Planning a Wedding? Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes

One of the most-frequented topics of conversation among women is weddings. And honestly, we have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t have at least some vision of what her wedding day will look like, even if she doesn’t have the Pinterest board(s) to prove it.

Whether you’re still on the market or just a few weeks away from your wedding date, take note of these wedding planning tips so that your walk down the aisle will be as close to perfect as your five-year-old self always dreamed it would be.

Booking a Venue Without a Guest List

Unless it’s going to be at your or your parents’ home, booking a venue in Houston is one of the first priorities when planning a wedding, since most places get fully booked fast. But before this can be done, you need to have a clear idea of how many guests will be attending your wedding. You definitely do not want to book a venue that can’t hold everyone, nor pay for lots of empty, unused space.

Being Inconsistent With the Plus One Policy

When working on the guest list, establish a clear “plus one” policy and stick to it. Yes, weddings are costly, but it’s unfair to randomly pick and choose who gets to bring a date. A good rule of thumb is that couples who are married, engaged, or living together must be invited together, even if you haven’t met your friend’s significant other. After that, it gets a little less clear-cut. Some couples give a plus one to singles over 18. Others decide to include dates for anyone in a relationship, while others draw the line at just couples who have been together for a year or more.

Slacking on the Invitations

It may seem obvious, but make sure your guests receive their invitations in a timely manner. You’d be surprised how many brides just stick a regular stamp on their invites and drop the whole batch into a mailbox. The Texas postal service will not take pity on you — your invites will be returned, rubber-stamped with that ugly ‘insufficient postage’ sign, and it will take at least three weeks (never mind the additional $) to get those invitations back out the door.

To avoid this, take your sealed and addressed invites to the post office, have one weighed, and take it from there. Also note that square invitations require additional postage, not only because of the weight, but the shape.

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Overextending the Event

Dallas Sikh Wedding Photographer insiders agree that a five-hour reception is the tip-top of what people can enjoy and still exit laughing. The evening should have a natural end, rather than an exit of drunk and wasted guests. You can always start an after-party back at the hotel.

Messing Up the Marriage License

Do your research on marriage licenses and figure out what the laws are in Austin. If you get your license 60 days before your wedding, you won’t be able to legally marry on your wedding day, because some licenses are valid for, say, 60 days in some states. Go to obtain your license the day before your wedding, and you may not get it in time because some states have a three-day waiting period.

Overlooking Last Minute Expenses

When calculating your budget, keep in mind all of the costs that’ll crop up as the big day approaches. From last-minute seamstress charges to cash tips for deliveries, most brides in Houston wrack up hundreds in extra fees the week before the wedding. A little pre-wedding planning will mitigate the financial stress.

Forgetting to Feed Yourself and the Bridal Party

Too many brides forget to feed themselves and the bridal party on the wedding day. It’s important to pre-arrange more than just nibbles for your entire crew — especially if you aren’t primping in your own home. You’ll want enough sustenance so you’re not feeling light-headed, or worse faint during the ceremony.

Micro-Managing the Photographer

We also strongly remind all brides out there to resist the urge to micromanage. While a detailed list of the day’s schedule and the who’s who for family portraits is essential, if you micromanage your Dallas Hindu Wedding Photographer, you’ll miss out on unplanned shots that are essential to a great album. Give your photographer some creative freedom after the formal family and wedding party photos have been taken. This will also take some stress off your plate so you can mingle with your guests, which brings me to the next point.