The 5 Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Wish You Knew

Wedding photographers are by your side nearly every moment of your wedding day. They’re snapping away at your most intimate moments: your first glance at the person you plan to be with forever, your smile as you’re finally wed, and your initial step onto that dance floor. But how much do you really know about how they work—and how do they really get close and intimate with you?

Here are the five secrets of wedding photographers they wish you knew ahead.

1. They are watching your chemistry.

When the couple first sees each other at their wedding and they relax instantly, it’s a sign that they’re going to last. That’s how we know it here at Saiaf Films.

As a Gujarati Dallas Wedding Photography team, we shoot an average of 20 to 30 wedding a year, and we can tell when a couple has really great chemistry. It’s when they’re in sync with each other and when they’re fun-loving with each other. Once in a while, though, there’s the bride and groom who aren’t really into each other, and don’t really hang out at the wedding. That’s a red flag—as is the couple who are worrying incessantly about everything being perfect during their wedding instead of simply relaxing and enjoying their big day.

Did you know we use 2 to 4 Video Cameras at every Wedding?


2. They love photo booths, too.

Sure, the quality of the pictures in there may not be totally amazing, but those photo booths are so much fun. And they even help your Gujarati Houston Wedding Photographer do their job.

During the reception, we go around and take candid shots, but it’s hard for us to get a group shot because people are dancing. But with a photo booth, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

3. Table shots are the least favourite among photographers.

Going from table to table to interrupt your dinner and make you pose for a photo is the worst part of shooting a wedding. But you know, it should be done.

4. The wedding may be over, but they’re not done yet.

Being a Gujarati Texas Wedding Videographer is a full-time job, and we work nearly every day of the week. When not actually shooting weddings, we’re editing photos, meeting with clients, creating photos, sending invoices, and marketing our business. And because it is a business, after all, we’re also dealing with the accounting end of things.

5. Pinterest is actually annoying for them.

Spoiler alert: It never looks like the perfect shot you saw on Pinterest! Pinterest is getting really annoying to Gujarati Wedding Photography Texas, and they’re sick of trying to re-create what you saw there. Chances are, that was a once-in-a-lifetime shot or a freak of nature. That photographer got lucky because their groomsman happened to be an Olympic gymnast and could be flipped upside down, or something. Not going to happen at every wedding.

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