Dos and Don’ts for Great Wedding Photos

When it comes to wedding photography, we at Saiaf Films are completely aware that every bride and groom wants to look their best in photographs. However, unless you are a model, you may be feeling a little nervous and camera shy. Fear not, with these list of dos and don’ts, you can feel more relaxed about your wedding photos and lose the camera nerves.

Do get inspired

Once you’re engaged and the wedding planning begins, so does hours of pinning on Pinterest, reading wedding magazines and blogs, and checking out tons of real weddings. When it comes to wedding photography, all of these are great sources of inspiration where you can find different styles and ideas for your wedding photos. This is great for getting a feel for the photography style you want when researching for a photographer, and also great for getting an idea for natural looking wedding photos.

Do hire a professional

That’s right! If you want beautiful wedding photos, you need to hire a decent Mexican Wedding Photographer. If you haven’t budgeted this much, then we certainly advise looking at making savings in other areas of your wedding to prioritize this. Anyone can pick up a camera, press the button and take a photo. However, if you want beautiful wedding photos that will last a lifetime, then you want someone with years of experience on Houston Armenian Wedding Photography who knows exactly how to compose, capture and take a stunning photo of a moment that will only happen once.

Do trust your pro

You hire a professional Jewish Dallas Wedding Videographer and photographer with years of experience to capture your wedding day, so trust them, let them do their job and do what they do best. Photography is a creative art and your photographer may have some fun ideas to try, different places to go that are off the beaten track to a perfect backdrop or sunset.
Let their creativity flow and go with it. Not only will you end up with some stunning photos, they may well be the ones that make you go wow, or go ‘I forgot about that!’.

Don’t be a director

You have hired a professional for your Austin Jewish Wedding Videography and photography, so let them do what you’ve paid them for. Don’t give your photography a long list of photos you want, be it you with family members, your mom and dad, then with your sisters, etc. Don’t tell your photographer you want photos down on the little bridge in the grounds, and then on the steps in front of the venue. Let your photographer find the best spots, let them direct and just relax and go with the flow.

Don’t work on your tans yet

Unless you’re completely naked, then that’s fine. But, say, you and your bridesmaids may have recently been away on holiday and went frolicking at the beach in your cute bikinis, tan lines are so visible in photos. You don’t want your photos ruined by strap lines and tan lines on group and portrait shots. You want yourself and your bridesmaids all looking beautiful, not like a lobster with extreme lines.

Don’t put anything bulgy in your pocket

Tan lines maybe more for the girls, but when it comes to the guys they seem to like to carry everything around with them in their pockets. Keys, wallets and phones! Are they really needed on your wedding day? Do not let wedding photos get ruined by the pocket bulge. Ensure all guys have empty pockets—leave keys and wallets in a safe or to someone you trust with a purse.