How to Spot a Fake Wedding Photographer

With today’s technological advancements—internet and social media, booking a Muslim Wedding Photographer has never been easier. However, similarly, it has been much easier as well for fake “professionals” and opportunists to execute their fraudulent acts—creating impressive websites with stolen portfolios and fake details.
So, as soon-to-be-wed couple looking for professional photography services, how can you make sure that a prospect photographer is a real professional? Here are some tips from Saiaf Films, one of the most renowned Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer.
1. Consistency is Key
Take the time to browse through every album and scrutinize every picture in it. Do most of the photos possess a common style? Is the editing applied in every photo looks consistent, or you’re seeing too many different post-production styles? If the styles greatly differ from image to image, that’s a red flag. Though professional Fremont Wedding Photographer can be versatile, there’s always a certain element common in all of their works. This consistency is your key to the photographer’s credibility.

2. They Should Have More Photos of the Bridal Party
Many aspiring photographers build their portfolios by participating photography workshops. While there’s nothing wrong with featuring these works, the experience of coping up with the crazy pressure and hectic pace of a real wedding is totally different. If all you see in the portfolio are flawlessly-styled portraits of the bride and groom (or oftentimes just the bride), no groomsmen and bridesmaids in the picture, try to request an album of the recent wedding they’ve covered. If it looks like the guests, including the bridal couple, seem to always look away in every shot, funny as it may sound, it could be that the photographer you’re dealing with is just among the guests at the wedding.
3. Meet Your Photographer Face-to-Face
A photographer’s website is just a glimpse into his photography style and even into his personality. You’ll get to know them better when you meet them in person. Meet them, talk to them, feel their confidence with their craft and try to relate yourself with their sample photos. And most importantly, make sure to meet the person who will be assigned to be your official photographer and look through their personal portfolio. You wouldn’t want to waste your time discussing and planning with someone who has nothing to do with your wedding, don’t you?
However, if you want to save your time looking through the vast options of Chicago Muslim Wedding Photographer, look no further than Saiaf Films.

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