Ensuring Clarity of Agreement Between You and Your Photograph

In today’s technological and professional era, there is a very competitive professional photography market. This means a few things for you, the brides-and-grooms-to-be: the great size of choices means that you can surely find great deals, but this could also mean difficulty in selecting the right one considering the endless of options laid in front of you.

To ensure you avoid disappointments and book the right Indian Wedding Photographer California for your big event, here are a few words of caution from Saiaf Films when it comes to reading between the lines on the agreement between you and your Indian Wedding Photographer.

1. Make sure you understand what your rights are over the images

Most photographers will retain copyright of the images, but will grant you a license to publish the photos and use them for any purpose. However, be sure to clarify with your photographer: Will you receive digital images, if so will they be watermark-free? Are you allowed to share these with family and guests or do they have to purchase them separately? Will you be allowed/able to print them yourself or need to purchase from your photographer? If the latter, what is their price list?

2. Clarify your photographer’s working hours at your wedding

Be clear about the number of hours the photographer will be there on the day and whether they will include travel within the time limit. Is the number of hours sufficient for your needs? How much will you need to pay for additional hours? Be mindful that things won’t always go to plan, so you may end up paying for extra hours at higher hourly rate.

3. Even the best photographer in Arizona needs an assistant to create great results

Most likely, your Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer will bring an assistant with him—whether a second shooter or someone who will help him carry the equipment. Be sure to find out from your pro if an assistant or second photographer is already included in the price or will it be for an additional fee. If there isn’t an assistant present, how will the photographer manage more complex shots requiring additional lighting, especially in dark conditions?

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4. If the offers and conditions are too good to be true, then they probably are

Make sure you review the photographer’s portfolio and ask them to put you in contact with previous clients, if you can’t get first-hand objective reviews yourself. Remember it’s not just about the end result but the experience on the day matters a lot, too.

5. Steer clear of unnecessary items included in some packages

Carved boxes, small photo albums, etc. Do you really need these extra products and will they meet your quality expectations? Or would you rather spend your money on something more tailored to your needs, for example a hand-made photo album, a large canvas print or a digital slideshow? Look for a Fremont Arab Wedding Photographer, like Saiaf Films, who are willing to adapt their offering to your exact needs.

What should your contract include?

Contact page
This is the basic contact information for both parties making the agreement. Think of this as a “cover page” with impertinent information including:

Bride (client) name and all contact information
Fiancé’s name
Description of service acquiring (i.e. “8 hours of wedding photography and portrait services by photographer)
Date, time, location of ceremony, reception, and other
Place for signature and date signed

This specifies that the agreement was made by both parties who fully intent to cooperate within the agreement stipulations.

Payment (including deposit or booking fee)
Here you stipulate the total charge that your Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer provides. Also include the details of your advance payment, whether it’s rerfundable or non-rerfundable.

Rights and usage
Will you ask for a cd of all the pictures? Or will your Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer will only give proofs and keep the printing rights to himself? Be sure to get this in writing or else you will open yourself to possible losses.

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