Do I Need My Photos’ RAW Files?

When it comes to Scottsdale Armenian Wedding Photography, we here at Saiaf Films encounter a few common questions from couples, such as “Can I have the unedited photos?” or “can I have the RAW files?” Both of these questions have similar answers, in terms of firstly why would you want them, and secondly understanding the reasons why you are not given unedited photos—or the RAW files.

What is RAW Files?

RAW refers to a file format which can secure all the image data taken by a camera sensor, image scanner, or motion picture scanner. It is referred to as ‘RAW’ because of its unprocessed nature, hence not ready for printing. To produce high-resolution images, it is of utmost importance to understand RAW files functionality.

What are the benefits to your photographer shooting in RAW?

High-quality resolution images –guarantees high-quality pictures, as well as better chances of correcting problematic images before processing. This means that you can have maximum control of vital elements such as color space and proper color balance.

Efficient workflow – it combines very well with professional photography programs such as Aperture and Lightroom, thereby processing large batches of picture images very fast.

Non-destructive edit mode – making adjustments on RAW files is possible without interfering or altering anything to the original file. This means that your Scottsdale Wedding Photographer can always reset the changes and save again, without the fear of ruining the image.

Details – Shooting in RAW facilitates access to noise and sharpening algorithms contained in such programs like Lightroom, which are way stronger than those inbuilt in your camera. This means that one can always take advantage of upcoming technology to make improvements on RAW files saved.

Flexible White Balance – With the RAW file format capacity to accommodate more data, adjustment of the White Balance is easily attained. Perfect coloring and great balance are essential ingredients for a splendid image.

Best exposure – Sometimes images can get out underexposed, or overly done, something that needs correction before final print is handed to the consumer. RAW file format makes the requisite correction and editing, without interfering with the quality.

Excellent levels of brightness – The higher the level of light, the better the outcome of the images captured.

Why Photographers May Not Give Away Raw Files To Clients

Your Scottsdale Armenian Wedding Videographer may not want to give you the raw files because they are not the final images, they may not look great, they weren’t yet edited to match the photographer’s style, which is the primary reason you have picked them in the first place.

You are paying a Scottsdale Best Wedding Videography and photography team to capture the story of your wedding day through photos. Each photo will be part of that story, so why would you not want each photo and moment to be the best photo it can be? You are paying for a finished product, a finished story—your story. The raw files are not important. What is important is that you get the best wedding photos you can have of your special day.