Aerial Drone Photography: Available For All Our Wedding Packages

Drone photography

Drone Photography Offers An Innovative Perspective to Your Wedding Photos!

Drone photographyLove is soaring to new heights this wedding season! Saiaf Films is proud to welcome the Inspire 1 to our team- and no, that’s not a code name for a new photographer! The Inspire 1 is a state of the art aerial drone that has the ability to capture innovative and unique shots of your wedding ceremony or reception. When it comes to drone photography and wedding photo potential, the sky is literally the limit!

Drones are becoming a new trend in wedding photography- at Saiaf Films, we have three! Drones are convenient and versatile for unique, bird’s eye view images. Perhaps you want an aerial shot of the ceremony layout? Maybe you want photos from above of your entire bridal party? Or how about an aerial view of the bride walking down the aisle? The Inspire 1 drone offers the capability of exactly that. The possibilities for amazing wedding photos are endless with drone photography!

With a variety of camera angles and a sleek aerodynamic design, the Inspire 1 drone even allows two of our wedding photographers to simultaneously operate its

Drone photography

functionality. While one team member is maneuvering the drone, another is able to control the integrated camera to capture 12-megapixel still photos. Is it possible for a moving aircraft to take still photos? Absolutely! The Inspire 1 has a 3-axis gimbal that keeps the camera steady, even as the drone makes a turn. The result- dynamic and unquestionably unique wedding photos.

Whether you choose to have an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, drone photography can be the extra touch to top off your already perfect wedding. Because of its unique nature and ability to capture one of a kind photos, we now offer aerial drone photography to all of our wedding packages. At Saiaf Films, we want all of the special newlyweds to have the opportunity to relive their memorable day from a different perspective- from above.Drone photography

Interested in adding a special dynamic to your wedding photos? Feel free to contact our team at Saiaf Films for more information on just how spectacular drone photography can be. We are happy to guide you on your wedding photography options.