How to Create a Wedding Photo Album

Scanning all your wedding photos taken by your Desi Wedding Photographer is definitely fun. But having to narrow it down significantly to create a wedding album is a laborious process! Keep in mind that this wedding album will be your wedding memento for a lifetime. So, be smart and be critical at picking the best ones to include in your album. Although, we know, that it’s going to give you stressed-out feelings to go through every beautiful photo captured by your Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago, slow down and make the process enjoyable by keeping these Saiaf Films suggested tips in mind. And we promise, you’ll have a picture-perfect book that tells a wonderful story of your most special day.

Follow Your Instinct

Go with your instinct when choosing the photos to include in your wedding album and write down the shots that jump out at you. Don’t overthink it. Just pick 20 to 30 images of your favorites. The next step is to weed out the bad pictures (e.g. blinking guests, blurry shots, etc.).

Now, group the photos into categories: getting ready, wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, special moments (like speeches and toasts, cake cutting, candid shots, portraits, disco and the getaway). How many pictures you have in each category (and how many categories you’ll have) depends on a lot of things. But keep in mind that eventually you’ll put only 50 to 100 photos in your finished wedding album.

Take Your Time

Picking photos for wedding album takes an average of six hours, so no need to hurry. You worked so hard to plan your wedding—not to mention having to go over a thousand photos that you’re Sikh Wedding Photographer Arizona have taken—so taking enough time to reflect with your fabulous photos is part of the payoff. But try not to lose momentum after the wedding. Make your initial selections (the 20 to 30 favorites) even if you’re on your honeymoon.

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Aim to Tell the Story

Imagine you are illustrating a book that has no text—keep the “story” of your wedding in mind. You’ll also want to make sure all of the important characters are present in your book. You may have picked all the best shots of your gorgeous self, and the wedding party and your parents are usually included in formal shots, but what about your grandparents, siblings, close friends or favorite cousins?

And don’t forget the details that will give the album depth and flair, such as close-ups of invites, table centrepieces, the food and the wedding favors, as well as an overhead shot of the venue.

Put Them In Order

Now the fun part: putting all the photos in order. Chances are, your Indian Wedding Photographer will have all of the photos in chronological order of the day’s events for you to look at them on-screen on their website. Remember: You are telling a story. And while it might be easiest to arrange your album in order, it’s okay to deviate if you wish.

You can also experiment with page layouts at this point. Some pages will feature one 8″x10″ portrait, while others will have a 5″x7″ staggered with smaller shots. Even a program as basic as Microsoft Word can be used to design layouts. For this, you might want to work closely with your photographer.

Sure, Saiaf Films can make one for you. But these professionals will need your hands-on cooperation to ensure you will have the perfect wedding photo book that will allow you to relive your magical day forever.