Ring Finger 101

Ring Finger 101

  So most of us have an idea of what the “ring finger” is. But did you ever wonder where the idea came from? Or perhaps what the difference is in the wedding ring finger or the engagement ring finger? At Saiaf Films, we like to help out when it comes to a lot of the questions that come with getting engaged or married. The same goes for even the simplest ideas like “ring finger” facts. Here, we break down all there is to know about the ring finger.

Where did the idea come from?https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_99351.jpg
A long, long time ago (like ancient times long ago)- it was believed that the ring finger held a vein that ran from the tip of the finger all the way to the heart. It was called the Vena Amoris, aka- Vein of Love. Because of the “so-called” vein, it became customary that couples who were in love should wear a ring as the symbol of their love to one another. As romantic as that sounds, it was discovered that there is no such vein in that finger. But, the tradition remains and couples still wear the engagement and wedding ring on the fourth finger of their left hand.

The Engagement Ring
In some countries – like Greece, Columbia and Russia- couples elect to wear their engagement rings on their right hand. The idea of the engagement ring originated in the 1400s when Mary of Burgundy was presented with a ring of diamonds in the shape of the letter “M.” It was given to her by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria as a symbol of his love and desire to wed her.

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_5019.jpgDiamonds became a popular trend as the diamond is the strongest natural substance found on Earth. Diamonds have become an icon to those wanting to represent a strong and unwavering commitment to one another. These days, diamonds aren’t a mandatory addition to an engagement ring, but they are still among the most popular.

The traditional method is for the man to propose to the woman, and the woman wears the engagement ring as a symbol of her commitment to the proposal. But, as times have changed. it is not uncommon for a man to wear one as well.

The Wedding Ring
Like the engagement ring, the wedding ring comes from a long, long time ago- just under 5,000 years ago in Egypt. It was believed that the circle shape of the ring symbolized eternity, as a circle has no end. The space inside of the circle is a symbol of immortal love. Typically, the couple will exchange the rings at their wedding ceremony. The rings will be placed on the wedding ring finger after the vows are said and they are promised to each other.

Whatever the style, no matter the size or cost- the engagement and wedding rings are an extremely important factor for most couples. They are a meaningful and apparent symbol of one’s commitment. The wedding ring finger is just another of the many important icons that go into a beautiful relationship.

Wedding Spotlight: Lina and Khalil’s Muslim Wedding

Wedding Spotlight: Lina and Khalil’s Muslim Wedding


https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_9618-Edit1.jpgWhen we first met Lina and Khalil, we instantly knew that what they had together was real. Just the way that they interacted with each other was genuine. Our team loves working with couples that have a great connection. It creates such an amazing aura when we are capturing their interactions on film. They both had amazing and personable demeanors and were gracious and excited to bring on our team for their Muslim wedding.

Lina and Kahlil’s Muslim wedding was an intimate event with close family and friends. The Saiaf Film’s team covered their wedding photography and wedding videography with style and class! For their particular wedding, we recruited the help of two of our female photographers and two male photographers. The female team was there toMuslim Wedding capture Lina as she got ready for her beautiful event, while the male team captured Kahlil in the midst of his preparation. These moments are always important for us to capture as it is a beautiful and monumental as the emotions and anticipation portray on film.

The wedding started with the welcoming of the groom to the bride’s family. This moment was so meaningful to the couple. Therefore, we made sure our team was on point and ready to take those shots. Our team is skilled and specializes in recognizing the important moments. We want to ensure that our couples are able to reminisce the key memories for https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_1605-Edit.jpgyears to come. The guests had a glorious time dancing the night away. Their energy was contagious and exciting.

Lina and Khalil requested a wedding montage of their beautiful and elegant Muslim wedding. Their wedding montage was edited by our impressive and experienced editors and was accompanied with perfectly selected music. We were able to take so many beautiful photos of the couple. Some of our favorites were captured at a nearby area that housed some beautiful Autumn tinged trees. The vibrant yellow of the leaves created a breathtaking backdrop. When presented with their photography and videography packages, the newlyweds were so pleased and excited about the results. Thank Lina and Khalil for allowing us the amazing opportunity to film your wonderful Muslim wedding.

Wedding Spotlight: Thomas and Jenny’s Scottsdale Wedding

Thomas and Jenny’s Scottsdale Wedding

  Scottsdale weddingThomas and Jenny requested our services for their wedding at a beautiful outdoor/indoor venue in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our wedding photographers and wedding videographer’s were there to capture every moment of their magical night. Their wedding was beautifully orchestrated and was an amazing event to capture.

To begin the day, our female photographer captured memorable and meaningful shots of Jenny while she was getting ready with her bridesmaids. It was an iconic moment as her friends and family made her laugh and carried on a wonderfully positive vibe throughout the morning. At the same time, Thomas was getting ready with his groomsmen. While in their room, our male photographer captured a photo of them with their colorful socks, laughing as they posed for the camera.

One of our favorite moments of this beautiful Scottsdale wedding was when Thomas and Jenny had their first look (these are always a Saiaf Films’ favorite!) They were IMG_0108both on the verge of tears and deeply in love. Our team captured the intensity of this moment perfectly! We really strive to focus on these particular moments as it is a perfect memory for the couple to cherish again in the future. When the intensity is strong and the love is obvious, those are the best photos to capture.

Their ceremony took place outdoors with a beautiful, lush and vibrant golf course behind them. Our team even got a shot of Thomas and Jenny as they ran down the golf course laughing with each other. When the sun was setting, our wedding photographer capture a beautiful and memorable shot of the couple IMG_0539silhouetted as they looked into eachother’s eyes. The night was exciting, lively and eventful. The event ended beautifully as the couple and their guests danced the night away. They were all such a spirited and lovely group. Our team genuinely enjoyed spending these moments with them. Thank you Thomas and Jenny for allowing us the privilege to take part in your beautiful union and beautiful Scottsdale wedding.


Hottest 2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends

  Out with old and in with the new! It’s the end of the year- and wow! It has been an amazing one. We participated, attended, enjoyed and captured so many beautiful weddings this year. Our team at Saiaf Films loved every minute of it. But now, this year has come to an end and we are looking forward to another wonderful year in 2016. With the new year upon us, we thought it would be a great idea to take a look at the upcoming 2016 wedding trends.

In the past years, it has been seemingly popular for brides to capture and recreate the feel and look of a wedding they discovered on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, etc. With the coming of 2016, there seems to be a shift in the originality of wedding styles. Brides are beginning to transition to a wedding that shows off their own style. Whether it’s a funky color, a unique location, or an unconventional setup- couples are discovering new ways to create a more personal 12189741_956531927752161_3752242460839180067_nexperience at their wedding.

Colors: This year, metallics are in! Elegant and whimsical, metallic colors are appealing and can create quite a dynamic feel. Rose gold, copper and silver will show up in the centerpieces, linens, and decor.

Ambiance: Lighting is the key to creating the perfect ambiance. The lighting in wedding trends for 2016 will center around soft glows. With pendant lights or bare bulb, you can create a romantic and intimate environment.

Seating: Instead of the standard reception layout of large round tables, couples are now opting to use long rectangular tables with a mix of square tables. These contribute to a smaller, more intimate vibe.

Flowers: Many couples are opting for the “wild” style of flowers this 2016 wedding season. Freshly picked blooms with an ombre variety of color are popular and will create a beautiful effect. Succulents, ferns, and lavender sprigs will make quite an appearance as many will be moving past traditional florals as well.

Food and Drink: Cocktail hour remains popular, but now- couples are opting to put a more personal stance to the event. There will be His and Her cocktails that showcase a favorite flavor from the bride and groom, Beer Gardens 11026790_956532074418813_4942419845035984911_nwith a signature selection of craft beers, and even Grown-up Popsicles with signature cocktails turned into a frozen treat. For the food, many couples are electing for table-side service bringing food carts to each table.

Cake: Buttercream will make a grand appearance throughout the 2016 wedding seasons. Brides are taking to the organic finish and subtle flavor that a buttercream cake brings. Popular flavors include: salted caramel, lemon, lavender-vanilla, green tea, white chocolate mousse, and even apple spice.

Photography: With the constant rise and demand for share-worthy photography, many couples are now requesting unique and memorable shots that create an everlasting impact (those are Saiaf Film favorites!) They want epic shots that capture meaningful moments like aerial shots of 12190070_956531847752169_7777831812389526652_nthe dance floor or venue (again- our favorites!)

You can probably tell, we can’t wait for the new year and the beautiful wedding seasons it is going to bring. We are so thankful for all the amazing people we have met over the years and cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring forth!


Aerial Drone Videography


5 Great Chicago Wedding Venues

Chicago weddingAt Saiaf Films, our team has the advantage of traveling to any state our clients contact us from. Recently, we covered a beautiful Chicago wedding. Not only did we fall in love with the gorgeous scenery that Chicago offers, we also discovered the dynamic amount of Chicago wedding venues. From fabulous parks to elegant hotels, Chicago offers an enormous amount of world-class venue options. It was nearly impossible to narrow the list down to five, but here are our top picks for the best Chicago wedding venues.

Crystal Garden: Navy Pier
As a one-acre breathtaking botanical garden, the Crystal Garden is adorned with fountains, vibrant palm trees and luscious greenery. With sparkling lights and gorgeous views of the Chicago city skyline, Dock Street and Lake Michigan- your wedding photographers will have an enormous amount of footage. It thrives beneath an arched ceiling that offers the perfect amount of sunlight during a wedding ceremony. The best part- there is no rental fee to enjoy the Crystal Garden’s unique features. Instead, it only requires a food and beverage minimum.

Millennium Park: The Loop
With five amazing venues to choose from, Millennium Park is a great option for your Chicago wedding. Whether you are having a small gathering or a grand event, Millennium Park offers drawdropping views of the Chicago cityscape creating the perfect wedding photo backdrop. With a steel and glass ceiling, the architecture alone is visually appealing. It is conveniently located near downtown Chicago making it an ideal spot for a city based Chicago wedding.12193471_953609231377764_6631357526672727275_n

The Westin Chicago: North Shore
Looking for the perfect combination of elegance and downtown style? The Westin Chicago North Shore offers that and more. With four ballrooms providing room for 50 to 1200 guests, The Westin Chicago is chock full of event space, leaving you plenty of room to plan the perfect Chicago wedding.

The Firehouse Chicago: Edgewater
Looking for a unique Chicago wedding venue location? Firehouse Chicago may just be what you are seeking. With a historic silver and tin ceiling, an original fire pole and antique lighting- the Firehouse Chicago is an intimate and wonderful option for a Chicago wedding. Even though it was built over a century ago, the Firehouse Chicago offers an array of green-minded wedding options for those who prefer a greener approach to their wedding event.

Pinstripes Northbrook: Northbrook
Perhaps you prefer your Chicago wedding venue to be incredibly fun-filled and exciting? If so, Pinstripes Northbrook may just be the best choice. Adorning a year-round patio and a delicious and high-end Italian-American bistro, Pinstripes Northbrook offers a variety of options that can be tailored to fit your needs accordingly. It also provides banquet rooms capable of housing 20-600 guests, bowling lanes and even bocce courts. For a fun, fully customizable Chicago wedding venue, Pinstripes Northbrook is a great choice!

So if a Chicago wedding is in your future, these great spots are an excellent choice for great views and breathtaking scenery for the perfect wedding day. Keep an eye out for our wonderful collection of Chicago weddings that our Saiaf Films team has had the pleasure of photographing.

Posing for Your Wedding Photos

So your big day arrives. Your makeup is perfect, and your hair is wonderfully in place. You look beautiful in your dress as you are on your way to taking your wedding portraits. But wait- you have no idea how to pose or what to do when you are finally in front of the camera. Don’t worry, our team at Saiaf Films has an extensive amount of experience as wedding photographers. Here, we share our wedding photoshoottips and ideas to help calm your nerves about camera time on your wedding day!

Your Wedding Portraits

It’s okay to be nervous!
It’s one of the most important days of your life. You are more than entitled to be a little nervous. In fact, it’s expected! Instead of forcing yourself to smile the entire time- because you think you have to in front of the camera- just be yourself. Our wedding photographers love catching those key moments when you are being real. Whether your face is anxious as you wait to marry your beloved, or your eyes well up during a conversation with a loved one- those key, real, and moving moments are the best type to capture on film. So relax, don’t stress, enjoy your day and smile when you feel the need. Otherwise, raw emotions create gorgeous photos.

Aim to Flatter
When posing for formal photos, angles are key. A great idea for posing in your wedding photos is to stand at an angle. When it comes to taking the photos, remember: Take a deep breath, exhale, and then tilt your chin downwards while turning your gaze up. This helps to accentuate the great contours of your face. If you are choosing to pose with your bouquet, clutch it IMG_0295-Editloosely with one hand, then allow the other to hand to hang naturally by your side. This gives a more relaxed and natural look.

The Bride & Groom

Get moving!
And no- we don’t mean dancing! (At least not yet.) When taking your wedding portraits together, consider taking a walk. Take one another’s hand and take a short stroll. Why? The momentum makes for amazing wedding photos! When you are walking, your dress is flowing, your hair is blowing and the movement alone creates a wonderful energy. Plus, it gives you a chance to breathe a little bit and realign your thoughts with your beloved.
Express your love.
Although it may feel awkward at first knowing you are being photographed, it is important to show your love. Kiss one another, hold each other’s hand- let your love show through. If it helps, ask your wedding photographer for a little bit of alone time beforehand. That may help to calm the nerves a bit and get in the mode of acting naturally. Keep in mind, it is your wedding day. You are about to marry the person of your dreams. Express that passion with each other as it creates dynamically wonderful wedding photos.

The Wedding PartyIMG_2398-Edit

Have fun!
This is an EXTREMELY important tip to remember. Having fun while taking your wedding party photos can create memorable and exciting photos. If you are naturally having fun, that energy will show itself in the photos your wedding photographers capture. Laugh, be quirky, and be yourselves. Of course, uniform pictures look exquisite, but fun and carefree pictures convey the energy and excitement of your special day. So relax, and tell your bridal party to do the same.

Furniture or props
Utilizing surrounding furniture or props can also create an interesting and original dynamic to your wedding photos. With the use of furniture or a seating area of some sort, you can vary the height of the group. This can look more appealing than everyone standing in a standard lineup. If there are props available, use them! Adding them in can change up the vibe of the wedding photos a bit creating memorable photos to last a lifetime!

Remember, this is one of the best days of your life! Capturing it on film in your wedding photos will help those memories last forever. Here at Saiaf Films, we want to help you create those memorable wedding photos. If you need more tips or ideas to enhance your wedding photos, contact our team today!

Anatomy of Wedding Timeline

IMG_0003Not quite sure how to plan out your wedding day? As wedding photographers, our team at Saiaf Films has been a part of countless weddings! We are here to share our tips and ideas for planning the most efficient wedding timeline!

Getting Ready:

  • Bride’s hair, makeup and dress: 2 1/2 – 3 hours. Depending on the hair and makeup style that the bride has chosen, two hours will give adequate time to make sure everything is perfect and to make any changes if necessary. This also gives time for any extra adjustments that may need to be made to the wedding dress or veil.
  • Bridesmaids’ hair, makeup, and dress: 2- 2 ½ Hours per person. Again, depending on the selected style of hair and makeup, this will provide enough time for any changes if needed.


  • If you have more than four people getting their hair and makeup done, it can be a good idea to ask your stylist to bring an assistant to cut back on time. Or, if you plan to travel to a salon, be sure to add extra time for travel.
  • Have the bridesmaids go first when the hairstylist arrives. That way, when the wedding photographer arrives, they have the opportunity to catch those last minute getting ready shots.
  • The bride should start with makeup. She can have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the last couple hours of styling, knowing that her makeup is applied and she is picture ready for when the wedding photographers arrive.
  • The wedding photographers should arrive about an hour before the bride is ready to go. This will give an adequate amount of time for them to capture the details (the gown, the shoes, jewelry, important heirlooms, etc.) The exciting and sentimental atmosphere between the bride and her bridesmaids and relatives are an ideal moment to capture on film.
  • If your wedding photographer has a male and female team, like Saiaf Films, they will have the opportunity to capture memorable moments while the groom and his groomsmen are preparing for the wedding as well.

Optional: Pre-ceremony photos & First Look: If you decide to take pre-ceremony pictures and share a First-Look, it is a good idea to allow around 2-3 minutes per shot or more if there is a large crowd. Here, you have the option to have pictures taken of the bride and her family, or the groom and his family, etc. The First Look can be anywhere around 15-30 minutes, depending on how many shots are taken. Also take into account whether or not your crowd is normally punctual or if there may be unexpected delays.

IMG_0268Ceremony & Post-Ceremony Photos:

  • Arrival of groom and groomsmen: This should normally take place around an hour before the ceremony begins. That way, there is time for setup and any final preparations.
  • Arrival of bride and bridesmaids: This should also take place around an hour before the ceremony if the bride plans to take photos at the church. It is important for the bride to stay as hidden as possible to prevent any onlookers from seeing the gown beforehand. Otherwise, if no pre-ceremony pictures are planned, the bride and her party can arrive right before the ceremony begins.
  • Ceremony: An ideal length for a ceremony is around 30-45 minutes. That provides enough time to have meaningful readings shared and any other events to make your ceremony unique and memorable.
  • Receiving line: If you plan to have a receiving line, the time can range depending on the amount of guests. For 100 guests or less- around 15-20 minutes should suffice. With 125-150 guests- around 25 minutes is average. Anymore than 150, you may want to consider holding off on the receiving line and saving the visiting for the reception to cut back on time.
  • Post-Ceremony Photos: If there wasn’t an opportunity to take photos beforehand, post-ceremony photos can be taken in a few variations (Family photos, bridal party, groom and groomsmen, friends and classmates.) You should allow around 2-3 minutes per picture depending on how organized the crowd is. Whether you did or didn’t have a First Look, allow 20-45 minutes for bride and groom pictures.


  • Save group or large photos for during the reception. You can have your DJ make an announcement to gather everyone together for a picture instead of trying to locate each person after the ceremony.
  • It is important to be prepared for the amount of photos or specific types of photos you may want. Discuss your options and desires with your wedding photographer to make sure they are on the same page and know which key moments you would like to have captured on your wedding day. Anticipate where you would like to have your wedding photos taken and plan it ahead of time with your wedding photographer that way there is no confusion in the moment.

Reception Order of Events

  • First dance: This event normally takes place after the bride and groom enter the reception. Although, you can always waitIMG_0794 and perform the first dance following the end of dinner.
  • Father & daughter dance: Usually follows the First Dance.
  • Mother & son dance: Here, you can choose to perform this dance following the father and daughter dance. Or, you can choose to do it simultaneously with the father and daughter dance.
  • Welcome toast:  These can be given by the father of the bride or by the bride and groom.
  • First Course Served: (Salad and/or appetizers)
  • Toasts: This can be a good time to begin the toasts. You can start with the maid of honor, then to the best man.
  • Second Course Served: (Main Dish)
  • Toasts: If desired, this can be a great time for the bride and groom to give a toast.
  • Let the Dancing Begin: Get the party started by opening the dance floor and allowing guests to begin dancing!
  • The Cutting of the Cake: You usually want to do this about two hours before the reception ends. That gives adequate time to ensure everyone gets a piece and enjoys watching the cake cutting moment.
  • Bouquet & Garter tosses: At least two hours before the end of the reception.
  • Late-night Snacks: This can be a good idea to help refuel your guests if you are planning a longer reception.\
  • Farewell: If you plan to grand exit, have your DJ or Band Leader make an announcement to have everyone line up at least 10 before the reception end. This is a good time to do a sparkler farewell. If you’re doing a sparkler farewell, for example, have guests start lining up about 10 minutes before you plan to exit.

Six hours is an ideal length for a reception. This allows time for a cocktail hour, about two hours for dinner and toasts, than about 3 hours for dancing. Any longer and you may have people needing to leave early, causing them to miss out on important reception events. Any shorter, and it may feel hurried or rushed.

Wedding Spotlight: Tarick & Stella’s Muslim Wedding

Tarick & Stella’s Muslim Wedding: The Hilton in Anaheim, California

Inspired by the work on our website, Tarick and Stella contacted us to photograph their Muslim wedding. After communicating with the couple via phone and email, we finally had the pleasure of meeting them on the day of their wedding. We were impressed by their infectious personalities and immediately knew that this was going to be an amazing event to be a part of. Prior to the wedding, our team started the day off by the beach taking some breathtaking wedding portraits of the lovely couple. They were naturals in front of the camera and their love was easy to capture on film.

Muslim Wedding

Wedding Decorations/Attire:

The wedding flowers were a varied palette of oranges and yellows and were an elegant touch to the wedding decor at this traditional Muslim Wedding.

Stella wore a gorgeous Muslim wedding gown along with sparkling ivory wedding shoes and was accessorized with beautiful shiny earrings that glistened as she danced the night away with her new husband.

 The Ceremony & Reception:IMG_9221

It began with a grand entrance of all family members followed by the bride and groom. After the arrival of the bride and groom, speeches were given by close friends and family. Their accounts were humorous and meaningful and made the couple laugh adding to the already fun and surreal atmosphere in the room.

Being that Tarick is a huge fan of Star Wars, one of his friends brought props from the movie creating a fun and memorable occasion. There was never a dull moment on the dance floor and the wedding DJ never missed a beat! This Arab wedding was a blast for our team to capture and we enjoyed the every moment and person we had the pleasure of meeting.

 Our Favorite Moment:

At Saiaf Films, we cherish inspirational moments. Tarick and Stella’s wedding was full of them! Our particular favorite took place towards the  end of the wedding when all the guests had left. We witnessed a special moment between Tarick IMG_9375and Stella that left a lasting impression on us. The newlyweds were dancing on the dance floor- just the two of them. They looked hopelessly in love and were comfortable  in each others gaze. As wedding photographers, these moments stay with us and remind us that love truly is the driving force of existence. Thank you Tarick and Stella for sharing your amazing and wonderful wedding day with Saiaf Films.

IMG_9550 (2)-2

Enhance Your Wedding Photography Experience

IMG_1358After months and months of planning your perfect wedding day, when it finally arrives, it may feel like a whirlwind of details and events zipping by. The ceremony, the cake, the flowers, the music- but the photos and wedding videography are the sole reminder of what happened on your special day. You owe it to yourself (and your family!) to do whatever it takes to make those reminders fabulous. Here at Saiaf Films, we have the honor to capture those moments for our special newlyweds and we would love to share our best wedding photography tips to ensure your big day is captured flawlessly.

Set a wedding day schedule and follow it the best you can!

Having a set wedding day schedule can be a huge advantage in capturing the perfect wedding photography scenes. Time of day can play a major factor in natural lighting, so planning your timing in advance can help guide your wedding photographer to capture ideal photos at specific times.

Share your vision and don’t forget the details.

Everyone has an idea of how they would like to look in photos. If you have a certain angle or a moment you don’t want photographed, let your wedding photographer know in advance. If you have a particular detail (an important heirloom, special wedding favor, etc) or event you would like special focus on, let us know. We want to make sure we capture all the angles you love most.

Have fun and don’t try to hard to make it “perfect!”

As seasoned wedding photographers, we have an enormous amount of experience capturing those perfect moments. Don’t stress yourself out trying to pose certain ways or act in a particular manner because you are being videotaped or photographed. The best thing to do is act naturally, relax and don’t look at the camera the entire time! Savor some of the most important moments of your life and enjoy being hopelessly in love with each other. Instead of stressing about posing correctly or looking perfect, let your wedding photographer capture the story of your day while you live it.

Consider having a “First Look.”

A First Look is when the bride and groom have the opportunity to see each other before the ceremony. This is an ideal way for them to spend a few moments alone and have their wedding portraits done ahead of time. The private moment alone can really calm the nerves and set the tone for the rest of the day. It can also free up time after the ceremony to enjoy friends and family instead of rushing off immediately to take pictures.

Let your friends and relatives relax and don’t let them get in the way!

Occasionally, there may be a friend or relative that wants to show up with their own photo equipment and help out by taking ‘unofficial wedding photos.’ Of course, they may be thinking that they are doing you a favor by capturing more wedding photos. Yet sometimes- they can get in the way and cause your wedding photographers to miss their shots. Unless you prefer to have the additional help, tell them to just relax and enjoy the wedding.Wedding Photographer

It’s not just our job to capture the best wedding portraits; it is our passion! Every little detail counts and our team at Saiaf Films is exceptional at securing those memories. Following our wedding photography tips will ensure you enjoy your special day to its fullest. Remember to relax, and just keep smiling!

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