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How to Get Wedding-Ready Skin

When planning for your wedding, even if you’re working with a professional Sikh Wedding Planner, you will be under a huge amount of stress as deadlines loom and the big day gets closer. While this can put a strain on your mood and you may notice a change in your behaviour, this pressure can also take its toll on your skin without you realizing it.

That’s why it’s imperative that you get into the habit of nourishing and caring for your skin to ensure you look picture perfect on the biggest day of your life. The earlier you start your regime the better the results, with clear and luminous skin being your ultimate goal. Here are the key steps to make you the most beautiful subject of your Hindu Wedding Photographer Phoenix.

Eat to Get Pretty

Working from the inside out, your diet is a constant reminder that what you put into your body will impact on your external look. As such, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals will keep your skin in tip top condition, giving you that flawless skin that every Hindu Wedding Photographer Scottsdale would love to photograph. Omega 3 fatty acids, such as those found in salmon, mackerel and herring, are necessary for plump and supple skin. Leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli promote your iron intake, and sweet potatoes, tomatoes and walnuts also have their essential benefits. Green tea also boasts detoxifying properties with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as being known as a metabolic booster—just what you need if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, too!

And that’s not to say you can’t have a little treat now and again; dark chocolate with a high cocoa bean content contains vital antioxidants and red wine has been proven to reduce signs of ageing—when consumed in moderation, of course.


Ensure skin retains its healthy pH balance by maintaining hydration levels throughout the wedding planning process. Saiaf Films always advises couples, during outdoor engagement shoots as well as when doing other outdoor activities like running wedding errands, to bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. And also, follow your health provider’s advice to consume around 2 litres of water a day. Get into the habit now and you should easily maintain this routine after the big day, too. You sure want that healthy, glowing and supple skin to be caught on camera by your Indian Wedding Photographer California, don’t you?

Treat Your Skin

From signature spa sessions tailored precisely to your skin-type to DIY treatments applied at home, regular facials are both a luxury and necessity in the run up to your wedding day. Feed the skin with natural ingredients that won’t trigger sensitivity or cause irritation; stick with brands and products you know and have used before. Consult with your dermatologist before choosing your facial and determine the right procedure and ingredients for you.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you would want to look as perfect as you can be. While Saiaf Films can certainly bring out the best in every snap, play your part and take care of your skin for flawless and youthful look on your wedding photographs. You will thank yourself for the many years to come!

How to Achieve Natural Wedding Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, especially when the image captured is true, genuine and honest. Make natural wedding photography the focus of your special day, with these words of wisdom from Saiaf Films.

Keep posed and formal photos to a minimum

Concentration should center on natural photos that capture the emotions and moments, which make a wedding day so special. Photos should tell a story; there’s no creativity or uniqueness in just standing everyone in a line. And while an element of that will be apparent in most weddings, your Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer should still work hard to put people at ease in front of the camera in order to add a little character to the shots.

Get to know one another

Your relationship between you and your Phoenix Vietnamese Wedding Photographer is of great importance. If you don’t feel comfortable around one another, you will not feel relaxed and your photographer won’t be able to get the best out shots out of you. Spend time with each other in the months leading to your wedding day. Discuss their wants and needs while allowing your photographer’s insights in to your character and personalities.

Find the best spot

Sometimes the setting can play a huge part in affecting the mood of the photographer’s subjects. You may relax more when your Chandler Vietnamese Wedding Photographer takes you away from the throngs of people to a secluded area inside or outside the venue, where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. Similarly, guests may appear more natural during the cocktail hour following the ceremony. It takes an observant eye to monitor the wedding party’s behaviour in order to find the perfect setting for the best shot.

Be discreet

In order to capture those raw moments of emotion, Saiaf Films always emphasize that a good Bengal Wedding Photographer should be as unobtrusive as possible. Melting into the background and armed with a long lens, the couple shouldn’t even realise the photographer is there unless they need to be. By dressing in smart dress like the wedding guests, the photographer will blend into the crowd, snapping people when they are least expecting it.

The Beauty of ‘First Look’ Wedding Photography

Beautiful, romantic, classic, exciting, fun, emotional, memorable—these are just a few of the many words to describe weddings. However, there are also some who attach other words, like stressful, busy, pressure and nerve-wracking.

Perhaps, one of the stressful parts of a happy couple’s day centers around not seeing each other before the ceremony. According to tradition, the groom should wait to see his bride until the moment when the beautiful bride in all her glory walks down the aisle. This is an incredible moment full of emotion. This is the reason why Saiaf Films find this moment very exciting to capture.

However, the modern times have changed, and bridal couples slowly adapts to the new era of weddingtraditions and wedding photography. The “First Look” photography is a trend in today’s weddings that we are seeing more and more.

What is “First Look” Wedding Photography?

This is a special moment when the groom is able to see his bride for the first time before the ceremony. A South Asian Wedding Photographer will likely position the groom looking away over a field, at the end of a pier, beneath a tree or somewhere away from the direction where the bride will appear. Here at Saiaf Films, we aim to tell the story by capturing photos of the bride approaching the groom and then seeing both of their expressions as they see each other for the first time simultaneously. It is a romantic, magical, and a moment full of emotions.

This isn’t a replacement to the walking-down-the-aisle experience, but an addition to that moment. So, in essence, you are adding more photos of the day by getting a second special look instead of replacing it.

Benefits of “First Look” Photography

Here are some reasons why you should let your Indian Wedding Photographer Scottsdale snap a few “first look” photos of you:

• Adds more beautiful photos of your day
• Takes a bit of pressure off a hectic day
• Enjoy a few minutes to yourselves in a day where everyone is vying for your attention
• Spend more time with your family and guests for not having to rush for more photos after the ceremony (first-look photos often double as after-ceremony photos)
• Your Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago will have more time to capture more wonderful photos of guests with the extra time available
• Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your lives as a couple. It makes sense to spend more time with your significant other, doesn’t it?

So, to make sure that your first-look photos (as well as all your wedding photos) will catch all the genuine emotions, work with an experienced and reliable Sikh Wedding Photographer Arizona such as Saiaf Films.

Insider Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

All brides know how stressful it can get to plan a wedding. Blissful and beautiful, weddings have long-running history of increasing the stress on pretty much everyone involved. Although it may be overwhelming to plan a wedding, not every wedding has to be like that.

The key to a stress-free wedding day, of course, is knowing what to do to make things go as smoothly as possible both before and on your big day.

Hire a Wedding Planner

This should top the list. Having someone who is expert at weddings plan your wedding will reduce the stress big time! A professional South Asian Wedding Planner will keep you organized, guide you through every step of the planning and offer recommendations on the best vendors to hire, such as the best wedding live band, DJ and Indian Wedding Photographer.

Set a Budget Beforehand

Setting a budget for your wedding day may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many couples skip this step or—even worse—set unrealistic price goals and expectations. Prioritizing your absolute must-haves, like the wedding venue, your wedding caterer and your Sikh Wedding Photographer, will alleviate some of the financial stress that usually comes along with planning a wedding.

Work Closely with Your Photographer

Your wedding photographs will be the most important mementos you’ll have after your wedding, so make sure everything goes perfectly as planned with your photos. Take advantage of your engagement session to ensure you’ll have beautiful photos on your wedding day. According to Saiaf Films, an award-winning South Asian Wedding Photographer in Arizona, pre-wedding and engagement photo shoots help couples relax and be comfortable around their photographer. With multiple meetings and by doing your engagement session, you will relieve yourself from the stress of having to work with someone you barely know — and keeping awkwardly posed photos after the wedding!

However, if all else fails and you’re still on the verge of giving up, remember why you are planning that wedding in the first place—to marry the love of your life. That alone should be enough reason to keep you going and ensure that your wedding would be a beautiful one worth remembering.

5 Most Popular Wedding Photo Poses

Need some inspiration on your upcoming wedding photo shoot? Choosing great poses can easily take a good picture into an amazing image. In this article, we will share with you five of the most popular and essential wedding photography poses from the well-known Pakistani Wedding Photographer Arizona Saiaf Films.

1. The Basic Pose – This pose is always a must-have in any wedding photography. When executing the pose, make sure that you and your soon-to-be-spouse stand close to each other—no gaps between the bodies. Hands should be positioned somewhere other than just hanging by the sides. You can either hold hands or have the groom place his hands inside his pocket, while you the bride place your hand on your hip.

2. Hug One Arm – Hug your groom onto his biceps and place your other hand on his shoulder while casually leaning your face onto his shoulder. This portrays a much more relaxed pose than the first one mentioned above.

3. Forehead to Forehead – This is an intimate pose without the kiss. Touch your forehead with your groom’s forehead and keep your eyes closed. If your groom is a lot taller than you, use a chair or something to step on for added height to ask your groom to lean down until you’re similar in height. This is more likely a portrait shot, so what’s happening down won’t register in the photo anyway.

4. Meet Halfway – This photography pose is perfect for asymmetrical background. Stand face to face with your groom keeping distance of one to two feet. Then, lean forward with back straight and meet halfway in the middle for a sweet kiss. you can hold hands, so it won’t dangle at the sides awkwardly.

5. The Dip – This pose is one of Saiaf Films favourite romantic poses as it adds action and interest to a still image. To execute this, make sure that the groom uses his legs to give a sturdy base for the dip, and gently hold onto your groom’s neck as you do the action. As you bend backwards, hold one foot up suspending it just above the ground and provide assistance for balance.

There are a whole lot more of wedding poses popular among bridal couples. Take advices from your Desi Wedding Photographer to know the best poses for your wedding photos.

Creative Indian Wedding Photography

Creative Indian Wedding Photography


When it comes to Indian wedding photography, our team at Saiaf Films strives to not only capture the most important wedding moments- but to also capture them with our own sense of creativity. We are also on the lookout https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_59961.jpgfor eye-catching angles, dynamic reflection shots, unique backgrounds and different variations of lighting or color hues. We take pride in our passion for catching unforgettable and epic Indian wedding photography.

Our team has an impressive knack with photography techniques that are the perfect combination with our post-production talent. Our creativity carries all the way through to our professional photo editors who create stunning and unforgettable imagery of your Indian wedding. Here, our team shares our outlook on all the beautiful aspects of creative Indian wedding photography and what it takes to capture it!

The Detail Shots

We consider detail shots to be a very important aspect to Indian wedding photography. This category includes all the fine little details ranging from the jewelry and accessories, to the bouquet, all the way to the decor of your reception. From our experience, we prefer to capture the detail shots prior to the wedding ceremony and reception. During the day provides the best natural lighting and can create a gorgeous dynamic for detail shots. Ceremony and reception decor are best shot without the guests being present. We like to capture these details in a serene and unaltered state guaranteeing the bride and groom the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful detail of their wedding site.

Vibrant Colors

One of our favorite aspects of Indian wedding photography is the ability to capture the striking effect of the vibrant colors that are a part of Indian and multicultural weddings. Traditional Indian color palettes include eye catching reds, yellows, blues, greens, etc. It’s our goal to capture these hues in all their splendor. To do so, our team implements the use of state-of-the-art equipment along with HDR photography techniques that really draw out the color effect.


Indian Bride and Groom Photos
Our passion for this particular area goes without saying! We LIVE to capture epic Indian bride and groom shots and we get butterflies when we see them. From self portrait shots of the bride and groom themselves, to the totally amazing and loving photos of them together- we cherish creative Indian bride and groom shots. Of course, we love the traditional shots, but we really strive for the ones that take your breath away. We like the ones that show the raw passion or love for each other, or the shots that combine a stunning backdrop with an epic pose. Whether it’s day or night, our team has the ability to capture the romantic mood and ambiance that tie into beautiful bride and groom Indian wedding photography.


Want to check out some more examples of our favorite creative Indian wedding photography? Check out our photo gallery for some the spectacular shots our team has captured!

The Basics of a Mehndi Event

The Basics of a Mehndi Event

  If you are planning a South Asian wedding, or you have been invited to one, chances are- you will be attending a mehndi or henna celebration. A mehndi is a very exciting and meaningful moment where mehndithe bride has her hands painted with henna designs. Whereas, it’s not as big as the wedding, it is still an important- and sometimes extravagant- event. The events and festivities may differ depending on the couple and their family traditions, but they all follow the same guidelines.

At Saiaf Films, we specialize in traditional and multicultural weddings. That being the case, we have an enormous amount of experience with mehndi photography and capturing all the beautiful moments that tie in with these cultural events. Here, we would like to share the basics of Mehndi and Henna events so you can prepare and enjoy it to it’s fullest.

Mehndi Attire and Style

Traditionally, a mehndi is performed at a decently large scale. Depending on the couple’s preference, there may be a large guest list or it may be a more intimate affair. But no matter the size, the attire usually centers around bright, vibrant and colorful outfits. Green and yellow hues are a traditional pick for a mehndi, but reds and purples are popular as well. Extravagant and eye catching accessories and jewelry are standard as well. Just be sure to wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in as dancing will take place!


Events & Celebrations

Normally, a mehndi involves an enormous and incredibly exciting amount of dancing. Whether you choose to watch or participate, this is a very fun and entertaining part of this event. If you are planning the mehndi for your own wedding, make sure you elect to have a lot of upbeat and exciting music. There will usually be choreographed dance performances followed by open dancing for the friends and family. For our Mehndi photographers and videographers, this is always a very memorable and exciting moment to capture.

Depending on the couple’s cultural or beliefs, there may be a variety of rasms that will be performed for the bride and groom. These are also very meaningful and monumental moments for the mehndi photographers to capture. Most of these traditions have been passed down for centuries and are very important to the bride, groom and their families.

Back in the day, the mehndi was usually an event where the bride would have her henna applied. These days, some couples elect to have the mehndi done the day before the wedding- that way the bride can enjoy the other celebrations and festivities without ruining the henna application. But, like many traditions, this varies depending on the couple’s beliefs or preferred traditions.

There’s no doubt, mehndi nights are among the most eventful and fun-filled events of multicultural weddings. It is the perfect time to enjoy your friends and family while paying respect to the union of the bride and groom. These events are exciting and meaningful and amongst our favorite to capture on film. So whether you are planning to attend or host a mehndi, be ready for exciting traditions and lots of fun!

Wedding Spotlight: Loveen and Merin’s South Asian Wedding

South Asian Wedding In Scottsdale, AZ

  When our team at Saiaf Films first met Loveen and Merin, we were completely intrigued by their warm, welcoming South Asian Weddingand genuine nature. As multicultural wedding photographers, our crew has an impressive background in the variety of events that accompany a multicultural wedding. Loveen and Merin’s wedding event included all the wonderful details of a South Asian wedding. Our South Asian wedding photographers were there to capture Loveen’s Henna night, to the intimate Mehndi and all the way through to the night of their South Asian wedding.

We arranged to meet her at her home in Scottsdale, Arizona where we be capturing the moments during her Henna night.We were so excited to be apart of her Henna as it is always a very meaningful moment for a bride to take part in before her wedding day. Henna is a popular South Asian wedding tradition. It involves a detailed Henna application for the bride to not only provide a beautiful design on her wedding, but also for her to relax and feel peace on her special day. Henna is said to have calming properties that contribute to this. Our South Asian wedding IMG_4500-Edit1photographers and videographers are skilled at capturing the details of the Henna with our impressive state-of-the-art high definition cameras.

Loveen and Merin’s wedding events also included a beautiful and intimate Mehndi night. This particular event included only their closest family members which created a memorable occasion to capture on film. We were able to capture each candid moment that Loveen shared with the wonderful people closest to her. The photos and video that our skilled team captured of the Mehndi were crisp, clear and beautifully detailed.

Their elegant South Asian wedding was held at the Double Tree Resort in Phoenix, AZ. It was a glorious spectacle of colors and the bride and groom radiated beauty and happiness as they enjoyed their South Asian wedding event. We were so blessed that Loveen and her family chose our team to cover their amazing three day event. Thank you Loveen and Merin and we wish you the best of luck in your wonderful future.

Wedding Spotlight: Sunthar and Preeth’s South Asian Engagement Photo Shoot

  South Asian Engagement Photo ShootSunthar and Preeth first contacted Saiaf Films when they were in search of a South Asian wedding videographer and photographer for their beautiful and elegant Hindu Wedding in San Tan Valley, Arizona. At first, we talked to the couple by phone for their pre-wedding consultation in order to understand exactly what type of style they wanted for their wedding photos and videography. indexThey were impressed and enthusiastic about our work and were excited to schedule their engagement photo shoot.

We didn’t meet Sunthar and Preeth in person until the day of their engagement photo shoot. The second we saw them, we knew they were all about style and class! They were a gorgeous couple that radiated elegance. They selected a vibrant and green scenery in Scottsdale that created the perfect backdrop to their engagement photos. The fashionable couple was adorned with classy outfits that enhanced their impressive appearance. Their clothing choices were an excellent selection as it created a great contrast against the rustic backdrop.

2During the second portion of their engagement photo shoot, Preeth wore a traditional Hindu wedding outfit that inspired our team to focus on the vibrant colors that highlighted the gorgeous couple. With the beautiful green setting and the rustic elegance of the surrounding architecture, this particular spot has become a favorite for the Saiaf Films team. The exposed brick background created a picturesque modern flare. The second location was lush and green which enhanced the couple’s selected colors.

Vibrant colors were the theme for this South Asian couple- as it usually is for most traditional weddings. On the day of their elegant wedding, Sunthar and Preeth carried on with their colors and dynamic elegance. Our team was able to capture the beauty of their memorable day. The couple was exciting and there was never a dull moment. Thank you Sunthar and Preeth for allowing our team to capture your incredible flare and class on film!

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