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Video Editing

1. Question:  When will I be receiving the first draft of my film?

Answer: The first page of your contract should have an estimated date of completion. The cool thing is that we are usually WAY ahead of schedule, so we typically deliver it much faster than it says in your contract. Some weddings take a few weeks to complete, and some take a few months, depending on the amount of hours or days of coverage.

2. Question: Why do I have to do edits, shouldn’t Saiaf FIlms know what I want?

Answer: You actually don’t have to do the edits. Saiaf Films gives edits as a complimentary gift; you are more than welcome to put your input or just have us do it. There’s a popular proverb that says “too many chefs makes a bad meal” so Saiaf Films is ultimately in charge of what your final product looks like, but at the same time we welcome your input and thus give you complimentary edits. The edits are not there to make it more difficult on you but rather to ensure you are happy with everything before it is shipped out. Our clients typically love this hands on process.

3. Question: What if I do not want any edits and like my film as it is?

Answer: This does happen quite often and you would simply let us know that you have no edits and we ship your package to you within 7 days of your approval.


Photo Editing

1. Question:  What kind of editing do you guys do to the photos?

 Answer: We typically want the photos to come straight out of the camera looking great. This way we will only do minimal enhancement to each photo. In the event that a photo requires a little more editing, we will put an emphasis on brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

2. Question: What if I want more editing done to a photo?

Answer: You may request edits beyond what we do; the cost for this is $50.00/hour. Some edits take 5 minutes, some take 30 minutes and others might take a full hour. We would simply provide you with an estimate and you can decide if you would like to go through with it.

3. Question: What if  I don’t notice too much of a difference between the photos before and after they have been edited?

Answer: If a photo is near perfect then it requires very little touch ups. It might look great on all ends but only require a little bit more saturation, then that is what we apply to it. Our photos are supposed to come out looking great straight from the camera, and they usually do, so this leaves our editing at a minimum.


Choosing Favorite Photos

1. Question: Can you choose my photos for me?

Answer: We tend to recommend that all of our clients choose the photos themselves, so we are sure they are happy with every single image we have taken. We are only allowed to choose a mere 50 photos for you. The typical package might come with 500, 700, or 900. But we typically give all of our clients 30 days to choose their photos.

2. Question: How do I choose my Favorite Photos?

Answer: We send you an Online Photo Gallery Link and all of your photos will be stacked on top of each other. You simply take your mouse and hover over any photo you like. You will notice a heart will pop up on the top right of the photo. When you click on that heart, a prompt will ask you to enter your email once. After you enter the email you can continue clicking on hearts over every photo you like. If you scroll to the top of the page, right under our banner, you will notice a heart that has a number next to it. This number represents how many photos you have favorited thus far.

3. Question: What if I like my photos as is and don’t want any editing done to them?

Answer: We get this request sometimes and that is also okay. Simply let us know if you don’t want any editing done to the photos and we would be glad to send you the photos as is.



1. Question:  When can I expect to receive my package?

Answer: Your wedding gets shipped out 7 business days after you approve everything.

2. Question: Do my DVDs and Albums get shipped separately?

Answer: No, we typically ship everything together.

3. Question: What if I live outside of the U.S. will you ship my stuff to me?

Answer: Yes, we charge whatever our shipping carrier charges us; plus an additional $30.00 for packaging.



1. Question: How many songs do I have to choose for my wedding video?

Answer: 5 songs are required to be sent to us so that it may be implemented into your video.

2. Question: Where will my songs be used in the video ?

Answer: We use the songs in 4 to 5 different places: The introduction of the film, dinner time, family portraits, couples shoot, cake cutting and the Outro of the Film.

3. Question: Can I request where I want the music put into my film?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! We love it when our clients are specific. Simply let us know at what part of the video you would like the song inserted and we would gladly do it.

4. Question: Will the music from the actual event be included in my film?

Answer: Yes,  All of the audio from your video still be intact, we only add music over scenes that we know you don’t to listen to the audio of.



1. Question: How many pages typically come in an album?

Answer: Our Albums typically contain 35 to 85 Pages. This depends on the package you have chosen.

2. Question: How many photos go into an album?

Answer: We typically ask you to choose between 100 to 125 photos for us to place in the album.

3. Question: How many edits may I make on my album?

Answer: You get up to 5 edits for the album where you can ask for a background color to be changed, or for a photo to be switched with another.


Why are you guys so amazing?

1. Question: Why are you guys so amazing?

Answer: We’re hopeless romantics, we know how to make good photos and video. Keep that love coming.