Wedding Photos An Indian Bride Must Have

If you are an Indian Bride to be, you probably have your hands full with wedding plans and all the wedding details! There are so many beautiful and meaningful customs and rituals that go into an Indian wedding- sometimes, it can be easy to forget about one of the most important details: YOU! As a Goodyear Sikh Wedding Photographer, it is our goal to capture all the epic memories that you are sure to cherish for years to come. Of course, all the classic shots are important, but here- we would like to share the top photos that every Indian bride should have!

Wedding Outfit

You may have spent weeks or even months deciding on your wedding outfit- so why not have an exclusive picture of it? As an Indian bride, you may have one outfit, or you may have multiple. Either way, your special outfits deserve a solo shot in your wedding album. You will cherish the opportunity to look back on it before it was worn for your big day!

Wedding Accessories

Of course your wedding accessories will look amazing on you, but why not get a special photo of them by themselves? From the jewelry to the hair accessories and even to the shoes, you will enjoy a classic shot of them laid out and ready to be adorned for your wedding event.


Getting Ready

The moments of wedding preparation can be such an exciting time for an Indian bride. You definitely want to make sure you capture all the meaningful moments while you are getting ready. That includes the makeup application, putting on the dress, accessories, etc.


Hands & Feet

Make sure you don’t forget your stunning mehendi application! You sat for hours to have it applied, why not get some epic mehendi photos to last a lifetime?


Don’t forget to smile and enjoy these moments! They will be some of the most meaningful memories that you look back on. Want to check out some more Indian bride inspiration? Check out our Saiaf Films Gallery to see some gorgeous Indian wedding footage!