photoshop it

Yes, you can Photoshop pimples, wrinkles and flyaway hair. But you can never Photoshop candid moments and emotions. Wedding photos are about real natural moments captured naturally. We, at Saiaf Films, make use of our years of experience to help use the natural light to our advantage while photographing events as they unfold, so that you get natural shots and there’s no need (or at least very minimal need) for ‘photoshopping’.

10 Photos Every Wedding Album Needs


Sometimes the biggest dilemma newlyweds face is narrowing down the 1000+ wedding images taken by their Mexican Wedding Photographer Arizona to just a few for their wedding album. To get you started selecting, here are 10 of the must-include pictures in your wedding album.

1. The bridal dress. Of course you need a picture of your dress! There will be lots of you wearing a long gown, but you want a special solo, full-length portrait of you wearing your wedding dress. Another option is to take a “still life” image of the dress on a hanger, especially if there is a perfect setting for it.

2. Shoes. You probably spent hours finding the perfect pair, and they won’t get as much attention as the dress! Ask your Indian Wedding Photographer Scottsdale to take a shot of them on or off your feet. A photo of both pairs (hers and his) can be charming, too.

3. The First Look. You might want to skip this one if you want to stick to the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. But if your Sikh Wedding Photographer Scottsdale has a chance to capture your reactions upon first seeing each other privately, it’ll be a precious and meaningful keepsake to include in your wedding album.

4. The walk down the aisle. The processional is a significant moment, of course, no matter who is accompanying you. And you’ll want to capture your walk back up the aisle as newlyweds, too.
5. Family. Even the Best Wedding Photographer Phoenix will ask for a list of the key people in the wedding, so make sure to provide your photographer with one. You probably want more faces of your immediate family than faces of 3rd degree cousins, don’t you? So, make sure to let your photographer know who they are, so you have a myriad to choose from for your wedding album. It’ll be great to have them all in one photo, too.


6. The exchange of rings. Another not-to-be-missed classic.

7. Your first kiss as husband and wife. Do we need to say more?

8. The entire wedding party. Whether formal or candid or some of each, get pictures of yourselves with all of your wedding party. After all, they are your dearest people. And you probably agonized over what they should wear for the wedding, so you should have a keepsake of that, too!

9. The First dance. If dancing is part of your wedding day, be sure to capture this classic moment.

10. Couple’s departure. Those who have planned a dramatic exit will certainly want a photo to remember it by.


5 Unique Traditions of Muslim Weddings

With over a billion of Muslims all over the world, from different countries and backgrounds, their wedding traditions are expectedly going to be a beautiful fusion of culture and religion—making wedding affairs all the more exciting!

There are countless of Islamic traditions, but if you’re heading to an Islamic wedding in the near future, here are the five customs you’ll likely witness on the event.

1. A 3-Day Affair

The three-day affair is perhaps the grandest aspect of a Muslim wedding. If you thought planning a one-day wedding was difficult, just imagine three days’ worth of festivities! And here at Saiaf Films, we’re fully aware of that. We offer different packages for different types of weddings, may it be Muslim, Indian, Jewish or Western wedding. We will serve as your South Asian Wedding Photographer to document your Muslim wedding beautifully.

2. Mehendi Party

On the first night of the 3-day event, women gather in brightly colored formal Muslim wear. Adult women wear saris and unmarried girls wear lehengas. This celebration kicks off the wedding, as mehendi (henna paint) is applied to the bride’s hands and feet. Sometimes, this is a co-ed affair, but often it is women only. This is a fun celebration, so make sure that your Muslim Wedding Photographer Gilbert will be there to capture every moment.

3. The Nikah Ceremony

It’s safe to say that without this ceremony, the marriage technically does not exist! The Nikah is the Islamic marriage ceremony that is of utmost spiritual importance. The couple sits in the presence of a Muslim cleric along with two witnesses for both groom and bride. Verses from the Quran are read as the most significant part of the ceremony. Think of it as the equivalent of Western weddings’ “in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer” exchange of vows.

Depending on the couple, this affair can be an intimate or an elaborate affair. Of course, yummy sweets and the Islamic staple food—dates—are given out to treat the guests.

4. Walima

The Walima is the second part of a traditional Muslim wedding—and the most favourite part among New Jersey Pakistani Wedding Photographer. The traditional wedding banquet includes relatives, friends and neighbours and is usually hosted by the groom’s family. The Walima is to wish the newlyweds a prosperous life. It can be a bit of a culture shock when you go to your first Walima, as it’s a colourful, loud feast of the senses, with cultural food, dancing, music and all-over grand festivity.

5. The Bride’s Red and Gold Outfit

You might have seen a lot of red and gold in the portfolio of your Virginia Muslim Wedding Photographer. This is because Islam brides wear yellow during the mehendi ceremony, and then red embroidered with gold, as well as ornate gold jewelry, for the nikah ceremony. These colors signify fertility and prosperity for the couple, bringing good luck to their marriage.

Your Indian Wedding Preparation Checklist

Wedding planning is one hectic affair. It can cost you sleepless nights and can even turn you into a dreaded bridezilla. Simply planning an arrangement is not enough. You have to ensure that it remains on the right track throughout the planning stage. And, to make this possible, creating a checklist is your best bet.

So, take a look at the checklist below, which can help ensure that you are on time and everything is on track.

12 to 9 Months

• The wedding date. This is the most important point to consider before you start the planning procedure. Which season do you prefer? Are you planning to consult a panchang for deciding the date?

• The budget. It is so easy to go overboard with your finances; therefore, making strict decisions from the start really helps. From the haldi and mehendi to your Los Angeles Muslim Wedding Photographer and videographer, decide how much you are willing to spend on every expense you have to make for your wedding.

9 to 6 Months

• The guest list. It is time to prepare a guest list exclusive to each event. It will help you manage your catering budget easily. Also, the head count will benefit you while deciding on a venue.

• The venue. Finalizing the venue is the next big step. This list will help you in deciding on the size and space of the venue. You definitely don’t want to cramp up your wedding party in a tiny space, right?

6 to 3 months

• Start shopping. Shopping done in a tight schedule will not allow you to explore much. You can get the gifts (for guests), your clothes, shoes and other accessories customised during this time period.

• Invitations. Start working on your wedding invitations. Finalize the design and the information to include. Print them all out once done.

• Book vendors. It is also the right time to book a Las Vegas Arab Wedding Videographer and a Las Vegas Arab Wedding Photographer for your wedding, as well as the florist, the caterer, the DJ and all other vendors. Make sure not to delay these bookings beyond this point. Otherwise, you will face a tough time looking for them at the last moment.

• Pamper time. Use this phase for your grooming. Salons these days provide pre-bridal packages starting as early as six months.

3 months to your wedding day

• Send out invitations. Now that your invitations are all printed out and ready, it’s time to send them out to your guests.

• Double check bookings. Call each of your vendors at least a month prior the wedding to check about your arrangements with them and whether your orders are in place. Also, repeat this drill a week prior to the wedding.

• Pre-bridal parlor. The last week should be focused on your pre-bridal parlour sittings, so that you look your best on your wedding day.

Eman & Ronny’s Palestinian Wedding Event

Eman & Ronny’s Palestinian Wedding Event

  When Eman and Ronny first contacted us, they were in search of a Palestinian wedding photographer and videographer that could capture their epic three day wedding event in California. The beautiful couple were in need of California wedding photographers and videographers that would travel to Fremont, CA for their Henna and Mehendi, then to San Jose for their wedding reception. Eman and Ronny are such a passionate and intriguing couple. Our team at Saiaf Films knew that their event was going to be an unforgettable one!

On the day of their wedding, Eman looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown. She was accented with an eye-catching pearl headband that complemented her gorgeous ensemble. The piece was accompanied with a perfectly selected necklace and bracelet to match. Her bouquet housed an array of spring inspired flowers that suited their March wedding event exquisitely. One memorable moment for our Palestinian wedding photographers was when the beautiful bride was picked up from her home in the mountains nearby. The area was surrounded by trees and maintained a forest-like feel. There were friends and family dancing and enjoying this occasion. It was as if she was being given away to husband-to-be at that very moment. This created a monumental ambiance that really set the tone for the rest of the day.

When we arrived at the venue, we were immediately in awe by its appearance. With the use of our innovative drone videography, we captured unforgettable footage of their San Jose wedding venue, the Dolce Hayes Mansion. The venue itself was stunning! The bright white architecture stood out elegantly against the vibrant green grass landscape. On that particular day, clouds were rolling over the surrounding hills and created a mesmerizing backdrop for our drone to capture. The sun shone through the clouds and illuminated the venue area perfectly! At Saiaf Films, we cherish this type of footage because it creates a timeless way for the couple to reminisce not only on what it looked like, but also what those moments may have felt like as well.

Inside the Dolce Hayes, the ballroom was adorned with an array of complementing wedding decor including eye catching chandeliers and elegant white and ivory drapes. Impressive spring floral arrangements were placed perfectly throughout, while floating candles in tall standing vases accented the table centerpieces. When the couple arrived, they were greeted with a host of family and friends. Excitement was in the air as a drummer carried the beat of their event. Everyone danced and seemed to enjoy every moment. Eman’s grandfather was so energetic and had such a contagious vibe about him. There was a strong feeling of love and passion that carried on through the night.

Our team at Saiaf Films genuinely enjoyed Eman and Ronny’s three day event. As the Palestinian wedding photographers and videographers for this unforgettable wedding, we cherished every moment we had the pleasure of capturing. Thank you Eman and Ronny! We wish you a beautiful and happy future together!

Pakistani Wedding Checklist

Pakistani Wedding Checklist

  If there is ohttps://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_39241.jpgne thing we have learned from attending Pakistani weddings, it’s this- they take a lot of planning! There are so many wonderful and entertaining events that go along with a Pakistani wedding, and sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be planned. That being the case, our team at Saiaf Films would like to share an easy to use Pakistani Wedding Checklist. This will help you to stay on track and make sure all those extra special details don’t get left out!

Download a Printable here: Pakistani Wedding Checklist

12+ Months

  • Announcements: Notify your friends and family of your Baath Paki/engagement.
  • Meeting: Arrange a sit-down with your fiance, both sets of parents and any other individuals that may be contributing financially to your wedding. Make sure to clarify who is paying for what and what traditions you plan to have at your event. Handle any details that you don’t want to be confused about later on!
  • Time-frame: Decide on a time-frame that fits your desired date for your Pakistani wedding. Keep in mind, weddings around Labor Day and Memorial Day tend to be costly. Consider the amount of out-of-town guests and what days may be easiest for them to have time off for the wedding events.
  • Research: Start researching wedding venues, wedding planners and possible wedding themes or styles. Visit some venues to start narrowing down a selected few.

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/wedding-cake-3.jpg9-12 Months

  • Book Your Venue: Decide on a venue that suits your event the best. If possible, consider one that you can celebrate the Mayoun, Mehndi, Nikah, Shaadi and Valima at.
  • Research Vendors: Take some time to research possible vendors. Look for possible florists, DJs, caterers, bakers, etc. For photography and videography- contact Saiaf Films (we can cover all of your traditional Pakistani Wedding Events flawlessly!)
  • Wedding Website: Start building a wedding website. Check out our tips for planning the perfect wedding website.
  • Go Cake Testing: Start testing out different types of wedding cake. Check out our ideas for selecting the perfect wedding cake.
  • Guest List: Start putting together a wedding guest list.

6-9 Months

  • Book Your Vendors:  Start booking your vendors.
  • Locate an Imam: Speak with your selected Imam on whether or not he will be performing a speech.
  • Song Selection: Start selecting which songs you would like played at your Pakistani wedding. Select songs for the bride’s arrival, the groom’s entrance, cutting the cake, rasams, rukhsati, etc.
  • Wedding Party Selection: Notify your wedding party to let them know you would like to have them in your wedding.
  • Locate a Mehndi Artist: Locate a Mehndi artist for your Mehndi event.

    Saiaf Films Henna:

3-5 Months

  • Send out invitations.
  • Finalize your vendors. Book your florist, DJ, Mehndi artist, hair and makeup artist Imam and meet with Saiaf Films for your photography and videography.
  • Start booking your honeymoon.
  • Decide wedding favors, table numbers, place settings.
  • Start ordering outfits for the Mehndi, Shaadi and Valima.
  • Research rental supplies: Decide what equipment you will need to rent.
  • Select the necessities for the Mehndi and Shaadi:
    • Motives/candles
    • Mehndi cones
    • Dhol player
    • Mehndi trays
    • Dupatta
    • Flowers to throw with baskets if necessary
    • Mithai for rasams

1-2 Months

  • Verify details with all vendors and send them the event schedule.
  • Send playlist to DJ.
  • Contact any guests that have not RSVP’d.
  • Form a seating chart.
  • Attend a final dress/outfit fitting.
  • Purchase accessories.
  • Purchase wedding bands.

1-2 Weekshttps://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_39651.jpg

  • Confirm any remaining details with vendors (cake selection, arrival times, etc.)
  • Confirm seating arrangements.
  • Make a list of any individuals or groups that plan to dance at the Mehndi or would like to give a speech at the Shaadi.
  • Finalize event schedule, guest list and seating chart and send it to any necessary vendors.
  • Try on wedding and event outfits with accessories. (Break in your shoes!)
  • Get a manicure and pedicure before your henna is applied.
  • Double check that all guests have necessary accommodations.
  • Spend some quality time with family and friends!

One Day Left

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Organize anything that you may need or will be taking with you.
  • Make a list of all necessary makeup or accessories and check it off as you pack!
  • Select an individual to make final payments to vendors. Put the money in envelopes and label them.

Event Time!Pakistani wedding checklist

  • Get ready, smile, feel beautiful and enjoy your special day!

Above all, remember to relax and stay as organized as possible when planning your Pakistani wedding. These will be some of the most memorable days of your life! Plan well and enjoy every minute of your Pakistani wedding!

Download a Printable here: Pakistani Wedding Checklist

Wedding Spotlight: Ali and Rowan’s Multicultural Wedding

Multicultural WeddingIMG_7927

When we first met Ali and Rowan, we truly realized the meaning of good character and genuine kindness. Within our very first meeting with the beautiful couple, they showered us with compliments and described how they truly loved the quality of our work. They explained how they wanted to have the same excellence within their own wedding photography. Their passion was evident and made the planning of their multicultural wedding that much more exciting. Of course, they asked- we delivered.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Ali and Rowan’s multicultural wedding was held at the luxurious Hilton Phoenix-Mesa. It was the perfect culmination of three very distinct cultures- Pakistani, Afghan and Palestinian- that were joined together to witness multicultural weddingthe beautiful union of love. At the start of the evening, our female wedding photographer and videographer accompanied Rowan as she was getting ready for her special night. Simultaneously, our male photographer and videographer were with Ali as he prepared for the evening. Some of our favorite photos were of the intricate and detailed wedding shoes that the bride and groom wore. Meanwhile, the rest of our team was in the wedding hall, capturing memorable photos and videos of Ali and Rowan’s family and friends as they arrived to the even. The wedding venue was one of the nicest in the area and maintains a classy and elegant image on the exterior and interior- which makes for amazing wedding photos!

The couple chose a spectacular silver and white classy color palette that illuminated the wedding hall perfectly. Ali and Rowan’s faces were also enhanced by the elegant brightness that the color selection created. Rowan wore gorgeous wedding accessories that complimented her embroidered wedding gown. Her hijab sparkled along with it. Ali was adorned in an exquisite embroidered suit that had a silver and gray hue. The details of their wedding were multicultural weddingbreathtaking and unforgettable. From the smallest details of their attire to their elegant and theme worthy wedding cake, Ali and Rowan truly looked like royalty on their wedding night. Trust us, we have the photos to prove it!

To this day, our clients are impressed by the vibrancy and all around glamour of Ali and Rowan’s wedding. It remains as a Saiaf Films favorite because of the vivaciousness and thought put into the beauty of this multicultural wedding. Their love was infectious and truly showed in the passion they put into planning such a glorious event. Thank you Ali and Rowan for being such a captivating and inspiring couple! We will forever be inspired by your welcoming spirits and the beautiful unity we witness at your unforgettable multicultural wedding.

Wedding Spotlight: Houssein and Halima’s Palestinian Wedding

Houssein and Halima’s Palestinian Wedding: Phoenix Airport Marriott

  Palestinian weddingWe have nothing but great things to say about Houssein and Halima! These two were an absolute joy to be around. No matter where they were, they would bring joy and humor into the room. Their lighthearted and entertaining nature was infectious and made the day a blast! Houssein collects bobble heads and Halima speaks three languages. So of course, they were an exciting pair. In fact, the even had two bobble heads made of themselves to use as a wedding cake topper! Their Palestinian-Arab wedding was a beautiful and exciting event to capture.

The Ceremony & Reception

Their ceremony and reception were both held at the gorgeous picturesque Phoenix Airport Marriott. It was a gigantic 600 person extravaganza! On this epic night, both our male photographer and female photographer captured the eventful evening. Before their Palestinian wedding commenced, they got into their Rolls-Royce and drove to a gorgeous nearby park. There, we captured a palestinian weddingpre-wedding photo shoot. Their wedding attire was perfect and fit the theme of their day. One of our favorite moments was seeing how much Houssein made Halima laugh as they were spending quality time together by the lake at the park. Of course, one of our talented photographers captured these special and candid moments

When we arrived at the wedding hall, the bride and groom were greeted by family and friends. It was an amazing scene as everyone was clapping and welcoming the beautiful couple with song and dance during the Dabkeh. Of course, the dancing didn’t end there. In fact, it lasted all night long! The newlyweds and their friends and family really know how to have fun. It was a breathtaking scene at this Palestinian wedding when every person was on the dance floor at one time dancing to the enchanting traditional Arabic wedding music. It was a huge reunion of families coming together for a couple that brings life and excitement wherever they go.

Palestinian weddingIt was captivating to capture the memorable moments of this beautiful couple’s big day. We had an amazing time taking their family photos and attending their Palestinian wedding extravaganza! We’d like to congratulate Houssein and Halima on the birth of their daughter and we wish them a wonderful future together.