Easy Tips For The Perfect Wedding Website

Easy Tips For The Perfect Wedding Website

  One of the biggest perks about living in today’s world is the impressive advantage of technology! Although weddings are known for carrying on traditions of the past, more and more people are beginning to incorporate modern technologies IMG_08801as well. One of those being a wedding websites! A wedding website is a wonderful way to plan and spread the news about your upcoming event. Being that we greatly appreciate the advantages of technology and its usefulness, our team at Saiaf Films is here to share our tips and ideas for creating and maintaining the perfect wedding website.

Choose a catchy and memorable URL
It is a good idea to select a domain name that somehow incorporates both of your names. Not only does that make it easy to remember, but it also makes it more special for you and your family. You can use just your first names if they are available, like WilliamAndBeth.com. Or you can incorporate a useful keyword- like WilliamAndBethWedding.com. Some may find it easier to just use initials in order to shorten the URL up a bit, WBwedding.com. You can also try shortening your URL by using Google’s URL shortener or Bitly as well. Whichever you decide on, be sure it feels and looks good to you, because you will be sharing that page with your entire guest list!

IMG_2308-EditInformation to include
It is important to make sure that your guests have access to as much information as possible. This will make it much easier for you as you plan your wedding. Instead of answering multiple questions from various people, you can refer them to your wedding website where they can gather the details themselves. More information is better than less on a wedding website. Some key points to include are:

  • Venue Information: You will want your guests to be able to find the venue easily in order to ensure they can arrive on-time and stress free. Consider adding an interactive map that gives directions, such as Google Maps. You can also supply the phone number for guests to contact the venue if necessary. For those guests you like to print directions, you can always add the option to download a map with any special instructions. That way they can have it all on one page.
  • Registry Information: Your wedding website is a spectacular spot to include your registry details. These days, most big name stores provide an online element for your registry. You can use those links on your wedding website to give your guests an easy way to access your information. Don’t forget, you can also utilize creative options like Etsy or Amazon as well.
  • Hotel Information: If you have a number of guests coming in from out of state, consider including a list of hotels in the area along with their contact information or a link to their site. You can also research for discount or promo codes to make it even easier on your guests!

Special Details
Your wedding website is not a useful tool for information, but it is also be a great way to express your love and excitement. These are few great details to give your wedding website that extra special touch.wedding website

  • Your Story: Why not give your guests the amazing background story of your relationship? Your wedding website is a great spot to talk about how you met, your proposal story or even just a few special aspects of you two.
  • Photos: Of course, what is a website without photos? You want your page to be informational as well as visually stimulating. Try to incorporate special pictures that display the awesomeness of your relationship. Use your engagement photos or any other photos that show the two of you in all your splendor.

Don’t forget, your wedding website doesn’t just have to be about your wedding. Your guests may genuinely enjoy a follow-up to your wedding event as well. Consider adding the details to your honeymoon with the amazing photos that you took. Or you can even use it as a spot to share your thanks and gratitude for everyone even after the wedding. However you decide to create it, make sure that it expresses the wonderful aspects of your wedding. Plus, it can be a great a memorable way to enjoy the details even after the wedding.