5 Wedding Trends in 2020

As hard as it is to believe, 2019 is about to end. We will all say hello to 2020 very very soon and start a new chapter of fun and unique trends in the wedding industry. And do you know what that means? A whole new crop of incredible wedding themes and photo opportunities that many sacramento sikh wedding photographers would love, of course!

Couples continue to get more and more creative each year, putting unique twists on old favorites and elevating current themes to fit a more modern look. From desert chic to tropical opulence, these five wedding themes will be everywhere in 2020.


Desert chic is a perfect theme for boho brides who want to add elegance to a desert landscape. This theme is all about enhancing the natural surroundings with colors that either complement or make a bold statement to stand out. It’s a little less Southwest-inspired and more city-inspired but with a totally organic feel. Your wedding photos will effortlessly look stunning even with just a little effort from your most affordable california sikh wedding photographer.


When we say a “wanderlust” themed wedding, we don’t just mean adding travel-inspired decor. (That is, of course, a beautiful option that we here at Saiaf Films still love!) The wanderlust theme for 2020 will be less about the decor and more about embracing an epic locale. Think weddings on cliffs, overlooking mountains, or in the heart of downtown city streets. These are the weddings that, when you see in photos, instantly make you want to jump on a plane to anywhere—a great opportunity for your california sikh wedding photography. It speaks to the experiences-over-materials trend that’s growing in every aspect of life, and it’s definitely producing some seriously swoon-worthy weddings!


Don’t worry, retro weddings are still very much a thing! But couples are adding a rock and roll edge to their ’70s-inspired weddings, and we are here for it! In addition to retro palettes, they are combining vintage and country decor, nudie and leather details, and classic elements to evoke this golden era of time and music.


California cool can mean so many different things to different people. So, for 2020 weddings, we’re seeing California cool as fresh and elegant. Elegant winery settings, all-white weddings attire and decor, and luxurious floral designs are all part of creating this look. So, it’s elegant without all the fuss.


Yes, you heard that right! Tropical opulence is going to be such a huge trend for weddings in 2020 that it needed its own word! So, what is ‘tropulence’ exactly? It’s luxurious and lavish with a tropical twist. So, while the organic and natural feel of boho tropical weddings will never go out of style, tropical opulence takes it one step further with gold accents, lush florals, and luxurious textures, offering majestic photography chances for your most affordable california sikh wedding photographer.

3 Ways The Right Light Can “Beautify” Anyone

Photography is all about playing with light and shadows. The way you illuminate your subject will decide your results. Using the right photographic technique can certainly make a lot of difference in your wedding photographs. Even if you’re not a professional Texas Muslim Wedding Photographer and you only use your camera on weekends, you still want to take best pictures. Here’s why you should always get the lighting right for the most beautiful wedding photos.

1. Light highlights things we want to showcase.

By using light to select the things you want to show off in a portrait, you are taking control over your own magic act. The Best Texas Muslim Wedding Photography who makes amazing images has learned to master this technique. And remember, your choice of what to highlight also plays into what you are choosing not to highlight.

2. Fill light can fill in blemishes

One of the areas people struggle with on a personal level are signs of aging. Our skin goes through wear and tear—thanks to pollution and stressful life experiences—and it normally leaves us looking pretty wrinkly in photos if not lighted properly.

Wrinkles, acne, scars, birth marks, and so on can all be accentuated by poor lighting. Or, you can use light to fill in these spots by reducing emphasis (through use of soft lighting) or eliminating shadows that make them stand out more in a photo (through use of fill lighting).

3. Natural light makes more room for better editing

Normally, photo editing gets a bad rep because it instantly makes people think about airbrushing people until they are skinny like models and have the most picture perfect skin that would make anyone jealous. While this is certainly one route you can go as a Muslim Texas Wedding Videographer you’re your photo editing, it can also be used in smaller and more subtle ways.

As long as you capture the images in the most natural light possible, editing the color, lightness, depth, saturation and many more would be easier and looks natural with a naturally lighted photo.

The Bottom Line

With the right light and photography techniques, you can create beautiful wedding photos again and again.

You can make literally anyone look and feel beautiful. It’s this essence of wedding photography that keeps us coming back for more – the ability to spread something positive, share the beauty and essence of love by showcasing people’s emotions in their best form by using light and a bit of camera skill.

Lighting Styles to Improve Your Wedding Portraits

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of wedding photography. You could have the most amazing emotional moment, but if it’s in bad light, then you’re not going to see it properly in the photos. Bad light can cause an image to be too grainy or create shadows that are too harsh.

As a California Sikh Wedding Photographer, we never want to dictate the timeline of the wedding day, but we’d love to share a few tips to help you plan for lighting at different times during your wedding day that will make your photos extra gorgeous.

Natural Light vs. Artificial Light

In our experience here at Saiaf Films, natural light tends to be the “easiest” light to work with. This is because you can actually see the impact the light has on a person with your eyes very easily, and what you are seeing ends up being reflected pretty accurately by the camera.

Artificial light is much more challenging. There are many things that make it tougher, but these three are the most prominent:

• Ambient lighting produces unwanted color casts, impacting a person’s skin tone pretty significantly.
• It can be difficult, at times, to judge how much light is actually being projected onto a person. Unlike sunlight, ambient light can be trickier to understand how much it’s really illuminating things in the environment.
• With flash, photographers can struggle to understand how exactly it is working and how to adjust their settings because we only see the result after a photo is taken.

However, the good news is that it’s still possible to take beautiful portraits both in natural and artificial light environments. The Best California Sikh Wedding Photography can even mix the two to get amazing results.

Harsh Light vs. Soft Light

Harsh light is bright and directional lighting that produces strong shadows and well defined lines. In natural lighting outdoors, it is the type of light you would most often experience during the middle of the day.

Soft light is more evenly distributed and diffused. This type of light is more readily available in the shade, on overcast and cloudy days, and regularly on a daily basis during the golden hour. And because of this, this is the lighting style that a California Most Affordable Sikh Wedding Videographer and photographer love to shoot in.

Shadows & Highlights

Even if this is your first day being exposed to photography concepts, you are already going to be well aware of what shadows and highlights are just from day-to-day living. The challenge becomes understanding how these things play a role in your portrait work.

Shadows are the dark areas of a scene that cannot be reached by the light. Highlights are the bright areas of the scene that are fully touched by the light.

In portrait photography, shadows and highlights play a really significant role. The direction of the light can give (or minimize) emphasis on certain parts of a person because of where highlights and shadows end up falling.

The bottom line is that the trick with lighting is to learn when to use different arrangements to the benefit of your subject.

4 Things Brides Regret the Most about Their Wedding Photography

Just because most couples will tell you that their weddings were the best days of their lives don’t mean they don’t have regrets. Here, we share to you some of the biggest regrets of our brides here at Saiaf Films and what they would have done differently if they could go back and have a do-over.

Not Doing a First Look

Arguably one of the biggest regrets that brides have is opting out of a first look. We are a big fan of the ‘first look,’ and we’ll tell you why. For one, it offers you a moment of peace with your soon to be spouse. Consider foregoing the traditional idea that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the ceremony—times have changed.

Secondly, a first look allows you to see each other, cry, laugh, maybe share a flask or even a tender hug before the wedding craziness begins. Spending just a few moments with your spouse leading up to the ceremony can relieve a lot of nerves and make you feel much more relaxed.

Third, the first look gives the three of us a few moments before the ceremony begins to grab some beautiful images. Not only shots of you seeing each other for the first time, but also some of your formal bride and groom portraits. This means that later on during the formal portrait session, we can really take our time and not feel rushed.

Not Booking Enough Hours

This is very common – brides will approach a Chicago Hindu Wedding Photographer wanting full coverage in a six-hour time frame. We cannot stress enough that six hours is not enough time to capture the day in its entirety. Whether it’s the getting ready portion, or the dancing towards the end of the reception, something will get cut off the list in order to accommodate the six-hour time frame. For most standard weddings, in order to cover everything from getting ready to the final dances, an eight to 10 hours of coverage will be required.

Not Hiring an Experienced Professional

We see this a lot in the wedding industry—couples book ‘their friend who has a really nice camera’ or ‘their uncle who shot a couple weddings back in the day.’ Your wedding is irreplaceable, and so are those moments. Please, do yourself a favor and hire somebody who is experienced.

The reality is, as a Chicago Most Affordable Hindu Wedding Videographer, we do a lot more than just take pretty pictures. We create and coordinate the entire timeline, we keep in constant contact with you, the bride and groom, to ensure everything is still rolling smoothly, we will carry the dress train, sometimes even primp the hair and makeup, engage in crowd control, wipe away tears, and oh so many other things.

Not Adding a Second Photographer

So, what exactly does it mean to have a second photographer? Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean hiring a completely different company to work alongside the main shooter. It actually means just adding a photographer to your package. The Chicago Most Affordable Hindu Wedding Photography you book usually has a list of other industry professionals who they often work alongside with at weddings, and the cost is usually pretty low—typically amounting to a small percentage of the original package. Keep in mind everyone’s prices will vary, but it is quite affordable considering the benefits that a second shooter offers.

A Videographer’s Guide: Recording the Best Audio Possible Every Wedding!

In the world of New York Best Sikh Wedding Videography, audio can make or break the film. Crisp, high-quality audio gives you the opportunity to share your couple’s story in a compelling way, but if captured incorrectly or not used at all? The overall quality of your video will inevitably decrease.

Audio is one of, if not the, most important components of wedding filmmaking. And, thankfully, it’s not as scary as it seems. Here at Saiaf Films, we share to you some tips to ensure we capture the best audio possible throughout the day.

1. Buy an on-camera microphone

This is the simplest and most fool-proof way to capture quality audio throughout the day. We use an on-camera microphone for all our cameras. It helps us capture ambient sound during prep, like laughter or the “oohs” and “ahhs” during bridesmaid first looks. It’s also essential for syncing audio in post, because the built-in camera microphones struggle to capture recognizable audio if there’s even the slightest bit of wind or loud music.

2. Use a zoom microphone for speeches

Across the board, speeches are the number one source of audio used by New York Most Affordable Sikh Wedding Videographer in the wedding videos they make, so it’s essential you don’t just capture audio for audio’s sake. You need to capture high-quality, clear audio of all the speeches so you can share your couple’s story in an easily understandable and professional way.

To be extra cautious, reach out to the DJ or band ahead of time to ensure you’re bringing the right cables, because some DJs have specifics on what you can or can’t use to plug into their soundboard.

3. Do a sound check (with professional headphones)

Speaking of sound checks, this is essential! Forgetting to do this can cause muffled audio because, say, levels are too high. However, as long as you secure number 1, it will greatly help to remedy the situation. Use professional headphones with to listen in and guarantee the audio is crisp and understandable. Adjust and listen until you get the right levels and mix.

4. Mic up the groom with a wireless lavalier

Nothing beats the audio of the groom’s first-look reaction or the exchange of vows, so you have to make sure you’re ready and armed to capture this important content. That’s where the lavalier microphone comes into play.

We place a wireless microphone on our grooms before the first look and during the ceremony — it’s small, reliable and fits right into the groom’s inside jacket pocket (and clips easily onto the jacket). Again, it’s best to do a sound check before the big moments to make sure the audio levels are just right.

While audio can seem daunting to a beginning New York Sikh Wedding Photographer and videographer, it’s better to try and fail (and learn from your mistakes!) than to avoid audio all together. Including professional-quality audio has helped us satisfy our brides and grooms, and at the end of the day, that’s what this industry is all about.

Wedding Videography: Amateur Vs. Professional

Why not just ask a friend with a smart phone or digital camcorder to shoot video clips of your wedding day? It seems like a reasonable idea, yeah?

However, we here at Saiaf Films strongly believe that there are huge benefits from going down the professional route, which is why we have compiled this list of five ways in which a Chicago Most Affordable Hindu Wedding Videographer always has the edge over their amateur counterpart.


Having high quality, professional-grade equipment is only half the story. Not only will the professional be adept at manipulating their camera, he or she will know what to expect on the wedding day and will consequently be able to prepare for anything that might happen. The professional will know how to compose a balanced frame, where to stand for the best angles, and importantly where not to stand. A professional Chicago Hindu Wedding Photographer will also be accustomed to discretely organising or directing guests where necessary.


There is a lot to be said for a professional edit. It can take your wedding video to the next level, and a professional videographer will strive for artistic perfection.


Although the resolution of today’s smartphones and camcorders can achieve excellent video quality, there are many other important aspects that define excellence. As well as recording in 4K resolution (ultra-high definition), professional cameras have advanced image stabilisation, focusing features, low light capability and high frame rate options to allow for smooth slow motion playback. Cinematic lenses can allow for a beautiful shallow depth of field, an effect which simply can’t be reproduced by a smartphone. Additionally, a professional Chicago Best Hindu Wedding Videography will provide you with high quality sound recordings of the day, which is especially essential when it comes to vows and speeches—sound bites that simply have to be well recorded.

It’s often many hours from bridal preparation to the first dance. A professional Chicago Most Affordable Hindu Wedding Photography will cover the entire time period in between, something for which you may not be able to rely on the enthusiastic amateur. The professional is also likely to carry spare batteries and data storage in the event of a power failure or damaged memory card, further improving their reliability when compared with an amateur.

Finally, a professional is likely to provide an aftercare service, in the hope that clients are then more likely to recommend their video services to others. Aftercare can be as simple as providing extra copies of the DVD for friends and family, but some videographers may additionally offer a more long term video backup service.

5 Surprising Mistakes of Couples in Their Wedding Photography

When it comes to your wedding day, there’s only one thing you won’t see until after your wedding—your wedding photos. Everything else you already have seen, planned and booked, such as your wedding venue, flowers, dress, band, seating, decorations, the list goes on.

Your Texas Sikh Wedding Photographer will capture the day for you, but you won’t see the output of their work until a few weeks after. This is why planning for your photos with your Texas Most Affordable Sikh Wedding Photography are very critical. Once the day is over, your wedding photos are the only thing that can hold onto those moments, memories and feelings.

However, there are still some mistakes couples make when it comes to their wedding photography. Here are the most common ones we encounter here at Saiaf Films.

1. Not capturing the entire day

You may have hired a photographer, but only hiring them at the ceremony or for a few hours. Getting ready photos can be so much fun. You and your bridesmaids getting ready together, having a glass of wine with a whole range of emotions and feelings—from excitement, nervousness, to relaxed and fun in the room—look great in photos, and definitely something you want to capture and remember long after the wedding.

Photos of all your close family and friends together in the celebration, having fun at the reception, are also something you want to get a hold of forever.

2. Skipping the engagement shoot

Couples who decide to skip engagement shoot often regrets this decision afterwards. Of course, you can always have something like this with your Texas Most Affordable Sikh Wedding Videographer after the wedding. However, the other benefit of this type of shoot is that it helps you feel more relaxed in front of the camera, so you get used to it on the day of the wedding. Plus, the stunning engagement photos you can showcase on the day of your wedding, leaving all your guests in awe.

3. Pockets… emptying your pockets

We are talking about grooms, groomsmen, the best men. In fact, anyone that has pockets. Do you want your wedding photos of your groom or guests with bulging pockets, shots of them with their wallet, keys and phone imprinted on the side of their trousers? We thought not.

If you are the groom, do you really need your wallet? Do you need your keys? Empty your pockets and enjoy the day. Store them somewhere safe and forget about them.

4. Not meeting the photographer before booking them

When hiring a Texas Best Sikh Wedding Videography and photography team, it is important to meet them before finally booking them. If not, you may regret it when it comes to your photos. Their work maybe amazing, but may not suit your photography style and preferences. Or you may not feel natural and relaxed around them, and it will show in the photos.

The point of the initial meeting is to make yourself comfortable, at ease and relaxed around them, so you’d look more natural on photographs.

Posing Techniques for Your Solo Portraits

Your wedding is, indeed, about you as a couple. But there are also times when your Best Chandler Asian Wedding Photographer would ask you to pose solo on portraits. These portraits highlight the beautiful bridal look of the bride and the masculinity of the groom. To help you perfect these important part of your wedding photography, here are some tips from the Chandler Most Affordable Wedding Videographer, Saiaf Films.

For the Subject

1. Aim to Flatter: When having your formal portraits taken, stand partially sideways to the camera, not full-front straight on. Bring one foot in front of the other, point toes towards the camera, and bring majority of your weight on the back foot. Pull your head slightly forward and tilt a bit on one side to diminish appearance of double chin. Also, you would look much slimmer when photographed from an elevated point, so you may want to ask your photographer to step up on a chair for these shots.

2. Tag Someone Along: Bring your sister or one of your bridesmaids who you can talk to and make you feel comfortable during your photo shoot. Much better if you tag along your funniest bridesmaid. Remember that there’s nothing more attractive than a genuine laugh, and it could only be achieved when you feel comfortable on set.

3. Do not fight anxiety. Everybody gets nervous on a photo shoot, especially if you’re not used to posing in front of the cam. So, instead of forcing a smile in every shot, let yourself feel the jitters. Let your Chandler Cultural Wedding Photography catch you welling up with your mother or anxiously staring outside the window. Your real emotions will make your wedding photographs even more meaningful.

For the Photographer

4. Start with good posture. As their Best Wedding Videography in Chandler Arizona, it is your job to make your subject look great in photos. Any pose, no matter how brilliant in theory, crumbles without a solid foundation. Asking your subjects to purposely mind their posture not only makes them look taller, but also effectively highlights the most flattering curves and angles of their body.

5. Create confidence. Emphasize confidence in your subject by asking them to establish a strong and dignified pose. Empowering them to feel confident in their pose will in turn project a sense of self-assurance through your photos.

6. Give the hands something to do for more natural-looking photos. For instance, they can hold their bouquet in a loose, easy grip or pick up their dress to show movement. Show the palms or backside of the hands to exude strength, and ask them to curl their fingers slightly for a softer look.

7. Position the Face. The position of the face—especially when shooting portraits or close-ups—definitely has visual impact. Taking a photo from above your subjects’ eye level will make their faces appear slimmer, which is why it’s such a universally-flattering go-to. The shadows that this angle produces give your photo a sense of drama.

Common Photography Mistakes of Amateur Wedding Photographers

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment in people’s lives, and its photography is probably the most important of this grand event. But for an amateur photographer that has little to no experience, it can be a nerve-wracking moment. The bride and groom are relying on you to provide them with the Best Glendale Affordable Wedding Photography that they can look back on forever, which means the stakes are very high, and mistakes can be incredibly costly.

Amateur photographers often run into the same kinds of problems when it comes to the big day—from having difficulty with the levels of exposure to forgetting the best types of shots to use. Here are the most common problems that amateur wedding photographers come across.

Forgetting the Important Shots

The Best Glendale Asian Wedding Photographer knows every shot to take, when to exactly take it and what tricks to make for those important shots look perfect. However ,it’s all too easy for amateur photographers to forget which kinds of shots to take, rushing the process and concentrating so much on how to make images look perfect instead of candidly capturing moments away, missing out fleeting important moments like the first kiss as husband and wife or that teary moment of the bride and father dance.

Chaotic Group Shots

An amateur photographer can find it hard to gather big groups of people together correctly for the best shots, unlike the Most Affordable Wedding Videographer Glendale who has systematic, proven and tested ways of gathering everyone. By the time you’ve assembled everyone together, you also have the task of making sure they’re facing the right way, smiling and looking at the camera. This can be intimidating, and it’s easy for group shots to turn a bit chaotic if taken by someone with no experience.


Nice, clean backgrounds are always the aim as a messy one will distract from the focus. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, but just remember that taking your pictures in front of an untidy bush in the church garden won’t give off the best results.

The bride’s dress is the centrepiece of the day, and choosing the dress has probably been one of the biggest decisions in planning the whole wedding. Unfortunately, a bright white dress is also very hard to photograph, and it becomes all too easy to over or underexpose shots.

Equipment Failure

Let’s face it, mistakes happen. There’s going to come a time when you accidentally drop the camera, or it stops working, or your memory card could even fill up and you’re left without a spare. An amateur photographer is unlikely to have the right backup equipment to fall back on, and this is where you really see the advantages of hiring the Best Wedding Videographer in Glendale Arizona who has two sets of gear.

These mistakes are often seen at weddings where a professional photographer hasn’t been hired. When it comes to your wedding you get what you pay for, and should never compromise on price – the main concern should be having photos that will last a lifetime.

5 Ways to Arrive at Your Asian Wedding in Style

Asian weddings are notorious for being grand, flamboyant, colourful and incredibly festive—they are a feast for the senses. With all the excitement that goes on, it can be all too easy to lose the bride and groom in the commotion. That’s why, we here at Saiaf Films, recommend to include a well-planned and highly anticipated arrival of the bride and groom.

Here are just a few of the impressive and photogenic ways that you and your future spouse can arrive at your wedding in head-turning style:

On Non-Traditional Wheels

While arriving on a car is customary, why not switch things up a bit and arrange to be brought to your venue on a quadbike, motorcycle or a vintage or even luxury car? Keeping things unique and a little more quirky is perfect for your wedding day—and an excellent photo opportunity with your Multicultural Mesa Wedding Photographer.

On a Horse

There has been a trend growing in people choosing to make their grand entrance on animals (or carriages carried by animals), and while an elephant would be extravagant (to say the least), a horse dressed in beautiful shawls and colours is a great alternative for any Asian wedding. Just be sure to check with your chosen venue beforehand, if they allow any large animal in their vicinity.

From the Sky

If you have bigger budget and a venue that has little extra room to accommodate it, hiring a helicopter could be the ultimate treat to delight and excite your expectant guests—not to mention how dramatic it would be for your Scottsdale Best Wedding Videographer to capture this grand entrance. A helicopter will also allow you to get a bird’s eye view of your venue and your entire party, which will get you excited for the day ahead.

With a Dance

What better way to surprise and thrill your guests than with a flash mob leading your way into your own wedding party? A flash mob allows your guests to see dance on a huge scale and if you become a part of the event, you are sure to be the talk of the night for a long while to come. A dance mob entrance also makes a fun and festive part for your Mesa Best Wedding Videography.

In Confetti

But of course, a grand entrance doesn’t have to be costly and this couldn’t be proven to be more with our final idea of incorporating your entrance with confetti of flower petals, leaves or even lavender for sweet aromatic entrance. If you can imagine making a grand entrance in rose petals droppings as you approach your ceremony venue? It will really make your guests take notice and a grand moment for your Scottsdale Affordable Wedding Photography to capture.