Posing Techniques for Your Solo Portraits

Your wedding is, indeed, about you as a couple. But there are also times when your Best Chandler Asian Wedding Photographer would ask you to pose solo on portraits. These portraits highlight the beautiful bridal look of the bride and the masculinity of the groom. To help you perfect these important part of your wedding photography, here are some tips from the Chandler Most Affordable Wedding Videographer, Saiaf Films.

For the Subject

1. Aim to Flatter: When having your formal portraits taken, stand partially sideways to the camera, not full-front straight on. Bring one foot in front of the other, point toes towards the camera, and bring majority of your weight on the back foot. Pull your head slightly forward and tilt a bit on one side to diminish appearance of double chin. Also, you would look much slimmer when photographed from an elevated point, so you may want to ask your photographer to step up on a chair for these shots.

2. Tag Someone Along: Bring your sister or one of your bridesmaids who you can talk to and make you feel comfortable during your photo shoot. Much better if you tag along your funniest bridesmaid. Remember that there’s nothing more attractive than a genuine laugh, and it could only be achieved when you feel comfortable on set.

3. Do not fight anxiety. Everybody gets nervous on a photo shoot, especially if you’re not used to posing in front of the cam. So, instead of forcing a smile in every shot, let yourself feel the jitters. Let your Chandler Cultural Wedding Photography catch you welling up with your mother or anxiously staring outside the window. Your real emotions will make your wedding photographs even more meaningful.

For the Photographer

4. Start with good posture. As their Best Wedding Videography in Chandler Arizona, it is your job to make your subject look great in photos. Any pose, no matter how brilliant in theory, crumbles without a solid foundation. Asking your subjects to purposely mind their posture not only makes them look taller, but also effectively highlights the most flattering curves and angles of their body.

5. Create confidence. Emphasize confidence in your subject by asking them to establish a strong and dignified pose. Empowering them to feel confident in their pose will in turn project a sense of self-assurance through your photos.

6. Give the hands something to do for more natural-looking photos. For instance, they can hold their bouquet in a loose, easy grip or pick up their dress to show movement. Show the palms or backside of the hands to exude strength, and ask them to curl their fingers slightly for a softer look.

7. Position the Face. The position of the face—especially when shooting portraits or close-ups—definitely has visual impact. Taking a photo from above your subjects’ eye level will make their faces appear slimmer, which is why it’s such a universally-flattering go-to. The shadows that this angle produces give your photo a sense of drama.

Common Photography Mistakes of Amateur Wedding Photographers

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment in people’s lives, and its photography is probably the most important of this grand event. But for an amateur photographer that has little to no experience, it can be a nerve-wracking moment. The bride and groom are relying on you to provide them with the Best Glendale Affordable Wedding Photography that they can look back on forever, which means the stakes are very high, and mistakes can be incredibly costly.

Amateur photographers often run into the same kinds of problems when it comes to the big day—from having difficulty with the levels of exposure to forgetting the best types of shots to use. Here are the most common problems that amateur wedding photographers come across.

Forgetting the Important Shots

The Best Glendale Asian Wedding Photographer knows every shot to take, when to exactly take it and what tricks to make for those important shots look perfect. However ,it’s all too easy for amateur photographers to forget which kinds of shots to take, rushing the process and concentrating so much on how to make images look perfect instead of candidly capturing moments away, missing out fleeting important moments like the first kiss as husband and wife or that teary moment of the bride and father dance.

Chaotic Group Shots

An amateur photographer can find it hard to gather big groups of people together correctly for the best shots, unlike the Most Affordable Wedding Videographer Glendale who has systematic, proven and tested ways of gathering everyone. By the time you’ve assembled everyone together, you also have the task of making sure they’re facing the right way, smiling and looking at the camera. This can be intimidating, and it’s easy for group shots to turn a bit chaotic if taken by someone with no experience.


Nice, clean backgrounds are always the aim as a messy one will distract from the focus. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, but just remember that taking your pictures in front of an untidy bush in the church garden won’t give off the best results.

The bride’s dress is the centrepiece of the day, and choosing the dress has probably been one of the biggest decisions in planning the whole wedding. Unfortunately, a bright white dress is also very hard to photograph, and it becomes all too easy to over or underexpose shots.

Equipment Failure

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. There’s going to come a time when you accidentally drop the camera, or it stops working, or your memory card could even fill up and you’re left without a spare. An amateur photographer is unlikely to have the right backup equipment to fall back on, and this is where you really see the advantages of hiring the Best Wedding Videographer in Glendale Arizona who has two sets of gear.

These mistakes are often seen at weddings where a professional photographer hasn’t been hired. When it comes to your wedding you get what you pay for, and should never compromise on price – the main concern should be having photos that will last a lifetime.

5 Ways to Arrive at Your Asian Wedding in Style

Asian weddings are notorious for being grand, flamboyant, colourful and incredibly festive—they are a feast for the senses. With all the excitement that goes on, it can be all too easy to lose the bride and groom in the commotion. That’s why, we here at Saiaf Films, recommend to include a well-planned and highly anticipated arrival of the bride and groom.

Here are just a few of the impressive and photogenic ways that you and your future spouse can arrive at your wedding in head-turning style:

On Non-Traditional Wheels

While arriving on a car is customary, why not switch things up a bit and arrange to be brought to your venue on a quadbike, motorcycle or a vintage or even luxury car? Keeping things unique and a little more quirky is perfect for your wedding day—and an excellent photo opportunity with your Multicultural Mesa Wedding Photographer.

On a Horse

There has been a trend growing in people choosing to make their grand entrance on animals (or carriages carried by animals), and while an elephant would be extravagant (to say the least), a horse dressed in beautiful shawls and colours is a great alternative for any Asian wedding. Just be sure to check with your chosen venue beforehand, if they allow any large animal in their vicinity.

From the Sky

If you have bigger budget and a venue that has little extra room to accommodate it, hiring a helicopter could be the ultimate treat to delight and excite your expectant guests—not to mention how dramatic it would be for your Scottsdale Best Wedding Videographer to capture this grand entrance. A helicopter will also allow you to get a bird’s eye view of your venue and your entire party, which will get you excited for the day ahead.

With a Dance

What better way to surprise and thrill your guests than with a flash mob leading your way into your own wedding party? A flash mob allows your guests to see dance on a huge scale and if you become a part of the event, you are sure to be the talk of the night for a long while to come. A dance mob entrance also makes a fun and festive part for your Mesa Best Wedding Videography.

In Confetti

But of course, a grand entrance doesn’t have to be costly and this couldn’t be proven to be more with our final idea of incorporating your entrance with confetti of flower petals, leaves or even lavender for sweet aromatic entrance. If you can imagine making a grand entrance in rose petals droppings as you approach your ceremony venue? It will really make your guests take notice and a grand moment for your Scottsdale Affordable Wedding Photography to capture.

The Process of Using Mood Boards for Your Engagement Session Prep

Your engagement photoshoot is the first of the many photography sessions you will be having throughout your wedding. And, like everything in life, for the best results, you have to do a bit of research and preparation.

Good thing there are mood boards! Choosing outfits, hair styles, locations and even poses can now easily be searched and pinned to these inspiration boards. Here at Saiaf Films, we share to you the process how you can use mood boards to ensure smooth synergy with your Multicultural Tempe Wedding Photographer.

1. Create Boards

We want to be on the same page as you are to achieve exactly what you are looking for. We want these images to portray and represent you as a couple, as well as your individual personalities coming together. In light of that, we encourage you to do some fun homework. Search and save sample photos that you like from the internet, blogs, Pinterest, websites, online magazines, etc. Feel free to also search and save photos that you absolutely DON’T like as well. Knowing what you DON’T like is equally important for us, too!

2. Add Comments

Using the sample photos you’ve saved, create a (private) Pinterest Board. Add a short comment to each photo stating why or what you exactly like (or don’t like) in each image, whether it be the poses, style, props, vibe or lighting. The more specific you are in your description, the more your Tucson Wedding Photography can customize for you.

3. Ask for Photographer’s Input

Once your board is set, share it to your Tempe Most Affordable Wedding Videographer so they can study it. Ask for their inputs, answer any of their questions pertaining to your preferred style and be open to their ideas and suggestions. Over email, or better yet over a cup of coffee, discuss, brainstorm and talk through ideas and potential locations for your engagement session.

4. Schedule Your Session

Next, schedule your session to allow for the maximum use of the ‘golden hours’ before sunset, and for that reason, your timeliness that day is very important! Ideally, we want to shoot during the last two to three hours before sunset.

5. Plan for Props

Bring props that represent you individually or as a couple, and we will incorporate them into our session for some added personalization and personality. We love props and they sure make photos look more interesting, so give this one some thought as it might require pre-planning and shopping.

7 Things Every Wedding Photographer Should Know

Do you want to become a successful Affordable Wedding Photographer in Tempe? Having the best photography gear is only the first step. There’s a lot you need to know in order to capture wedding photos like a professional. In this guide, we’ll share 7 things every photographer should know before going to shoot a wedding ceremony.

Mind the Dress Code

All too often, wedding photographers don’t consider dress code as important as it should be. Wearing casual clothes on meetings before the wedding is acceptable, but wearing the same style on weddings is a no-no. Even if it’s a casual beach wedding. You are there as the Best Surprise South Asian Wedding Videographer, so dress like one.

Always Have a Backup

You should always carry a backup camera, lenses, memory cards, flash, and any other necessary gadget. If you can’t spend on getting a backup of everything, consider renting equipment until you can.

Another option to raise funds is to rent out your own photography gear. This will also connect you with other wedding photographers in town, and you may get more work on combined projects.

Shoot with an Assistant

Reaching out to other Best Tempe Asian Wedding Photography is a great way to network professionally. You can ask for the favor of becoming your second photographer, and then act as the second photographer in their events in return.

Be Alert and Act Fast

Wedding photographers need to pay attention and be quick to capture fleeting moments, which will surely make the couple happy when they see the wedding album later. We recommend you to use longer lenses to shoot details of a wedding from a distance.

Agree on the Details in Advance

Couples often demand extra poses during the wedding shoot, which may eat up a lot more time than you planned. It is better to sign a photography contract with the number of poses for the bride and groom separately. Agreeing on the details in advance will help you and your client to know exactly what to expect before the shoot.

Consider Using Fun Props

It’s a great idea to bring props for the couple, bridesmaids, groomsmen and even for the family. Using these props, you can add humor and inspiration to the wedding photos, because too much serious posing can make the photos dull.

Use Natural Lighting

For the most professional results, it’s important to know how to shoot a wedding without a flash. Photography lighting is very important in weddings. You should practice shooting the wedding with natural lights. It helps to understand shadow details and camera settings for low light.

5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You to Stop Doing

Your Best Multicultural Scottsdale Wedding Photographer has a big responsibility on their shoulders: to capture one of the most significant and heavily photographed occasions of your life.

But unless you’re a photographer by profession, it’s easy to forget that the person you’re trusting to capture that very important celebration is a trained professional who’s working while you party.

With that in mind, here are some tips from our wedding photographers here at Saiaf Films for getting amazing photos of your special day—mostly by not doing the following. Couples, planners, and guests, we’d love it if you’d take note. 😉

1. Problematic Color Combinations

You can’t go wrong with classic color palettes. There are no colors that look nice in real life but photograph badly. However, if both of you are wearing all white, you should make your whites look coordinated. Wearing different shades of white can make one look dingy in photos. In engagement sessions, too much print from your outfits can make the photo look chaotic and distracting.

2. We’re Not Mind Readers

Figure out what you want before you hire a Peoria Most Affordable Wedding Videographer—and be realistic about what they can (and can’t) do. Some couples want tons of candid shots; others want a series of posed family portraits. Your photographer won’t know which kinds of photos are most important to you unless you tell them.

3. Questioning Whether You Even Need a Professional

Trust us: you do! Owning an iPhoneX does not make you a photographer. Wedding photography is expensive. A lot of people, when they first shop for the Best Cultural Peoria Wedding Photography, they’re shocked at the prices. There’s a good reason we’re charging those prices. Good photography doesn’t come from good cameras—it comes from good photographers: someone who knows how to use light and has a creative eye. Nothing compares to that.

4. Insisting on Particular Poses

It’s often hard to recreate them exactly, because of different circumstances, lighting, or even a height difference between the couple that makes a certain pose not work. Every couple and their body movement have their natural beauty. Your photographer might not tell you, but he would have studied your facial features and contours. Furthermore, styled poses look amazing, breath-taking, and picture-perfect—on couples who are professional models. But with our years of experience with most couples we’ve worked with, we have realized that most prefer their shoots to look and feel natural and intimate while having fun in a casual laid back setting.

5. Asking for Very Specific Shot List

A wedding day is filled with unique, emotional, unexpected moments. The best thing a couple can do is research to find a Scottsdale Arizona Best Wedding Videography that best fits your style and establish a strong rapport with them. The more we know, the better we can create images to your liking! Aside from a list of must-have family formals, we would also encourage ‘photographer freedom’ to create images specific to that wedding. Rather than attempting to recreate something they’ve seen done before, your images can become the new trend-setting photographs.

How an Engagement Session Can Improve Your Wedding Photography Experience

Did you know every single wedding package we offer here at Saiaf Films includes a complimentary engagement session?

The truth is: We love engagement photographs. They are among our favorite parts of the entire wedding planning process.

Engagement sessions with your Most Affordable Glendale Wedding Photographer can make or break your photography experience. We truly believe that they are SO important not only for documenting the entire wedding, but also for improving how you feel in front of the camera.

1. You Learn How to Pose

Every Scottsdale Best Wedding Videographer is different. Their shooting-style, editing, process and most importantly, in this instance, their preferred poses. Some photographers incorporate prompts that allow for natural, candid photos, while others will tell you EXACTLY what to do with your arms, hands, legs, face, eyes, etc. Either way, it’s important to feel comfortable posing with your wedding photographer and learn how their process works.

2. You Get Comfortable Being Photographed Together

How often do you go out in the middle of a field and snuggle together while someone takes your pictures? Unless you are professional models, the answer is probably never. Being photographed as a couple is not an everyday kind of stuff; it takes getting used to to look nice and natural in photos.

3. Engagement Sessions Help Save Time on the Actual Wedding Day

Learning your photographer’s style and knowing your flattering angles and poses in advance allows your Glendale Arizona Best Wedding Videography to take pictures quickly on the wedding day, rather than wasting time instructing or teaching you how to pose. We have run into instances where we only have 10 minutes with a couple on their wedding day due to running late and getting behind schedule. Thanks to the engagement session, we were still able to capture tons of images with variation, because the couple was prepared and familiar with how having their images works.

4. You Can Use the Photos as Additional Wedding Day Decor

There is something really tacky about using a smartphone selfie on a Save-The-Date, right? That beauty deserves a professional photograph. As does your wedding website, wedding decors, or even your Grandmother’s fridge magnet!

5. They’re Fun

Engagement sessions are fun. It’s fun to dress up. It’s fun to get to know your photographer. It’s fun to just frolic, be all giddy and in love. It’s fun to laugh together. It’s fun to enjoy this season of life. It’s fun to have the Best Scottsdale Wedding Photography follow you around with a fancy camera, rather than a friend with an iPhone taking photos of you, all looking awkward.

Capturing the Essence of an Asian Wedding

Asian weddings are always an extravagant family affair. Draped in tradition, every wedding is unique and filled with unique beauty that deserves to be captured in complete clarity and with passion and care. Here at Saiaf Films, we understand the importance of every part of Asian wedding and will do our utmost to ensure that you get the service you deserve.

So, how do we capture an Asian wedding, and why you should trust our expertise to do exactly that?

What Do We Do?

When it comes to capturing your big day, our experienced photographers and videographers know very well what moments to anticipate, making sure that important events are captured as they unfold naturally. The photography style we offer captures every beautiful, natural moment with ease, with no control, forced expressions or staged situations.

Being among the Best Gilbert Multicultural Wedding Photography teams, we understand that the wedding day is the biggest and the most life-changing moments of your life, and with the effort that has gone into ensuring that everything is perfect, your photographs are a valuable keepsake to keep everything fresh in your memories forever.

Moments might be fleeting, but the memories will last you a lifetime, and with our silent, subtle photography style, we will capture even the most unexpected moments of your big day. Our simple and creative, but undoubtedly distinctive, images are fuelled by passion for what we do, and for our desire of ensuring the beauty of every client’s wedding is captured beautifully.

What Do We Offer?

Many photographers can easily get caught up in posing the perfect photo, and we understand that the last thing you want to do on your big day is spend hours being directed to pose in unnatural ways. As an Affordable Mesa Wedding Photographer, we have our ways in capturing all the right moments without needing to stage a single moment. And even if we do, the couple and family shots that we stage are designed to look perfectly natural.

We have the knowledge and the expertise, not only how to capture each moment, but also in the traditions that any Asian wedding has. We know what moments are the most important and need to be captured with the utmost care and compassion. We are dedicated not only to our craft, but to our clients and the couples that we work with. We know how special your day is, and we want to do everything we can to ensure you have stunning photographs that tells a story—a story you will cherish for a lifetime.

Every Wedding is Unique

Asian weddings can last for several days and we’re aware of that. Each wedding is unique, and as a result, each photography session will be, too. From portrait shots to wedding video, we understand that each day of an Asian wedding is different and we want to work closely with you to use that to both yours and our advantage. It’s your special day, and we know that you want the Best Mesa Cultural Wedding Videographer who listens, so we do exactly that. We guarantee to grant your wishes for your wedding video and photos, while also incorporating our expertise to ensure the best product for you.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of an insight into how we work to capture each and every stunning moment of your wedding. The effort and love that goes into every wedding deserves the Best Gilbert South Asian Wedding Videography team with just as much care and love, and here at Saiaf Films, we aim to provide exactly that every time.

5 Money-Saving Tips for a Wedding on a Budget

Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful even if you have unlimited funds. Now can you imagine trying to do it on a budget?

It’s true that there are people who just happen to be able to host the most outrageous parties on almost no money. But these don’t come easy, you need to be crafty and creative. How? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Buy an Off-the-Rack Wedding Dress

Although it might be almost every bride’s dream to don a designer wedding gown in their Glendale Wedding Photography, sometimes, the cost of getting one could cost an arm and a leg. It’s okay to compromise on the designer, but not the style and class of dress. Nobody will know the brand or the designer of the dress when it’s already on photos anyway.

One of the best ways to do this is to visit sample sales. Once a season comes to an end, trendy bridal designers and salons usually sell their gowns at a deeply discounted price off the rack.

2. Consider E-Invites

Almost everyone has a smartphone and/or computer nowadays. Instead of sending out hundreds of handcrafted invitations that will end up in the trash anyway, why not send out a virtual one? If you have the contact information for everyone you intend to invite, simply have someone design a gorgeous wedding e-invite and send it out to them.

You can have a few hard copies printed out for special guests, but everyone else won’t mind e-invites. They serve the purpose and they are convenient for both parties. Additionally, sending a WhatsApp message is much cheaper and faster than sending out wedding invitations through the post.

3. Book Your Guests in the Nearby Hotel

To significantly reduce transportation costs, you need to take care of this from the start. When choosing a venue for the celebration, consider its vicinity and check if there are hotels nearby. Booking accommodations for your guests in the walking distance from the event eliminates the need for hiring transportation service.

4. Let Family and Friends Pitch In

This doesn’t mean having a friend with DSLR camera be your official Phoenix Wedding Photographer (more of this on the next item). We mean instead of asking for wedding gifts you can use after the wedding, why not fill your registry and let your guests know that you’d appreciate more if they can get you gifts that you can use DURING the wedding, like flowers, bridesmaid dresses, food, or just monetary assistance? Just make sure to confirm with everyone who will be bringing something before the wedding date.

5. Have Your Wedding Photos and Video Shot by the Same Vendor

Scrunching on your Phoenix Arizona Best Wedding Videography does not mean having your friend shot your photos and video—unless, of course, if your friend is a professional wedding photographer. Wedding photographers like us, offer wedding packages that include both photography and videography services. These packages often come in different prices, so couples can choose one that will suit their budget. But no matter what, never let an inexperienced shot your most special day if you do not want the only remembrance you will have on your wedding be ruined forever.

Traditional Asian Wedding Photography Setting

When it comes to Asian wedding photography, the settings of each photo are often just as important as the bride and groom themselves. From stunning scenery to barely any background at all, the range of settings for a traditional Asian photograph are simple, yet effective at capturing the beauty of the big day. Here at Saiaf Films, we’ve decided to take a deeper look into what some of the most popular traditional scenes for the Best Tempe Asian Wedding Photographer really are.


The use of lights and lighting in the Gilbert Asian Wedding Photography is arguably the most traditional point on our list. Warm, incandescent lights are highly common at Asian weddings, but this can be difficult to shoot without experience and technical knowledge. For a traditional feel to the photographs, however, there’s – debatably – nothing better. Well, aside from perhaps the use of candles. Candles are notorious for creating a romantic, relaxed atmosphere, and what better for a wedding of any kind? Utilising this in the photos helps bring in an intimate feel to each photograph. Add in a portable light and you can create just the right lighting for your shot without giving up any of the atmosphere.

No Setting

As this post is about traditional wedding scenery, you may be a little confused as to why there’s ‘no setting’. Plain or limited backgrounds are particularly useful when taking portrait photographs. The clothing, accessories and make-up involved in a traditional Asian wedding are often intricate, detailed and stunning, so a plain background can help bring the focus onto the subject of the photo as opposed to the background. The details stand out far more, making it the perfect photography style for portraits.

Grand Locations

Wedding venues can be expensive, so utilising the space in every way is ideal for the Flagstaff Best Wedding Videography. When it comes to taking photos and videos of the happy couple, or even the family members, using key features of the venue they’ve chosen cannot only give them the best shots, but remind them for years to come of the beautiful location of their wedding. Many Asian weddings are blessed with stunning decoration to rival even the bride’s dress, so bringing them into the photographs for a visually stunning image that has a traditional feel.

The Outdoors

If you truly want a traditional shot, using the outdoors can work to your advantage, especially at venues with stunning gardens. Foliage and a beautiful blue sky are timeless, so if the happy couple are lucky enough to have the right venue and the best weather, capturing the right setting is simple! Open spaces make for perfect family photos for big congregations, and pathways and venue features can make interesting additions to couple portraits.


As with any wedding, the family and guests are usually one of the biggest highlights of a wedding – so use them! Including family in photographs, or groups of smiling guests can not only fill the background of the photos, but can create warmth to the photos. Family is an important value in any Asian culture, so capturing the bride and groom’s loved ones naturally enjoying the day in the background is essential.

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