How to Achieve Natural Wedding Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, especially when the image captured is true, genuine and honest. Make natural wedding photography the focus of your special day, with these words of wisdom from Saiaf Films.

Keep posed and formal photos to a minimum

Concentration should center on natural photos that capture the emotions and moments, which make a wedding day so special. Photos should tell a story; there’s no creativity or uniqueness in just standing everyone in a line. And while an element of that will be apparent in most weddings, your Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer should still work hard to put people at ease in front of the camera in order to add a little character to the shots.

Get to know one another

Your relationship between you and your Phoenix Vietnamese Wedding Photographer is of great importance. If you don’t feel comfortable around one another, you will not feel relaxed and your Hindu Wedding Photographer Phoenix won’t be able to get the best out shots out of you. Spend time with each other in the months leading to your wedding day. Discuss their wants and needs while allowing your photographer’s insights in to your character and personalities.

Find the best spot

Sometimes the setting can play a huge part in affecting the mood of the photographer’s subjects. You may relax more when your Chandler Vietnamese Wedding Photographer takes you away from the throngs of people to a secluded area inside or outside the venue, where you can enjoy some peace and quiet. Similarly, guests may appear more natural during the cocktail hour following the ceremony. It takes an observant eye to monitor the wedding party’s behaviour in order to find the perfect setting for the best shot.

Did you know we use 2 to 4 Video Cameras at every Wedding?


Ask your photographer to just be discreet

In order to capture those raw moments of emotion, Saiaf Films always emphasize that a good Bengal Wedding Photographer should be as unobtrusive as possible. Melting into the background and armed with a long lens, you shouldn’t even realize that your Hindu Wedding Photographer Phoenix is there, unless they need to be. Also, ask your photographer to dress appropriately. The more they can camouflage, the more they’ll blend in, while discreetly snapping photos of people without them knowing.

Hire a wedding planner

It’s tough to sit back and let the sparks fly when your mind is overwhelmed with all of the wedding details, like whether the cocktail napkins are set up at the bar or your parents are where they’re supposed to be. The fix: Hire a wedding planner. If you have a planner, they’re going to handle all the details. That can make a huge difference if you’re trying to get natural and relaxed mood for your Hindu Wedding Photographer Phoenix to capture. You’ll be free to enjoy the day and take it all in.

Focus on the moment

If you feel your face getting stuck in a forced smile (it’s bound to happen by photo no. 400!), take a breather. Walk off with your groom and have that “Holy crap, we’re getting married!” moment. Not only will stepping away reset your face, but your Hindu Wedding Photographer Phoenix will also be able to capture shots of the two of you interacting. Being in the moment that day, when you’re just focused on each other, is going to be authentic, when you’re not worried about what photos your photographer are taking and just allowing things to happen naturally.

Get Hitched in Phoenix

It’s no surprise that downtown Phoenix is one of the best locations to get married in Arizona. There simply aren’t many places you can go where the winter months feel like spring time. With Phoenix’s versatile weather, you can get married in the months of November through April and still have the perfect weather. With ideal temps going no lower than 65 degrees, this means temperatures are perfect for taking those memorable wedding photos outside, having an outdoor cocktail hour, or simply wearing the perfect dress fit for comfortable weather – sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

And who can look past the backdrops around town? They are jaw-dropping! There is something to be said about the juxtaposition of a man in a suit and a woman in a stunning wedding gown standing in front of a graffiti wall.

Lastly, lets not forget the historic Warehouse District. There is nothing like having your wedding reception in a warehouse that was built in the late 1800s. Your guests will be in awe as they approach an unpredictable space that reveals something by far exceptionally unexpected! Surprise your guests with something special and create that memorable experience for those who will just envy the fact you just scored an incredible location to celebrate your nuptials.

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