Creative Indian Wedding Photography

Creative Indian Wedding Photography


When it comes to Indian wedding photography, our team at Saiaf Films strives to not only capture the most important wedding moments- but to also capture them with our own sense of creativity. We are also on the lookout eye-catching angles, dynamic reflection shots, unique backgrounds and different variations of lighting or color hues. We take pride in our passion for catching unforgettable and epic Indian wedding photography.

Our team has an impressive knack with photography techniques that are the perfect combination with our post-production talent. Our creativity carries all the way through to our professional photo editors who create stunning and unforgettable imagery of your Indian wedding. Here, our team shares our outlook on all the beautiful aspects of creative Indian wedding photography and what it takes to capture it!

The Detail Shots

We consider detail shots to be a very important aspect to Indian wedding photography. This category includes all the fine little details ranging from the jewelry and accessories, to the bouquet, all the way to the decor of your reception. From our experience, we prefer to capture the detail shots prior to the wedding ceremony and reception. During the day provides the best natural lighting and can create a gorgeous dynamic for detail shots. Ceremony and reception decor are best shot without the guests being present. We like to capture these details in a serene and unaltered state guaranteeing the bride and groom the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful detail of their wedding site.

Vibrant Colors

One of our favorite aspects of Indian wedding photography is the ability to capture the striking effect of the vibrant colors that are a part of Indian and multicultural weddings. Traditional Indian color palettes include eye catching reds, yellows, blues, greens, etc. It’s our goal to capture these hues in all their splendor. To do so, our team implements the use of state-of-the-art equipment along with HDR photography techniques that really draw out the color effect.

Indian Bride and Groom Photos
Our passion for this particular area goes without saying! We LIVE to capture epic Indian bride and groom shots and we get butterflies when we see them. From self portrait shots of the bride and groom themselves, to the totally amazing and loving photos of them together- we cherish creative Indian bride and groom shots. Of course, we love the traditional shots, but we really strive for the ones that take your breath away. We like the ones that show the raw passion or love for each other, or the shots that combine a stunning backdrop with an epic pose. Whether it’s day or night, our team has the ability to capture the romantic mood and ambiance that tie into beautiful bride and groom Indian wedding photography.

Want to check out some more examples of our favorite creative Indian wedding photography? Check out our photo gallery for some the spectacular shots our team has captured!