Posing Tips and Ideas for Your Wedding Party Photos

No wedding is complete without a wedding party. Usually, the wedding party comprises the closest people in the lives of the couple. Let everyone—your bridesmaids, groomsmen, the maid of honor and the best man—add to the fun of your wedding photos. On the day of the wedding, you can certainly request your South Asian Wedding Photographer to include your wedding party into your wedding photos. This makes your photo shoot more casual, natural and fun. After all, it’s always fun to have your BFFs around, yeah?

The Wedding Party

Just like taking wedding portraits of you and your groom, Saiaf Films has a few photography recommendations to easily bring good group pictures into cool and exciting wedding photographs.

• Look for a Nice Backdrop: If you’re having a beach wedding, take advantage of the sand, sea and the sun. Get a jump shot by the shore with everyone or casually gather and chitchat by the sea and let your Hindu Wedding Photographer take a couple of candid shots of you and the party. Garden wedding? No problem, the blooms and greeneries make for a stunning backdrop. Explore your wedding venue and let your wedding party join the fun.

• Move Around: For bride and groom shots, it creates interests in photos to move around. For group shots, have your flower girls and page boys, for instance, run around with you. Movements give energy to the image and create natural laughs and smiles to you and to your wedding party.

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• Use Existing Elements of the Setting: Different heights and patterns within a group shot looks more interesting than the typical lineup. If you see patterned couches or vintage chairs around, make use of them. Stand or sit on them while doing different poses.

More Posing Tips for Group Photos

Intermix the groomsmen and bridesmaids

Once your Hindu Wedding Photographer has taken a couple of traditional photos of the wedding party, rearrange the group. Have each bridesmaid stand next to the groomsmen that she walked down the aisle with. This is a quick way to create a formal photo that showcases the wedding party in a different way, with the bride and groom still in the center. It is important to ensure that after moving each person around, the poses are still intact. Each member of the wedding party should be facing in toward the newlyweds, representing the unity the group has during this special moment.

Staggard Party

To continue posing the wedding party in ways that make each person look their best, add extra depth and dimension to the photos by having the party stand and group in staggard. During this shot, space is key. Not every photo needs to have the wedding party posed shoulder to shoulder.

Action Poses for Variety

Once your Hindu Wedding Photographer has photographed the wedding party in posed, formal photos, be sure to capture some action shots as well. A simple way to do this is by setting up the entire wedding party walking together. With a few minimal directions, this can be a quick and easy way to capture natural emotions and expressions from everyone. Line up the wedding party and ask them to slowly walk toward your Hindu Wedding Photographer as they talk and laugh with one another. Be sure to let them know to not only look at the camera. This is a time for them to engage with each other, so it helps if they all look in different directions.

As mentioned, these tips and ideas are just recommendations and are a good starting point for your wedding photography. From these suggestions, you and your Phoenix Hindu Wedding Photographer can do small improvisations to make your wedding photos look more personal and one-of-a-kind.

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